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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone, i'm new to this so i apologise if theres an existing thread. Haven't had much luck finding one. I've recently bought a 2017 Focus St-Line 1.5 TDCI. I'm absolutely in love with it but theres a few things that i want to do to make me like it more. There's a few more things like this i want to do but i dont want to ask too many questions on this paticular thread. The one thing i really want to do is to fit electric windows in the rear due to many reasons, i'm aware that this feature is an optional extra which makes me feel it could be done (i believe this option includes one touch open/close). I just want to know if it's possible, what parts i will need to buy, what procedures i will need to go through to make it work (wiring and computer programming) and will it be a mega hard job. Hope to hear back from somebody soon, thanks.
  2. Dinosore

    Electrical Problems

    Hi and thanks in advance! So my wife was driving home tonight and pressed the break or clutch pedal and the horn started sounding! first time only for a second then the 2nd time for about 20 seconds! earlier in the day she said the windows stopped working, passenger is now working but the drivers side only dropping slightly... Any ideas? 1.5 tdci titanium x 2013
  3. After a recent frost tried to open the drivers window and it only opened 1xm. We thought it was the frost but it is still the same now. Opens 1cm only. Closes again ok. Any ideas?
  4. Here's a new one! I lent on my keys which were in my front pocket of my jeans while gardening and all the windows of my Edge opened at the same time! How did that happen? TC
  5. Hi All, I've noticed that my car has the ability to automatically open/close windows by pressing the relevant key down on the key-fob! What i've also noticed is that every window opens, except for the rear passenger this normal? I've a Ford Focus ST2 (66-reg). Thanks, Abi
  6. Hello, I have had a 2008 Focus 1.8 Zetec for about eight months, and in the last few weeks, I found that the windows (driver and passenger sides) won't operate for around 14 seconds after the ignition is turned on. All the other electrics appear to be working satisfactorily. Anybody got any ideas as to what the cause might be? Phill
  7. I have a 2011 Fiesta Zetec. The central locking has failed and key will not turn in lock. Also driver side electric window doesn't work nor the electric windows. The car only has one Key. I've been told it could possibly be a faulty Body Control Module. Been to Ford today but the guy there was clueless and wanted to charge hours of labour to strip down doors etc. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  8. Hi All I was wondering if anyone knows what's the best wind deflectors for a mk7 Fiesta and how easy they are to fit? Cheers :)
  9. Vinnybhamra

    Auto Open/Close Windows

    Just bought a used focus a few days ago and i noticed the driver side window opens automatically but does not close also, the passenger window also neither auto opens or closes which is quite annoying, i also cant use the key for this. Just wanted to double check that this isnt something wrong with the car. I tried a few of the window reset tutorials but they didnt work and i also wasnt sure if this was for my vehicle model. i have a Focus 1.6 tdci 2008 mk2 facelift i hope this isnt something that isnt available.
  10. Hey guys, was wondering if any of you know any sites or have links to any sites that sell Mk4 fiesta wind deflectors. I can't seem to find them anywhere. cheers
  11. Hi everyone. I searched the forums and couldn't see this asked anywhere so sorry if I missed it. Does anyone know if it is possible to retro fit one touch up and down windows to the passenger side? I have the one touch up and down feature on the drivers side but not the passenger. The switch on the drivers side clicks a second time for the one touch function where as the passenger does not. Can I just change it out for a switch or is there some software and coding involved?
  12. Guys and Girls, slightly different problem I think, apologies if I'm being a bit thick or this has been covered else where, Had my Zetec 3dr for a few days its a 2014, both windows will only open to half way? did have the battery disconnected to do a sub install, thought it was just a reset issue, but still no joy. Any advice? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi About a week ago I went outside and found the four windows all almost fully open. The key was hung up in the hallway, so the buttons had not been pressed accidently (I am aware this is a feature if you press and hold the button from a previous thread). This morning the same thing happened. Again, keys hung up in the hallway. The alarm went off twice last night when walking past, but not touching the car. The alarm has not gone off before, so guessing this is not linked. Is this likely to be a fault with the electrics in the car, or could there be a dodgy signal from the key fob? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi. So, I booked my car in to have the rear windows tinted. And rang my insurance to declare them and tell them of what was going to happen. Resulted in our price going up roughly around £250/year? Seriously?
  15. 10dawson

