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Found 83 results

  1. Hi, I have a '06 Fiesta Style 1.25 in the 5 door variant, current modifications that have been done is that I've replaced the door handles and the boot handle to colour match the paint of the car that has come from a higher spec model as well had the back windows tinted. Just looking for some ideas/inspiration, as its a 1.25 modifications that I am looking to do are strictly cosmetic only. Ideas I had in mind was to get some alloy wheels but I'm not sure whether the ST170 wheels would look any good on the car as is without doing anything to the suspension Pictures of the car
  2. Hi, Wondering if any mine can give some advice on a strange issue I am experiencing. I have recently started noticing that when I am driving over 40mph the car is shaking/wobbling. It feels like it is coming from the back but I am really unsure... I have in the last month had the brake discs replaced, all 4 wheels balanced to try and correct the issue but nothing seems to be fixing it. The model is Ford Focus, 2014 reg and I have only done 33,000 miles in it so far. Anyone got any ideas of advice? And yes I have arranged for it to go to a garage to check it but just seeing what others might think..


    Lad that done my MOT for me on my Fiesta seems to have lost my locking wheel nut and looks like the prick is just using every excuse possible to avoid me. Looks like i'll have to order a replacement, is the only option to contact Ford dealership for a new one? or is there a cheaper option? and how much will i likely get charged by a garage to get the current ones off? thanks.
  4. Just picked up a set of mint condition genuine 2016 focus RS 19 inch wheels wrapped in 235/35 Michelin pilot super sport tires. Got them at a steal of a price from a lad I know who works in ford. Fitting them to my 2011 MK2 zetec s tdci tomorrow. Would yous be interested in a picture to see what they’re like?? No suspension mods.....yet
  5. Ford Escort GTI 15 inch wheels with 195/50/15 tyres 4x108 fitment Wheels are in good condition I do have pictures of tyres and tread depths £150 collection only Any questions please ask
  6. Looking for some advice here... currently have my standard 16" Titanium alloys that are now showing a little bit of scuffing given they're just over three years old. looking to freshen them up by powder coating in either satin or gloss black, and also looking to lower the car by around 30mm, so question is do I get the existing wheels powder coated...or dig deep and shell out for larger rims in black? I can get the existing wheels done by a friend for just over £100 so this is also a factor. I keep hearing black cars shouldn't really have black wheels but I "think" I like that look but certainly open to opinion, once they're done, they're done! Lol Any photographs others may wish to share to get an idea of how the car might look would be great...look forward to hearing from you all soon
  7. Hi, I have just bought a 1.0 2013 Ecoboost and it's pretty awful in the snow (I'm used to a big diesel). Where can I get some steel rims, so I can stick some winter tyres on? I was looking on but I have no idea what FLH,STH and Turnier mean, or what the kW or ccm are. Thanks, Mick
  8. Hi guys, Found a nice set of 17' alloys online and was wondering if they'd fit my 2015 Ford Fiesta which currently has the standard wheels on it. If so would they cause any problems and would I need to get the speedometer recalibrated?
  9. Attempting to find a replacement alloy wheel for a 2017 Ford Kuga Titanium 1.5 TDCI Hi all, I recently had a minor accident thanks to a patch of spilled diesel on the road and hit a high kerb with the front nearside alloy. The damage to the alloy is pretty bad and the tire is bulged, both of which need to go down the scrapyard. I'm having some real difficulty in finding a replacement alloy wheel - I have 17 inch 5-spoke doubles which are different to any that I can find online, even those on the official ford-accessories website. I've attached a photo of my alloys for reference. When compared to the ones on the Ford spares site, you can see that they are different (rim around the badge, shape of the traingular segments etc). I'm at a loose end now and am wondering if anyone knows where I can pick up a matching alloy please? I'm having to drive around on the spare space saver at the moment and really need a replacement. The dealership are being as useful as ***** on a fish too, so if anyone has any help or advice, that would be great. Thanks in advance. MarkNeen.
  10. I'm getting new wheels for my focus mk2, also dropping it 30mm on eibach pro kit springs. Have a few wheel options in mind including 18 inch 2016 rs rep wheels, 2016 18'' st reps and genuine ford kuga wheels. Has anyone any pictures of a focus mk2 with 19 inch kuga Wheels? I'll attach pic below. Thanks
  11. Harryedge

    17" 7.5" 4x108mm ET45

    Will a wheel with a ET45 offset fit my fiesta st180 with out to much work?
  12. Harryedge

    17" 7.5" 4x108mm ET45

    Will a wheel with a ET45 offset fit my fiesta st180 with out to much work?
  13. No one from my insurance company has ever seen my car. If I change my steel wheels to genuine ford alloys will I need to declare it or can I say they came with the car?
  14. Hey. Basically my Ford Fiesta 2013 came with 15 inch Steel wheels and I just bought 17 inch alloys to replace them with. However I don't know what size of tyres I will need to meet the same diameter or how changing them will affect my car. Yes I am an idiotic impulse buyer but could anyone help me out? I have an image of my current wheel size on my 15 inch wheels.
  15. Hello all. I bought 17 inch OEM ford alloys and I want to fit them onto my 2013 Ford Fiesta. I currently have 15 inch steel wheels with 195/50/R15 Tyres. I am aware that in order to keep the speedometer accurate I will have to match the same overall diameter of the wheel, although I can't figure out what size of tyre I will need to match the 15 inch wheels, I know it will have to be a lower profile but I can't work it out. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Nick54320


