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Found 93 results

  1. Hi, I have a '06 Fiesta Style 1.25 in the 5 door variant, current modifications that have been done is that I've replaced the door handles and the boot handle to colour match the paint of the car that has come from a higher spec model as well had the back windows tinted. Just looking for some ideas/inspiration, as its a 1.25 modifications that I am looking to do are strictly cosmetic only. Ideas I had in mind was to get some alloy wheels but I'm not sure whether the ST170 wheels would look any good on the car as is without doing anything to the suspension Pictures of the car
  2. Welcome to my build thread for my brand new Fiesta ST3 (with options of reverse sensors and a spare wheel). This is my second build thread having started one last year when I did a lot of work to Eve (Focus Mk2 Zetec Climate 2.0). We’ve now become a two car household and Eve will now be Mrs P’s car – build thread here – so I’ll still be updating that one every now and then. I purchased my ST through DriveTheDeal after getting some very good advice on the forum – see this thread for more info. I ordered the car on 18th April and was told to expect to wait 10-14 weeks before delivery but received a very surprising phone call last Friday to say that I would be able to collect the car today after a wait of just four and a half weeks. I spent the weekend sorting out insurance (ended up with AXA – best price and accept my planned modifications without altering the policy) and GAP insurance (5 year policy with Easy Gap). So here he is at the dealership: There’s a tiny paint defect on the rear bumper – I tried to get a photo but couldn’t capture it effectively – so the car will have to go back for a little touch-up in the next few weeks. Other than that the car is perfect and I enjoyed my drive back home. Having learned a lot through working on Eve I’ve already got a few modifications planned and I’m not going to hang around to do them either… Over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy researching and buying parts so that I can get Bastian just how I want him ASAP. I’m really not a fan of the ST alloys, so I knew they’d have to go. After a lot of Google image searches and trawling through online car forums and wheel shops I ended up buying some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (which were the wheels I always wanted anyway) in Anthracite Gloss. For those who are interested the original wheels on the Fiesta ST are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET47.5, Hub diameter of 63.4mm. The Team Dynamics are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET38, Hub diameter of 73.1mm. I bought the wheels from Demon Tweeks who supplied a fitting kit (spigot rings to cater for the difference in hub diameter and appropriate nuts) and I also bought a set of McGard locking nuts. Team Dynamics recommend an offset of 38 for the Fiesta and from my research on the web, consensus seems to be that offset of 38-42 is preferable. I received the wheels a couple of days ago and had fitted the spigot rings ready for installation. So, having driven home from the dealership this afternoon, I loaded up the boot and the back seats with wheels and headed to my local tyre shop to get my alloys swapped over with just 66 miles on the clock! (The ST alloys will be up for sale soon – PM me if you’re interested). Going forward I’ve got the following modifications planned (I know I should have done the security mods first but I was too excited about the wheels): Security Install dummy OBD port and relocate original Tracker – Rewire Security TK102 and hard-wire kit Cosmetic Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 alloys Rok Blokz Mud flaps Silvatec indicator bulbs Replace number plates Performance Mountune MP215 Audio Subwoofer – Alpine SBG-1044BR 5-Channel Amplifier – Alpine MRV-V500
  3. seamo44

    Tyre size change?

    Hi all. I've got 195,55,16 tyres on ford alloys (Fusion plus 1.6 tdci, 2009). My question is can I change these for 205,55,16's on the same wheels? TIA for any advice. Martin.
  4. Hi guys, Found a nice set of 17' alloys online and was wondering if they'd fit my 2015 Ford Fiesta which currently has the standard wheels on it. If so would they cause any problems and would I need to get the speedometer recalibrated?
  5. Attempting to find a replacement alloy wheel for a 2017 Ford Kuga Titanium 1.5 TDCI Hi all, I recently had a minor accident thanks to a patch of spilled diesel on the road and hit a high kerb with the front nearside alloy. The damage to the alloy is pretty bad and the tire is bulged, both of which need to go down the scrapyard. I'm having some real difficulty in finding a replacement alloy wheel - I have 17 inch 5-spoke doubles which are different to any that I can find online, even those on the official ford-accessories website. I've attached a photo of my alloys for reference. When compared to the ones on the Ford spares site, you can see that they are different (rim around the badge, shape of the traingular segments etc). I'm at a loose end now and am wondering if anyone knows where I can pick up a matching alloy please? I'm having to drive around on the spare space saver at the moment and really need a replacement. The dealership are being as useful as ***** on a fish too, so if anyone has any help or advice, that would be great. Thanks in advance. MarkNeen.
  6. Id like to replace my steel rims with alloy wheels. I'm looking to replace them with Genuine Fiesta alloys and id like to know if they would fit my car. I have a 2013 Fiesta 1.5 TDCI with 15" Steel rims. I would like to know if 17" or 16" alloys would fit my car without the need for any other modifications. Appreciate any help or advice.
  7. Hi everyone, I've had a good look round the forum for answers but, I'm looking to get my mint condition alloys powder coated/sprayed Rado Grey, does anyone know of a place in Dorset or Hampshire (or as close as) that they have used and trusted to do this and how much, or is it best to just look for a set to buy??? Mine is the ST3 so i am conscious about the tire pressure warning sensor not being present if i buy a set.. Second Question, one of my illuminated scuff plates died!! Seen some others for £100 off a 2016 ST, but i saw some on eBay by AutoBeam, look ok but wondered if anyones bought them, any good, or avoid! They are £85 new. Does anyone know if the issues with OEM illuminated scuff plates was sorted by 2016 as a lot of peeps had problems... Cheers, any help would be great.
  8. logica79

