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Found 19 results

  1. I have just had a new windscreen fitted to my Ford Fiesta Mk3 F/1989 Ghia Low Series spec and it happens to be heated. I would like to add the switch to the blanked-off hole in the dash and use it! Of the four gaps I have, the rear heated windscreen and rear fog lights occupy two; same for the front are not present and blanked-off. I have checked and the relay socket with a mass of wiring to/from it is present though the relay itself is missing. The two 30 amp fuse holders (simply slotted beside the fuse box) and fuses are missing but would be easy to add as would the wiring to/from it. I do not know if the dash switch wiring is present. Has anyone added a functioning heated front window post-factory to any Mk3? My questions are: 1. Is the wiring/ plug for the dash switch present but tucked away somewhere behind the dash? 2. I cannot see wiring to the windscreen or either side of the two missing fuse carriers. Are they present but tucked away? I watched the screen being fitted and the +ve and -ve terminals are accessible. 3. Where can I buy the Ford heated windscreen dash switch (push button with light), the two fuse holders and the relay? 4. Any other tips? Thank you
  2. motherwell23

    Fitting ST Recaro seats

    Hi, I am considering buying a set of Molten Orange Recaro seats from a 15 plate st to fit into my Red Edition Fiesta. Before making the purchase I wanted to check how easy it will be to do the swap. I am assuming the connectors will be the same for both seats and they should be a straight fit? Also would it be possible to keep the heated seat functionality? Much Appreciated, Stephen


    Been looking about for some wind deflectors for my 3dr 07 Fiesta. Seen a lad selling his Heko set for a fair price of £15, he hasn't stated whether his are off a 3dr or 5dr so i asked him and he replied saying that the front wind deflectors are the same size on both the 3dr and 5dr. Is he right? i thought they'd be a different length with the 3dr having larger doors than the 5dr. Does anyone know a site/shop where you can buy a NEW decent set for little bit more £. If it's only gonna be an extra £10 for new ones i'll just go for a set of new ones. Which brand supplies the best wind deflectors? cheers
  4. Afternoon all, i recently got the climair wind deflectors and really like them. However I noticed that the way I've fitted them seems to pry the door seal open a bit. I have a funny feeling this isnt right, as water could get down there: Do I need to refit so the bottom of the wind deflector comes over the top of the door seal? Also if anyone has a photo of the 'correct' fitting that would be super helpful! Thanks, Adam
  5. I've had a look on the forums and couldn't find what I needed, I have a Fiesta MK6 1.4 petrol and intend to replace the suspension leg and wheel hub assembly on the front driver's side after a curb collision driving over black ice. A general guide on what to do would be very helpful but knowing what tools and size of bolts/nuts would be great before I start! Could I use the brakes I have on now instead of using the ones that came on the new parts or would that be too complicated as I don't really want to deal with brake fluid etc. (as I bought a whole front right corner that came with the brake discs and calipers on the hub) I have experience of removing standard suspension and installing coilovers but on a Corsa B and have recently bought the Fiesta so am rather clueless haha Any help is appreciated guys Thanks Jordan
  6. Andya999

    Body parts

    I've a focus 2.0 tdci looking to put a zetec s kit on it with an st spoiler will the parts fit ok
  7. Andya999


    Will a zetec rear diffuser fit to my 2010 titanium
  8. I am thinking about buying a Alpine ilx 700 double din radio. What will I need for it. I know I'll need a new fascia. Will I need more cables? Has anyone fitted this before. If so, is it difficult? Thanks
  9. So I have recently bought my Ford Focus LX 1.6 2005 and what too fit a new exhaust tip that is louder (not really loud) i DO NOT want to change the whole exhaust just looking for a muffler tip that will do the job (if thats possible) only think is i have a turn down exhaust so not really sure how to fit it or what i really need? any suggestions or tips that i should. Thanks
  10. Hi, New to the fiesta hype. started with a few little mods, deflectors,spoiler,miltek exhaust etc etc. purchased a 's' badge for the front radiator badge grille. i can see its held on by 3 clips at the top which are easy to remove. but the bottom 2 I'm struggling with. can anyone help. they are attached to the bumper. Thanks sam.
  11. VibrantSeeker94

    Air Filter Fitting Guides

    Hello all, This is my first post. I've spent a lot of time researching this forum site trying to decide wether or not I should buy a K&N Panel or cone filter or a complete induction kit. I still can't decide... I own a MK5 fiesta zetec(-s?), 1999. First car and i've owned it for a little over 4 months now. I'm wondering if anyone has a guide to fitting an air induction kit please? Should I choose to purchase one, I'd like to know how to fit it in. I think I'm asking because there was discussions about finding your own cold air feed with an induction? Or cone I'm not sure... I understand the air filters don't add much power and to be honest, I'm not after much. It's also for the experience of getting my hands dirty in the engine bay and knowing how things work! Thanks for your help guys. P.s. I know there are numerous posts and topics about air filters but none of them give me the answer I'm looking for!
  12. Hi guys, i have just bought myself a ford fiesta mk4 and the seats in the car is not in the best condition. i am wondering if the mk6 fiesta seats fit into the mk4 fiesta or not ? a mitchell
  13. JT_Fiesta02

    Mk6 St Kit

    I currently own a 2002 Pre Facelift Fiesta and just wondering if its possible to put on a ST bodykit. Can anyone tell me if possible and also if I need to get a pre facelift ST kit or if any one will do. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I'm new here and new to owning a Ford Focus (I own a 52 plate, MK1). Sorry if a guide has been posted but I have searched high and low for a guide or any hints/tips and cannot find anything. So, I've just bought a stereo (Sony MEX-N4000BT) and it says on it that it is steering wheel control compatible. Now, I've got the gist of installing the stereo but how would I install the steering wheel stalk adapter? Also what adapter do I need, as in the make, model and what not. If anyone has got an up to date guide or a really guide for dummies like me lol, I will appreciate it. Thanks. Any more details, just ask. Oh, just found these two, I don't know if they are they right things to buy... &
  15. I have a pioneer double din stereo with preouts ect. I have a bassface active sub, the only problem I have is getting the power cables from the sub to the battery, how do I get through the bulkhead (or firewall) to the engine bay from inside to out. I hae tried to locate grommets but can't find any and the home were wires already go is too tight for anything. People have suggested drilling through but I don't really want to do that as I'm only a rookie, does anyone know any easy way through?
  16. fordforlife

    Ford Fiesta Bumpers

    hi all i have a ford fiesta and need to know if a bumper from a fiesta style will fit a z-tech Climate? as i bought a debaged grill off ebay but it fit the style and not the z-tech bumper i can get a style bumper for £35 and it would be easier than sending back the grill so does anyone know if a new bumper will fit?
  17. patrick-1020

    Ford Focus Zetec S Kit! Help!

    hi i have recently just brought a Ford Focus Zetec and i was just wondering wether anyone has fitted a Zetec S kit and could give me some advise whether this kit would fit. if so does anyone have a rough idea how much it would cost to be sprayed?
  18. Hi all. Need sum help if possible. Anyone know where i can find an adapter so i can fit my st throttle body to my 1.8 zetec. The bolt positions are different. Any help appreciated.
  19. So my new fog lights arrived today. I have all the necessary wiring already in the car and behind the existing fog light grills in the bumper, the only problem i have is the wiring from the fog lights themselves. I am not sure if i am missing something, need a new part or if I am being stupid. The fog lights have one black wire and one white wire coming from the bulb section. Where do these wire into? Here is a link to the photo: If anyone could help that would be great. Cheers