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Found 28 results

  1. Looking for some advice here... currently have my standard 16" Titanium alloys that are now showing a little bit of scuffing given they're just over three years old. looking to freshen them up by powder coating in either satin or gloss black, and also looking to lower the car by around 30mm, so question is do I get the existing wheels powder coated...or dig deep and shell out for larger rims in black? I can get the existing wheels done by a friend for just over £100 so this is also a factor. I keep hearing black cars shouldn't really have black wheels but I "think" I like that look but certainly open to opinion, once they're done, they're done! Lol Any photographs others may wish to share to get an idea of how the car might look would be great...look forward to hearing from you all soon
  2. Attempting to find a replacement alloy wheel for a 2017 Ford Kuga Titanium 1.5 TDCI Hi all, I recently had a minor accident thanks to a patch of spilled diesel on the road and hit a high kerb with the front nearside alloy. The damage to the alloy is pretty bad and the tire is bulged, both of which need to go down the scrapyard. I'm having some real difficulty in finding a replacement alloy wheel - I have 17 inch 5-spoke doubles which are different to any that I can find online, even those on the official ford-accessories website. I've attached a photo of my alloys for reference. When compared to the ones on the Ford spares site, you can see that they are different (rim around the badge, shape of the traingular segments etc). I'm at a loose end now and am wondering if anyone knows where I can pick up a matching alloy please? I'm having to drive around on the spare space saver at the moment and really need a replacement. The dealership are being as useful as ***** on a fish too, so if anyone has any help or advice, that would be great. Thanks in advance. MarkNeen.
  3. I'm getting new wheels for my focus mk2, also dropping it 30mm on eibach pro kit springs. Have a few wheel options in mind including 18 inch 2016 rs rep wheels, 2016 18'' st reps and genuine ford kuga wheels. Has anyone any pictures of a focus mk2 with 19 inch kuga Wheels? I'll attach pic below. Thanks
  4. axesuso

    Tyres for stock alloy

    Hi to all! I have searched quite a bit but still nothing clear for me. First of all, i have never changed the tyres since i bought the car (2014), only one in front because it bursted. Anyways, i think its time to change all 4, already done 65.000KM!! and i feel the car very shaky after 120km/h and also while turning around. Right now, they are stock alloy and tyres; Continental contact sport 5, 205/40 R17 84V XL My question is, can i mount any different tyre? i mean, any R17 tyre? or its better to maintain the same profile, etc... and which one is recommended? by now, i have been offered michelin pilot sport 3, but i find it too expensive. Thanks!
  5. I'm putting 16" alloys on my fiesta style mk6 and im wondering what size spacers ill need? pictures can be provided if needed. Tyres are 205/45 16"
  6. Hi everyone, I've been happily driving my 2013 titanium fiesta around for about a year and am looking into progressively making her look a bit sportier. One of the quickest ways to achieve a better look is by upgrading the alloys, and the sensible yet tame 14 inch alloys that came as standard with this car are on my list of things to upgrade. I looked into getting OEM alloy wheels, but the prices are outrageous... it would cost me around £800 to get four wheels! And yet, some much more attractive aftermarket wheels are available for less than half the price. The question I want to know is, does buying aftermarket wheels dramatically affect resale? Would I find it very difficult to sell the car with non 'Ford' alloys? Theoretically I could just hang on to the old 14 inch ones until I wanted to sell, but it would be nice to just flog them. Is there a major reason why Ford wheels are so much more expensive? Have any of you guys/girls bought aftermarket alloy wheels and regretted it? Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
  7. Hi, This is the first winter I've had since I got my 65plate ST-3 with the 19" 235/35/19 MPS3 tyres on at the moment and they're not very good in the current cold climate. Looking at winter tyres/wheel sets and I want a narrow/higher profile tyre - should I just go for the 235/45/18? or is there smaller/narrower I can go still? I don't think I can reduce the size much more in diameter because of the brake caliper but maybe narrower? Or would it be more beneficial getting just tyres to fit on my 19s? I'd rather change the whole alloy due to corrosion and scratching etc but I don't think my wallet would appreciate it at the moment - flying is an expensive hobby! Is it safe enough to re-use tyres once they've been taken on and off the alloy?
  8. Bicko

