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Found 1,696 results

  1. Hi There! I have recently bought a 2006 Ford Fiesta 'Style' with the 'Climate' Pack. It has a 6000CD Head unit with an AUX button, yet no sign of a 3.5mm (or any other sort of) jack anywhere; including glove box and near gear stick. I have seen several posts online of how to add this in but it requires some technical ability/knowledge, neither of which I possess. I wondered if anyone knows roughly how much a Ford dealer or anyone else (Halfords?) would charge to do this for me, and otherwise if there's a simplified way with a tutorial that I can fit this jack/cable to my car. Ideally I don't want to be drilling holes for it... Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here but have owned a 1.6 automatic Ford Fiesta Zetec for the past 11 months (2014 model). Everything was great until I had my service last week and since then the car has been shuddering a bit when going up the gears and sometimes I can hear a grinding/scraping noise (hard to explain). Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any advice please? I called the Ford branch that did the service and they said it’d be a further £120 to look at it :-( Thank you in advance.
  3. I've recently purchased a Ford Fiesta Titanium X with Low profile tyres fitted to it. The wheel is a 205/40R17 Tyre profile. I have had it for less than a month and the wheels have been damaged significantly (sidewall) people have been telling me that if I change the tyre from Low profile to Normal profile it will affect Speedo etc but I can't see any other way to stop the car from damaging the wheels and this is on two of four low profile tyres. Is there anything I can do? I live on an estate which is still being built and there are Low manhole covers which could be causing damage but never had problem on old car? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Johnmcf

    Latest stereo update?

    Hi, does anyone know where to find the latest software update for the standard stereo with Bluetooth? (Not the Sony unit with the small buttons) Every link I can find seems to be dead. Car is a 2012 S1600. Thanks in advance!
  5. Can anyone recommend a decent induction kit for my 2018 Fiesta ST-Line 140?
  6. Hi, just bought my first car and was wondering if there was a way to modify the radio system so i could play music from my phone through the speakers, Stock the car comes with no way to do this, but im unsure if there is some kind of adapter i could buy that would allow me to do this? The radio inside the car is a 4500 cd radio, not sure if that means much but. Thanks in advance Devon
  7. Hi I have a question about power folding mirrors. I was checkingthe fuse box underneath the glove box and notice I have the right fuse box with one of the relays, however I have noticed the second relay is not there, but also the input to put the relay is not there either. Does anyone know why and how i can get passed this? Hope that makes sense.
  8. Hi guys, I have a MK7 Ford Fiesta 2010 TDCI, not a zetec, just standard fiesta. I’m interested in fitting a front splitter but can only settle on a TRC but they don’t do one for my car. Hey do ones for zetec S however! I was wondering if this would fit and be able to be fitted to my MK7 fiesta?? Any input is appreciated!!
  9. Hello all, First post here. I recently bought a 2013 1.0l ecoboost fiesta that has full service history and one previous owner. 33k miles on the clock. I've noticed some rust and corrosion on some of the engine parts, specifically two metal connectors that seem to go from the coolant pipe to the engine and then also possibly to the radiator (?) Should i get these replaced? Would it be a fairly cheap part replacement? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Cameron.
  10. This is a re-post of my [now deleted] post on the General chat, titled: 'I'm driving around the world/Social media advice needed' from January 11th 2018. Due to lackadaisical typing I noticed several typos I couldn't go back and edit and before the post gained any more views I figured it would be best to re-post and move category. Instagram: @drive_further Facebook page: drive_further My story so far: I write this in part as you guys may be interested in my achievements which I haven't really publicised - for no other reason than the fact I'm travelling for my own personal experience. In 2016 I left England on what so far has been a 2 year road trip across the northern hemisphere (with a brief visit to west-coast America whilst I applied for Central Asian visas) in my 2002 Ford Fiesta. I've driven to date over 25,000 miles and explored countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Russia, Georgia ... In late 2016 I visited the northern Russian city of Murmansk experiencing temperatures as low as -22 and my car was fine! In the coming days I will cross the Ural river, the geographical feature separating Asia and Europe; and and arrive for the first time in the continent of Asia. I've severely neglected social media ad wasn't sure how best to 'advertise' my travels, I simply thought someone may be interested. I'm not looking for fame, simply, I have accumulated so many interesting stories, both car and non car related, along with tens of thousands of DSLR photos and 'car selfies.' I just thought as my story is perhaps unusual and in a Ford Fiesta someone/you all may be interested.
  11. liampatrick

