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Found 1,747 results

  1. PGHSE9

    A worrying problem

    Hi, Sorry to make my first post a request for help (if I'm not allowed to do this, please feel free to move/delete etc). I bought a second hand 58 reg Zetec Blue Fiesta a couple of months ago. As it stands, it's got a smidgen over 35000 miles on the clock. Service done about 2000 miles ago, MOT until September. It had been brilliant, until just over a week ago when the battery light would turn itself on for about a minute, then off for quite a bit, then on briefly, then off for quite a bit, then on get the idea. Checked with garage, got new alternator fitted. No big deal. Anyway, today I was driving along, and I hear a loud rattling/knocking sound. It sounded like it was coming from under the car on the driver's side. I pull over, call the garage, get it booked in for Monday (the earliest it can be done) go home, have to go out again to pick up my partner from work, all the while there's this noise. It kinda sounds like a drop link or something has gone, but much louder. It's pretty constant (it's there when the car is idling, as well as when it's moving), and I'm just a bit worried. I have no idea what it is - as I said, it came on very suddenly. I have no idea if something happened when I had the alternator fixed. I'm a bit worried that it might be something with the engine (it sounds like it's from under the car, but that may not be the case), but the oil seemed to be more than ok when I checked it a couple of weeks back and, for what it's worth, the oil engine light hasn't come on. I just wondered if anyone might have any idea what it might be? I'm not going to be driving it until I have to take it to the garage, at any rate. Thanks for your time and help!
  2. Hi, Has anyone changed the Auxillary/Fan belt on a ford fiesta (Mines is 2009 model). The Haynes Manual says you need a tensioner kit etc. Although I've seen a few things online that say you can loosen the alternator a bit which gives you some slack. Anyone tried this? Also any pictures or diagrams would be helpful. The cars making a squeaking noise which is coming from that area of the engine bay so want to replace the belt then see how it goes. Thanks Craig
  3. Joel Bavidge

    Fiesta ST MK8 tyre pressures

    what pressures front and rear are people running on the Michelin pilot sport 4's on the new fiesta ST? mines are at 33 psi on the back and 38 on the front (cold). this is the pressures the dealership put in the tyres when I got the car. the front pressures seem a bit high though.
  4. I have a 2010 fiesta Zetec s, and i was wondering what the best coilovers are. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which ones are the best? Thanks
  5. Oh great hive mind, i seek your advice! I've retrofitted sat nav to my 2014 Fiesta Mk7.5 Titanium, replacing the 4.3" sync display screen (FCDIM) with the 5" one - did this at the end of october and fitted a reversing camera too. I've also swapped my APIM/Bluetooth module for a newer one that supports the track/artist names over bluetooth. Everything has been working absolutely fine until new years day, where the display has started to randomly reboot itself. After a couple of minutes of being on (regardless of car moving/not moving, engine running/not running) and functioning perfectly it flashes, goes to black. Most of the time it then reboots and goes back to the start screen with the blue rectangles on it (sleep screen), and occasionally just stays off until you press the power button on the controls. A friend of mine has suggested that the canbus wires that activate whether the screen should be on/off are shorting, but then I'd assume that i wouldn't turn off when locked or come on with ignition in the first place? Plugged in forscan, the codes I get is the same in the Audio Control Module (ACM), Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) and Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM). They all read "U0257 - Lost Communication With Front Controls / Display Interface Module". If the screen is black (completely off not just sleeping) it is present at time of request and if the screen is on then it's a previously recorded dtc that will clear until the problem happens again. I've ran self tests on all the connected modules (ACM, APIM, FCDIM) and the FCDIM gives the error "Code: B119E - FM Reception; Additional Fault Symptom: - No Signal ". I'm pretty confident therefore that the problem is limited to just the screen module as when the screen reboots itself, the radio station will keep playing, until the screen has come back on and then the ACM then has to work out what the screen is now saying (usually the same radio station as before it rebooted). I've tried pulling the various fuses all at the same time to get resets, doing resets by the menu options on the screen itself and have performed module resets via forscan and the problem persists. At the same time as all of this, the FCDIM/screen now tells me that my SD card for the maps is faulty with the error that you usually get when you take out the SD card. No amount of turning off ignition putting the card back in has solved this. I've even taken the screen out, disassembled it down to the circuit boards to see if there were any obviously burnt out chips or capacitors and there was not. Has anyone else had an electrical gremlin like this before? Should I try just replacing the screen with another or get some extra help? If it is beyond me - does anyone have any reputable automotive electricians that would fix this kind of thing? I'm expecting ford dealers not to touch it purely because "the car didn't come with that screen", and they'll probably just go on a costly part replacing spree too. Thanks guys, Liam
  6. Hornet83

