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Found 32 results

  1. Dear All I just went to Halford and do a brake check today. I found this on the reports Renew both front brake discs - Worn Below Manufacture Minimum Spec Renew both rear brake discs - Worn Below Manufacture Minimum Spec Renew both front brake pads - Worn between 1.6-3MM Renew both rear brake pads - Worn between 1.6-3MM Do you think I need to change my brake discs? It looks fine, but I guess is the thickness less that manufacturer minimum specs For the brake pads, if I not mistaken the minimum requirement is 1.5MM? My MOT will be due next year Jan 2018. Do you think I need to change now? Or change after my next MOT? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, The driver side tilt handle on my mk6 fiesta has broken, however the cable is still intact and currently I can open it because I've a cable tie that I can pull to therefore pull the cable to tilt the seat like the handle would normally. I am wondering would that be MOT failure (in Northern Ireland) or would it pass? Ps the passenger side seat handle is working as it should. Thanks.
  3. mattlostatsea

    Mot failure?

    Hi, do you think the below would pass an mot? Thanks
  4. calum_heseltine

    Fiesta 2013 Wishbone and Shock's Cost

    Had my 2013 Fiesta Titanium ecoboost for 9 months now and was due a service. Went to an independent garage recommended by a few friends and they did a great job. The guy did however tell me that I needed a new N/S/F Wishbone and 2x Rear Shock Absorbers. Obviously both of these would be an MOT fail when thats due in a few months so I want them both sorting. Was wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate of how much an independent garage should charge for these jobs? Just so I have a ballpark figure before he quotes it for me. Thanks
  5. Need to book in my Fiesta ST3 for its 3rd service and MOT for March. As I can't order the new ST yet, I'm likely to be keeping/extending the finance on my current ST for the time being. Quoted £235 and £250 by my two nearest Ford dealers for the service and MOT with me supplying the oil (5w20 Oil Castrol Magnatec Professional). I've done just over 22,000 miles so I'm guessing that the brakes are going to need sorting soon. Going on the last service notes, the OEM rear brake pads were at ~9mm and fronts were ~6mm (no idea what the starting mm thickness are). I've not experienced any issues with braking to date so I'm unsure as to leave until the service/mot OR pre-emptively get the parts now. EuroCarParts have the following (50% off code good until this evening): Brembo Brake Pad (Rear Axle)Product Code : 10159018A - £32.99 Brembo Brake Pad (Front)Product Code : 10159166A - £54.99 Brembo Brake Disc (Rear)Product Code : 10459017A (£25.99) x2 - £51.98 Brembo Brake Disc (Front)Product Code : 10459225A (£65.99) x2 - £131.98 Bosch Oil FilterProduct Code : 501590227 - £7.39 Discount Code: FEB70 Your Discount has been applied: ( End Of Month Sale - Crazy Savings Online! ) Subtotal: £279.33 Discount: - £139.67 Total (inc VAT): £139.66 **Edit** CarParts4Less comes out at £ 154.38 for the same parts (using the SALE16 code).
  6. Trying to get an idea of what this should cost. Car has done 24K. Also are there any likely wear candidates I should consider e.g. brake pads etc. front tyres are getting close to the limit but I guess best not let the service garage near them? Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 Auto Titanium X Nov 2014
  7. Hi all, I bought this Ford Focus about a year ago and it's failed it's first MOT under my ownership. The engine management light has been on for a few months (which I ignored, oops), and it said something about the catalytic converter, I can double check the full error later. Anyway it's failed the MOT and here are the results... Fast Idle Test Engine Speed = 2565 CO = 0.36 (FAIL - MAX OF 0.20) HC = 115 Lambda = 1.012 Second Fast Idle Test Engine Speed = 2710 CO = 0.33 (FAIL - MAX OF 0.20) HC = 111 Lambda = 1.011 Natural Idle Test Engine Speed = 795 CO = 0.30 (PASS - JUST ON MAX LIMIT OF 0.30) It's been suggested that I need a new catayltic converter fitted (it's a complicated twin one that takes hours to fit). So all in all this is a very expensive option, is there a possiblity it might not even fix the emissions problem? Is there any common issues with this model of car that have a cheaper solution to the problem? What about these Cat Cleaner additives I can put in the petrol tank? By the way I don't have any issues with the performance of the car, it drives really well. Thanks for any help here I appreciate it. Cheers.
  8. Ford_lover38

    Windscreen to fail MOT?

