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Found 29 results

  1. Hi everyone This is my little Courier van, I chose this as it is the perfect size for my business requirements, originally looking at Caddy vans, all the ones I looked at were damaged and just not in a clean condition. I saw this advertised at my local Evans Halshaw (Hull) and went for a viewing and test drive, it's the 'Trend' model with the 1.6L engine which I hear is rarer than the 1.5, no idea if that's true. Absolutely delighted with the van, drives just like a car 👍👍 Modifications so far: • 18" Team Dynamics 'Imola' alloys • lowered 45mm • Tinted windows (Light) • Tinted side and rear indicators • 'Team Heko' wind reflectors • Upgraded LED daytime running lights • Fiesta ST interior foot pedals • Black gel overlays on Ford badges • Chrome door latch covers =============== Tons of things yet to be done, including full colour coding which is up next, along with fitting a front lower spoiler from an ST once the bumper has been painted. Here is the van at the dealers: Once home the first thing I did was tint the side and rear clear lenses along with upper brake light: I then fitted chrome door latch covers which I think is a nice touch: The windows were tinted, wind deflectors etc were fitted then I recently added the alloys and a good friend dropped the suspension for me. I spent hours and hours researching what suspension would fit perfect, there really isn't a lot on the net about these vans so I've had to put some hours in to find out the info. Here is the van as it currently stands today, I've blanked out the rear sign writing as I'm sure this would be in the rules of the forum? Hope you all like the progress so far, colour coding up next.
  2. ok so I'm danny from wigan new here today been around cars and vans for about 17 years I'm told that the focus engine will fit in a connect I hope it does the current engine that is in the transit connect now decided it blow a big hole in the engine block don't know whether it is a common thing but its spat its dummy out and I can see and touch the crank just looking for a bit of advice thanks In advance
  3. Hi All, I thought I would try and make this more open to the public as Ford seem to be doing everything they can to not tell customers about this issue. I own a 58 plate (Registered 09) Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Duratorq, since the car was new it has suffered from 2 issues. Issue 1 - While driving on the motorway the car will have intermittent hesitations when accelerating. This will usually happen then naturally allowing the car to decrease speed by taking your foot off the accelerator then applying it again. This can also happen when just cruising in 5th. Issue 2 - This cannot be replicated however randomly you can get a violent jolt forward with the error displayed on the dash "Engine Malfunction". The car will go into limp mode then when you pull over turn the ignition off, wait a minute and start again will be cleared and free to drive normally again. My car has been into Ford for this issue during its warranty period and after it expired to be told there were error codes relating to a particular injector however they were telling me all 4 needed replacing at £1500. The issue was so intermittent and could go months without it happening I have not yet had them replaced. I cover 350 miles a week commuting and can got weeks/months with no occurrences of this. Ford have never told me about a known issue with the injectors until recently when I took my car to the Ford dealership in Eastleigh, Hampshire. One of their service department told me they were aware of a known issue with a batch of injectors ending in the part number 3. While my car was in for diagnostics they advised all 4 of my injectors ended in 3 and would need replacing at guess what... you got it £1500. I argued that surely if this was a known issue with a bad batch Ford should replace these. They said not and the car is out of warranty so I will have to foot the bill. I asked whether there was any documentation on this however they said no, even their customer services director categorically told me nothing existed after checking with their service desk. I have since found out online and from help from the guys on this forum and other that there is in fact a TSB (technical service bulletin) released by Ford documenting which cars are affected and saying what I had been told about the injectors ending in 3. The TSB is TSB 27/2012 dated 14/05/12 and affects 1.8L Duratorq-TDCi (Lynx) engines between 2008/2009. It affects the Focus, Mondeo, C-Max, Transit connect and Tourneo. The title of the bulletin is "Excessive combustion noise and or hesitation during light load acceleration with the engine at high operating temperature". I don’t believe I can post the bulletin in full due to copyright however I can pm this to anyone interested. The bulletin states that there are PCM calibrations released to try and help the injector nozzle performance however Ford failed to tell me about the TSB or the PCM calibrations once in all the times my car was in for diagnostics. I have raised a complaint with Ford regarding this however they are unwilling to replace the parts at their cost, I have told them I am willing to pay for the labour however I don’t feel I should foot the bill for the parts given they were fitted from brand new faulty. I have so far got them to discount the price from £1500 to £1100 then recently a further 30% off this price. Still not happy as still leaves me with a £6-£700 bill to replace faulty parts they fitted. I would advised contacting Mark Ovende via this email address - He is the MD at Ford Motor Company. Mark will not respond however you will get a call back from the Ford Head Office. I was initially told they wouldn’t do anything however after continuous emails and phone called I have got them to discount the total initial quote by around 50%. It appears Ford are doing whatever they can to not tell customers about this issue so they have to pay out a fortune to replace parts that were not fit for purpose. Ford should issue a recall as this affects a lot of cars and is potentially dangerous. The fact they are not even telling customers there is a PCM update which could help is shocking, the go straight for the replacements instead. A free or £95 PCM update or £1500 to replace all 4 injectors....... disgusting. I want to try let as many people know about this as I can so they dont get lied to and forced into spending thousands when a PCM update might fix it. Ford should replace these parts at their cost not the customers regardless of warranty on the car. This whole situation has put me off buying another Ford especially from the dealerships I have dealt with. Regards Allister
  4. Transit trend 140bhp

