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Found 46 results

  1. I've fitted an Xtrons head unit to my MK2.5 Zetec, and while most of it works well the stick-on DAB aerial seems to be absolutely useless. I've spotted this Second Hand DAB aerial on ebay: Can anyone confirm if that's a proper MK2 DAB aerial and wiring loom (rather than a GPS one or something else)? Also, if i was to buy a new DAB aerial base (to replace the weathered one) would the wiring simply plug in to the new base? Also, the connector on my Xtrons DAB unit is an SMA (small threaded plug), while I gather the Ford DAB units use a Fakra connector. Would this cable connect from the Ford DAB aerial wiring to my DAB unit?
  2. Hi, i currently have the original non bluetooth stereo in my fiesta. I am looking to change this to either a standard one with bluetooth or the upgraded sony one. How will i do this? What needs to be done? And what do i need? How hard is it? TIA PFA (my stereo now)
  3. I currently have a 2010 fiesta with a standard fm radio. but I do fancy a dab one, local stations aren't very good. so I was looking at simply swapping it for a used dab and installing a magnetic smb aerial on the roof, with the radio coming from the worlds most famous auction site. but I noticed that they have different connectors. Mine has 2 connectors quite close together that are squarish and 1 bigger than the other. whereas the dab ones I've looked at have blocks that seem wider, but shallower meaning ill have to change my blocks. I was just wondering if this is relatively straight forward, as electrical knowledge is a thorn in my side. if it is, does anyone have any links as to how to do it or what blocks to buy.
  4. hello, am currently looking at an array of fiestas. ranging from 09 to 15/16 plate. the one I am honestly considering buying is a 2010 with the older red look hud and radio system. so my question is does the newer sony dab system from say a 13 or 15 plate fit the older model cars. and are they fairly straight forward to fit. as I do like the idea of having Bluetooth connectivity and much prefer the system of the newer ones. but obviously the cost of a newer car is higher. so am just weighing up. but would just like to know if it is even possible.
  5. Hi,Can anyone help me find the DAB functionality on my Ford Sony DAB radio?I have a ford focus 2014 st with a standard FM/AM radio. I bought a replacement off ebay........a Ford Sony DAB radio (part BM5T-18C815-XK, serial Z010263). A professional installer came to swap it over but he couldn't find the DAB menu?? Only the FM and AM stations. We tried every button & menu but to no avail. We didn't connect the digital aerial but in any case, surely the unit should have still been able to offer the DAB menu and simply said "no reception"? The seller advertised it as DAB and indeed it does say DAB on the case.See pics attached. Any advice or help would be really appreciated.Many thanks
  6. Is there a way to switch preset banks on DAB using the controls on the steering wheel? Seems a rather large oversight if not possible? What round town MPG should I be expecting? What motorway MPG should I be expecting? What combined MPG should I be expecting? How many miles per tank should I be expecting. Its the 125PS 1.0 ST Line? What size in litres is the tank? Will sport ( automatic) mode guzzle juice? Are the gear change paddles just a gimmick or should I use them more often? Thanks in advance!
  7. My Sony DAB radio the 6 cd changer type has started to show the message DAB hardware fault, the rest of it works fine cd and non DAB, I've tried to reset it it by disconnecting the battery but that's made no difference. i know these are prone to faults, but any other ideas as to what's up, it's a 2009 car but I think the radio was changed by the dealer in 2011. the message isn't on constantly, but flashes up intermittently as if there's a loose connection this is with the radio on FM it was working fine last night , but this morning nothing,
  8. Hi guys So I bought this used Sony stereo with DAB to replace the standard boring Ford stereo. But of course I have run into a couple problems. Which I hoped you guys might help me with. The car is an Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost from April 2014. The car is born without DAB and SYNC functionality. On the pictures I have attached you can see that the standard Ford unit has some sort of advanced USB input. The new Sony unit has a larger "multi-input" of some sort. I tried to connect the unit without the weird USB thing and of course the USB in the car didn't work anymore and the Ford Ecomode is also "grayed" out when browsing through the Sony units menu. How do I get back the USB functionality and Ford Ecomode in the menu? Do I need some kind of adapter to solve this? Second problem can be seen on the third picture. The new and bigger screen is pretty exposed and needs some kind of frame I guess. How do I solve this? Thanks in advance guys.
