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Found 105 results

  1. Hello fellow Ford owners, As the title says, is it possible to just swap out H7 Halogen bulbs for road legal LED ones? My main reason for doing this is increasing the brightness as the H7 Halogens I'm using now don't really seem to throw light that far in front of me. The 58 plate Peugeot 207 I had (sorry for swearing in here!) before my Fiesta actually had better headlamps than what I have now and they had even taken on some weathering as well, reducing their own optical performance. This is the only good thing that car had going for it though! I know LEDs generate less heat but their optical characteristics are different too. Any input would be helpful here. Regards, Michael
  2. TomZS13

    LED DRL Upgrade

    I’ve recently installed some new headlights on my fiesta, it previously had H15 Drl/mainbeam bulbs, the new lights have the led drl strip but are dim when they should be bright and bright when they should be dim, I’ve heard that this is solved with IDS. Does anybody know where this can be done. @Cookey09 did you get your lights done?
  3. Hi guys new here so go easy! I am having this problem of where the drivers side led is very dim compared to the passenger side led. I have this car for two months and only noticed this last week after I had to jump start due to a bad battery. I disconnected and reconnected the plug on the back of the lamp and also disconnected and reconnected the battery but still no joy. is this a problem because of the weak battery or is the headlamp unit at fault? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone :) I have a query regarding the MK8 fiesta ST. I've been trying to fit LED bulbs for the last few weeks to no avail :( the new twist mount adapter that holds the H7 dipped bulb in place is stopping any aftermarket LED bulbs from fitting. Has anyone had luck fitting them? Or are their adapters available? I've had a scout about online but can't find anything useful. Thanks in advance!
  5. Bren011