    Transit fuse 84

    Hi all Have a transit with dpf problem and glow plug and I can't find fuse 84 to see if it blown could anyone have a picture where it is cheer
  5. k3scotty


    Hi all, Just registered on here. Previous Fords- '73 Cortina Mk3 2000 GXL(1st car), 2x Cortina Mk 3 2000E, Mk1 Granada 3L Ghia, Mk2 Granada 2.8 Ghia, Mk2 Granada 2.8i Ghia, 2x Orion 1.6i Ghia, Mondeo 2.0 Ghia, Mondeo 2.3 Ghia X, '76 Transit twin wheel pick-up( with 3.0 Essex V6 engine), Mk6 LWB Transit. Current Fords- 2010 Transit LWB Med roof Ltd, 2016 Transit Custom LWB hi roof Ltd.
  6. Hi, This is a DIY question – you might have to think out of the box for a sec. Any heart transplant experts here? A family member was asking me the following question: Is it possible to swap an engine from Ford Sierra (16v, gasoline, 2.0) into Ford Transit (1990, 2.0 Pb, pinto). Transit is an old type with carburettor, Sierra is with newer fuel injection type. The idea is to keep the current transmission box in the Transit (to keep the power level) and swap in Sierra’s engine – would it be possible to keep the original Transit transmission box and use it with Sierra’s engine. Transit’s engine is failing and there’s someone with Sierra on offer my family knows, so that’s how the idea came to be. My family is fully capable of carrying out the swap (tools, time, space, determination) - it's just a matter of whether it all could physically fit in together. You are the most knowledgeable audience I could think of to forward the question (it’s waay beyond me), so here it is. I’d appreciate any informed comments on the feasibility of this idea. Attached is a photo of the Transit's engine. Thank you in advance!
  7. Check My Wheels

    Learn to Solder

    So how do i start this other than saying, being in this industry for so many years i have seen the brilliant to the extreme cowboy.Check my wheels tv will be providing video tutorials starting at the basics ranging up to the high voltage,Which is where the world is heading towards, we would of all heard about the 2040 big news and how not one combustion engine will be produced in the u.k and most likely europe for that matter. I belive we need to raise the awarness of how important, 1. Auto electrics are in todays world and 2. How important it is in tommorows world. I would like to know everybodies thoughts on this topics as well, not of the learning topic but more of the 2040. What type of business are you in and the effects of this new law. If there is enough interest in this then i will be making a topic of discussion just for this reason. please memember to subscribe to the youtube channel if you would like to learn and future videos thanks.
  8. I have a 2004 MK6 Transit which runs at half temperature on the dial. The needle went to 3/4 so I pulled over and checked the expansion tank to find no water but full of oil and the engine had no oil on the dip stick.I replaced the Oil Cooler, replaced oil filter, filled with 8 litres of oil and started flushing out the water pipes. The oil was only on minimum on the dip stick so I went to get more. The system still had a little oil in the water but was nearly all drained. I have drove it for just over 25 miles with heaters on hot to circulate and try clean all the pipes. I got back from a 25 mile drive and drained and refilled the water pipes again then took it a mile up the road and drained it again but this time instead of the water coming out the radiator being nearly clear it was the colour of a milky drinking chocolate.I have added an extra 5 litres of oil and it was showing full on the dip stick. The oil has clearly gone straight in to the water again. Took it for a drive and after 13 miles the pipe across the top of the radiator blew off and covered my engine in oil and water.Is this is a head gasket problem or something less severe?
  9. Jimmy1234321

    Aux not working

    I recently fitted a new 6000cd to my mk7 transit (2012) and once I'd put in the code and set the time and general stuff I plugged in my iPhone to my aux socket like allways and with my same wire pressed the aux button but for some reason there's no sound when I plug it out the phone plays and naturally I tried the cable in another speaker and it worked fine can anyone help me figure out why there is no sound from my aux ???????
  10. Jimmy1234321

