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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, Picked up my Focus MK2.5 2008 1.8 Petrol Titanium last month and I'm loving it. Checked the engine today and found this pipe unattached. I've found threads about it falling off, but I cannot find anywhere it goes! I've been looking for like 30 minutes with no luck :( Can someone help me find the connection or preferably send me a picture
  2. Since I bought the car a couple of months ago (1.4 Titanium Auto, 27k, with keyless start), I have had the battery go flat on me 3 times. The battery is a Halfords HCB063. After the second time I popped into Halfords for a battery check. Guy said it looked like their most recent design and was probably only a year or so old, which tied in with the fitted sticker starting at 2016. The battery checked out fine, but showed it needed more charge. Flat again yesterday, so charged it up overnight and spent some time on it with the multimeter yesterday. Battery voltage was 12.57 V after charging, and 13.95V with the engine running, so looks like the alternator is charging OK. I then disconnected the earth battery cable, and measured the amps being pulled after the car was locked, and got 0.32A. This is high, as generally the draw should not be greater than 50mA (0.05A), as a comparison, our VW Polo was only pulling 0.01A. Started pulling fuses, and removing either fuse 16 (Powertrain control module, high and low cooling fan), 18 (Powertrain Control module) or 27 (PCM) dropped the drain to 0.09A. At this point I'm stuck, as none of the wiring diagrams in the Haynes manual show those fuses, or the PCM .Can anyone help?
  3. Hello, after improving my audio sistem with an amplifier + sub, I realised that my Focus 1.8 TDCI (2007) has a big current draw at inicial cold start up (winter, low temperatures). Checking voltages, I detected that my car has a big current draw the first two minutes....or three minutes (aprox) when I start it up now in winter (ver low temperatures). Just for curiosity, I would like to know what kind of System causes this current drain. I think it could be something about engine heating. Thank you. :D
  4. darren_c

    Parasitic Drain?

    Hi I have a 2010 ford focus, when left overnight the battery is draining to a point that the car will not start. Tested the battery and that is fine in its self and is charging fine when the car is running. Therefore something is drawing power when car is shutdown. The car is original with no mods. Have tried testing for a current by connecting a multimeter in line with the negative batt post and lead, but got no readings, expected some? As the intention was to then pull out fuses, Can anyone advise if I am doing this correctly? Steps I took were Disconnect negative lead Connect black multimeter lead to battery post Connect red multimeter lead to battery lead Setting on multimeter was 10a DC Anyone with any directions or advice appreciated Darren
  5. rusty123

    Battery Drain

    Right. Its a mondeo diesel. I've had it a couple of months. Since having it,I've put a new reverse light switch on it and a new starter motor. I went to redditch in it the other day,parked up at tesco in redditch,was in there for about 15 mins,came back out,put ignition on,all dials on dash went all way round like they do when you connect the battery,tried to start the car which it did but very weakily. Drove it round to my moms about 10 mins away. Parked it up,tried to start it and battery was dead. Managed to bump start it,drove it back to mine in bewdley from redditch. As soon as i parked up i turned it off and tried to restart but battery was still dead. I've taken battery off and charged it last night and it fired straight up.
  6. Following on from here, kind of: I didn't change the radiator as the repair, as ugly as it was, seemed to be structurally fine. Today my wife was just off to her mate's house, as she reversed back I noticed a small puddle under the front of the car. Popped the bonnet and had a look at the repair - put my finger under the bottom of the pipe, barely touched it and BOSH - off it came. It had completely decayed and felt just like paper. There was no gush of water, though, telling me that it's been on the way for some time. I did a 150-mile run the other day and I would have been proper (insert random swear words here) if it'd had happened then. To cut to the chase... I've got a new rad on order which should be here tomorrow. I've got the car up on ramps, tied the radiator from the top to take the weight, and undone 3 of the four bolts on the mounting brackets - one is siezed, and rounded, currently soaking in WD40, will probably have to beat it with a hammer, or drill it. Something. Anyway, I then turned my attentions to draining the coolant. I cannot find a drain plug anywhere. The Haynes *spit* manual shows a picture of the drain plug, situated what appears to be directly above one of the radiator support pegs that sits in the rad mount. I have checked both sides, front and back, there is no such drain plug. Nor can I see any practical way of draining the fluid. The bottom hose is barely reachable, points upwards at a 45-degree angle, so I don't see that as a viable way of draining the fluid out without it going everywhere. So, where's this dam drain plug??? I'd like to do the job properly but if all else fails, given that the rad is going to scrap, should I just stab a screwdriver through the bottom of the plastic bit and do it that way? There might not even be much in there (the header tank is now all but empty), but I've got cats and don't especially want antifreeze all over the floor.
  7. Geeerocks

    Smax Battery Drain

    I keep coming across some similar topics, but never seem to find the answer. The battery on my SMax reptitively drains very quickly. I have had my 2007 Smax Titanium 2.0 TDi for nearly 2.5years, so just 6 months to run on my warranty and I am desperate to get the problem sorted and at Ford's expense! The problem has occurred numerous times over the last 2years and every time I take it back to ford they have a play and tell me they have solved it or blame it on me leaving the lights on. Now the battery is fine (according to the AA who have been called out 30 plus times to start my car) and I am not going mad yet so it is not me leaving the lights on. Some strange things happen with the lights e.g. I can park the car up at night, turn all lights off and then return to the car an hour later and my right indicator / parking lights will be on. I can also put my keys in the ignition and the indicator light will be flashing even though the indicator lever is off. Ford replaced the indicator lever last time claiming it was faulty thinking that was solution. However, two weeks later I have just dropped it back to Ford Dagenham in Hounslow with another flat battery. All help welcome. Thanks