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Found 34 results

  1. Hey there everybody, new member here. Just looking for a bit of advice in how to reset the battery sensor on a keyless start mk 5 mondeo titanium. I've seen a few things around the internet saying you turn ignition on (start the car?) , press the rear fog light 5 times and then the hazards 3 times but it doesn't seem to work for me? Anyone got any ideas please? Thank you
  2. Hi new - so if on wrong section I apologise. I have a 2008 Cmax 2.0 TDCI. A few weeks ago after heavy rain a warning relating to the Power steering came up when starting the car. Steering felt OK so had a garage put onto computer which said is was the steering angle sensor. Duly ordered one and replaced it. Warning still there. Thought it might be in need of calibration or removal so took it to another garage, who claim its the steering pump that needs replacing which is £760 for the part and labour on top. However, the steering feels fine, not heavy or tight have no problems with turning a tight circle so low speed or at higher speeds. No noise from the pump or when turning the steering wheel. Levels looked ok when the sensor was changed. Could it be the pump at fault. Is it worth buying a 2nd hand one and if so how easy is it to change and do I need special fluid from Ford, as I have heard. and will I need modified pipes too.
  3. Hello all, It is my first post here so I'll just point out that I own Ford Fusion 1.4 petrol from 2006. Mileage about 80k. Had some smaller and bigger problems with it but in general I think it is a good car. But recently this "famous yellow exclamation mark in circle" showed up on my dashboard cutting of the power and so on. After checking error codes there was only the one in topics name: P2135 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch A / B voltage Correlation So if I understand correclty it is something with throttle itself or with throttle pedal and its positions do not match. I am not experiencing any problems with throttle movement like gap in RPM or changing RPM on idle. So I am guessing the throttle pedal has to be changed. Anyone had same problem? Maybe any idea? Thx for help!
  4. Dear all, I'm new to this forum, stumbled on it whilst googling for a solution for my Mk2 1.6 October 2005 Focus. I just bought the car and then when testing it for about 10 minutes I didn't notice this, but the engine hesitates whenever I'm not accelerating or accelerating mildly. when driving on uneven pavements the hesitation is still there but one might not appreciate it is there due to the shaking of the vehicle. This is probably why I didn’t notice it when test driving it. On the way from the (independent) dealer via the motorway I noticed this hesitation immediately. I complained to the dealer and they without hesitation asked for the car back, but I still notice this even after they saying that the problem was the new Bosch sparkplugs they fitted when servicing it. Apparently the problem was fixed with new NGKs This time it did feel like the problem was fixed or at least minimised. But soon after, on the motorway, I noticed the problem again. Back home and looking under the bonnet it looked like they also have replaced the ignition leads as the lettering on them is very white. The coilpack is still the old one. More recently I asked a colleague who is into motor racing to have a look and he drove the car for a couple of miles, immediately feeling the problem. It is ever so subtle most of the time but it is there. However what he noticed was that the hesitation seemed to be always with the accelerator pedal in the same angle or position. Thinking about what he was saying it made sense with what I had been feeling since the beginning. The hesitation doesn’t happen when the pedal is pushed a bit further. This could be the TPS (throttle positioning sensor) he said or the throttle body needing a clean…. I have a cheap OBD tester and checked the throttle position percentage – here is where I have doubts: - When checking the TPS in percentage, it is a fixed value when key is in pos II. Moving the pedal does not change it. Is this normal on this car model? I have had other brands and it moved. - When engine is running the percentage varies with the pedal position. - Idling the percentage is 15.7 to 16.1 - Pressing the pedal ever so gentle it jumps from that value to around 18 to 19%. - If I press just slightly farther the percentage could go up but also down…. Strange yes - If I press even farther it goes up to 20% and holds it steady if I don’t move the foot. - Pressing a bit more makes the % go up through all expected values. Could this be the problems? Or could there be any other component failing? The car is still in warranty so I would appreciate any push into the right direction. Just taking the car back doesn’t seem to be helpful since they might not be looking at the right fault location?!
  5. Hi all, This is something that keeps happening for a while but just want to check if it's fixable before taking it to the mechanics. I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 2007 (UK) The "passenger door open" warning keeps appearing but the door is closed. It can be fixed when I open/close the door a couple of times. The issue is if I can't get the sign to disappear, the doors won't close from outside with the key. I don't know where the door sensor is to clean it or something. I've tried locking the door from the inside but the moment I try to lock the rest of the car with the key, it won't stay locked. I've put UK as on European cars, the problem could be recurrent on the driver door. Thank you for the help
  6. 2003 Fiesta 1.25: had problems with the fiesta overheating even though temp gauge says normal temp on dashboard. After box ticking all the usual culprits (relays, fuses, isolating fan to test it works which it does etc) found out it's the ECU ignoring any messages from the temperature sensor. Decided to bypass the ECU by cutting through the top radiator hose and fitting an aftermarket inline sensor adapter and temperature gauge with sensor. Has anybody fitted one of these so that it works the aftermarket gauge as well as kicking the fan in when the engine starts to overheat. Please could you give me some advice as there are no instructions or wiring diagrams and electrics aren't my thing or if anyone knows of any YouTube videos that are actually useful that would also be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi, yesterday I noticed I was leaking oil. Originally assumed it was engine oil but looking underneath the car I think its pretty much coming from a gearbox sensor,,, Unfortunately I don't know which sensor is it (check manual and haynes), its near the front of the car, on the gear box (more to the passenger side)
  8. Dee_82