    Fuel injectors

    Hi, I have a ford fiesta 1.5 tdci 2013. My car cutout whilst driving along the motorway today. After looking in the engine bay I saw alot of fuel built up around the fuel injectors. I think it might be the seals around the injectors and just wanted to know if anyone's had a go at replacing them or does anyone think it might be something else that caused the car to cut out. Is it a hard job to change the seals ? Will I need any special tools ?
  7. Hornet83

    Fuel injectors

    Hi, I have a ford fiesta 1.5 tdci 2013. My car cutout whilst driving along the motorway today. After looking in the engine bay I saw alot of fuel built up around the fuel injectors. I think it might be the seals around the injectors and just wanted to know if anyone's had a go at replacing them or does anyone think it might be something else that caused the car to cut out. Is it a hard job to change the seals ? Will I need any special tools ?
  8. Kee120

    Stereo Wiring Help

    Hi I have a audio converter and would like to wire it into my standard stereo so I can the plug my speaker wires into it and take it to my subwoofer. I just wondered if someone could help me with it as non of the wires are the same colours
  9. Hello all, First post here. I recently bought a 2013 1.0l ecoboost fiesta that has full service history and one previous owner. 33k miles on the clock. I've noticed some rust and corrosion on some of the engine parts, specifically two metal connectors that seem to go from the coolant pipe to the engine and then also possibly to the radiator (?) Should i get these replaced? Would it be a fairly cheap part replacement? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Cameron.
  10. Hi, I don't have a Fiesta yet, but might get one. The biggest hurdle currently is the driver's seat. The bolster / leg support is too much for me. I am quite tall (195cm) and have long (upper) legs. So I am sitting with my legs "opened up" a little, which causes the leg support to press into my thighs and making my legs sleep. I've talked to a car upholstery firm and they think they can do something about it (200-225 euros). This is assuming that the clothing of the chairs can be removed/opened up and it's not a "molded" one piece cushion/seat. Any other suggestions? I've noticed the Ford Focus seats are a lot better suited to me, might these fit into a Fiesta? Should I get some modification to move the chair backwards a little? I am worried this would make be move too far away from the steering wheel. Cheers,
  11. So, I have 12 plate fiesta mk7. I want to upgrade the sound system in my car as I enjoy my music and into high quality sounds. I don't really want to get some big ***** sub but I would like to just upgrade the speakers a bit and get something that is higher quality and has a bit more bass. I don't really know much about car sound systems and wiring, I have also been trying to find out what the current specs of the stock sound system is in the fiesta as they are pretty good for what they are. Could anybody provide any tips and help? I have been looking at Pioneer as I know they have been good for sound. Also whats the do's and dont's
  12. Hi all, I am having such a strange issue with our car. The stop start wasn’t kicking in (after a long enough journey), which we thought odd. We stopped at some traffic lights and the engine just died completely. It had three fault codes - fuel pressure sensor, clutch position sensor and throttle sensor. After wiping the codes at the garage it started and ran fine for a long time and didn’t seem to need a repair. The breakdown guy said he would start with then fuel one, so we decided to do it anyway as we had had the same issue 3,000 miles away but it just started working one day. It was fitted and all was fine, then as we were about to drive off it did it again! Has anyone had this? Or have any ideas? Is the stop start an issue? Thanks
  13. Hello Does anybody know of a way to adjust the horizontal aim of the headlights on the mk7.5 fiesta? My drivers side one points to the other side of the road instead of in front of me so I have a massive blind spot. Any help appreciated!
  14. Hello, I have a MK 7.5 Ecoboost 100ps and am looking at the Collins Performance Stage 1 remapping which takes the engine to 127ps. Does anyone have any experience with this remap? I know Collins Performance are a respected tuner so their remapping will be as safe as can be. Would anyone expect any issues with this level of remapping as it is only a relatively small power increase so presumably within safe tolerance on the clutch and gearbox. Thanks.
  15. alwatki