    Hey All, I was driving along the seafront today and all of a sudden a squashed tin can flew into my windscreen as I was doing around 25MPH. Its left a scratch on my windscreen would this cause a MOT failure? When i run my finger over it I cant feel a dent or a crack so I assume its just a scratch. I've attached a pic to make it abit more clear. Thanks
  9. Hi All, My 2005 zetec fiesta recently had an MOT, failed on broken number plate (not a problem). As part of the test they shake the car like mad, it seemed pretty violent which concerned me, prior to the MOT I had no problems with the car at all. As soon as I pull out of the centre, turning left I can feel a vibration almost rubbing. This is most apparent as slow speeds and doesnt appear turning right. 1.Tyres are fine, full of air. 2. I got them to take a look at the car on the ramp- spring/suspension are fine from what I can see no obvious damage or reason for the rubbing/vibration. 3. From my research could it be: a bearing issue? a steering pump faulting? 4. There was no issue before the MOT but the issue started immediately after, what could this be? Appreciate your help guys, anyone else experience this or an idea of what it could be?
  10. Hi Everyone, Just registered here in an attempt to get my MK6 1.6 16v ZS through its first MOT since purchasing. Yesterday I took the car to my local Halfords to be MOT'd (which I now regret) It failed on a whole list of things, but the main concern's are the following: - Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive - Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive - Exhaust emissions hydrocarbon content after 2nd fast idle excessive - Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits The figures on the printout are as follows: 1st idle test - RPM 2750/3150, CO 1.62%, HC 232, Lambda 0.95 2nd idle test - RPM 2750/3150, CO 2.60%, HC 298, Lambda 0.92 Natural idle test - RPM 650/850, CO 1.59 Cars currently sat at 106,000 miles, it's my first car and my experience is limited. I stupidly didn't take it out for a bit of a drive beforehand... was later told I should've done just to be on the safe side Only known related problem is that the engine management light is on. Code comes out as - P0030 HO2S heater control circuit bank 1 sensor 1, which is the lambda sensor. I have a new one on the way. Wondering if this will solve the problem entirely? I've now taken the car to my trusted local garage to be diagnosed. Halfords have quoted me ridiculous prices for small/cheap parts to be replaced, and don't trust their thirsty pockets. On the write up they listed it possibly needs a new catalytic converter and lambda sensor. But that they would have to look into it to be certain... Cat is also listed on the advisory's as being "deteriorated on the inside" So what I'm really asking is... from the results and known problems d'you guys thinks it's as simple as just a new lambda sensor? Or the cat as well? Thanks to anyone in advance!
  11. Who do you trust for any work including an MOT to be done on your car? Last few years I've taken my focus down to my local ford dealer to have work carried out and mot's done. I started taking it there, mainly because until I went there, I didn't know you could take your own cheaper parts to be fitted. And so I've considered them to be decent, despite being obviously more expensive regarding labour, I'm happy to go there. This year however, I had to go to a local garage, as I'm a bit short on funds at the moment. My concern is, on my 2016 mot done at my local ford, they identified that all my bushes had started to deteriorate, but didn't need immediate attention, which is handy cos I've been short on funds for a while. So, to date they still haven't been replaced. That was the only advisory I had on that MOT. Now, on Friday I had my new MOT done at a local garage, and I've been told that my Coil spring on the nearside rear, and offside front are corroded and my sub frame has corroded but not seriously weakened. But no mention of the bushes. Local garage has also said to some bolts have fused and to replace the rear coil spring, they will need to replace the suspension arm at around £140 including labour. So, im a bit unsure of what or who to listen to. No mention of the bushes this time around makes me think, which one do I listen to. I feel I should add, the mechanic at the local garage for this years mot, has passed the car, and appreciated funds are a bit tight, and said the coil springs need doing, but there is a little while I would be able to wait before they become a bigger problem. Any suggestions as to where or what anyone else would do?
  12. Hi guys, I'm wondering if you can help me... I've just got my 1997 1.3 KA back from the garage having failed its MOT. The speedometer doesn't work, the garage replaced the speed sensor cable and found it made no difference. They ran diagnostic checks... all was okay besides the engine management system ECU which they got no data from. They suspect internal ECU failure. What would be your advice on how to go about this? Just wondering if you've seen anything like this before, and if you know a cheap fix? Thanks to everyone in advance.
  13. Jordan99