    Hi there, I have two queries, firstly when driving my 61 reg Ford Fiesta Zetec, when going under 10 mph and especially when turning, I hear a sorts of grinding noise, it doesn't affect the drive just doesn't sound right and I was wondering if anyone had any idea about this or experienced it before? Also, I have a space saver but now have acquired a spare alloy and I was just wondering whether it's possible in anyway to have a full spare in the boot? Whether anyone had done it? And whether if it was to go in, how big it would be? Im going to try it tomorrow but was just wondering if anyone had any experience. Thank you
  17. Hey guys, first day signed up for the site. I have a question regarding alloys for my car. I've been searching for a few days trying to find somthing I'd like. I have a mk7.5 zetec s red edition that I have owned for 2 weeks. I haven't got much of a clue in what alloys would fit and have decent clearance. I'm not planning on spending a lot, max of £350, I'm interested in how the bola b1 looks but it's to much atm as I plan to remap the car soon
  18. Sparkyshaw1265

    Best aftermarket website

    New to this site so hi everyone. Been looking through the posts and can't find what I'm after so this is the reason for this. I'm looking for a website or brand what basically will cover most parts of the fiesta mk7 2010, I'm just looking at improving all parts including suspension(drop links, anti roll bars, ball joints etc) all components for the brakes. Basically everything except the whole engine and chassis lol, would do a few things to engine but not much as is only a 1.25 zetec. Any help or links would be very much appreciated
  19. Hey, I've had a Zetec s ecoboost for about 2 years now and fancy some new wheel. I wanted to keep the stock suspension setup but don't want arch gap or ***** fitment. Anyone have recommendeds of wheels or the size and offset etc I should look for? Tia
  20. organic_jo

    New wheels - which do I buy?

    I need some new wheels for my Ford Fiesta 1.6 Zetec TDCI. I have found some Fox Racing FX004 Black Alloy Wheels which I like the look of but aren't sure if they're worth the cost. I use my car for general driving and commuting to work, but I enjoy driving so would like some nice wheels. Does anyone have any brands to suggest, my budget is £500.
  21. mastersmithson

    Mot and alloy wheels

    Hi all. My car is due for an MOT so changed one of the tyres. On the alloy I saw a small lip and wondered if this would fail the MOT? The guy at tyre place wasn't sure.
  22. DanielCron

    Scuffed edge black alloy

    Hey guys just after a bit of help! I have scuffed the edge of one of my 17" gloss black alloy wheels for my Fiesta Red Edition by accidentally colliding with what I thought was a smaller curb than expected. I have gone to my Trust Ford dealership for some advice/help but they said they don't know anywhere that would repair them since they're gloss black and have told me to ring around various other larger local Trust Ford dealerships but I'm having no luck... I'm yet to hear back from my current dealership after a week of being told to leave it when them! I have browsed online to see if I could find a brand new 17" gloss black alloy wheel but all I have found is ones with damage the same as mine or they aren't in gloss black. I'm actually trying to keep the car's value up as much as possible by looking after it, cleaning it out every so often/washing it because I'll be wanting to sell it soon and having one of the alloys damaged would probably knock it down a bit if I'm correct? Does anybody know where I could get a brand new alloy or if this is possible to be fixed and look brand new again(please ignore the dirt around the wheel, it just needs a wash)?
  23. Hi everyone, I've been happily driving my 2013 titanium fiesta around for about a year and am looking into progressively making her look a bit sportier. One of the quickest ways to achieve a better look is by upgrading the alloys, and the sensible yet tame 14 inch alloys that came as standard with this car are on my list of things to upgrade. I looked into getting OEM alloy wheels, but the prices are outrageous... it would cost me around £800 to get four wheels! And yet, some much more attractive aftermarket wheels are available for less than half the price. The question I want to know is, does buying aftermarket wheels dramatically affect resale? Would I find it very difficult to sell the car with non 'Ford' alloys? Theoretically I could just hang on to the old 14 inch ones until I wanted to sell, but it would be nice to just flog them. Is there a major reason why Ford wheels are so much more expensive? Have any of you guys/girls bought aftermarket alloy wheels and regretted it? Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
  24. mikeyd1

    Tpms malfunction message

    Hi guys got my new wheels today off a 66 plate Focus. But now I keep having tyre pressure malfunction message appear I've reset twice but still coming on. Any advice please guys. Thanks
  25. filouke


    Hello, Can someone tell me if the ka is good on snowy roads because where i live it snows very hard . I put some new Vredestein Wintertrac 5 on the car in 155/70R13