    oil temp sensor 1.6 tdci

    Hi guys, I'm going to be installing an oil temperature sensor on my 1.6 tdci and I'm wondering if anyone has either A, done it before, B has an idea where is best to put it. Due to the filter used I cant use a sandwich plate unless anyone knows how to convert it to a cartridge filter and I don't want to place anything in line with the turbo That pretty much leaves the sump unless anyone else has a better ideas? its not ideal though and the temp will be slightly off. The other problem with the sump is that it uses a M10 thread meaning I cant just use a sump plug / sendor adaptor, ill need to tap a hole in to the sump, if that's the only solution then does anyone have an idea where would be best to mount it? I'm thinking of replacing the ford sump on it anyway as it collects about 350ml of oil in the bottom that will never drain away, I cant imagine how much sludge is in that area anywho, any suggestions would be welcome!
  9. PandaDog15

    Fiesta 1.4 Oil on MAF Sensor

    Hello All, I'm grateful for all the advice I have received on this forum so far. I wonder if I could pester you lot for more advice. I was just doing some checks under the bonnet and decided to look at the MAF sensor to see if it needed a clean. I bought my car as a used car and wanted to check the condition. I pulled the MAF sensor out and it was caked in oil. I could even see oil in the hole there the sensor slots in, so I guess oil has contaminated the air flow system. I gave it a quick clean with MAF Cleaner and the engine idle seems stable and clean and the revs seem more reactive. Has anyone had experience in this? and where is the oil coming from? I'm just worried that the long term affects could damage the car. Thnks
  10. I have a Ford Focus 2005 1.6 Zetec. I have had an on going issue with an engine warning light which indicated that it was the cambelt / sensor that was at fault. Both of which I have been told by the garage have been fixed. However each time I have had it back from the garage the engine warning light has come back on. EDIT (just to add I took it to a local garage who said the timing was totally out and it needed the cambelt changing, these did not do the work they hooked it up to the computer and then I took this information to the garage who sold me it) The garage assure me that it has been changed (I have not paid as I bought the car and the light came on so they have taken it back three times now to repair) However what is strange the engine warning light has come back on three times on the same point on the same road after I have had the car back. This last time it was driven 300 miles before the light came back on on this road. The time before it was 50 miles. My really stupid question is could it be the road causing the light to come on and there not actually being a fault? Or is it because I would have been driving it the exact way each time? 5th gear just above 40 mph and on a slight incline.
  11. Eve, my Mk2 Focus, has developed a little problem over the last couple of weeks. On a few occasions whilst driving I've had a warning that the rear passenger door is open which has now developed into the alarm going off occasionally whilst the car is parked up. I'm guessing that there's a problem with whatever it is that detects that the door is closed. Is there some kind of sensor in the lock mechanism? Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated - (i) what can I do to fix the problem? (ii) what components may need replacing? (iii) can I bypass it?
  12. elchorro89

