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Found 832 results

  1. Hi, I'm new here and I have a question, I have a Fiesta SE 2015 with the blue screen stereo and I want to upgrade but I want to keep the oem look, So I found a 2014 Ford Fiesta Sony stereo, so if I want to change it, it's gonna work? Thank you (sorry but my English is so bad)
  2. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  3. Jasobnd

    Heater issues

    Good afternoon all, I have an old W reg fiesta Zetec S 1.25 LX. My heating system is stuck on cold air. I have replaced the control valve under the bonnet and swapped out the control unit for one that definitely works and it still isn't working. From what I can see the Coolant isn't leaking, the level definitely hasn't dropped. I have looked through the internet / Google and every post relates to the parts mentioned above. Is there something else in the car that could cause the problem. How common are heater matrix blockages and how can I test for this. Any help genuinely appreciated. Apologies if this is not the correct place for this post. Cheers. Jason
  4. Ford Owners' Club

    Dirty Van Art - Ford Raises Mental Health Awareness

    Ford continues its ‘Elephant in the Transit’ mental health campaign, using dirty van artist Ruddy Muddy to communicate the message of charity campaign partner, Time to Change Launched in April, the ‘Elephant in the Transit’ campaign arose after Ford research identified that over two-thirds (67 per cent) of people said they were more comfortable talking about issues when in a vehicle. A national public awareness film was created, promoting the front seat of a vehicle as a safe space to talk about difficult or personal issues that can affect mental health. The dirty van artwork, which primarily illustrates an elephant in the back of a Ford Transit Custom, features messaging from Time to Change’s new campaign, Ask Twice. The Transit Custom will now join Sky’s fleet, operating in Central and East London from October 10th, World Mental Health Day. “We're proud to be working alongside Ford on their dirty van art campaign, encouraging people to address ‘the elephant in the room’ and seek any support they need for their mental health,” said Jo Loughran, director of Time to Change. “Our latest research shows that when asked how we are, three quarters of us will say ‘I’m fine’ even if we’re struggling with a mental health problem. This World Mental Health Day, we’re encouraging everybody to ask twice. Asking twice – “Are you sure you’re ok?” - means people are much more likely to open up in conversation.” Since the ‘Elephant in the Transit’ campaign began – with Ford signing the Time to Change Employer pledge – Ford has trained almost 200 employees on Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) courses, and aims to train a further 50 employees as fully qualified mental health first aiders in 2019, with at least five at each Ford site in the UK. “We’re very pleased to see our unique ‘dirty van’ on the roads for World Mental Health Day,” said Andy Barratt, chairman and managing director, Ford of Britain. “By continuing to find new and disruptive ways to spread the Time to Change message, more and more people will hopefully start to communicate their mental health problems with those closest to them.” Ford is a prominent business supporter of the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ campaign, from Bauer Media and MHFA England. This support includes providing employer case studies from those who have received the MHFA training, and Andy Barratt co-signing the letter and petition delivered to Downing Street on October 8th. The campaign aims to change the law to ensure all UK businesses have mental health first aid provision available to employees.
  5. Hi everyone, I just bought myself a '08 focus 1.6 tdci 66kw, and I'm very pleased with the car so far. It has 110 000 miles but the engine seems fine except a little blowby from the top, but none from the dipstick, which my local garage says its acceptable for this mileage. Only one thing bothers me, the car seems to hesitate a bit on hard acceleration and seems to be a little low on power in high gear. I recorded a test drive with Forscan and here is what came out: Looks to me that the Waste Gate actuator is moving erratically when the accelerator pedal is pressed and I get a 2sec delay until boost kicks in. Since I don't have a clue how this is supposed to look like could someone please help me and explain whether this is ok or there might be a problem here?? BTW Other than this, car runs fine, very good mileage, no check engine lights and very little smoke from exhaust even on hard acceleration.
  6. hi, I'm new to the performance/upgrading game for cars. I have a ford mk6 fiesta 1.6 zetec s (petrol). the engine has just had a full service with; engine oil, gearbox oil ( as the gear box has been chanced ) oil filter change. I am looking to get more power out of the car. I understand that I will not gain massive amount with out spending thousands plus. but I whiling to spend a fair amount on this car in an effort to see what I can do to the car. I have been doing a fair bit of looking around and seen that people have turbo conversations and I would be insteaded in doing so but would not know where to start. not only that I have looked into swooping the engine for the st150 or 170 witch I know they will fit, just need to know clearly what is needed for these. over all the car is standard apart from a longlife exhaust system. all help is must appreciated
  7. Hi everyone, So I've had my Fiesta for just over 6 months now. The problem I'm having is that when I'm reversing, the car makes a groaning or moaning noise, as if it's struggling. Seems to have got progressively worse over the past week. Also, the difference between in reverse and out is so minute I end up grinding half the time! Has anyone else experienced this with their Fiesta? Thanks!