    Mot advisory

    Hi all, took my focus for an MOT on Monday, failed on the handbrake :( now sorted for £30. It also had 2 advisories on the suspension arm rubber bushes, near side and offside. Can I replace just the bushes or do I have to replace the whole arm? Also, it is a job I can do outside my house? (I'm no mechanic but I'm good at following instructions!) the garage quoted me £180 or £60 if I supply the parts. More links and pics the better! Cheers guys.
  14. Jordan99

    Mot due, what to check?

    Hi all, when I was looking to buy my car, I noticed on a few of other focus's mot history that theybhad fails and advisories on the front suspension arms and bushes for excessive movement. My mot is due in around 3 weeks. Does anyone have a photo and/brief description for how to check the suspension arms on my drive before I got for the mot. Also, are there any other common fails for these cars? Thanks everyone.
  15. Hello, I am a newbie and wondered if I could please get some help. My wife and I have had 2 Ford Focus estates over the last 10 years and really like them (one for 5 years and then sold and bought the current one which we have also had for 5 years). We currently have a 2005 (but I think 2004 shape) which we bought 5 years ago for £3000. This has just had an MOT and needs some work: 2 new front brake hoses, one new front brake calliper, rusting on drivers side sill(??cill) needs 3 holes welding. Plus the tyres passed but are near the limit. However, we have looked after it well over the years and did get a new timing belt and water pump belt (?). And have had it regularly serviced. Usually by a ford main dealer. It is showing signs of rust. It was built in Spain in 2005. We are both redundant and over 60 so we don't have a great deal of money. Should we have it repaired? Or should we go for a newer second hand model? If so how much newer? If we have a repair then the welded patches will show near the wheel arch. If we buy newer what should we go for. We can get a loan at about 3%. Should we go for the 2008-11 model estate. Or the newer 2012 model? Which engine and gearbox is most reliable. We want petrol manual. I have seen a 2007 in a non Ford car dealer at £2400 (96000 miles). And again at a non ford dealer a 2011 at £5000 (50000 miles) - I think the pre 2012 model. It seems our car is worth more or less nothing in part exchange. We may get £200. Any comments/ help/ advice ? Thanks very much

    MOT advisories advice

    Hi everyone, had MOT done on Monday, failed on its front discs and pads, went to NPA to get replacement ones for £54, do you reckon that's a fair price for new disks and pads or is there other cheaper places/companies to get new parts? the only 2 companies i know that supply new car parts are Euro car parts and NPA. Got the new disks and pads fitted on Wednesday by a family friend for £20. Took it down for it's retest on the same day and thankfully it passed. There are still 2 advisories left to sort out. The first one is i need a new silencer/back box (same thing right?). I've had a look on Euro car parts and they have ones for £30, do you guys think that's a fair price or do you think i'll get a new replacement one somewhere else? the other advisory is that the n/s and o/s/r handbrake cables corroded. The family friend who done by discs and pads said that to fix the corroded handbrake cables all that's needed is a spray can of (can't remember the full name but i remember he said copper something) he said if i spray it on the cables all the rot/rust will come off but will reinforce/strengthen the cables, therefore no replacement parts needed. Does what he's told me sound right to you or will i actually need to order some replacement cables? anyone had similar problems? is it not as easy as that to fix these? will it be an expensive job? thanks.
  17. Hey everybody, I have had my car just under a year and it is going in for my first MOT this week, are there any common issues I should expect? it is a Ford Fiesta style climate 1.2. thanks
  18. Ford_lover38

    Failed MOT HELP!!