    Heater blower (puzzled)

    My heater stopped working on 1,2 & 3 many years ago. Instead of sorting the issue I just used it on number 4 for a good 2 years until that decided to pack up as well. before it all packed up its worth noting that the blower made s noise as if it just needed oiling s little however I now think it may be more. yesterday I replaced the heater fan transistor expecting to regain use of 1, 2, 3 and 4 speeds. However nothing at all, it doesn't work at all, does anyone have any ideas here. I've followed and inspected all the wires and they all look good. im a total novice with cars so I'm just guessing here but does anyone thing the fan blower needs replacing or am I barking up the wrong tree here? I'd hate to buy that of its not needed as its £169 for a uni part. thanks jay
  13. Heya! About a month ago my girlfriend bought a Ford fiesta freedom (2006 plate) which has been working great apart from one thing! The indicator for the front passenger door keeps saying it is open. The sensor knows when the door is open but doesn't always realise it closes. We had a quick look to see if we could find the sensor but it seems hidden in the bodywork?! Also does anyone know where the earth points for the sensor are? Anything else we could check? Thanks!! :)
  14. I would like to fit an oil temperature sensor to my car to test a few experiments. One option was to replace the sump plug with a temperature sensor however I am having difficulties finding one to fit. No need to worry about fitting instructions I can do all that but do any of you know where I can buy a temperature sensor and gauge that will fit a ford fiesta 2007 model 1.25 Duratec engine (UK model so it will be a hatchback). If any more information is needed I will be happy to provide but I think they use the same size plugs throughout. I am happy to pay for shipping from America or any other country but if they do not produce such things just let me know and I will look at other alternatives. Thank you all for your time.
  15. Right so I want to change my Air Box to an Air filter on my Mk7.5 Fiesta Black Edition 140 - But I have noticed there is a air sensor attached to the unit if i fit an air filter will this cause me any issues if the sensor isn't plugged in? Cheers Ben_140
  16. Good afternoon, I'm hoping that people here will be able to help me identify some tubes and explain their purpose and whether I can replace them myself. Car is a Ford Focus, Zetec Climate TDCI, 1.8L Diesel, Estate. Please refer to attached picture. Tube A - Cracked through. Thin tube from Turbocharger to sensor? Makes noise similar to blowing through a straw when turbo is running. Does anyone know how I can find a part number, and if it's something I can replace myself (i.e. is it just a push fit or is it heat-shrunk). Tube B - Possible split on underside. Slightly thicker than tube A, unknown origin, runs parallel to a line saying containing fuel don't replace. Does this also contain fuel? What does it do? How easy is it to replace? Part Number? Any help/advice anyone can give about these parts, or guidance on how to find unknown parts that I haven't identified from my Haynes Manual would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alex
  17. Hello all, great forum here that I've been reading for a while. We've recently purchased a 2012 Fiesta Edge which we really love, but I am in the process of fitting some parking sensors front and rear into the factory positions. I have no issues with the fitting of the sensors, or with vehicle electrics etc. as I've done this many times - but I want that factory look in our 'new' car. I've ordered the 'Front Parking Switch' and bezel from Ford and it is exactly what I need. I've even managed to work out which pins provide a momentary action to engage the parking sensors but for the life of me am unable to get the backlight or 'on' light to work on the bench out of the car. I'm led to believe the multiplug for this bezel (which can also house the ESP switch and Airbag Off light) is present in all Fiestas. I'm hoping when I take the dash apart tomorrow I will find this plug and plug it in - if anything to get the backlight working. But does anyone have any experience with getting the 'on' LED to work, I'm guessing this would normally activate a Ford Module for the factory sensors, but I still cannot figure out on the bench how it illuminates the LED, even following the PCB tracks under a magnifying glass. If anyone has done this before (I guess not as I did try searching) and can help in any way that would be great! :)