    MK8 Fiesta ST-Line

    Sorry if this has been asked before, new to all this! Anyone know if you can retrofit cruise control into the MK8 ST-Line and also if can upgrade the tail lights to LED’s found on the ST-Line X. Cheers!
  6. I've had the car about 4 years & not really done much to it other than an EGR blank & servicing (until this week). This week I decided it was time for a change, below is a list of what I've got done so far in the last 3 days: Wrapped as much of the front interior as I can (easier said than done for some parts) so that's: The 4 satin steel steering wheel trims Single DIN head unit fascia Upper centre console Gearshift fascia Handbrake fascia Foot well lower trims Lower centre console including the rear "cubby hole" Fitted a single DIN Sony head unit with Bluetooth Fitted the external mic & route the cable out of sight Fitted a new chrome & leather gearshift gaiter & surround Replaced the tatty black gear knob with a nice silver one from a Mondeo Replaced all the accessible interior lighting with "white" LEDs Replaced the number plate bulbs with "white" LEDs (integrated resistors because the previous set flickered like a B**CH) Replaced the brake & reverse lights with CREEs (hint the reverse lights now illuminate the kerbside like sidelights which makes parallel parking/reversing at night without clouting the alloys a whole lot easier) Replaced the main beam & side lights with nice "white" ones (side lights are LED) Replaced the single light bulb in the glovebox Replaced the single light blun in the boot with 3 "white" LED pads (I had to wire resistors to ensure there was enough load to stop them flickering, so they're not a bright as they were originally but at least now they won't give someone a epileptic fit!) Unfortunately I didn't think to take "before" photos although I'm sure everyone here knows what the inside of a MK2 looks like & how crap the standard "yellow" interior lighting is along with "real" wood effect plastic trim!! To get a bit of practice with the wrapping I bought some unbranded (cheap) carbon wrap on ebay & had 4 goes at the centre console before I was happy that I'd got half an idea what I was doing. From Friday night onwards I've pretty much worked non stop on the car, I removed the entire centre console (head unit console, surround, gearshift fascia, handbrake fascia, footwell trims & the main centre console with the cup holders etc) & got to work wrapping. The final wrap material I used is 3M 1080 which is what the wrapping specialists use & there is a MAJOR difference in quality. If you're thinking of going for the carbon fiber vinyl look, once you've had a good practice with the cheap stuff, don't be cheap get the good stuff, it's even got the tactile finish to it i.e. it's not a flat print & is much more resistant to being overstretched. Unfortunately it seems to be pretty much impossible to wrap the bottom centre console itself due it's shape (6 different wrapping specialist confirmed that they can't wrap it). I'm really happy with the end result although I am thoroughly sick of the sight of carbon fiber wrap, lol! I've still got the 3 screw covers for the foot well trims to wrap but that should only take 15 minutes or so (but not today). I replaced the rather poor Ford Transit style head unit with a single DIN Sony with Bluetooth & fitted the external mic with the cable routed out of sight but once again forgot to take pictures as I went along (removing the front A pillar trim was a bit of pain but I managed it without breaking any clips so I'm happy with that) I've also replaced the brake & reversing exterior bulbs with CREE LED's & all the user accessible interior bulbs including the glove box light (i.e. not the SMDs in the door controls etc) with "white" LED's (I'll take pictures tonight of the lights - & yes I know the car needs a good wipe down/vacuuming) I'm really happy with things so far. I've also removed my EGR blank & booked in for a Terraclean on Thursday so i'll be sure to post back with the results. My plans between now & 3 months time when I get my annual bonus are: Upgraded climate control dials (like Lenny's) 2 new front wings (rust bubble central) New mud flaps all round Strip back both sills to the metal Colour code the fog light front bumper strips Respray for the bonnet, wings, sills (all the way up to door seals) & all 4 doors so hopefully I should have nice "shinee" front end. On an unrelated note I can thoroughly recommend Nokian Weatherproof tyres for snow & wet weather driving (Auto Express weren't wrong when they rated them 100% for snow/rain). I had 2 fitted on the front in January for the MOT & I've given them a thorough thrashing in the recent weather, despite the big heavy lump up front (the engine not me) the front end has a lovely positive turn in, even in heavy rain. Not something I could say about the Chinese "ditchfinders" I had on previously. Feel free to comment, any suggestions etc are very welcome, if I can give anyone else any help I'll be more than happy to.
  7. Hi ive bought 3 different types of LED replacements bulbs off Amazon over the past few weeks. First two sets didn’t work and the car beeps every few seconds saying there was a bulb out. I then found out I needed Canbus LED replacement bulbs to stop the car from complaining about the bulbs. Found a a decent set of Orange Canbus LED bulbs for £15. I thought at this point I had this in the bag but these again didn’t work. No errors but the indicator blinked fast like most Fords do when an indicator bulb is blown. They work fine when the Hazard button is pressed but not when you incidcate left or right. I’ve tried putting the new bulbs in the front and back then just in the back, then finally just in the front and all give the same results. This is my last resort to see if it’s possible and not to waste more time on Amazon. Anyone got any ideas? Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Cheers Luke
  8. Hi all I bought a second hand fiesta from local dealer a few weeks ago. It was advertised as having LED daytime running lights. Sadly it doesn't. It has standard DTRL. I was trying to find out if it is possible to retrofit LED daytime running lights, but I can't find much info online. I know Ford sells Osram LED kit to convert fog lights, but my local Ford dealership is unable to tell me how many labour hours will be needed and what extra stuff may be needed, for example wirers etc. Can anyone tell me please what is the best way to retrofit LED daytime running lights or how much would it be reasonable for me to ask for compensation from the dealer I bought the car from. Any help will be much appreciated.
  9. Phil21185

