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Found 44 results

  1. Beside the guide in owner manual, has anybody seen any guide for mk8 headlight removal and bulbs change? I was trying to change low beam bulb(H7) to projector headlight, and run in couple problems. Of course i forget to take any picture, so bare with me - Method of removal of the headlight assembly in owner manual doesn't work, or i don't understand that correctly. Front mount is stuck below the black fender cover. - I can't get bulb holder to twist. According to manual it should open by turning anticlock wise, is there some kind of locking mechanism, because it feel like the whole light ficture twist with holder.
  2. Halo headlights

    Hello everyone! I've recently installed angel eye/halo headlights and was curious where the LEDs are for the rings? Any help appreciated.
  3. Hi I have a few questions about my fiesta zetec... 1. When I am pressing the button on my key to lock the doors all my doors are locking except my driver door, you can hear it clicking as if it is trying to lock but nothing. 2. I don't know if this is just mine or not but my head lights are very dull, I just want to know what bulbs sort of bulbs to get to help this (without breaking the bank).. 3. my radio has the button to accept/decline call also say I can connect my phone but cant fine my radios Bluetooth on my phone, does this mean it doest have Bluetooth calls or am I doing something wrong? If anyone can help with any of the above please let me know... thanks alot chick
  4. Number plate bulbs

    Is it normal for number plates bulbs to get hot? If you look at the pic below you can just see it looks like it's slightly burnt the holder (it is more visible to the eye), It's the same on both sides.
  5. I'm picking up my 2014 zetec s fiesta on saturday, and i've been looking all over for little mods that make a big difference. Seen a few lads with white led headlight bulbs and it looks so clean. was hoping someone would be able to help me by providing a link to where i can get them and also how to fit them because headlights are something i've never messed about with. Also so if you've got any suggestions on appearance mods for me to do i'd love to hear them
  6. Hi I'm new to this, just wondering what LED bulbs I need for the interior lights and the boot lights for my fiesta zetec s mk7. Thank you!
  7. Fitting led bulbs?

    I've recently ordered and installed nighteye H7 led headlight bulbs. im not sure if I should have but I had to slice a hole in the dust cover to get the heat sink to fit? Thoughts? and another thing, I've just taken the car out for a spin tonight, it doesn't seem that the beam pattern on the lights line up? and they don't seem to be overly bright? Would anyone like to put their ten pence in on this? Thanks! :)
  8. Amber Side-lights

    I was just wondering if anyone had replaced their side lights with amber LED's, and what they look like? I am curious to see since google is offering little to no pictures. Also, is it legal?
  9. Recently installed my new DRL's and got 6000K LED sidelights from Halfords. Was hoping anyone could give me any recommendations (or links) for any LED head bulbs? the car is starting to look at lot less boring ☺️
  10. O/S Rear Tail Light

    On my UK 54 plate Mondeo I have a weird problem. All lights work normally except the drivers side rear tail lights. Working are: Indicator, fog light, brake light Not working are: Standard tail lights when lights are on Looked at all fuses behind glove compartment, all good. Wires going to the rear light cluster are all tightly combined and untouched (no nicks etc.) This is really discombobulating me - can anyone shed any light on this please?
  11. Hello, just looking into changing my main beam bulbs and a few others, however I've comer across a list which says my main beam is h1 and another that says there h15 my car is a fiesta zetec s ecoboost 2014, I'm sure it has drl too
  12. Interior lighting

    Hi guys, this is my first post! So I have a focus mkii from 2008. A while back I took it into Trust Ford garage to repair a water ingress in the boot whilst the car was under warranty but during the repair they completely removed all the wiring for the boot light and didn't replace it. I only found this out when I recently took the car to halfords for them to fit a new bulb (as I thought that's why I had no light in the boot). Ford are now refusing to replace the wiring with out payment as warranty has now run out... so this brings me onto my topic. I'm wondering if anyone has the know how of sourcing parts and installing. I'd like to put in some coloured LED lights in the boot and also into the footwell, maybe in the dashboard aswell. let me know what you guys think, and what is doable on a budget with little to no knowledge :) thanks!
  13. Hello, I have a pretty much a standard 62 reg Fiesta Ecoboost and want to slowly introduce a few mods and start with some subtle light bulb changes on the exterior of the car. This is a well talked about topic, but I wondered what are the best bulbs you have/had? Also, is it possible and worthwhile installing a HIDS kit onto my Zetec Fiesta? I would like the new bulbs to be a white/blue colour and the colour to be matching the lights all around the car. Any suggestions are appreciated
  14. Focus lighting