    Hey All, Just had my car in for a service, and its failed MOT with the things below. In your experience how much would you expect to pay for these repairs? The cost for new brake pads and disks is £216 The cost for the parking brake "fix" is £172 (apparently includes the purchase of multiple handbrake cables). Also is the shock absorber advisory anything to be worried about? (if so is it expensive to fix?) Help!! I have no idea if I'm being ripped off or not! Any advice would be highly appreciated :) Reason(s) for failure offside rear rear brake recording little or no effort (3.7.B.5a) front brake disc in such a condition that it is seriously weakened (3.5.1i) Parking brake: efficiency below requirements (3.7.B.7) Advisory notice item(s) offside rear Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (2.7.3)
  19. Hi, I am looking for a mechanic recommendation in Salford/ Manchester area. I have a 2006 Ford Focus which needs its MOT doing. I have also noticed that the car has a squeaky-like noise coming from the bonnet when I sometimes start it and that a belt, positioned left under the bonnet is worn down. I do not have a lot of money and I care a lot for my Focus and want it to be safe as possible. If anyone knows of a mechanic who is good value and who could advise me what parts I need to purchase for them to sort these issues out and complete the MOT, I will be really grateful. Thank you.
  20. For no other reason than this may be of interest to some: I suppose that there is going to be more of this kind of thing after the VW debacle. I wonder when 'the media' will get as wise to EGR blanking and NOx pollution? Common advice for Mondeo TDCi Euro3 owners (once I was, and did it...) over on Talkford, and indeed here for those with oil burners.
  21. Russ

    Potential new rules

    Has anyone else heard about this yet?
  22. I've bought my car from Ford and it currently has a full ford service history. Is there any value in having my MOTs done at Ford? Or does it not really affect the cars value regarding the service history? Would appreciate your thoughts on this.
  23. hazbaz1984

    2004 Focus 1.6 Zetec - Advice

    Going to have a look at a 04 plate Focus 1.6 Zetec this arvo. Want it as a cheap runaround. A daily runner. Got my eye on one. 70,000 miles. FSH. MOT till next Aug. High equipment levels (incl. parking sensors!). Only MOT advisories were corroded coil springs, which I know is a common problem on Fords. And I believe is a cheap fix. What should I be aware of when having a look at the car? Known issues/faults? Common problems? (I've looked at the advice forums and have any information I need from there) The seller (trade) is not aware of the cambelt being changed, but it was serviced this month, the belt checked, and apparently visually it's fine. Could this become a problem? Or at 70,000/10yrs is it probably good for another 5000/6mo before a change? The car is £1400 which seems low for the mileage, but reasonable overall. Could it be too good to be true? Or is the average? Any advice welcomed. Be gentle!
  24. Hi All, I have just returned from the MOT test centre and my ford focus passed the test. However when I looked closely at the emission test result, I was somewhat shocked. It almost failed and the emission deteriorated during the course of the year. The table below shows the emission over the last few years Age Year CO HC Lambda Natural Idle Test / CO 3 2010 0 7 1.01 0.01 4 2011 0.01 1 1 0.01 5 2012 0.01 10 1 0.01 6 2013 0.198 165 0.985 0.231 The emission got a lot worse from 2012 to 2013. Does anybody know what could cause that?
  25. Hi All, My 04 Fiesta 1.4 failed the MOT on omissions. The reading when idle was 1.4. It should have been 0.3. The garage wants to charge me £50 to put it on diagnostic machine but implied it was the lambda sensor. Is this correct and if so which sensor would it be. Front or back.