  9. Hello all, I've got this weird problem with my Mk4 2013 Mondeo's bluetooth/handsfree. It was working fine until recently when the Converse+ screen shows the "Phone Audio Muted" message and I cannot transfer the sound (music or calls) from Phone to Car. I tried unplugging the F43 fuse which is for audio system for 30 minutes or so but no luck. I've discovered that though my car has a SONY DAB, there is no fuse in the Read Fuse box as the Manual says - possibly it has a different name. As a result of this issue I'm unable to use the phone in the car and I really don't want to spend £700 to £800 to replace the audio unit due to a possible software flaw. Any suggestions anyone please? Oh by the way, I tried pressing and holding power button down for 15 seconds - it just resets the volume etc I think. Cheers!
  10. I recently purchased my new fiesta st-2 and was just wondering if it was possible to upgrade my infotainment system from the standard dab bluetooth system to the better system found in the galaxy that my dad has? I'm not looking for an aftermarket system as I would prefer it to be dealt with by Ford themselves, can anyone shine some light on whether or not I can?
  11. I appologise if this is on here somewhere else, I brought a 2014 Kuga 3 months ago. Its warrenty is due to expire at the end of this month. I have been to TC Harrison who tell me i needed a major service, which i've had done, was also told i needed a powershift gearbox service. Looking through the servicing book, i cant find the answers im looking for. Is it every 3 years for a major service and gearbox service? i can't help but think i've been slightly ripped off by the main dealer, with the price i've paid, after looking online. Also, i am having problems with my DAB, If i have the SDL National it cuts out constantly, especailly when next to lorries or in built up areas, any ideas on a fix? Thanks for the help.
  12. I have a 2013 SMAX with the Satnav unit (unit type HS MCA2) and the DAB radio isn't working. All other radio bands are fine but the DAB menu on the touchscreen won't do anything. I had this problem a couple of months ago took it to a dealer to repair. They fixed the problem by resetting the radio (I think by taking the unit out and done a reset with their hardware rather than just pressing buttons on the menu) but it has come back. Does anyone have any experience of this?
  13. Looking for a bit of info if anyone can help, my wife has just purchased a 2009 Fiesta Zetec and to cut a long story short has been a bit messed about by the dealer, they have offered her £100 towards the genuine DAB radio upgrade by means of compensation, before we go ahead with this has anyone had this done and are they any good?
  14. Hi All, Just over a week ago, I purchased a 2013 Grand C-Max Titanium X, having upgraded from a 2003 Ford Focus. It's a pleasure to drive, and all the mod cons, are a welcome addition too. The only niggling frustration I have, is the fact that my Sony stereo (the factory-fitted one), seems to be randomly pausing for a period of approx. a second, every 30 seconds or so (sometimes even more frequently than that). The music then picks up from 1 second further into the track, and plays again. Regardless of whether I have the DAB radio on, or music playing from another source (such as the USB port), it's happening all the time. I've tried switching the Traffic Announcements off, to see if it was periodically checking for an announcement, but the issue persists. At first, I paid a blind eye to it, but spending over two hours in the car each day, commuting to and from work, it's now becoming an annoyance. Having had a good look at various articles on the Internet, I can't find any other individuals reporting similar occurrences, like this. As such, I'd be most grateful, if anybody can share any insight into what may be the root cause of this issue, and better-still, how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your help with this. Joe
  15. So I'm trying to figure out if I can retrofit a 2015 fiesta stereo with DAB into my 2014 zetec (I know I will have to change the antenna, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it). I am trying to figure out if it is possible to activate the DAB with a modded ELM 327 and Forscan, or whether it needs the proper Ford IDS with VCM. I've read that @iNath has reprogrammed and activated cruise control for people before so I am wondering if it is possible that I can do it myself. A small sidenote about sync too, do I need to purchase a separate APIM module if I upgrade? or is is built into the head unit when I buy one? Can I also use the same screen as it will not be a sony unit and everything looks the same apart from DAB?
  16. Hi all, been sifting through these forums for a few weeks to find out what the Sony DAB head unit can handles speakerwise, as in not what has been tried but what does Sony say its output is. Normal volume is great, but a bit louder and it falls apart, so looking to put in new speakers and not change the head unit or buy a sub... I don't care if the car next to me can't hear my tunes! Is there any hard information about its output, and from there I can shop around for suitable speakers to swap in. Heres a photo of the unit.... Thanks in advance!
  17. Ippon31