  18. I want to post this thread because I recently came to this site as a new member, hoping to have found the answer I was looking for to my own Ford problem, but without success. There were many similar threads and I take my hats off to those Ford owners who made the effort to post some help and advice for others. However, I hope that my specific thread will be of help to those drivers with the same model Ford as mine. I own a 2005/55 plate Ford Focus 1.6 VTC Petrol 2 Door, of which I am extremely proud. Two weeks ago I had her serviced, ...which brings me on to the subsequent issue I had. 3 days after the car was serviced, the Crankshaft Position Sensor failed and my mechanic was not available to do the job due to being on hols. I had been told that it wasn't a big job and to try and do it myself. I turned to this sight for help, but none of the threads applied to the year and model of my Focus. The good news is, the job has now been me, and I want to share with other Focus owners my experience in replacing the sensor. I did buy the Haynes manual to assist me with locating the sensor (I have limited mechanical knowledge), but moreover I want to share with others how I did the job and what issues I had to overcome. Firstly, to do this job you will need a new sensor (obviously), a small torch, a good strong trolley jack, an axel stand (safety first), a socket set and an 8mm socket. However, as I later explain some of the issues I experienced, I would also suggest having a swivel head socket, or a short shaft 8mm spanner. Next, to locate the sensor on this model, jack up the car using the jacking point just below the driver's door, as the sensor is positioned just left of centre at the base of the block, and after putting a suitable axel stand in position lower the car onto the axel stand for stability. I would also leave the trolley jack in place for added safety. From the front of the car, poisition yourself underneath and look for the oil filter. From the oil filter look up to the crank casing (approx 4-5inch upwards) and you will find a blue coloured electrical connector block sitting slightly inwards in the crack case. This is the sensor connection, and you will need to remove the connector block before you attempt to dismantle the sensor from the crankshaft. To disconnect this, on the connector block you will see a very fine spring this inwards towards the crank case to unlock the block and slip off the connector. With the connector removed you will now be able to clearly see the 8mm bolt head that connects the sensor to the crankshaft. This is where a swivel head socket or a short shaft 8mm spanner may be useful, because as the crankshaft case comes accross the back of the sensor, on this Focus model the crank case bevels outwards, thus limiting the room you have to put the socket with ratchet handle headlong onto the bolt. An extension on the socket head would have helped me, but because this sends the socket handle backwards, the turning of the socket is then limited by the Oil filter. The easisest way would have been with a short shaft 8mm spanner, as this would have slipped neatly onto the bolt, but I didn't have one of these, and the longer handle spanner I had was limited in turning by one of the water hoses running off the base of the engine. If you only have a fixed ratchet handle then you will have to be prepared for alot of short bolt turns because of the limited room to turn it. Once you have loosened the bolt enough, you can get your fingers in and turn it by hand until it is completely out. Now the sensor is free for removel....take hold of it and slide it backwards, out of the Crankshaft and compare it with the new one to double check you have the correct one for replacement. Now you can fit the new one. Carefully slide the sensor into the crankshaft, being careful not to knock or drop it, as this is a 'one time fit' part. As you slide the new sensor into place, be sure to align the bolt head connector up with the thread hole. Use a torch to try and see that it is in line before offering up the connecting bolt. Gently rubbing some fine grease or WD40 onto the connector bolt will help with lubrication. Offer up the connecting bolt and slowly turn it into place by hand as far as you can go. Now revert to finishing off the tightening with the ratchet/spanner, depending on what best suits you. Tighten it up until the socket or spanner won't move without forcing it, but be careful not to over-tighten. Finally, slide the connector block back onto the head of the new sensore and you are done. Jack the car back up off the axel stand, remove the axel stand, and then lower the car back down off the jack. I am hoping to post some photos to this thread as soon as I can find my camera cable to connect to my laptop, but I can honestly say that for a novice mechanic, this job is more fiddly than difficult. I hope this helps someone else, and good luck with any general running repairs that you may have.
  19. jakus

