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Found 12 results

  1. Ford Escort 1.6 Finesse for sale 39,000 miles W reg - August 2000 Moondust silver metallic FSH from new Excellent condition inside and out Belonged to my elderly father who passed away earlier this year and now looking for a good home as the car was his pride and joy. Please note the car has no MOT/no roadtax as the car was taken off the road earlier this year. However, it has only covered around 300 miles since the last MOT and service(2016). Happy to provide photos if required. Will consider all sensible offers. Would love it to go to an enthusiast.
  2. curtisH

    Fiesta MK6 Loose Cable

    Hi Guys, I have a loose cable on my MK6 Fiesta, it comes from somewhere under the ECU / battery. Any ideas where it should attach?
  3. My Fiesta Finesse 2003 MK6 is driving completely fine, but occasionally (In fact only on 2 occasions, today, and about a month ago) the car has a brief episode lasting about 15 minutes before returning to normal. In this time, the car will turn off the engine completely and make the steering very tough. This happens if I go into neutral and coast, if I drive too slow (The revs go too low), or I stop for a red light or go slow around a corner. After the 15 minutes or so are up, it returns to normal. I've done my research and it seems that in most cars it's down to an idle control valve, but from what I can see on here, the MK6 doesn't have an idle control valve? I was hoping someone could elaborate for me.. I feel as if this is merely a matter of cleaning something rather than buying and replacing something. I'm quite clueless, but am eager to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks in advance, here's a photo of under my bonnet (The only photo I've got, taken after a crash a while back. It's all fixed now though)
  4. Hi just wondered what clutch i need as I'm getting it off eBay, I'll save myself around £40 quid by doing it my way, all I keep getting is 191,1mm diameter or 190mm diameter and I need to get it right first time.. its a fiesta finesse 1.25 sept/2004 model and I'm looking at a ck9789 clutch by national for £37.92 without the slave, I'd rather buy one with a slave but they don't have clear compatibility listings, any help will will be appreciated coz Insurance is about to be taken
  5. We have a black 1999 escort finesse 5dr 1.6 si for sale, which has only done 73,100 miles in 16 years. Only one female owner with a part service history. The bodywork has various bits of rust, the bearings need doing periodically, 1 odd alloy wheel and a slightly twisted front passenger door. Otherwise the condition is reasonable for its age ,the engine is very good and its still driven on a regular basis. MOT until end of Aug-16. Offers around £400 are welcome. See pictures.
  6. Ok so I bought this car earlier in the year. Has been fantastic for my family especially getting to hospital appointments with my daughter (she has a rare condition) My car, a 53 plate fiesta finesse was due mot 22nd Dec so I took it early. Arnold Clark found it needed a middle section of exhaust and three brake pipes. Got these all replaced at small garage and car was taken back for retest and passed! Got car home and since driver has brought it back it's had nothing but problems. This morning it was starting but unless reved it would cut out while idle. As the day went on it has stalled at every junction, roundabout and when lowering speed. The steering lock (yes the steering completely locks!) has completely locked after stalling a number of times (I ended up on pavement at one point as I was turning into the road!) AC want nothing to do with it as he only looked at car for mot and didn't touch anything. Another garage replaced fuel pump and I'm now stalling at a couple junctions but steering wheel still locking. Have spent 400 so far and at my wits end!! Garage noted rev counter shoots up and down too. All before Xmas too! Terrified to drive it and can't put kids in it. The car has v clean engine, and only 67000 miles so shouldn't be doing all this surely?!!
  7. So my first car is. 03 Finesse, it needs a facelift! Where can I buy sporty parts for it, please leave links If you know of any :) Thanks!
  8. Won this on an eBay auction the other day, looked too good to not buy! Not to replace my MK3 (doubt I'll be selling that for a long time - the condition is too good). If the insurance works out I might drive this one instead. Seems like a decent little car, £190 with tax and MOT (albeit short). 77,000 miles and the interior looks unmarked. The usual rust issues though. Just need to stick a zetec s bodykit on it :)
  9. I have a pioneer double din stereo with preouts ect. I have a bassface active sub, the only problem I have is getting the power cables from the sub to the battery, how do I get through the bulkhead (or firewall) to the engine bay from inside to out. I hae tried to locate grommets but can't find any and the home were wires already go is too tight for anything. People have suggested drilling through but I don't really want to do that as I'm only a rookie, does anyone know any easy way through?
  10. Hello all, I am new to this forum and a complete car newb (recently passed my test and bought a bit of a nightmare car from a friend under impulse).. One day when driving back from a partner's house I couldn't get the car into any gear at all. Pushing the clutch pedal to the floor she wouldn't go into first, a 2 hour AA wait and miraculously as the gentlemen sat in my car it worked again. From that point there has been a significant difference in stiffness when changing gears. I have tried to research all possible issues (master or slave cylinder in need of changing, clutch wear, clutch fork etc etc) but would like some opinions from others. The car is a Ford Fiesta Finesse 2004 with 61K on the clock. I have no service history so no idea really how well the car has been maintained under the bonnet. She was driving fine when I purchased the car, gear changes were smooth also. P.S I have put a cable tie around the clutch pedal to make sure the rod is going into the master cylinder properly (known fault with these cars from my research). Any help would be much appreciated.. M
  11. Hi all, i have a 2003 finesse and was wondering if someone could instruct me on how to remove the door panel. The previous owner put st doors on it with electric window buttons but its still manual windows so im curious to have see if i would be able to fit motors etc to get the windows elecrtic? Thanks
  12. My son has just bought a 2004 Mk6 Finesse with only one key. Although it is the remote type 3 button key, the remote function does not work and the Ignition on/off 4 times in 6 seconds does not generate a beep to program the key. The key starts the car and operates the central locking correctly. Can anyone tell me whether the 2004 1.25 "Finesse" model does actually have remote central locking or whether it is perhaps not the original key supplied with the car. I have looked on HJ and Parkers but cannot find this information. Any help appreciated EDIT: I didn't look hard enough - found the answer in Parkers specification tables. No remote locking on that model.