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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new here, so please advise me if I am in the wrong place. I am hoping that with all the expertise out there, someone can come up with a solution to a strange electrical issue I have with my wife's car, 2002 Mk 4/5 Fiesta Freestyle 1.25. Once the car has been started, neither the indicators, heater fan, or electric windows work for a few minutes; at the same time, the lamp in the air- recirculation switch is glowing dimly at the same time, although if you operate the switch i.e. switch on air recirculation, it glows with normal brightness. To me, this indicates that power is feeding back through the switch - obviously something it is not supposed to do. Once a certain amount of time has elapsed, the lamp goes out, and the other circuits are live once again. I have checked the common earth point at the base of the drivers' 'A' Pillar, and had to replace one of the ignition relays in the fuse board on the drivers' side, as it was showing heat damage. I have also had to replace the heater control valve. This problem only started when I had to replace the battery a few months ago, and it is worse when the weather is cold and damp. I have had the battery analysed, including load testing, and checked the voltage across the battery both without and with the engine running - 12 to 12.1V without, 14.26V to 14.4V with respectively. The engine turns over perfectly, firing up straight away; I just have to wait anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes before these circuits start to function. Although I stated earlier that the issue was worse when it was cold and damp, there has been little change over the course of this warm bank-holiday weekend. It is extremely frustrating, and potentially dangerous if you forget to wait! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP! Many thanks.
  2. k_j_jacobs

    Driverside Window

    So recently ive noticed that if i open my driverside window and then do it up it goes up automatically... this is normal but its started to go to the close posistion to immediatly reopen again??? any one got any ideas why its started doing this? its not a feature ive seem before... I can only close it if it stop the automatic close my closing it in increments Focus mk2 titanium 09
  3. hello all i recently bought a ford fiesta 1.4 2007. everything was ok with the car apart from remote central locking not working Now i have problems with the electics. the hazard warning lights come on all the time. i try to turn them off but doesnt go off. when the hazards do manage to go off, i cant get indicators to work or hazards. electric windows dont go up or down. boot release on dashboard doesnt open the boot when pressed. the boot opens randomly on its own accord. when the doors and boot are all closed, the dashboard shows a symbol to suggest that something is still open but there isn't anything open. i havent got a clue what the problem could be. auto electricians are busy for atleast a week so any suggestion is appreciated.
  4. Hey guys hoping someone can give me some advice about this. So i got in my car today (57 plate 1.6 tdci focus) and my electric wing mirrors or electric windows (only electric in front) and washer jets will not work. Also the passenger side window switch is doing nothing. I checked the fuse in the passenger footwell fusebox for the windows but it looks intact so i have no idea what this problem could be. thanks in advance for any advice
  5. ZakFiestaSaphire96

    Hot Electric Window Buttons..?

    Hey Ford Owners Club, I bought a 1996 Fiesta Saphire last week or so for a very decent price considering the engine was replaced at 48,000 miles and has only done 30,000 since. However the locks were dodgy which I was told but have been working ok up until today when my luck ran out and I had to try and break into my car and then when that didn't work, call the AA to come and break into my car... During all of this the immobiliser got activated but we managed to get the windows down by connecting his power supply up to mine to get the ignition on and shoving a stick through the wedged open door. The locks went super spazzy and so we had to take the Central locking fuse out. Anyway, it doesn't seem that much has been affected thankfully other than I have just done a 45 minute journey and I noticed that the electric window buttons were incredibly hot. It was night so I wasn't using them so not like they had any reason whatsoever to get so hot and distressed. I checked under the hood and the engine also seemed very hot however my air conditioning still came out cool and didn't idicate any unusual behaviour to me. I have taken it on several journeys of around this length or longer since I've had it and not noticed any problems at all. It could be that this was happening before and I didn't notice but I can't help but feel that it's only happening because of the problems earlier on in the day... I'm a bit concerned so hoping someone might know what to do or suggest to help. Guessing this is the right place to ask! Thanks, Zak
  6. Affix

    Electric Window Fault

    Hey Guys, Today after work my Driver Side Window stopped working (My Window was down). I thought it had fallen off the runner but on inspection it seems to be the motor. Taped the window up with duct tape as Its in a secure place, Watched by CCTV upon guidance from the RAC. Taking it into a Garage tomorrow morning first thing to get it checked over. I know this particular MK6 Has had this fault occur on both driver and passenger sides in the past. Hopefully it gets sorted.
  7. Not one of my interior lights are working, non of them except the ones in the doors under the handle. I'm confused! And also my electric windows, you have one click on the switch where you can go down or up and the next click they go up or down on their own, it's that one that isn't working! I've got to hold it now. I don't know what's wrong. Please help!!!
  8. Hi guys, When I put my windows up (driver side or passenger side) and start driving - they seem to make a crackling sound as if it is too tight? I have recently got a new Fiesta - the same thing happened on my previous one. Not sure if this is something that everyone is experiencing or not? Let me know if you have & you have found a cure! I have noticed it is worst in the heat :/ Many thanks
  9. Spikey Steve

    Irritating Issues

    Hi, I'm new around here and just bought a 2013 Focus Zetec S 1.0 Ecoboost. Pleased with it so far but have a few things I'm struggling to sort out and I know loads of you can help me out. 1) The drivers window goes down automatically but doesn't go up in auto. Is this standard or is there a fault? 2) How do you set it for the doors to auto lock when driving? 3) I used to have a Focus ST (now that was a great car, miss it so much . . . . . . ) and it had wiring for footwell lighting and it just needed the lamps putting in. Is it the same case for the Zetec S? Steve
  10. Hello Please can anyone help. The drivers side front electric window only goes up or down about 5mm then stops. It was iced solid this morning and I did try it a couple of times and it wouldn't budge. But now the ice has thawed but the the travel in the window is minimal - literally 5mm down and back up. Given there is still some travel the fuse the switch and the motor must be ok. I'm thinking therefore that it must be something mechanically inside the door. But please if anyone has any experience of knowledge of this I'd be grateful. The car is a Mark 7 3 door zetec Thanks Maverick
  11. Hello, I am looking for a complete walk through on turning my manual windows to electric. Currently my passenger window is being held up with Sellotape until I get a few days off to fix it, but I though I might aswell turn them electric while I'm at it. I've been told the wiring is probably already there, is that true? What do I need to buy? A full walk through on what I need to do? And any hints and tips? Thank you :)