    Zetec Blue update

    Took this photo today in snowy Scotland. Current changes (visible in photos); gloss black upper/lower front grilles, ZS/ST fog light surrounds, chrome grille, de-tangoed lights, xenon halogen bulbs, richbrook aerial, wind deflectors, anthracite powdercoated alloys, aero wiper blades. Also you can’t see in this; rear chrome tailgate strip, LED number plate lights, interior map lights, black leather gear gaiter/handbrake surround with blue stitching, original floor mats. Next up (potentially!); Seat Ibiza side repeaters, rear window tints, fit Vodafone flush rear parking sensor kit, mudflaps, replace driver door mirror (the common clicking when folding problem), DAB radio, ZS/ST silver interior door grab handles, silver door handles, LED map lights, some interior ambient lighting. Think that’s all for now, but any suggestions welcome! I’m very OEM-like, as you may have guessed.
  12. Hello! newbie here. I've recently bought a '15 reg Blue Fiesta zetec (1.0 Ecoboost, 100bhp) and love it very much! It neatly replaced my 2004 fiesta ;D To my question- I'm curious about the changes that the same model of Ford goes through in its production years. In this case the 'facelift' (?) Mk7 Fiesta (zetec) which first made in 2012 and ended in 2017... what improvements or changes did Ford make to this car over these years? And is my '15 reg an improvement on a 2012 version? Let's focus on UK Zetec models for now to keep it simple... Off the top of my head, I think the radio button/number pad layout changed a little in 2014? Anything else? Whether cosmetic or mechanical. Thanks! 🙂
  13. Need to replace engine in 2013 ecoboost 125bhp fiesta. Engine code m1je. Are there any other engine codes that will be a straight swap? Any help is a god send!! thanks
  14. Hi My names Daniel & I have next to 0 car knowledge so I thought I would come here for some advise... got my first car and its a 1.0 Ecoboost 2016 Red & Black Edition, All I'm asking is how can I make this car faster & look Nicer, I haven't really seen much nice ones, but I see all these "Ecobeasts" and they look sick, just someone please give me some advise on what Parts I should get for this car, I have the money to buy the parts just unsure if they will fit or not! Would be much Appreciated
  15. I've my current Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCi for 8 years now -- it's a 3-door model as when I bought it my dad had a Motability car (due to my sister having autism and learning difficulties). Unfortunately a brain haemorrhage cost him his licence in 2012 leaving me as the only driver in the family, and my current car isn't very practical when my sister comes out with us (even though she's only 4'10"!). My annual service/MOT last month also revealed an axle problem that could require an expensive and time-consuming repair in the near future, so I'm looking to replace it with a new 5-door model. I've been driving Fords for 17 years now with no major problems so I see no real reason to change manufacturers, but I'm torn on which model to go for: my mam likes the look of the EcoSport, but after reading so many bad reviews I'm wary of this model. Personally I'd rather stick with a Fiesta, although I'd have no issue in meeting her halfway by going for the Active model. I do roughly 13,000 miles per year, the vast majority of which is my commute to work in Newcastle, although I also take my mam for shopping (with my sister sometimes coming with us for a look out) on Saturdays. Every 2 or 3 weeks are so we get a big shop that currently requires some bags go on the back seat (or on the floor behind my seat). I'm also still not quite decided on whether to go for petrol or diesel although I see an increasing consensus that a mileage like mine is no longer quite enough to justify diesel – the new 1.0 Ecoboost petrol engine, road tax changes, and the prospect of Low Emission Zones and diesel tax hikes in the near future are all factors that have change in petrol's favour since 2010. I'd be interested in what thoughts the regulars here have concerning my dilemma... George
  16. Hi guys, in a bit of a predicament. Havent had this car long, but its been mapled for efficiency, not long after buying it it started coming up with an error pointing to the glow plugs, weve replaced them, codes cleared but error still appearing, wiring checked and tested. Not sure where to look next.... any ideas?
  17. Hi guys Welcome to my progress thread! Well, my old mk6.5 was written off unfortunately and my friend who works for Ford recommended the new Zetec S to me, and after a few weeks of looking around I decided it was the sensible choice for me. I picked up my Panther Black Zetec S from a Ford garage on the 31st of October, it's the 1.0 Ecoboost 125ps, 1 Owner from new, 6,471 miles, one service on it and there extras consist of; Privacy glass, Upgraded 17" alloys, City Pack and Start/Stop pack. It was one of the ford guy's girlfriends car, only sold it back to them because they got an upgrade because of his job, so something nice and legit, and no dodgy reasons! I don't have a proper list of what I want to do just yet, but a Stage 1 Revo remap and new exhaust system is on the cards. But for now I'll just be adding bits on here and there but will be sure to post about it! Ordered a pack of LED's last night so hopefully they're going to turn up some point this week. Here are some of the photos the day I officially bought her! And the day after, picking her up! Couldn't quite believe how clean it was... Thanks for reading :)
  18. Hi, I have a 5 door 2003 Fiesta(1.4 tdci) which all windows are manual. The front passenger window regulator cable has rusted and snapped, I can't find any replacement parts for this specific door locally or online. Does anybody know whether the front and rear window regulators are the same on a 5 door all manual windows model? Rear window regulators are more common and it would handy to be able to use one in the front. Cheers.
  19. T Simms 98