    TSW Hockenheim R

    Hiya, I have some TSW Hockenheim R alloys, 4 stud wheels (No wheel nuts)Tyre size 225/45/ZR16. They were originally fitted on a 99 Ford Mondeo. They have been sat in a loft for 10 years so tyres obviously need replacing but the alloys are in very good condition. Would anyone be interested or know anyone who would be interested in them? I have no use for them Thanks
  9. No one from my insurance company has ever seen my car. If I change my steel wheels to genuine ford alloys will I need to declare it or can I say they came with the car?
  10. Hey. Basically my Ford Fiesta 2013 came with 15 inch Steel wheels and I just bought 17 inch alloys to replace them with. However I don't know what size of tyres I will need to meet the same diameter or how changing them will affect my car. Yes I am an idiotic impulse buyer but could anyone help me out? I have an image of my current wheel size on my 15 inch wheels.
  11. Hello all. I bought 17 inch OEM ford alloys and I want to fit them onto my 2013 Ford Fiesta. I currently have 15 inch steel wheels with 195/50/R15 Tyres. I am aware that in order to keep the speedometer accurate I will have to match the same overall diameter of the wheel, although I can't figure out what size of tyre I will need to match the 15 inch wheels, I know it will have to be a lower profile but I can't work it out. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. zKeiron

    Need help finding alloys

    I've attached an image of a rim, I've got a set of 3 off an old car but the 4th is damaged beyond repair. Looking for a 4th alloy now but I can't find the exact model, I thought they were Focus ST 170 rims but I can't be 100%. Any help?
  13. DanielCron

    Scuffed edge black alloy

    Hey guys just after a bit of help! I have scuffed the edge of one of my 17" gloss black alloy wheels for my Fiesta Red Edition by accidentally colliding with what I thought was a smaller curb than expected. I have gone to my Trust Ford dealership for some advice/help but they said they don't know anywhere that would repair them since they're gloss black and have told me to ring around various other larger local Trust Ford dealerships but I'm having no luck... I'm yet to hear back from my current dealership after a week of being told to leave it when them! I have browsed online to see if I could find a brand new 17" gloss black alloy wheel but all I have found is ones with damage the same as mine or they aren't in gloss black. I'm actually trying to keep the car's value up as much as possible by looking after it, cleaning it out every so often/washing it because I'll be wanting to sell it soon and having one of the alloys damaged would probably knock it down a bit if I'm correct? Does anybody know where I could get a brand new alloy or if this is possible to be fixed and look brand new again(please ignore the dirt around the wheel, it just needs a wash)?
  14. WillKinsella