  8. Just replaced the head gasket, timing belt, water pump, Thermostat, coolant tank and cap, oil and air filter and completely flushed and bled coolant System many times. It is a 2005 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. Engine Code (FUJB) Went for an NCT yesterday and the car had passed on everything but emissions and a coolant leak into the exhaust. they had it on the the emissions tester and revved it up and then a load of thick white smoke started coming out of the exhaust. All was running well until the NCT. car was driving perfect and still does but coolant is being burnt off. The coolant tank also expanded and popped on the way home so I'm thinking there's a block somewhere in the system and the pressure from that is somehow leaking coolant into one of the cylinders and burning off that way? From the looks of things a previous owner put the wrong rad in it as there is a dodgy looking rad hose held together by two clamps at the very bottom of the rad connecting to thermostat housing. Do you think this could be the problem? Wrong rad? Engine tends to overheat also, getting up to around 124°C on some occasions. Engine fan also only cuts in at around the 110°C to 120°C range. I had done a sniffer test previously and it had passed with no problems and then I had replaced the thermostat and housing gasket and then it started burning coolant. The car is currently parked up at a Petrol station and will be towed back today so I'll do another sniffer test to make sure head gasket is still ok. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  9. Hi all! About 2 weeks ago I picked up my brand new 1.0 Ecoboost ST Line X Focus. Everything on her runs beautifully, but my pet peeve is i cant get the Ford Pass app to connect. I put the VIN in it, it brings up my car, and then it says i have to wait for a message to pop up on the SYNC 3 system, but nothing comes up. My app currently just says "activation pending" I've set up the wifi hotspot and it works absolutely fine so I know its not that. I've deleted the car off my phone, deleted the app too, tried to set it up again and the same happens. I've even done a master reset of the sync system. Ive rang the ford pass help line and they don't know whats wrong. Wondering if anybody else has had a similar issue and if they have any ideas on how to resolve it!
  10. Hi recently had my insurance cancelled on me 😩 what’s the cheapest quotes you’ve all been given on a 1.0 (125) fiesta, first year of driving? (No black box) Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Realised the other day that my coolant level is below the minimum mark on my MK6 Fiesta. Would i be alright just adding some deionised water to the fluid that's already in the tank or should i go and buy the ford specified coolant/antifreeze mix and just add that? General rule is always 50/50 coolant/water mixture right? or can you just add ready mixed coolant to the tank and not use any water? not sure whether the current fluid is just 100% coolant or if its a 50/50 water coolant mix thanks. Should i; Just add deionised water to the fluid already in the tank? Buy a bottle of coolant and just add it to the fluid already in the tank? Do a complete flush out to be safe?
  12. Hi Guys, I had a theory I wanted to discuss, I changed my air filter today to a K&N unit and while I did, I thought I'd remove the front scuff panel which covers the intake ducting behind the front grille. Upon removal I realised how small the actual holes are to suck air into the airbox, in short I was wondering if widening the holes in this ducting would improve airflow. Alternatively trying to make air scoops that would attach to the ducting and to the back of the grille, to force the air into the ducting, and therefore, into the airbox Any thoughts are welcome. I don't have any pictures but I can try and get some tomorrow to try and describe better
  13. Hi, just bought my first car and was wondering if there was a way to modify the radio system so i could play music from my phone through the speakers, Stock the car comes with no way to do this, but im unsure if there is some kind of adapter i could buy that would allow me to do this? The radio inside the car is a 4500 cd radio, not sure if that means much but. Thanks in advance Devon
  14. Hi everyone - i was driving home from work today and coming upto my home i put my foot down in 3rd and as the turbo engaged it immediately jolted and then 'engine malfunction' showed on my dash. So as i came to the lights before my road i stopped and turned the engine off and then it would not start again. Just turned over until after about three trys it made a clicking sound. So i gave up pushed her back and called green flag. They subsequently told me i had a flat battery and without seeing the malfunction they had no advice for me, the fella even red lined it to no avail. I drove to the gym before and it was fine. Turbo perky as usual and no weird noises (for a diesel with 107000 miles on it) Any advice would be welcomed. 2009 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium Thanks.
  15. I've recently purchased a Ford Fiesta Titanium X with Low profile tyres fitted to it. The wheel is a 205/40R17 Tyre profile. I have had it for less than a month and the wheels have been damaged significantly (sidewall) people have been telling me that if I change the tyre from Low profile to Normal profile it will affect Speedo etc but I can't see any other way to stop the car from damaging the wheels and this is on two of four low profile tyres. Is there anything I can do? I live on an estate which is still being built and there are Low manhole covers which could be causing damage but never had problem on old car? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  16. rnightst3