    Hey everyone!

    Hi everyone! I've just bought my first car which is a 5 - Door 2010 Ford Fiesta Edge in Metallic Vision Blue. I love to go out for drives with friends to nice chill out spots, and check out other people's cars at car shows.
  20. Hi all, Have been trying to change bulbs in my fiesta mk8 vignale to whiter bulbs. Main beam was easy to change, but the dipped in the projectors is a nightmare. Followed the vague instructions in the manual for removing the headlight unit and could not get them out. Having given up till another day, when ***** the front mount back on, I noticed that it had broke (must have leant on it at some point...), so it is only the rear screw mount and then plastic clip holding the headlight at the front (and the foil tape that I put on) Am I right in guessing I'll need a new headlight? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi, I've recently bought a Ford Fiesta 2009 (I think it's May) I cannot get my audio bluetooth to play Spotify. The car recognises the phone (through the bluetooth audio function) and Spotify recognizes that it should be playing through 'Ford Audio' but nothing comes out of the car speakers. I've researched and know that some models don't have 'Sync' and also some models require a fuse box adjustment, but I thought I'd ask here first. Thank you :)
  22. SamsFiesta

    Fiesta '07 Oil Leak

    Hi, I have a slow Oil Leak and I'm no expert on the underside of a car. I've attached a photo showing where the leak is dripping from. Can someone confirm what this is? Thanks
  23. When I turn the steering wheel on my 60 reg Fiesta automatic there is a strange undulating sensation under the carpet in the drivers footwell, is this a problem - should I be worried, it's certainly weird? I imagined under the carpet lining there would be steel floor.
  24. Evening people, My names Ben and here’s a little bit about what bought me here. Bought my white st180 on a 17 plate with 5900 miles on the clock on Saturday and picking her up on Wednesday, I can’t wait.. Having come from a BMW 3 series Msport I’m looking forward to a reliable nippy daily. Am seriously considering some light modifications but want to make sure she won’t go walkies first, so security upgrades are my no.1 priority. Looking forward to becoming part of the community!
  25. Can any one help me with modifying my car? I'm pretty new to this and seems to me you can't really do them up really unless you have the zetec s any help would be much appreciated.