    Focus Titanium

    HI I bought a ford focus titanium and it says on DAB no reception. Its the sync, can anyone help please
  18. Hey everyone, I am in a right pickle, i am having my 61 plate Fiesta upgraded to a DAB radio, but the boff's down at my local Ford for all their hard work cannot get the DAB to work, or fire into life!???? They have got the DAB radio.. Radio AHU DAB, put the aerial in + mast, ran the cable down to the boot area and put this module in that goes in, which is like a secondary aerial for DAB. Got a black n white screen and put that on, think they mentioned "some" programming of the screen so that it would work with the radio. Radio works, but they cannot get the dab to work??? If anyone has done this, or there is a Ford Tech that can offer some light, i would be very very grateful! They have just drawn a blank now, they said the display screen is also a module apparently, and there were certain parts that may need programming to the brain of the car, even a worry the car would not work?????? If any of you have an idea, please just mention it, it may be the one bit they are missing, but they said it all works, just not the DAB, like some sort of diagnosis box to tick to tell the car there IS DAB....!?? Please Help..
  19. Hi There I recently purchased a Sony DAB unit on eBay with the intention of upgrading my existing standard stereo. The Sony came off a 2012 fiesta as well so I figured it would be a straight swap (excluding the DAB aerial of course), oh how wrong was I! turns out the Sony unit has an extra 26 pin connector at the back as well as the additional aerial connector (see pic). It also doesn't have the usb plug the standard stereo has (though I'm not really fussed about that as I'm not gong to be using it). So what I want to know is, what is this extra 26pin socket for? can I still use the newer stereo without it? is there some kind of funky franken-connector I need to make in order to get it to work? Or should I sack it off, sell the unit on eBay and find another solution? Some help on this would be greatly appreciated. I've seen similar threads on this before but the other stereo involved was different from my standard one and so the solution doesn't seem to be the same
  20. Have had a new model Mondeo for @2 months now. Really looking it after suffering with a Renault for four years. This morning set off for a drive and the radio wont work. The bottom left corner of the home screen has an on off button that won't respond. It will play tunes of my phone and a CD but if I get s CD playing it will display the radio options (dab, FM, am) but they are not selectable. Before I look like a bell is there anything I have done it can do to fix this? Missing talksport sadly. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi All.... I've got an issue with DAB radio in my 13 Plate Focus... when I plug in my phone to charge it, DAB signal drops to near nothing and I have to revert to FM. Ford 'reset' the system, upgraded the software, and replaced the head unit, but until today, I didn't realise that my USB adapter drawing power had anything to do with it.... I have an Aukey 2,4v dual usb adapter, and a 20 awg 3m cable running to my phone; which is positioned to the right of the steering wheel. The cable runs under along the edge under the steering wheel and up by the side of the door. I find it hard to believe that the adapter is the cause of the problem, since it's not a knock off from a well known auction site. Since I'm charging an LG G3, it's drawing a lot of power. Could this be an issue? I have a couple of 'cheap' usb adapters, but they don't give out enough power to charge the phone while it's on in satnav mode, hence spending a bit more on something that will still charge the phone when it's running. Advice appreciated....
  22. chris_sim82

    Sony DAB upgrade

    Hi Am looking to fit a Sony DAB 6CD changer to a Mk 2.5 2009 reg Focus. The radio has the Part Number: 8M5T-18C939-MD. Is this compatible? As I understand it to get DAB working I would need to get The DAB aerial upgrade kit which includes the following .1559265 Aerial Mast.1559268 Aerial Base.1682844 Wiring.1575793 Wiring Could i get away with using some kind of splitter? In the future I will also be looking at upgrading the Bluetooth module which currently exists to one which supports A2DP and possibly USB. My current module has the code 8M5T-19G488-AM which I understand does not support those functions. Is there anything else I could have missed? Many thanks
  23. Hi there I have a 2013 Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium with the Sony DAB radio... Does anyone know how to clear a previously saved station? I've tried the master reset under Audio settings thinking that would help, but it hasn't. Thanks in advance! Christian
  24. lilleybelle1980

    ?less Bluetooth

    Hi everyone I have been looking on this website for a little while now and I am about to buy a titanium Ford Fiesta, but I'm a little confused, and don't worry I will be going back to the sales team to find out these things for sure, but in the meantime I am researching like crazy and coming up empty, Basically what it is is is during our meeting today was informed that the car has Bluetooth and voice activation and reads out text messages etc etc, however when looking at home on the "go to website" Ford Etis that that the guy was using in the sales room and bearing in mind I had looked at so many was confused which car had what, he stated that it has the voice activation etc, but on researching myself, it says less Bluetooth, less voice activation nodules, but has this ICE DAB radio. Not quite sure what I'm looking for to see if it has ford sync on there, as on the ford etis website it doesn't list ford sync at all. Does anyone know if it has the ability to sync music and phone calls etc and whether it does have voice activation etc? Can anyone shed any light, or have I completely confused everyone what I'm asking? Thanks everyone and apologies for confusing paragraph.
  25. Hi there, I have a Sony DAB headunit in my Fiesta Titanium and I need to figure out which one is the ignition wire behind it because I need to patch in the sub to it. Any ideas lads?