    Hello :)

    Hello 🙂 I've been around on here for a while just signed up to premium and thought I'd introduce myself 🙂 I'm Rob and I have a Panther Black Ford Focus ST3 which I have owned for a year and think these cars are amazing and love Ford's in general 🙂 Here is a photo of my car up in Scotland 🙂
  17. whitezetecs

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm Stu. Just joined. I had a Focus ST170 on a 53 plate, now I have a Zetec S on a 2010 plate in, yes you guessed it, white! It's a 2.0 Diesel. 🙂 Need a few bits doing to it, but it will soon be up to my standards. The previous owner had a dog so I've been vacuuming out dog hair for what seems an eternity today! Getting it checked over Saturday morning by my local garage. Fingers crossed its all good. (I've blanked out the number plate because its a private one and the pervious wonder wants it back)
  18. So, recently i purchased a mk6 fiesta, prefacelift. i bought a new rear bumper and want to paint it the same colour as the rest of the car,obviously. Although i just cant seem to find the right colour? i was wondering if anybody could help me out with this? im pretty sure the colour code is '44' and i got a result somewhere for "java blue" which seems to be a pretty close match but upon searching for images of 2005 mk6's in java blue i just am not seeing any other fiesta's the same as mine in this colour, they are all mondeo's and mk5's. i am getting frustrated with not finding the correct colour. am i just going about it a stupid way? any help is greatly appreciated i can post photos of the car and the label where the colour code is if neede, thanks.
  19. Ford Owners' Club

    Ford technology can help reduce Phantom Traffic Jams

    Phantom traffic jams occur when drivers ahead tap their brakes – setting off a chain reaction that results in traffic behind grinding to a halt Phenomenon is exacerbated during the summer holiday season when families across Europe head for the roads in abundance Ford and researchers show that widespread use of Adaptive Cruise Control tech offered on Ford models from Fiesta to Transit van can mitigate and even prevent phantom jams As schools close for the summer, and people take to the roads to begin their summer vacations, congestion can quickly build on some of the UK’s more popular routes. On busy roads so called ‘phantom’ traffic jams can occur, when, seemingly without reason, traffic comes to a standstill. These frustrating jams are easily caused by human factors – such as merging into traffic without signalling, distracted driving, poor driving habits and reaction times, or unnecessary braking. Once one driver hits the brakes, a chain reaction can occur as other drivers tap their brakes, causing the flow of traffic to grind to a halt. Now, Ford and researchers from Vanderbilt University, a private research university in Tennessee, U.S., have demonstrated that such hold-ups could be minimised with widespread use of technology already offered on Ford vehicles from the Fiesta small car to the Transit van. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) technology can automatically slow down and speed up to keep pace with the car in front without getting fatigued or distracted. “A fun summer holiday family road trip can quickly become irritating when traffic slows to a crawl – especially once you learn there was no reason for the gridlock,” said Torsten Wey, manager, Driver Assistance and Safety Technology, Ford of Europe. “We encourage Ford owners who have Adaptive Cruise Control to use it during their summer travels in the hope this smart technology today can be that first step to help ease commutes.” On a closed Ford test track, 36 drivers simulated normal highway traffic using ACC technology. Those drivers then drove the same course, but without the technology – meaning they had to manually brake and accelerate the vehicle. The results: vehicles using ACC reduced the impact of a braking event more than those vehicles without the activated technology. Even with just one in three vehicles using ACC, the test yielded similar traffic-busting benefits. “For years, traffic researchers and engineers have been looking to smart vehicle technologies to reduce traffic congestion, whether that’s vehicles that talk to each other or vehicles that can predict the road ahead,” said Daniel Work, civil engineering professor at Vanderbilt University. “This demonstration was a unique opportunity to understand how commercially-available active driver-assist technologies can be used to positively influence traffic flow.” Ford currently offers Adaptive Cruise Control on 80 per cent of the company’s passenger and commercial vehicle line-up in Europe, and with the all-new Ford Focus recently introduced an enhanced version of the technology featuring Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition and Lane-Centring functionality for effortlessly negotiating stop-start traffic. A previous EU-funded joint research project led from the Ford Research and Innovation Center, Aachen, Germany, concluded that vehicles equipped with ACC and Forward Collision Warning technology could help prevent or mitigate the effects of more than 5 per cent of motorway accidents resulting in injuries; save drivers more than 3 million hours per year stuck in traffic; and reduce passenger car fuel consumption by 3 per cent.
  20. This is a re-post of my [now deleted] post on the General chat, titled: 'I'm driving around the world/Social media advice needed' from January 11th 2018. Due to lackadaisical typing I noticed several typos I couldn't go back and edit and before the post gained any more views I figured it would be best to re-post and move category. Instagram: @drive_further Facebook page: drive_further My story so far: I write this in part as you guys may be interested in my achievements which I haven't really publicised - for no other reason than the fact I'm travelling for my own personal experience. In 2016 I left England on what so far has been a 2 year road trip across the northern hemisphere (with a brief visit to west-coast America whilst I applied for Central Asian visas) in my 2002 Ford Fiesta. I've driven to date over 25,000 miles and explored countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Russia, Georgia ... In late 2016 I visited the northern Russian city of Murmansk experiencing temperatures as low as -22 and my car was fine! In the coming days I will cross the Ural river, the geographical feature separating Asia and Europe; and and arrive for the first time in the continent of Asia. I've severely neglected social media ad wasn't sure how best to 'advertise' my travels, I simply thought someone may be interested. I'm not looking for fame, simply, I have accumulated so many interesting stories, both car and non car related, along with tens of thousands of DSLR photos and 'car selfies.' I just thought as my story is perhaps unusual and in a Ford Fiesta someone/you all may be interested.
  21. Hi My names Daniel & I have next to 0 car knowledge so I thought I would come here for some advise... got my first car and its a 1.0 Ecoboost 2016 Red & Black Edition, All I'm asking is how can I make this car faster & look Nicer, I haven't really seen much nice ones, but I see all these "Ecobeasts" and they look sick, just someone please give me some advise on what Parts I should get for this car, I have the money to buy the parts just unsure if they will fit or not! Would be much Appreciated
  22. Hi All I'm new to your forum and would like assistance identifying my vehicle for insurance purposes. I guessed and went for Ford Focus Ghia (100) 1596cc as this matched the Model and Year (05/55). Insurance sites and Halfords etc do not recognise the vehicle registration number so I must enter manually the vehicle spec. I wrote to DVLA to have V5 checked but never received a reply!? The V5 is incomplete and states: Make: Ford Type: Variant - HXD1S & Version - SABALD Model: (No information entered in this field) Body: 5 Door Hatch CC: 1596 Fuel: Petrol I'd be grateful for any information and a method to have V5 updated as I'd hate to have an accident and then find I'm not insured albeit unlikely. Many Thanks
  23. kledi