    Ford Fiesta - Windows

    Hi guys, Just got the 2015 Ford Fiesta Zetec - absolutely loving it! :) I have a few friends who tell me if the windows are open when I lock the car using the remote, the windows will go up by themselves and the car will lock as normal - if that makes any sense? Does anybody else know anything about this or if it is possible? Thanks guys! :D Connor
  16. So, just upgraded my laptop to Windows 8.1 and.... It seems pretty much the same to me. Anyone else done the upgrade? I haven't delved too deeply but the only things I have really noticed are the obvious start button (seems pointless as it does the same as the windows key anyway and goes back to the tile screen) and also the fact that I can set my own background on the tile screen (nice but not ground breaking). Also, my bluetooth stopped working after the update and I had to reinstall the drivers so that wasn't great but hey it's all working now! Anyone else have any thoughts?
  17. Does anyone know what the level of tint is for factory fit privacy glass on recent Fiesta's? I've got a 13 plate Titanium and it's a heavy tint, I'm guessing 18 - 20%. If anyone knows for certain let me know. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi there, noticed the other day that I had a few scratches on my drivers side window, there not deep just light surface scratches. Was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to how to get rid of them. Thanks for your help!
  19. Hi, I recently installed a subwoofer and amplifier into my mk7 fiesta, but now the windscreen wipers and power windows aren't working. There doesn't seem to be any other problems and the fuses for these look okay (also there's a beep when you turn the car off in the engine bay which I haven't heard before) Thanks in advance, Billy
  20. Recently ordered a new fiesta studio, found out last night by having a look at the pre-reg cars at the back of the dealer that it doesn't have electric windows. Its clearly stated in the brochure and on the website that the car has these as standard. Where do i stand on this when i go collect the car on the 15th? It's sorta put me off, wish i'd gone for the higher spec now if i knew that. Can I expect some discount? Spec list: Brochure:
  21. Hey Ford lovers... Take a look at the wonderful job <REMOVED BY ADMIN> done for me tinitng my windows. A very reasonable price they charged and a professional service provided. Check them out. I recommend them if you are interested in tinting your car. Professional Car Window Tinting, Tints, Films, Darkening & Car Security Systems. Regards Osbertos
  22. Hello to you all. I'm new to this Forum :-) Found it through Google. I'd like to present you my very own Computer in my StreetKa: I'd be thankful for every kind of feedback :-) By the way: Where do I find the rules of this Forum? Greetings, Andrew
  23. Hi, I have a 2007 Ford Fusion 3+. a little while ago the passenger electric window would only work sometimes. I tended to work when the car was moving - I know its a bit strange. Now it has stopped working all together. The drivers one is fine.I replaced the switch and it still does not work. Has anyone experienced the same issue. Any ideas? Thanks
  24. Hi there all, Just bought a new (to me) 2003 Galaxy Ghia 2.3. I wonder if I could ask the assembled wisdom a few questions please? 1) Cambelt - What is the interval for replacement please? 2) I have peeled back the wiring in the o/s/r door jam and there are a load of broken wires in there. The window on that door doesn't work, but everything else does seem to - what would all these wires be for? 3) Air Con - despite a re-gas, it doesn't work. Before I spend a fortune, any ideas on the most common failures with this (has the separate controller for the rear and is all digital type. 4) Trip Computer - The display for this starts really bright - but when you've been driving for a bit, the display starts to dim so after about 20 mins it is almost unreadable. Is this lit with normal bulbs from behind or is it an LED display? Also, pressing the buttons on the end of the wiper stalk appears to do nothing at all - computer fault or stalk fault? 5) What kind of MPG should I be expecting? Other than that the car's wonderful! Love it to bits.