    Hi all, I know there's a thread on here which gives you the sizes of all the bulbs on the focus, but I was just wondering if anyone could give me (working) links to bulbs for the interior/exterior they've bought and are happy with? Ive just changed my reversing bulb to white LED and want to do the same with everything else. Boot light, glovebox light, main beam, full beam, side lights? What are your favourite make to use for this sort of thing? Any suggestions are good, I would just find them myself but I always end up getting the wrong size and this would just make the progress a whole lot easier and quicker. Cheers guys
  15. Hi, First id like to say i know there are 101 different topics on this so i apologize but I am still struggling. Could someone send me a link for a set of red bulbs that they have fitted to their fiesta please? A lot of the older posts the links are no longer available so the ones I've bought haven't fit into the holder.. or don't light up the whole area (just point down like a spotlight). Thank you, - Tom
  16. Hi, First id like to say i know there are 101 different topics on this so i apologize but I am still struggling. Could someone send me a link for a set of red bulbs that they have fitted to their fiesta please? A lot of the older posts the links are no longer available so the ones I've bought haven't fit into the holder.. or don't light up the whole area (just point down like a spotlight). Thank you, - Tom
  17. Hi all I'm new to this forum sorry if this has already bin covered. I've recently become the owner of focus 2013 2.0 diesel titanium x and really like the motor. But I'm wanting to change my cornering light bulbs and main beam to match up with the 'cool white' look from the drls and xenon headlights Am I right in thinking cornering bulbs are H1 and main beam is H7. I'll be changing indicator bulbs to silvervision too
  18. Hi guys hoping one of you may be able to help me. I've read a few threads on here about problems with interior lights stopping working for no apparent reason but none of them seem to have the solution on them. So today all my interior lights have stopped working. They were fine this morning but tonight nothing. No boot light, no rear interior light, no front interior light no map lights. Strange. So obviously first thought is "ahh the fuse has gone." Get out the handbook, guess what, you got it no fuse is listed for interior lights? Only one that remotely could be is fuse 1 which includes a dome light? whatever that is but also controls the ignition and heated windscreen which both work fine so can't be that one. Some threads mention that there is no fuse for this circuit which is a little odd. Of course it's pitch black as well so I can't easily start checking every damn fuse in the fuse box to try identify the little blighter so I'm hoping someone knows? If there genuinely isn't a fuse how the hell do you get them to work again or am I destined to pay several pounds to my dealer to get such a simple problem fixed. Also I've realised my offside headlight has stopped working tonight as well. Can't be a coincidence can it? There's no fuse for them listed other than the full sides exterior lights and the DRL and rear light work fine. Could just be the bulb but I don't believe in coincidences so any help will be appreciated. Frustrated fez owner!!!!!!
  19. Help With Headlights Mk2.5

    Hi guys, Very long time no speak, hope you are all doing well. I have a question to ask that I am sure you guys will be able to help with. I changed the main (dipped) bulbs in my MK2.5 focus the other night but when driving it yesterday I noticed the aim was way out (far too low). Furthermore, the focus (no pun intended) was all wrong with a very bright spot in the middle with a poor diffuse spread of light around, and no sharp cut off when aimed at a wall. I was careful to seat the new bulbs in the same orientation as the ones I took out, i.e. with the little metal tab that protrudes from the base towards the top, is this incorrect? Should that be positioned at the bottom? If someone could confirm for me it would be hugely appreciated. Also, when sliding the bulb holder back in along the guide rail I would have thought there would have been a click when seated properly, but didn't notice anything. I realise I will need to adjust the aim itself but I feel like given the poor beam pattern it is not simply that. Thanks guys Steve
  20. Fiesta Zetec S Lighting

    I've just purchased a new Fiesta Zetec S (125PS, 1.0 EcoBoost, 2015) and was wondering which are the correct types of lights to replace with. Let's start with the numberplate, I've found 3 completely different shaped LEDs, which all claim to fit? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-MK7-Xenon-White-Canbus-LED-Number-Plate-License-Plate-Lights-/231179155693?hash=item35d359f8ed http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-MK7-MK-7-LED-White-NUMBER-PLATE-BULBS-LIGHTS-T10-501-Error-Free/251501254024?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D29975%26meid%3D4d7591b569484c0d9fd49253c8b5d2ff%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D231179155693 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-Zetec-09-18-SMD-LED-Replacement-Number-Plate-Units-Bright-6000K-/291472425062?fits=Car+Make%3AFord%7CModel%3AFiesta%7CCars+Year%3A2015%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+VI%7CCars+Type%3A1.0+EcoBoost&hash=item43dd1c4066 And then headlights, I don't even know where to start. I'd like Xenon (legal) replacements. Anyone able to post links for the correct fittings, I'd appreciate it greatly! Thanks!
  21. Still waiting for the LED DRL/headlight bulbs to come before de-tangoing the front indicators (2 birds, 1 stone, and all that!) but just done the rears with Philips Silvervisions and wing-mirror repeaters with Osram Diadem Chromes 👍🏼
  22. Sorry if this has been spoken about already but I'm going to be ordering my fiesta ST-3 in a couple weeks and am planning everything already in my head. I wanted to know if you could change the colour of the LED Daytime Running Lights? I'm getting panther black and would love to change these to yellow.
  23. Hello all! Sorry I know I've posted endless amounts of topics regarding headlight bulbs but, I've also done endless amounts of research and narrowed it down to four h7 bulbs... Philips crystal vision Philips diamond vision Philips xtreme vision Osram nightbreaker unlimited... I can't decide out of these which is the brightest White and the furthest output distance.... Help!? Thanks in advance! Cookey.
  24. H15 Bulbs

    Hi folks. I am looking to upgrade the headlight bulbs in my Fiesta Zetec. I am aware that both the headlight bulb and DRL's for my car is a H15 bulb and I am looking for the whitest bulbs around however they must be road legal! I see a lot of people using HID kits, are these road legal? If so which kits are popular? Does anybody recommend any H15 bulbs? Does anybody know if changing the bulbs will disable the DRL's? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi I am driving a 08 ford focus Zetec 1.8 TDCI and a couple of weeks ago i noticed that the passenger side dipped beam wasn't coming on but when i was driving it would come on eventually anyway i put it up to the bulb thought maybe it was on its way out. So today I go to Halfords and buy there Xenon pack with 2 dipped headlights and 2 side lights which cost me 54euro came to a total of 68euro (was going to cost me 80euro until i handed in my 15% off ford owners club card) anyway he fitted it and i turned it on and it came on anyway as i started my car to go to work the light did not come on even when i was driving it didnt come on so i thought the worst it had blown. So i was at my car in work and turned the lights on too see and the two of them were working. Any ideas guys it sounds like loose wiring to me but has anyone else had a similar problem maybe there is an easy fix?