    Ford focus tdci 1.6 2005

    Hello im havint a problem those days ... after first start of the car it turn on but after few seconds will cut off without any strange noise noo smokee nothing .. i try to start it again and will start after a little bit hard but will start after no problemss run good not strange noisy no any smokee... few days ago i had those problems too start car and show a message engine system foult ...some oil over my engine.. i send ito garage to clean it he put a gasket and now no more oil .. and he said he one tube was damaged he fix those things i try the car runned very normal i took home... but next day i try it in morning start very fastt and no cutt off .. next day started and cutt of but now i have no message like i said engine system foult .... i started today and cut off i start it again run very well and if i go now to start it again will start and will not cut off ... if i go tomorrow the car will start and cutt .... any ideas whats that could bee ..... i have changed fuel filter .. and clean fuel tank before 4.000 km ago
  24. kledi

    Ford Focus tdci 2005 1.6

    Hello all i have a proplem with my focus tdci 1.6 2005 model i start the car normally but after few seconds show a message engine system faul and cut off than i try to start up but wont start when i try the second time finally start up but than work fineee run good no problems ...... if i turn it off and start it again will start without prolbem but if i park the car and go next day to start will start again the samee cutt off and hard to start.... any ideas i have changed fuel filter a 3.000 km ago ... clean the fuel tank ....any ideas it doesnt sund working bad engine works well no noise.... but i have oil over my engine and some sensors are a little seal by oil can that cut off the engine ..becouse i know if some sensors doesnt show right the engine cutt of to protect the engine that the ford garage said to me .... but any ideas if someone had this problem too?
  25. Hi, I've recently bought a Ford Fiesta 2009 (I think it's May) I cannot get my audio bluetooth to play Spotify. The car recognises the phone (through the bluetooth audio function) and Spotify recognizes that it should be playing through 'Ford Audio' but nothing comes out of the car speakers. I've researched and know that some models don't have 'Sync' and also some models require a fuse box adjustment, but I thought I'd ask here first. Thank you :)