    Phil's Build Thread

    I never usually do this but I've never really had a car worth posting about before. I've recently become the proud owner of a 1.6 TDCI Ti Nav in Panther Black and I love it! I still want to bugger about with it and I want to put together a list of mods I want to do and stuff I want to buy (more for keeping track myself than anything else) and I'd appreciate any opinions, recommendations and links people may have. Firstly, there are some givens. Mine has the auto mirror and rain sensors but the upper section of the cover is missing. Didn't spot this before buying due to the way I was sat but I have to say it's niggling! If anyone has the part number I'd appreciate it! I also want to get some decent mats, preferably rubber but obviously fitted for the studs in the floor. Also a boot liner (hatchback). I'll be replacing as many bulbs as possible with LEDs, though I have read a lot of reliability issues with some sidelights. After those, the rest are in the 'maybe' pile I quite like the idea of wind deflectors but don't want the Halfords-Nailed-On look. Opinions? Illuminated gear knob would be nice (working on that one), maybe even the scuff plates... Bonnet lifters Reverse camera Front parking sensors (can be retrofit?) Some nice looking pedal covers DRLs. Preferably oem but price would probably mean 'fang' style Colour changing ambients. Following another thread I think this is possible Front window tint 18" alloys to replace my 16's Front bumper lip. Remap. New front and rear badges ( rear is going white round the edge and front has one hell of a stone chip - I read somewhere dealers replace these for free on less than 10 year old cars?) topped with gel coats. LED reflectors. I've seen this done with twin intensities for side and brake lights. Dunno how much of this will ever get done but it's nice to have a list! I also have a couple of questions if anyone can answer: Can the SYNC voice control be programmed to activate my phone directly? Or can the command choices for SYNC 1 be improved with a software update? Is there a way to re-calibrate the trip computer? My instant mpg is nearly always 99.9 when cruising at any speed and only drops when accelerating hard. £20 of fuel apparently buys me 700+ miles... What is the button nearest the driver for below the air con controls? I'll put up a pic if needed but the one I mean is next to the disable start/stop button in the same bank as the front and rear window heaters. It's blank in mine but I'd be interested to know if I can put whatever it is in! Heated seat maybe?
  10. After advising a member on fitting footwell lights I decided a reasonably definitive guide (from my point of view) was likely to be useful. Download, print, use and enjoy Guys/Gals. Fitting footwell lights to your car.pdf
  11. First post, so I apologise in advance if I've broken any forum rules.... Hi, after wasting time replacing what I thought was a blown rear light bulb of my Mk2.5 2009 Focus Estate Titanium with no joy, I discovered the unit uses an LED for the rear light and conventional bulbs for the remainder - indicators, brakes etc, even though the unit still uses a 5/21W bulb for what I thought was a rear/brake light combi. I am getting a voltage at the LED terminals, so I assume it is the LED unit that has failed. Can anyone confirm whether or not it is possible to replace the LED unit (which is mounted just behind the lens surface within the light cluster casing - see pic) or whether I'm faced with replacing the whole rear light cluster at approx £200 a pop? (Hella part 8M5113405-FB). Many thanks.
  12. Hi all, I was looking on Amazon for led headlights and was wondering if they would fit in the holes, which ones are the best and are they worth it? Thanks Shaun
  13. Hi all Just got a ford edge sport 2016. I didn't manage to find one that had the led headlights. Has anyone fitted these.? LED Daytime Running Lights DRL w/ Turn Signal For FORD EDGE 2015 2016 White UK | eBay I've seen them on some of the American spec edges. Was wondering if they would cause a problem and flash up faults on the dash if fitted. Any help would be great Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone, I've had a look around on forums already but couldn't find much information regarding H15 LED bulbs to use in the facelift Mk7 fiesta. I know that the H15 is the DRL and Main beam integrated into the same bulb. What I'm essentially after if that crisp white look LEDs can provide but didn't know if LED or 'ice white' halogen bulbs were a better idea? I had read one large thread but its a few years old and so the product markets changed. Didn't know if anyone had some advice or a better direction to head in. Thanks in advance, Sam
  15. Newblet

    Halo headlights

    Hello everyone! I've recently installed angel eye/halo headlights and was curious where the LEDs are for the rings? Any help appreciated.
  16. Hi, I've got a mk7 Fiesta and want to fit LED halo rings onto the fog surrounds. I have seen a few places I can buy them but my question is how easy are they to fit? I' hoping someone who has already done them can help me out! This is what I found... Many thanks !!!
  17. Hey guys and gals, I am looking to replace the standard halogen bulbs and maybe plastic coverings with led lights and stylish ones. Any ideas? Tips? and products? Thank you in advance, Dave
  18. ToXIcG

