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Found 29 results

  1. Has anyone fitted a standard ST180 back box to their 1.0? I'm aware a reducer sleeve will be needed, but I'm looking for a little more rasp without it being obnoxiously loud like an after market back box/system. Any ideas/videos on the matter would be appreciated!
  2. Finally decided to make a build thread on here after years of lurking lol. So this is my old car [First Car] 2009 Ford Fiesta STYLE 1.25 Petrol: After a year and a half and 7k miles I had my heart set on a Red Edition it was just waiting for the right one to pop up. Little over 2 months ago I bought a 2015 Fiesta ZETEC S Red Edition 1.0
  3. Hi everyone, So I've had my Fiesta for just over 6 months now. The problem I'm having is that when I'm reversing, the car makes a groaning or moaning noise, as if it's struggling. Seems to have got progressively worse over the past week. Also, the difference between in reverse and out is so minute I end up grinding half the time! Has anyone else experienced this with their Fiesta? Thanks!
  4. My clutch is on its way out on my 2015 red edition (which seems to be a common issue!) rather than moan that ford are stitching me up blaming driver error over their faulty parts (which they are!!) I see this as the perfect opporunity to replace it with an upgrade. I am looking for reccomendations for a better than stock uprated clutch which will be able to handle any potential re-maps and modifications in the future. Anyone got any experience with this?
  5. I have searched and read a few threads regarding roof bars for mk7.5 cars but I'm still a little confused. Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for roof bars for my Red Edition (3 door) so I can have a roof box/occasionally carry my bike. I do a lot of tripping around in the Summer/Autumn so I like having the extra space in a roof box. I went to my dealership (who are pretty useless for accessories despite being great at everything else) and they told me flatly that roof bars did not exist for the Mk7.5 3 door Fiesta. My brother sent me a link to this video a few days ago and so I started searching again. I found a few threads on here that suggest that the part number is F1831617 as illustrated in this link. I realise that image is for illustration purposes only and that the old mounting holes for the bars do not exist/are obscured since some time in 2013. My questions are: 1) does anyone own the roof bars linked above for a 3 door mk7.5? 2) how do these bars attach to the car? Are they easily removable? Do they scratch the paintwork? 3) should my Ford dealership be able to order these bars using the part number? Pictures/experience/advise would be much appreciated :)
  6. Recently purchased a fiesta red edition with 33,000 on the clock and have found that it has a creaking noise coming from the boot latch at low speed (*anything up to 20mph), it sounds like the latch and it also makes a noise when going over bumps. This is getting very annoying so does anyone have any suggestions or should I take it back to Fords?
  7. Just received an order I placed from DMB Graphics for some wing badges (image attached) to go in the triangular groove on the doors. Has anyone fitted these before and how did they go about it? Just looking for tips and tricks, plan on cleaning the car this weekend, warming the backing paper the stickers are currently applied too, and placing in the groove? Any tips on where these should be placed in the groove, or any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Attached an image of a pic from Instagram of a car that has them applied to show the desired look!
  8. LewisAqua

    New guy

    Hi, My name is Lewis I drive a Ford Fiesta Red Edition 2015 which I am currently undergoing some modifications to it internally and externally. Would be interested what you guys think, I want to get more of a knowledge with fiestas mainly and have more of a conversation with people about that. What is best, and what to avoid. Look forward to talking 👍🏼🚗
  9. Want to do something with the back just to make it stand out a bit more from stock. I'd love to get the ST diffuser but I'm looking for cheap things to do. Was thinking about taking off the ecoboost badge and putting a red edition badge there instead with a 'ZS' badge under the fiesta one. I've had a look around but can't find any though. Thoughts on what I can do?
  10. Hi there, Could any one please help me identify this part or a link to where to buy one please. (I have tried FordParts, eBay etc etc but can't ID it to buy one). It is the little clip that holds the weather seal of the door to the actual door, I broke one of the little tabs so now it is as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Thanks
  11. RedFez


    Hi Everyone!!! Just bought myself a red edition 140 fiesta over the weekend and been waiting all week to get it. I will be picking it up tomorrow afternoon Got some serious stuff planned but can't do too much yet to affect insurance as only 17. Pictures to come..
  12. So I recently traded in my modified 1.4 TDCI fiesta for the brand new ST Line red edition, and what a difference! So happy with it and really excited to start a new project. I got a lot of great help from this community when I was working on the TDCI so I'm here again asking for your opinion on what you'd like to see on the car! So far I've only got the wind deflectors. Thinking of getting the milltek catback exhaust and getting pumaspeed to sort that out. Really not sure what else is possible on this car so I'm open to the feedback and your opinions in the comments :)
  13. U.K. Dash Cameras

    Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition Bulb Overhaul

    Evening all, Firstly, car is a '16 Fiesta Red Edition. PFA below. Just wondering if you could all give me some advice on my initial thoughts. I'm planning on buying the Full Upgrade Kit (Premium) from Autobeam. Just wondering if all the bulbs that they supply are road legal? Would I need to tell my insurance company about the changes? How easy are the Autobeam bulbs to change, do they come with any guides? Also looking for some more modifications. Fitted heated seats to my car and nothing else so far. Looking for some ideas foe what I could do next. Any answers are appreicated. Snowfoam Saturday: Best Regards U.K.
  14. Hey guys, first day signed up for the site. I have a question regarding alloys for my car. I've been searching for a few days trying to find somthing I'd like. I have a mk7.5 zetec s red edition that I have owned for 2 weeks. I haven't got much of a clue in what alloys would fit and have decent clearance. I'm not planning on spending a lot, max of £350, I'm interested in how the bola b1 looks but it's to much atm as I plan to remap the car soon
  15. eminc

    Hi everyone!

    Hello friends. I am Emin and i am driving 2015 fiesta zetec s red edition as my first ford. Cheers!
  16. Hello everyone, I just wanted to say hello and to OFFICIALLY join the Ford owners club as I have just purchased a '14 plate Fiesta zetec s Red edition, which is in fact the first Ford vehicle I've ever owned in my life. absolutely love the car and it's a big step up from my Peugeot 107! got a few plans for the car nothing performance wise as my insurance goes through the roof due to age but hopefully a few years down the line for sure! anyway that's all I have to say and uh, well that's it. thanks.
  17. Hey all, After lurking on the forums for a couple months I have finally decided to sign up as I am picking up my first Ford next Tuesday! It will be a 2016 Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition. I am super excited having been out on a test drive and loving every minute! My current car is a little Kia Picanto so its safe to say this will be a nice change and upgrade! I look forward to posting on here more in the near future :) Thanks! Danny.
  18. Just saying Hello! I've always been German inclined until I bought my Fiesta. Best car I've ever driven! Aggressive looking with a nice bit of power, it's great fun to drive. Thanks!
  19. JordanST-line

    FiestaST-line Red Edition 140

    From the album: Fiesta ST-line

    Here's a few photos of my fiesta ST-line red edition 140
  20. Hi Guys, I'm new here so I apologise if I'm posting incorrectly however it's my first time! I recently purchased a fiesta zEtec s red edition 140ps and seriously love the car! Puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it and I am now wanting to do some upgrades! Pictures will follow however so far I have done small mods which include: Black/Red gel badge overlays to front, rear, steering wheel and wheels. Smaller radio aerial. Wind deflectors. Pumaspeed R-sport induction. Although the induction sounds really nice I've decided to go down the Mountune route and have just placed my order of induction and all silicone hose replacements. I am also thinking about getting the engine and battery covers and colour coding them within the engine bay! I have some gold heat reflective tape on order to wrap some of my internal parts which hopefully turn out ok! I have some pictures however there will be more to follow when the Mountune turns up! What you think so far?
  21. Hello FOC, this is my first post so I decided to do a bit of show and tell. I got my first car last week which is the all new ST Line Red Edition. Got it on a pretty good HP scheme (£189 deposit, 23 x £189, 9k miles per annum) and I absolutely love this car. Only reason I didn't get an ST (which was around £2 pounds more per month) was because my insurance would come to £2.4k per year which is extortionate. Here are a few pics below, let me know your comments of the car! *EDIT* I was meant to say PCP with an optional owning payment of around £7.7k. If you're wondering, my insurance is currently costing just under £900 with DirectLine
  22. I didn't realise that the red edition was group 18? Seems a bit high for the 1 litre. Anything else around that group with more horsepower? Just wondering if they've put it up due to the car being driven my mainly younger drivers. Thanks.
  23. Hi all, New to the forum, thought I'd share some pictures of my brand new Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition. I'm from Newcastle, and I'd fancied one of these for months, ended up buying from Arnold Clark Ford in Carlisle, and I haven't regretted it since! So fun to drive, no one believes it is only a 1 litre when putting your foot down on motorways, someone even said this felt like a 1.6! People always comment on how nice the car looks. Never really joined a forum before, so any questions or tips please head them my way! Cheers.
  24. Hey All, My Dad's RCZ is coming up 3 years old and he is considering his options, whether to keep it or change car. If he changes, he wants something a bit smaller, so Fiesta size. His RCZ is the 2.0 TDCi variant as he has a 50 odd mile round trip daily commute which is about 80% dual carriageway/motorway and 20% B road. The Fiesta has some pretty uninspiring diesel options imo, it is a shame they don't do the 120PS version like most other manufacturers do, so I wanted to ask owners of the 125PS and 140PS 1.0 Ecoboost what sort of real world MPG they were getting. Especially if you do a similar type of commute. Cheers!