    ST line alloy colour

    Hello there! Could anyone help me out with what colour the fiesta ST line alloys are? Not the 2017fiesta the 2016 model. I'm wanting my alloys sprayed but don't want to go for the common black that folk have nowa days, and think the grey colour from the ST line would look great on mine! Not the best picture but that's what they look like.
  15. Ok, first musing/question. I need to replace my front tyres at some point in the next month or so. Currently they have Michelin Primacy HP on all round. I don't really like this tyre at all to be honest, I feel them prone loosing traction and they are just generally noisy and feel weird at times. This could be the fact they are probably the original tyres that came with the car 4 and a half years ago however... I am slightly confused as these tyres are marked as 215 55 R16 93V. But when I put my registration into any tyre shopping website, they come back as should be 215 55 R16 97W. Anyone know what should actually be on the car? The V's are cheaper in most cases... I'm thinking of sticking Avon ZV7's or Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance on (both come in 93V and 97W). Anyone any opinions on these? Or recommend something around the same price point? Ideally less that £100 per tyre, but depending on reviews could stretch it. Preference is for good grip in the wet and low noise. On the back of needing new tyres, I've been thinking about my alloys. And how a complain pain in the ***** they are to clean! Now ford does loads of nice alloys, in many sizes. If I find a set of 16" Ford alloys is it as simple as just switching them? Or do different models/years need different spacers? on a related note, how much does ride comfort suffer moving from 16" to 17" on the MK3 Focus? Anyone know the sames of alloys that look nice but are easy to clean? I have these annoying ones just now - I like these ones but Have no idea what they are called to search for them...[/img] and these ones look super easy to clean! The ST alloys are nice too, and look reasonably easy to clean. But I'm not sure I could find a set in my budget (Which I haven't really set yet...)
  16. Hi, I have a 2015 Fiesta 1.2 Zetec with stock 15 inch alloys. I am considering upgrading these to 17 inch. Would the 17 inch wheels have a large impact on handling and fuel economy? I have read somewhere that I might need to have my speedometer re-calibrated - is this true? Any advice or suggestions would be massively appreciated. Many thanks in advance...
  17. Bicko

    Looking for alloy's

    I am looking for Fiesta ST replica Alloys OR decent looking alloys (something similar to the photo i have attached) I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can browse for some as i cant find any websites which are currently selling them, even Gumtree,Ebay, etc. BTW... my budget is £300-£400
  18. OasisTheFiesta14

    Going from Steels to Alloys

    Managed to get a set of lovely Zetec alloys for my girlfriend's Fiesta Style. I am aware I need to change the wheel nuts but what do I buy?? Please help! :-)
  19. Hi guys are the 18 inch alloys a strait fit? ie dont need a steering rack limiter? Thanks in advance
  20. Hi everyone, I've booked in to get my alloys done next week, I have a fiesta s in deep impact blue. I know 100% I don't want them black but debating between what they are calling charcoal (very dark grey) and a lighter sort of space grey colour at the moment. What do you think will look best on my car? Emily x (p.s sorry if this is posted in the wrong place)
  21. I have recently just purchased my first ford! I love it, however I'm wanting red brake calipers. I'm not sure whether to pay to get them powder coated or to try and paint them myself. Any suggestions or rough prices? It would be for a pair. Cheers! (Ignore the cheesy photo of me, the father insisted)
  22. If your car is in any way different to when it originally left the factory when it was new please read the following regarding the legalities of your Insurance Policy. Last Sunday @Bobr posted a comment stating that when he contacted his Insurance Company about his painted brake calipers they considered them to be a modification. Now this got me thinking as i had recently painted my brake calipers but never considered contacting my Insurance Company because in my mind i didn't think of it being modified. After a few conversations with my Insurance Company (Adrian Flux) i have had my 'modification' added to my Insurance Policy at no extra cost,if their decision went the other way i was prepared to re-paint them back to black as they originally left the factory. Just imagine being stationary at traffic lights & someone crashed into the back of your car,a definite 'no blame' accident. now when the Insurance Assessor goes to view your car & notes any changes from the original there's a very good chance that they wouldn't pay out on any claim. If there is any way an Insurance Company can get out of paying anything they certainly will. This obviously also applies to alloy wheels,wider tyres,chipped ecu's,tinted windows etc etc,if in any doubt always inform your Insurance Company just to stay within the Terms & Conditions of your Policy.
  23. Hi I have 5, 5 spoke alloys size 15 for sale. If you interested PM me. I will get pictures up as soon as I can Cheers Rob
  24. Jordtj123

    Fiesta modification

    Hi guys as you can see I have a standard fiesta Zetec 16 plate I want to make this my own so I have a few ideas what to do but don't have a clue on sizes or prices and looking for some advice I want to - lower the car -alloys -new front grill -wind deflectors -mirror deflectors advice on what to do and use please?
  25. My OZ 17" alloys arent in the best condition due to prev owner which put them on the car, was wondering if any one has any 18" Nice alloys decent price as i am on a budget with this car (Not sure if this is allowed on here) Decent brand or even some ST170 alloys im in south yorkshire barnsley but im unable to collect any from anywhere Thank you