    Looking for alloy's

    I am looking for Fiesta ST replica Alloys OR decent looking alloys (something similar to the photo i have attached) I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can browse for some as i cant find any websites which are currently selling them, even Gumtree,Ebay, etc. BTW... my budget is £300-£400
  9. Hello there. This is my first time posting. 2 weeks ago I was in a crash, not of my own fault. As you can see from the pictures, a car went into the side of my car on a round about as they pulled out, not giving way to their right. Ir has damaged the rear bumber, scratched the alloy and the side. It is currently at a garage waiting to be viewed by the third partied insurance company, which they are taking their time with. I am wondering, out of curiosity, how much will this be to repair, including parts, labour, painting and materials. I was looking at the price of the parts, but I do not know what the side of the car is called 'properly'. I'm assuming since it goes all the way to the front of the car, going above the doors, they will have to replace the full side of the car? Finally, do you think it will be written off? Apparently, if a car crashes into your wheel, it is a serious thing as it can fracture the allow, or whatever.
  10. Thank you for checking out this thread, it would be much appreciated if you could spare the time to read over this post, and if possible any replies that people have left and maybe leave some input of your own. There will be a poll for this, asking people to tick which alloy wheels they have had buckled, corresponding with their car model. I am completely aware of the mass of threads about this topic, however most seem to be just complaining about them rather than actually grouping together on the matter in hand. There are steps we can take! However, let's discuss the topic first. Basically it seems there is a large number of us here (seems mainly to be the Zetec S and Titanium owners) who're having hassle with our alloy wheels buckling and getting flat spots, now sometimes these are repairable, sometimes they're not serious enough and then other times the only action is to replace the wheel itself, now even with the first 2 options, should we really be going through this? Did you buy your Fiesta to be messing around every few months about the alloy wheels? My story is this; I felt a vibration through the steering wheel of my Fiesta and within a couple of days went to Kwikfit to have what I thought was my wheels rebalanced as I and my dad (a mechanic for 40+ years) thought I'd lost a wheel weight. To my horror, when the wheels had been inspected, one wheel was terribly buckled, and the other had a less serious but unrepairable buckle as well. I was advised not to drive hard and to avoid motorways, effectively meaning really I need to get new wheels or take the car off the road as it's unsafe. My problem is, I don't just have £400 odd in my pocket to splash out, and also I only have 1 spare wheel. The thing is this wasn't all Kwikfit said, the mechanic said he see's Fiesta's in all of the time, and when I said about Corsa's he says they're fine, it's just the Fiesta's. To back this up, a lot of us on here have posted multiple threads. So, I take the car in to Evans Halshaw (who in all of this I can give no fault too) to have their verdict, 2 new wheels and tyres. So I then go back home and give Ford a ring, well let's just say I have never had such an experience with a company, who takes £15,000 off someone, just to treat them like they're something off the bottom of their boot? They said there is no problem with the wheels and that I must have hit pot holes. Well, in that case why do I have two front wheels gone? To which the person on the phone said 'Exactly, why is it only the front two and not the back?' To which I replied, 'Well after all, the front wheels do have the full weight of a diesel engine over them...' and then there was a momentary silence from them, followed by being told I would have to find the money to pay for the wheels myself if I wanted the problem sorting, and when I said about not having heaps of cash lying round, that I would either have to borrow the money from friends and family, or take the car off the road. I genuinely couldn't believe what I was being told, I was being told that because they're putting wheels on cars that are unfit for purpose that I would have to take a 9 month old vehicle off the road? So, here I am now. I'm posting so hopefully we can get together and do something about this, I'm thinking of contacting trading standards and hopefully Watchdog if we get enough support here. I aim to keep this thread alive so that anyone can chip in and hopefully get some help with the issue, so please post your experiences and thoughts on this, and let's try and get somewhere! I have also posted on Ford UK's Facebook, which I urge anyone to do over this; Thank you for your time. Posts to read; antman99 - Post 2
  11. mark_trueman

    T6 (Facelift) Alloy Grille

    Hi All, Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier for a T6 Facelift Model custom / alloy front grille? The ones on Fleabay are a bit...mmm :( Cheers, Mark
  12. Simon Davis

    Wheel refurbishment

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good place to get alloys refurbished in West or South Wales, (Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire or Swansea area)? There are a few to choose from, but I'd rather go somewhere that is recommended. Thanks Simon
  13. jcs95whufc