    Help With Component

    Hi I am new to this forum so please bare with me. I have a 2006 ford focus 1,6 TDCI and recently stripped the engine down to repair the damage caused by the common turbo failure. The car is now back together and after several attempts at starting it naturally and by 'easy start' finally started it by towing it in second gear until it started. It now starts normal but has no power what so ever. with my foot to the floor the revs creep up very slowly all injectors are working and there is no misfiring. I have attached a photo of something like a sensor, but it has no cables its attatched to some sort of thin hose. i dont know whether this has anything do to with it, its the only thing not connected to anything in the whole engine bay. thanks in advance thanks in advance
  20. Hey guys, I'm doing some planning for a little retro-fitting and I need to know how can you call this thing on the front window, around the top of the window and around the rain sensor... Since my front window is in top shape, I'm not very in the mood of changing it to the one with sensor built in, so I'd like to use some sort of wrap, or tint or something like that, to fake the original look of the window with sensor... I found black tint on eBay, which I can use for the center black part of the sensor, but the perforated part seems to be "unsearchable" for me (not being a native english speaker and all)...shops here which install window tints looked at me like I'm crazy when I wanted something like this from them, so I think I'm left with eBay... Can you give me a hint on what I can look for? Thanks ;)
  21. jakus

    Ford focus help

    From the album: Focus engine

    Can anybody help identify this component
  22. TripxDot

    Just Need A Little Advice

    Hey guys just signed up here as I got my self a MK4 Fiesta 1.6 not to long ago now and im in the process of getting it back to a better running condition!! How ever while giving it a general service I was changing the sparkplugs and noticed between plug 2 and plug 3 there is what looks like a cable going inside the head with a plug attached to it ... but it looks pretty crowded and its managed to dethatched its self from what its was attached to .. so no doubt its going to need replacing however I'm not totally sure what I'm actually looking at as I'm still teaching my self about engines. Could anyone give us a shove in the right direction please and name what it is so I can look for a part please Thanks
  23. sjevans615

    2015 Focus Titanium

    2015 edn of the Focus Titanium has an array of sensors pointing through the windscreen from behind the morror. I was windering if anyone knows how to get the cover off - I intend to mount a fwd looking camera and leave it in the on loop. I do not have the version which has the sign identification nor high beam detection. Many thanks. Simon.
  24. Chris Chopper

    Clutch Sensor?

    A few days ago I noticed a clicking noise coming from inside the car around the pedal's area it's not effecting the performance but is really bugging me, Every time I let the clutch up just as the pedal nears the last inch of finishing the movement it clicks at first I thought it was the clutch spring but after looking again today I have found a switch/sensor with a part (arm) sticking out that the clutch pedal/leaver pushes against with fully let up so it must be telling the computer something I can see it is just like al the sensors/switches and just un-clips from it's wiring when you remove it. My question is has anybody done this before? and how easy is it? is there a order to doing as the clutch pedal needs depressing to do this
  25. HI Everyone! I have a 2008 Focus Zetec auto, and i am looking to retro fit the auto headlights and maybe auto wipers to it. I know i need to see if i have the correct wiring, however i was wondering if there was anyone they could help me establish this?! Also i will need to change the config for the car, i used to have a vauxhall astra and could do it on there however it's a little different with a ford. Not sure i would like to mod the ELM reader myself, or pay ford £70! I'm guessing that i would need: Auto headlamp switch Auto Wiper stalk Sensor and new mirror? My mum has a 62plate zetec when you open the doors and it is dark it automatically puts the side lights on (also when you unlock it) when you close a door they go off and then when you open on the come on, is this possible also? Not in any rush to get this done however would be cool if i could do it. TIA! Jonathan