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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, I got a pair of Climair wind deflectors for my mk8 (3 door) and I'm having problems getting them fitted correctly. It's almost like the upright part of them (close to the mirror) are too long. Has anybody else fitted them and has any advise?
  2. Alright Everyone, I have a 2015 Fiesta Zetec S (3dr) and im looking at getting some wind deflectors but can only seem to find some for the 5dr, is there any difference in sizes?? Also what do people recommend? Heko or Climair, has anyone got a link please?? Final question, are they easy to fit? :) Cheers lads.
  3. I have all the car tinted around. I am searching what brand of wind deflector to choose. The metal clips that comes with team heko my scratch my tinted out of my windows and i don't whant this. Anyone used any brand of those two? Any help would be very useful.


    Been looking about for some wind deflectors for my 3dr 07 Fiesta. Seen a lad selling his Heko set for a fair price of £15, he hasn't stated whether his are off a 3dr or 5dr so i asked him and he replied saying that the front wind deflectors are the same size on both the 3dr and 5dr. Is he right? i thought they'd be a different length with the 3dr having larger doors than the 5dr. Does anyone know a site/shop where you can buy a NEW decent set for little bit more £. If it's only gonna be an extra £10 for new ones i'll just go for a set of new ones. Which brand supplies the best wind deflectors? cheers
  5. Afternoon all, i recently got the climair wind deflectors and really like them. However I noticed that the way I've fitted them seems to pry the door seal open a bit. I have a funny feeling this isnt right, as water could get down there: Do I need to refit so the bottom of the wind deflector comes over the top of the door seal? Also if anyone has a photo of the 'correct' fitting that would be super helpful! Thanks, Adam
  6. Hi All I was wondering if anyone knows what's the best wind deflectors for a mk7 Fiesta and how easy they are to fit? Cheers :)
  7. Adam Gallagher

    Shopping List!

    Hey guys, I am looking at making some changed for the summer as the weather has been ok so far this year in Scotland so hoping for some good driving. I have a 15 plate ford fiesta Zetec s in deep blue (3 door). I have tinted the back windows to the factory tint 18% i think, i have also changed the foot well bulbs to blue ones -they look green tho - I have also put a s badge on the front and back. Below is what i am looking at buying and would appreciate advise on where to buy, what brands and any information would be handy. Wind Deflectors (Tinted 18% or darker) Fiesta ST alloys (2013-2016) what colours do they come in? Alloy protectors Full set of floor mats (inc boot) i am looking for ones that are good for summer weather and are easy to clean. A tyre pump to keep in the boot (i hear that you can get electric ones that are good) Blue foot well bulbs ( not the green ones that i have atm) A enginer cover (i ahve the 1.0 eco boost 125) Black and blue ford badge for front back and interior. Any other mods that are unlikely to increase my insurance premiums would be interesting and pics of your parts/mods would be great too. Cheers,
  8. Hey guys, was wondering if any of you know any sites or have links to any sites that sell Mk4 fiesta wind deflectors. I can't seem to find them anywhere. cheers
  9. Adam Gallagher

    wind deflectors

    Hey guys, I have a Deep impact Blue ZS 15 plate and have tinted the back windows was looking at getting wind deflectors but not sure what type are best I want the ones that sit in the channel and I'm not sure where I should buy from. I was also wondering if their are any issues that occur with wind deflectors so they let rain etc.. drip in over time? any pictures of your wind deflectors would be great. cheers guys!
  10. Alright guys and girls, I'm really interested in having my rear windows tinted, I'd have the front two done... But as we all know, they are illegal, so, I'm looking to install wind deflectors - to look the part and help blend the light to dark tint... Aswell as the initial purpose of reducing the wind noise... Anybody got any to recommend? I've got a 5 door fiesta zetec, looking to get the deflectors for both front and rear windows. Thanks in advance. Cookey.
  11. right I picked up my red edition last week and have brought some heko wind deflectors! I do want to put them on the car but have yet to do so, mainly because when I come to get a new car I will remove them, so Im asking if anyone knows how hard they are to remove and will they damage the window seal when you do remove them? Don't want to put them on and then struggle to get them off when the time comes
  12. Wanting some wind deflectors for my 64 plate fiesta zetec s can anybody recommend any to me please. also if you could post pics that would be great.
  13. Gary Tedford


    From the album: mk6 Fiesta zetec

  14. hi guys had a wee look on forums and just wanting another second opinion on the wind deflectors as i have the tints on the back windows I would like the dark wind deflectors but still confused as to which ones to get , team heko or climair ones from the ford shop i know people with team heko ones on other car makes and are good has anyone had both and have a preference?
  15. Hello everybody! I am having problems with the Climair wind deflectors that I've bought a few months ago. The right one does make a horrible sound when I open and close the window plus because of the fact that it does not mould perfectly my window got scratched. Now I am starting to get !Removed! with the wind deflectors especially coming from Climair which states that they are the best in what they are doing. Honestly they did not prove it in my case at least. They don't fit that perfectly and the make a very strange sound when opening and closing the window. Moreover, the left window does not even close that well. Anybody having similar issues with the Climair wind deflectors? Cheers!