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Found 160 results

  1. Alexis.sand

    Focus 2012

    Hello lads I got in the car today and mid way on my drive my wife told me that #1 and #4 on the radio had gone out, I tap them and they try to come on again. Anyone with a similar problem?
  2. noahthomas

    Fiesta Style Radio Upgrade

    Hi Has anyone upgraded a 'style' radio. Would like bluetooth and usb etc Sons car and apparently not very good because of radio (brat!) Just thought might be able to sort something for Christmas
  3. Hi all I know this has been discussed a lot but I'm still left scratching my head. I am looking to upgrade my standard stereo to the Sony unit. I have a 2014 1.6 tdci ZS with a full colour screen and sat nav. What part numbers do I need to look out for? Also I notice some. People are able to see what artist is playing through Bluetooth when playing through Spotify, how is this achieved. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello folks. I have a much-loved Focus 04, but the radio, a 6000CD unit, has suddenly decided to ask for a code - and doesn't recognise the code handwritten in my audio handbook. Is there a resource where codes can be found, or do I need to go to my dealer? Many thanks if you can help Richard
  5. My 2008 Ford Mondeo came with a Ford Sony FM Radio. I have bought a Ford Sony DAB radio, which is exactly the same as the FM radio- but DAB. i now need to install the DAB radio into my vehicle. Wanting some advice on what i need to do. i have a small rectangular box, that has 2 wires coming from each end. On one end theres a blue wire and a push on connector. on the other end theres a black circle connector and a FAKRA connector.
  6. Hi I'm new to this forum so I hope this is the right section I have a mk1 2004 focus Basically I've replaced the original head unit with an aftermarket and it was working fine then suddenly turned off I checked fuse and it's fine, after testing and having a fiddle it seems the ignition live cable is dead but the permanent live is fine? Any ideas? Is there a separate fuse? I've wired it up using the permanent live but I'm worried I'll forget to turn off the head unit and drain the battery Thanks Tom
  7. Hello everyone, I recently changed my basic two line monochrome blue display with full color sony display, i only changed the screen, it was plug and play. My car didn't have sync or bluethooth to begin with, only USB and radio/CD, after the screen change USB and radio/CD work as intented. My issue is that with the new screen, I lost the car information messages (for example when a door is open, i no longer get the message on the screen), i lost the MYKEY menu aswell. When i go into setting, i only have audio setting and time setting, not even the option to change the language, I have not replaced the silver box, also i have not replaced the facia, still have the 1-6 numberpad. Is there a way i can get the car information messages back on my new shiny display, i dont car for bluethooth/sync and can live without MYKEY feature but i definetly want the car information messages feature back. Anyone who have done this mod before please advice, thanks :)
  8. I have a 2009 ford fiesta titanium. I was involved in an accident and the car was returned from the panel beaters with Bluetooth, USB and AUX not working. CD and radio work perfectly besides all of the other features. If any of you have experienced this problem before or know how to fix this it would be a great help! Wondering if it's not the bluetooth module that is broken?
  9. Hi everybody, I own Focus C max 2006 that has a radio-casette 5000c with stock speakers. By stock i mean only two speakers in front door. I'm willing to replace front speakers with JBL, or Focal speakers, but it's the RMS power that is bugging me. I can't find any specifications of 5000c and newer radios, how much power they can handle. My c max doesnt have tweeters, so i'm in looking in to putting them too, but i think 5000c doesnt have the connection for them. I need help of specifications od 5000c radio, and i'm willing to replace him with 6000c or Ford Sony radio.
  10. Hi! this is my first thread, i bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec a few weeks ago and am looking to modify it. i have a question, im looking to change my radio, i just want to know if this is possible? the first photo is the car radio currently & the second photo is the car radio im looking to get, can anyone tell me is this possible? Many Thanks Current Radio : Radio i want to purchase? :
  11. My name is Henry, I am 17 and i have just brought my first car. The car is a 2006 ford fiesta with the 6000CD radio. The radio has an aux button with no aux point, I am just wondering if this radio system ( ) would fit and work? Thanks Henry
  12. Hello! just purchased a focus 2009 titanium which has a sat nav radio. I was told that the battery had just been replaced however since doing so the radio/sat nav does not stay on for longer than about 10 seconds. I have been been able to program the date/time and it does remain correct, however it will not stay on. Is there a way to check the battery or should I check the wiring behind the radio? thanks!!!
  13. I currently have a 2010 fiesta with a standard fm radio. but I do fancy a dab one, local stations aren't very good. so I was looking at simply swapping it for a used dab and installing a magnetic smb aerial on the roof, with the radio coming from the worlds most famous auction site. but I noticed that they have different connectors. Mine has 2 connectors quite close together that are squarish and 1 bigger than the other. whereas the dab ones I've looked at have blocks that seem wider, but shallower meaning ill have to change my blocks. I was just wondering if this is relatively straight forward, as electrical knowledge is a thorn in my side. if it is, does anyone have any links as to how to do it or what blocks to buy.
  14. Hello everyone, We have just bought a secondhand Grand C-Max Titanium and think the world of it. I'm a reasonably technical guy, but the strangest thing is that I cannot work out how to switch the Radio off (or mute it). The scenario is sometimes we would like to have the Sat Nav guidance voice, but you don't want the Radio playing in the background. This sounds pretty simple, but there is no Mute button that the manual describes; where the Mute button should be (according to the manual) is a Home button which is for navigating home. There is a power button on the top left hand corner of the centre console, but then that switches off the Sat Nav as well as everything else on the console. When you start the car the radio stays off, however as soon as you switch it on then it stays on until you switch the car off again. Basically the only workaround we have found so far is to program in an empty Radio station and select that when we want to stop the radio playing. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction, I'm probably doing something silly and will kick myself when I realise it. Many thanks, Adrian.
  15. Hi, so I have an 06 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 diesel. In recent months I have noticed that I will be driving along and sometimes when I change gear/brake/set off the abs and handbrake lights quickly flash on, along with this, sometimes the radio turns on and off as well. I have had the car for years, had the MOT a few weeks ago, they found no errors etc. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has any troubleshooting tips? Thanks, Ravi
  16. Having just picked our S-max up yesterday I can't tune the radio into DAB, there's no spare wheel and the rear child locks are baffling. The book is as clear as mud so any help would be grateful, thanks in advance Ian.
  17. Hi All, I currently have the standard Ford 6000CD radio, along with the aux connection and stalk steering wheel controls. I am looking to replace this with the Pioneer SPH-DA120, but I have no idea really where to start when it comes to what I need to make sure everything works. I know I will need a fascia kit and I have found this one: Will this work? Or would I need a different one? Thanks!
  18. Hi. I just put a fiesta titanium bluetooth sterio in my basic style model. Everytime I try to use the phone, it says audio mute, also I cant enter a lot of the options menues. Do I need a Bluetooth module or ford activation code of some sort. Thank you..
  19. PizzaRob

