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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, hope someone could help with a noise on my ST220. This is the noise I'm talking about. Its coming from both rear wheels, but mostly rear left. Engine is turned off in video. It only starts after the car has travelled over a few miles, and it's more prevalent on a hot day. It doesn't seem to go away when the brakes are pushed, and the noise is tied to car moving speed. I jacked the car up (albeit when cold) and checked the calipers, regreased slide pins, regreased the pads and checked to make sure handbrake was releasing properly. Everything brake wise seemed fine, pads are a couple years old but have LOADS of material left. Discs don't seem warped. Wheels seemed to turn freely. My only other thought is whether it's the hubs. The sound seems like a rubber squealing (or like a squeegee on glass), and the only bits of moving rubber I know of are in the rear hub. Rear left has suddenly got very loud today, and right has slowly started aswell. Any input or opinions are appreciated, and sorry for the long post. Cheers, Tom
  2. My fiesta has made a squeaking noise which comes and goes as i'm driving down the road, it is very high pitches and is definitely coming from the rear left wheel, I had the wheel bearing replaced 2 months ago and it didn't solve the problem, anyone experienced a similar problem or have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Recently been having a squeal/grinding when reversing with full left lock, believe to be a result of the broken suspension/steering shown in the picture below. What part is this, how easy is it to replace, and what is the likely cost if I take it to a garage? How dangerous is it to drive the car while it's broken? Hope to get it fixed on Monday, and can avoid using it until then, but useful to know its function.
  4. Hello all and welcome to my daily update thread. This is where everything I do will go along this journey to fix my poor little fiesta MK6. The Story So Far So I finally got round to getting in a couple of new standard maintenance items in for the car to breathe new life into the fiesta. I changed the cabin filter no problem and the air filter. After installing the air filter is where it all went wrong. After installing the new filter I started the car to make sure everything was running fine. I revved it up a little and to my astonishment I could actually hear air being sucked into the car. The air filter before was just horrifyingly black and covered in all sorts of dust and grass etc etc. Then I managed to slip off of the pedal and my shoe caught on the accelerator which lead to the car revving at around 5000rpm. I know thats not a great deal but something in the car hated it. There was a horrible high pitch squeal that came from the engine bay and some smoke appeared. It was a white pale smoke and came from the front right of the car. This is exactly where my auxiliary/drive belt is located. I quickly switched off the car and took a look. Me and a mate (hes a qualified mechanic) looked over the whole thing and couldn't find any obvious signs of what it could be. There was no particular smell left behind it was all as if it was normal. Clearly it isn't. We stripped off the filter box again and had a look for any possible leaks around the rocker cover and around the head gasket area. There was no leaks at all. However there was a tiny patch of clear non smelling liquid on the floor just under the car. Where it comes from is anybody's guess but it was the top right of the engine (perspective from inside the drivers seat). However again where the liquid was there was nothing to leak over there. There is a metal plate over the leak patch but nothing on the metal frame. Confusing right? We then proceeded to check the oil and coolant to see if there was any tell tale signs of head gasket leak. First we removed the dipstick, cleaned it, replaced it, then removed it again and to our surprise there was not a single drop of oil on it. How that is possible i dont know. Maybe the owner before me didn't like the idea of paying £40 for fully synthetic oil The coolant itself was a clear colour which to me is incorrect as the manual states it should be pink coolant/antifreeze with distilled water. 50% of each. This to me feels like it is a radiator filled with tap water and is quite scary because tap water has so much lime scale and additives in it. There is some scum on the top of the coolant just floating around. I didn't take a sample because it got dark and work has been in the way since. Mechanic Check I had a mechanic look over the vehicle for me and even though they said they have never heard of anything quite like it they came up with multiple things that could be causing the issue, They did not start the car in case they did more damage because it could have been the timing belt and if that snaps I would rather not have my engine block destroyed inside out Here is a list of what they feel could be the issues: A pulley has ceased up due to lack of oil A pulley bearing has broken due to lack of oil The coolant tank has a minor leak or the screw cap is leaking slightly The belt is worn out The belt is over tightened The tension pulley is wearing/worn out Head Gasket is blowing or blown (worst case scenario) What I am going to be doing Over the time this takes to inspect, diagnose and fix I shall be posting here daily with new updates and photos of anything I change. I am going to be doing the following over the next few days to see if this fixes anything: Change the old oil and oil filter with Mobil Super 3000 5W 30 Full Synthetic Changing the coolant tank and coolant tank cap and tubing connected to it Changing the coolant to a pink OAT ready mixed anti freeze and coolant 50/50. Adding in 50% distilled water to coolant as per the owners manual Removing the old belt and checking all the pulleys for rattling and to see if they rotate freely Replacing the old belt as it is off now so may as well do it to prevent using a bad belt and eliminating the belt as the issue Changing the spark plugs and checking for any water in each cylinder hole. Sure sign of a head gasket leak internally Checking over the air filter I just put in to check for any signs of burning or oil splatters. Changing that tiny little sponge in the filter box which prevents said oil getting into the air filter Changing the head gasket as the very last resort It may sound stupid splashing out this money on things if the head gasket is the issue but its all going to need doing one day so may as well do it now as an act of elimination and at least I know its been done and can set the mileage counter for next service. Thats all for this post. I will be back tomorrow with more updates and pictures of everything I am going to be doing and using. Yes I am going to be using Halfords and GSF a lot as they are the nearest two auto shops to me. Must remember to become a member and get my discount card to make it cheaper :D Thanks Guys I will be back later on with more Ryan FORD FIESTA MK6 ZETEC 1.4L
  5. Dazzzz7

    Squeal When Turning

    Need a bit of advice/help, when steering left or right, something makes a high pitch squeal, it comes and goes, usually comes when steering round corners at a reasonable speed, tried taking both wheels off and cleaning brake discs and calipers, lubricating joints etc, removed any build up of rust n dust basically. Anyone had anything like this or know of any fixes. Fiesta mk7 59 plate Cheers