    LED interior lights

    I was thinking of getting this (the 501 RGB LED) for my interior light of my MK7 fiesta (just the center one that comes on with the doors) but I don't think it will fit, I know that the large LEDs don't fit in the center light and this one looks similar in size, can anyone shed any light on this?
  19. I finally got LED headlight installed, easy to do, as shown in the figure below. Ok, I finally got them installed. Pretty easy to do, easy for a 2015 that is since you have to install bulbs from underneath through the fenders. They're pretty bright too, although I haven't seen them at night yet. I'll get some night shots tonight. That last pic is LEDs on the right, factory on the left. I already had LED bulbs in my fogs.
  20. ToXIcG

    Footwell LED lights

    I am considering upgrading the footwell lights in my MK 7 Zetec to red LED ones to match the ambient lighting. I have read that the LED will glow slightly when they are supposed to be off because of current still in the wire, I am wondering how noticeable this will be, I am thinking it would only be noticeable if I replace the interior roof lights too? Does anyone have any suggestions for good led footwell lights?
  21. Newblet

    Boot lighting

    I am considering putting another light (similar location on the left side of my boot (inside) and was just wondering if anyone else has done this. My plan is to remove the left piece of trim which holds the parcel shelf up and make a hole at the exact same position as on the right trim. I think maybe run a splice into the earth and power of the right light to supply what's needed for the left light. Basically wondering since I switched the bulb to led (lower power) will I need to upgrade the fuse or add a relay? If anyone does have a better method please post below, I'm bored and just need things to do :-) My car is a mk6.5 (56 reg) 1.25 petrol fiesta STyle.
  22. Okay, so looking for your opinions on the pros and cons of each option, what's good, bad and ultimately...what's best. I've owned my mk7.5 fiesta 5 door Titanium since three years old and I'm NOT about to spend another winter driving around with the crap bulbs that Ford seem to enjoy fitting as standard equipment! I'm looking to change all the bulbs out, front and rear, (and interior lights) in time for the winter months that will no doubt he here before we know what should I go for? I'm really disappointed with the factory fitted bulbs on the headlights, but would quite like a more modern look so am considering HID's for main beam and Osram Nghtbreaker Laser or Unlimited for high beam. also thinking of using LED's for indicators, etc, but no idea how to tell a good LED from a lesser made product. only bulbs I'm thinking of leaving standard are front and rear fogs as I think I've used them probably twice since new and so really can't recall how effective they were, but given they're so rarely used I don't see the point in changing them out, unless they blow of course! Lastly I'm also trying to pluck the courage up to remove the headlamp units, bake them, open them up and go for the "black" look...any advice/suggestions on this would also be most welcome. 👍🏻 be interesting to read your thoughts...
  23. Hi all . I know this has probably been asked loads of times but .I have a 2011 mk3 new shape focus zetec which has the rear windows factory tinted ,but the light from the reversing lamps is very poor and thank god for the parking sensors. So i`m wanting to upgrade the bulbs that will give a brighter light at night . So i guess i go for LED`s ?? or is there something else out there. Thanks for the groups help .
  24. I'm picking up my 2014 zetec s fiesta on saturday, and i've been looking all over for little mods that make a big difference. Seen a few lads with white led headlight bulbs and it looks so clean. was hoping someone would be able to help me by providing a link to where i can get them and also how to fit them because headlights are something i've never messed about with. Also so if you've got any suggestions on appearance mods for me to do i'd love to hear them
  25. Hello guys back again with another question... I have just went to replace the rear number plate lights with white led lights, but once I have gone to turn them on they do not seem to want to light up... tried turning them around and still nothing. one thing I have noticed is when I turn my lights on and open my door the warning sound "ding ding" doesn't happen anymore? can anyone shed some light on how I might fix this? I thought it might be a fuse but I can't find what fuse it would be anywhere on the web so haven't a scooby doo where that is. thanks a lot guys :)