    2014 Ford Fiesta APIM

    So I’ve had this car for about a year or two and when I first got it, I mucked it up. I was getting frustrated with my Sync not connecting to my spotify and I started mashing buttons and locked up my radio. Not completely, but my AUX, USB, Accessory doesnt work. When i push the “Phone” button it flashes for a sec and goes straight to Radio. Ive tried the fuse and ive unconnected my battery twice. Once for 15 minutes, and once for like 2 Hours because i thought maybe I didnt do it long enough and I wanted to be sure. Last, I took it to Ford. I believe they told me it was my APIM that had gone bad and they said it was going to cost close to $800 to fix. This was about a year ago and I just cant afford it, but its a drag only being able to listen to the Radio and CD’s. So I tried replacing the whole radio and that didnt work either. Now I dont know if the “Communication module”, “Ford Sync Module”, and APIM, are the same thing. Ive gone on Ebay and I cant find a replacement Sync APIM module for my car but I have found several Sync Modules and Communication Modules. Also I have absolutely no clue where the APIM is in the car. I saw someone post about some kind of module under the glove box, some cars are under the center console, and some cars have it behind the screen. Where is mine? If its the one behind the screen for mine can i just replace the screen? I know i dont have a sync 2 or sync 3 because it looks like those have way bigger screens than mine. I have a picture of my Dash attatched. sorry its not a good one my girlfriend is driving right now and its dark. I kind of just assumed someone can identify it from a general pic. Ive been dealing with this problems for a while now and I just want to fix it Asap getting real tired of it.
  20. FordFocus2005

    Head Unit Fried?

    My car has had some electrical issues and made a bad burning smell the other day. I've taken the head unit out today and the smell is definitely coming from in the head unit. Is it possible for a head unit to spontaneously fry its own components or is there a bigger issue that has caused this? My car is 2005 Mk2 Ford Focus with the sony 6000CD head unit.
  21. Hi, I was driving home the other night and my radio stopped working, interior light for the hazard button wouldn't work and the warning lights for airbags and drivers seat belt warning lights came on the dash. There was also a plastic burning smell, like there had been surge in the wires which had caused the plastic coating to melt. I drove the car yesterday on a short journey and all of the electrical faults were gone apart from the radio which still wasn't working although there is now a clicking noise coming from the fuse box although I have checked all the fuses and none of them have blown. Today I have taken a few interior panels and the head unit out to see if I can find any burnt wires but without any success. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have any advice? My goal is to find the issue so I can get it fixed professionally. Thanks
  22. hello, am currently looking at an array of fiestas. ranging from 09 to 15/16 plate. the one I am honestly considering buying is a 2010 with the older red look hud and radio system. so my question is does the newer sony dab system from say a 13 or 15 plate fit the older model cars. and are they fairly straight forward to fit. as I do like the idea of having Bluetooth connectivity and much prefer the system of the newer ones. but obviously the cost of a newer car is higher. so am just weighing up. but would just like to know if it is even possible.
  23. just posting to ask if anyone had upgraded their fiesta stereo to the axion DAB radio unit, if so is it worth the upgrade @ £135, see link below
  24. ukphillad

    6000Cd Mk2 Aux Connection

    Hey Guys, Been a long time since I posted something on the Focus forum, but been real busy with college and all, and the car was running like a wee princess. However recently I started to wonder whether it would be possible to somehow add an AUX connection to my 6000CD system. The system itself has a fully functioning button for the AUX which automatically changes the output channel to AUX, however there is no factory AUX connection and there is no way to plug in the iPod or other MP3 players. My question is whether anyone knows (or has already done) this sort of modification ? And if so, how can I go about doing so and if it's possible at all! Cheers lads!
  25. Zektic

    Ford Fiesta ST Interior

    I just got an ST. I choose it over the Polo GTI because its generally more fun to drive however, the interior and the equipment in the GTI excited me more. I knew that when I bought the ST so I'm not complaining I'm just wondering if anyone could show me some images of 3rd party headunits, perhaps like the US version which has a much better headunit. Thanks in advance.