    Speakers/Door Rattling

    Hi I have a 2012 fiesta and whenever i play music and turn the volume up my doors seem to rattle which is very annoying- i don't think its anything to do with the speakers Does anyone have any tips on how i could fix this?
  16. we took the fiesta for an oil and filter change about a month ago since then we noticed a whooping sound in 1st gear then it grinds into 3rd gear sometimes ... driving down the motorway the other day in 5th we found the gearbox very noisy ( the noise went away when the clutch was pressed) is this common? is it a gearbox issue ? the car has done 37000 miles
  17. Hello, I just bought a 2018 Ford Fiesta brand new, and I absolutely love it so far. It is the 5speed manual version (North American), and it is a lot of fun. However, I have been noticing a slight sound when I accelerate when first starting the car or a little afterwards. It sounds almost like something is stuck somewhere (like a stick scraping something), but I cannot find anything when I get under the car. I can also almost feel the vibration through the gas pedal, but this might just be my imagination. It only happens for a few moments, but it still worries me. Are these just normal noises for a new car or should I take it in to get looked at? Thank you very much
  18. Hi, I'm new here and I have a question, I have a Fiesta SE 2015 with the blue screen stereo and I want to upgrade but I want to keep the oem look, So I found a 2014 Ford Fiesta Sony stereo, so if I want to change it, it's gonna work? Thank you (sorry but my English is so bad)
  19. Ford Owners' Club

    Fiesta takes top honours in 1st full year on sale

    The Ford Fiesta has won three car of the year titles, two of them for the hot new Fiesta ST Top Gear Magazine this week awarded the Fiesta ST its car of the year honour, as well as hot hatch of the year, continuing the success of the previous Fiesta ST which won the same awards in 2013. Parkers also named Fiesta ST its car of the year at the 2019 Parkers New Car Awards – one of three trophies awarded by the buyers’ guide to Fiesta, out of a total of four for the Blue Oval. In its end-of-year awards issue, Top Gear Magazine seized on the completeness of Ford’s £19,495 pocket rocket, produced by the same performance team that delivered Ford’s acclaimed GT supercar. Charlie Turner, BBC Top Gear Magazine editor-in-chief, said: “The Fiesta ST is the best small hatch on sale; quite possibly the best one ever built. I love that Ford spends as much time ensuring its baby Fiesta drives slickly as it does the half-million-pound GT.” judged Fiesta ST best car for thrill seekers and went on to crown the 200PS hatch its overall car of the year. “The Ford Fiesta ST is a clear and obvious winner because of its brilliant performance, fabulous dynamics, and killer good looks”, said Parkers editor Keith Adams. “Ford proved the most successful carmaker in the 2019 Parkers New Car Awards, with an impressive and well-deserved haul.” Ford’s third gong from Parkers was for the previous generation Fiesta – the UK’s best-selling car for eight consecutive years – as its used car of the year. And all-new Ford Focus, also on sale this year, is Parkers’ recommended small family car. The Carbuyer advice site today threw its weight of commendation behind the top-selling Fiesta, honouring both the sporty ST and the rest of the Fiesta line-up. Carbuyer editor-in-chief Steve Fowler said the Fiesta ST as best hot hatch is easy to live with day-to-day, yet comes alive on the right roads, putting far more powerful alternatives in the shade. Carbuyer commended the entire new Fiesta range for its design, technology, cabin space, value for money and fun to drive. “The Ford Fiesta is the standout new car on the market today. Ford manages to cram so much into its supermini-sized package while retaining the trademark handling verve that really sets the Fiesta apart. Quite simply, we love it and it is Carbuyer’s car of the year once again,” said Steve Fowler. Ford has sold more than 2,500 new Fiesta ST models since June 2018, of 120,000 new Fiestas delivered altogether in the last 18 months. Performance Blue is the most popular Fiesta ST colour choice, accounting for more than a quarter of orders. More than 65 per cent of customers have added the optional £850 Performance Pack, which includes a Quaife limited slip differential, launch control and performance shift lights. Almost three-quarters of ST orders are for the three-door bodystyle, and over half of customers have opted for the top ST-3 series.
  20. stuartr26