    Aux not working

    I recently fitted a new 6000cd to my mk7 transit (2012) and once I'd put in the code and set the time and general stuff I plugged in my iPhone to my aux socket like allways and with my same wire pressed the aux button but for some reason there's no sound when I plug it out the phone plays and naturally I tried the cable in another speaker and it worked fine can anyone help me figure out why there is no sound from my aux ???????
  11. Hi all. New to the forum, but been a member for just over a year. i have a 2004 Ford transit RWD 2004 2.4l. it cold starts just about, but will always start(even if turning over is a fight). and once the vans running its perfect. however once you stop and turn the engine off, even if its for a few minutes, or even straight away now i think about it, it wont restart, it just keeps turning. The only temp fix i have found for this is to squirt (a very minute amount of) easy start, after which it starts just right and then carries on driving perfectly! any ideas on what it might be. All help would be appreciated. kind regards Kai
  12. BcRecovery


    Freshly sign written
  13. BcRecovery


    Freshly sign written
  14. Good evening all, Today I did the deal with Ford in Hull on a 15 plate Transit Courier in metallic Black for my detailing business. Absolutely thrilled with the van but disappointed with the lack of gadgets/upgrades I can buy for it. Anyway great to be here! Michael.
  15. Hi, I am new to this group, and I have a question.. I have a 52 plate transit connect tddi and it looks like the egr wires have snapped (picture attached). The van drives fine, and it is an ex council can so it most defiantly hasn't had an egr delete, so the wires must of snapped. It has always been like this in my ownership so I'm unsure if it makes a difference to power/economy? Will it make more power if I I re-connect it back up? Thank you everybody, much appreciated. - Billy.
  16. Over the years Peter Lee has aquired over 6,000 Transit's ranging from rare & unusual models (with associated paraphernalia) right through to the latest '16 reg van,can anyone match his passion?
  17. Hi guys, Bit of a transit newbie. Picked up this baby almost a year ago and due to living arrangements have only been able to move it from being parked up the street into a proper secure driveway. MOT is due. Needed a new exhaust (sorted) and welding (sorted). The only thing it is now failing on is broken headlamp clip on the nearside headlamp. These things to be really hard to come by because they melt over time. Seems to be plenty of headlamps about but not the clips. Any advice on where to get some of these, or an alternative I could use from something else that would suit the purpose! It's driving me crazy that a little plastic clip is between the van and the MOT!! Many thanks Harry
  18. Recently my transit 2009 started producing a humming sound from the gearbox (MT82 6 speed) in first and reverse, any ideas what may be the issue? Driving into second, third, fourth and fifth is ok without any humming. I have tried to start it into second and third and there's no noise whatsoever from the gearbox although before I thought this sound may be from the differential. All in all, I think it is a bearing in the gearbox but not really sure. Any help will be highly appreciated! The van has 250 000 miles on the clock and most of these are motorway miles. At 210 000 miles the clutch and flywheel have been changed, both Valeo. Thanks.
  19. have a Transit Van 110T300 I need a small freezer in my van. Have been looking for some solutions, but I do not know if they will work. All content who I put in the freezer is frozen before. And I will use the "normal" grid to freeze the freezer. Its just for maintain the temperature. Would like to install one who is 100 liters. Energy consumption on the freezer I looked at is 161W/year Alternator is 150A Battery is 80A Will this work with the standard battery and alternator? What kind of convertor from 12-220v would I need? Anyone who have tried it an can come with tips? Tryed to make som calculations, but I am doing something wrong.
  20. Hi, I was just wondering does anyone have an idea where I could source a door and a front wing on the drivers side for a Ford Transit 1987-89 Thanks
  21. Please delete post, duplicated when posting
  22. Hi everyone, This weekend changed the fuel pump timing solenoid, As with the job had to take out the starter motor. Everything done double/triple checked everything, Go and connect battery up an immediately the starter motor starts to spin and does so until disconnecting the battery. There were no keys in the ignition either, wiring to the starter is correct too. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers K@rl
  23. HI I cannot get my transit van fog lights working there doesnt seem to be any power at the fuse... no other problems with electrics just fog lights. could it be a broken fuse box?? not sure what to do.. is there any way i could bridge some power to the fuse to get it working ( clutching straws ) i dont have a towbar fitted. 57 plate transit. cheers
  24. Hello all and thanks for reading my post. I am 2 month away from my first years no claims and can re-mot my fiesta. Basically im looking for a van which is good for a first time van owner. I am saving up and when I get full MoT on my fiesta I will sell that and put the money towards a van. Does anyone one know what sort of van is reliable and has half decent MPG? Also what sort of prices should i be looking for? Im not to bothered of the age. My first van has to be quite cheap and while im hear how much could i get for my 1996 Fiesta Mk4 lx ghia 1.3? Iv been wanting a van for a wile now but I dont know anything about them and what is good or not. Any help and info will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.
  25. jamesm182

    New Transit Club

    Just letting any Transit owners know we now have a dedicated Transit Club section. Post your Transit related discussions and problems here please :)