    Alloy Wheels Problem

    Hi guys, When I wash my wheels I notice lots of little black speckle marks, seem to me like tar marks from the road, however they just won't come off?? I've tried lighter fuel to rub it off, t-cut but I just can't remove them? Everyweek they get worse. Had any one got a similar problem but knows a solution to this? It's so annoying.
  14. Right, so just been out in my beloved fiesta, and I've managed to stupidly scrape my alloy and put a bit of a tear in my tyre due to a slight lapse in concentration. What do you guys/girls think I should do? Is the tyre ruined? Thanks in advance!
  15. GraceCharliex

    When I first bought the car

    From the album: Ford Zetec Modified

  16. Hi, I have just had a new set of discs and pads fitted on my 59 plate Fiesta Zetec S and since then my offside front wheel is making this horrific squeaking when driving at low speeds. I have had a mechanic take a look, even took the brakes off and refitted differently to see if the squeak can be stopped! This obviously hasn't worked and even he is stumped by my predicament! It is is best described as a rotational squeak and it sounds like a giant mouse is squeaking as the wheel is turning, however it stops making the noise after I get over 30mph. It seems to only do it once I have been driving a little while in start/stop traffic! Does anyone have any ideas what it could be, or had the same problem? Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!
  17. Hello FOC'ers, After hours of searching I cannot find a definite answer to finding a colour match for my Focus 2009 Zetec S alloys, I bought a full spare for £90 off eBay and I've repaired the scuff myself, just need to finish it with paint. What I've read so far is Ford don't have an actual colour for their alloys, 'Moondust Silver' seems popular for touching up alloys, but no mention of the year/model of wheel. Some are saying 'Stardust Silver' is better, then some say 'Sparkle Silver' is on the newer alloys (maybe 2011+?) 'Brilliant Silver' mentioned for 2008+ ST's, so maybe the 2008+ 'S' too? Any info on getting close to the original colour most welcome, Cheers PS, the finish is very smooth despite the appearance ;-)
  18. Liam McCann

    What Alloy Is This?

    Hey guys! Bought my car second hand and need a another alloy as a tyre was flat and now that alloys got a dent in it. Anyone got a name or product number for this alloy as i can seem to find it? There off a Fiesta Zetec (59) 1.2 I don't think they are standard zetec ones buy who knows? And how much I should pay for a new or a used one? Thanks guys!
  19. Bren Wain

    Fiesta Mk7 Tyre Profile?

    I have recently ordered some new alloys for my mk7 fiesta, they are 17"x7j. I am wondering what profile tyres to get?? I am wanting a low profile look but obviously not too low so that every little stone feels like a pothole. Any suggestions. Thanks
  20. FFiesta

    Steelys To Alloys

    I have just got my new fiesta, and it came with stealys on! I have bought multifit ripspeed alloys off ebay, (they are right for the car and will fit) and when i took the stealys off, the hubs have screws fixed in them! I was wondering if I can just put the alloys on these screws and tighten them with nuts, or do i need to buy new hubs? Please help I really want to put these alloys on!
  21. Hello Gents and Ladies. I would be grateful for all your ideas and suggestions. Bought the alloys from a local garage for £200 (they were really worn out but no buckles or cracks) then fitted them with Goodyear 215/40 EfficientGrip Tyres (no rubbing at all). Thinking of going for anthracite or gun metal. Thanks.
  22. Hi there people, I am new to the forum! :) Hi have recently purchased ST wheels off a 170 which have are 17" alloys with 215/45R17 Tyres. My current Focus Ebony 1.6 has 195/60R15 Tyres. The difference in diameter is 10mm extra tyre on the ST ones. That's all. There is a 1.67% difference in diameter between them. There offset will move 7mm closer in and 13mm outward. Are these ST wheels suitable for my car do you reckon without doing damage to the Transmission, differential etc. The tyre garage who I asked to fit the wheels for me said to ask the ford dealer before doing it, but they swouldn't say yes or no for liability reasons. What do you guys think. I would rather a healthy car than one that looks a bit better Many Thanks Hywel
  23. Just emailed my insurance company RE: New alloys for Car-los e.g. am i allowed too, how much will it cost extra. If all goes well i think ill be getting Car'los some new shoes by Alutec next month :) Also, i currently have 15" wheels on my car would i be best just getting 15" alloys or would going for 16" with new tyres be a better choice? I know this will affect the ride but i don't know by how much? Ive also heard of alloys buckling on fiestas due to the thinness of the sidewall in the tyre or something similar so would i be best sticking to thicker tyres? and the final question would i have to have the speedo adjusted if the wheels got bigger? Thanks
  24. jmr93

    New Motor.

    Hi guys, thought i would share some pics of my new motor. I picked this up last Sunday.