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Looking into possibly getting a Fiesta with the new Ecoboost engine, was just wondering if the quoted figures from Ford for MPG is anywhere near accurate. Have seen between 55-70 advertised depending on style of driving etc.
  21. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest to me any further tests to diagnose my cruise control problems. Cruise control stopped working last week. I don't know if the "on" button is working and the "set" buttons aren't or vice versa as no combination will activate my cruise control. Plugged in forscan, no DTCs. So, I took apart the switch assembly on the steering wheel. No visible corrosion on any of the contacts. The LEDs on the buttons were still working so I assume the whole circuit board is getting power. Buttons are still "tactile" and pressing as they usually would. Reassembled the steering wheel and had a look at both of the clutch pedal position switches to make sure they were plugged in and seated correctly which they were. Turned the ignition on and hey presto! All working... For about ten minutes, and then it resumed not working. Forscan testing showed these sensors working fine (and the brake pedal switches). The "cruise control cancel" option on forscan was only working on the brake pedal - I can't remember if this should work on the clutch pedal too, is anyone able to confirm this? I looked into cruise control diagnostics but everything seems to relate to the focus cruise control. Has anyone had any similar problems? Has anyone got any further suggestions for diagnosis? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi everyone :) I have a query regarding the MK8 fiesta ST. I've been trying to fit LED bulbs for the last few weeks to no avail :( the new twist mount adapter that holds the H7 dipped bulb in place is stopping any aftermarket LED bulbs from fitting. Has anyone had luck fitting them? Or are their adapters available? I've had a scout about online but can't find anything useful. Thanks in advance!
  23. Kyle.j08

    Mk6 fiesta mods?

    I just passed my test and I'm looking to modify the car without effecting the insurance, any suggestions?
  24. I just passed recently and bought a mk6 fiesta style 1.25 2007, I want to do small starter mods that will not effect the insurance. Any suggestions?
  25. Good evening, First time here! I have a 2008 Ford Fiesta Style Climate which has done approx. 78,000 miles. Not long after I brought it, it started 'chugging' whilst driving and idling and eventually the amber 'cog' light came on on the dashboard, the car went into limp mode and I had to get towed home. It has since been to the garage where is flagged up injector 2 to be faulty. So a new injector later and a few weeks of driving it, the same thing happened again, flagging up injector 2 again. Back to the garage it went where is has been since May (yes, really). He's a good mechanic whom we trust so not worried about getting taken advantage of. After speaking to him now, he has had the whole dashboard and computer, keys and everything sent off for testing and subsequently fixing. Now the car does seem better as long as you warm it up before going on a journey (which we tend to do anyway out of habit i.e. not taking off straight away and flooring it!) however there is still something not quite right with it and it still does 'chug' every now and then. Our mechanic now seems to think that it is something wrong electrically as it went through the MOT absolutely fine and flew through emissions so indicates that the engine and everything is fine. However, looking for the electrical fault it like looking for a needle in a haystack. Does anyone on here have any experience with this issue or have any ideas as to what it could be?! Some people have talked about similar problems but have not posted back with any solutions. Someone suggested the wiring loom but never posted back as to whether it worked or not or a Forscan reset. Any help would be much appreciated! ETC