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Found 66 results

  1. Hi I'm new to this forum so I hope this is the right section I have a mk1 2004 focus Basically I've replaced the original head unit with an aftermarket and it was working fine then suddenly turned off I checked fuse and it's fine, after testing and having a fiddle it seems the ignition live cable is dead but the permanent live is fine? Any ideas? Is there a separate fuse? I've wired it up using the permanent live but I'm worried I'll forget to turn off the head unit and drain the battery Thanks Tom
  2. Hi All Bought my first Ford Focus (Zetec mk2.5, 10 plate) 3 weeks ago and unfortunately have only just noticed an annoying issue. Was hoping someone would be able to offer advice/ a fix. The parking sensors were working perfectly. A friend pointed out to me that my reverse bulb had gone. When I went to replace it, there wasn't a bulb in there. 'Strange' I thought... I went and bought a bulb and fitted it, got someone to check it was working properly, and it was. Great. The next day I noticed the Parking sensors were not working, at all. I instantly made the link that it could be something to do with my new bulb. I removed the bulb and low and behold the Parking Sensors worked. So basically, I can either have a working reverse light, or working parking sensors, but not both! Very frustrating. I'm assuming it's a wiring issue but I'm not great with cars or electricity so I was hoping someone could help me! I love my first Focus other than this annoying problem! Cheers
  3. Have put Recaro seats in my Zetec S facelift but the air bag light is on? I assume the wiring loom layout is different to my old seats? Have an MoT in two days so need to try and get it sorted. Anyone else ran into this problem? Any help would be grateful. Cheers (Im assuming orange and purple cables are the airbag and seatbelt cables. But not sure what slot they would plug into. As for the others actually in the loom (blue green and yellow) I have no idea?)
  4. DRL issues

    Ok, so my cheapy Chinese DRLs have been on for over 6 months in all weathers and conditions and have worked great (for the price I'm pleased anyway) Last night my neighbour knocks on to say my lights are still on on the car. I have a look and its the DRLs. I know that after switching the car off they stayed on for a little while but then usually go off completely after a bit. The driver side one has always been brighter than the passenger side when this happens as well but I've never thought anything of it really. However, the car has been stood for several hours by this point and they are still on. I can only pinpoint this change to the same time as hardwiring my dashcam. I got a generic £13 kit from amazon which is supposed to sense the car's battery voltage and shut off if it is less than about 11.7v I think. So I put the fuse tap into F73 in the passenger footwell, which is a constant live supply to the auxiliary alarm. Thinking this was causing the DRLs to stay on; as there is a constant draw on the battery, maybe the car's electrics stayed on longer than usual, allowing a seepage of power to the DRLs - I moved the dashcam to fuse 86. Same problem. I've noticed tonight that the DRL's are still on to the extent that they were for a few minutes after switching the engine off. I've just been out and unplugged the cam for now to see if that cures the problem but has anyone else had this? They're the 'fang' style DRLs in the grille sails with a conrtol box and 3rd dimming wire. @kpg has some, I know and IIRC @Victory or @vibeone have them too? Any similar issues with yours, guys?
  5. Hi, I was driving home the other night and my radio stopped working, interior light for the hazard button wouldn't work and the warning lights for airbags and drivers seat belt warning lights came on the dash. There was also a plastic burning smell, like there had been surge in the wires which had caused the plastic coating to melt. I drove the car yesterday on a short journey and all of the electrical faults were gone apart from the radio which still wasn't working although there is now a clicking noise coming from the fuse box although I have checked all the fuses and none of them have blown. Today I have taken a few interior panels and the head unit out to see if I can find any burnt wires but without any success. Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have any advice? My goal is to find the issue so I can get it fixed professionally. Thanks
  6. Tomorrow I take delivery of my nearly new Mondeo Estate 210 Diesel and will be saying goodbye to my trusty Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Estate. I had wired my dash cam into the fuse box using a piggy back connector. So that I don't have to spent hours scrabbling about trying to find a fuse that is only live when the ignition is on, and doesn't stay live while the car powers down or while it sits on the drive etc, can any one tell me which fuse socket to use?
  7. Hi, I've got a mk7 Fiesta and want to fit LED halo rings onto the fog surrounds. I have seen a few places I can buy them but my question is how easy are they to fit? I' hoping someone who has already done them can help me out! This is what I found... https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/fiesta-mk7-5-2013-2017/products/drl-indicator-led-ring-kit https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/fiesta-mk7-5-2013-2017/products/ambient-led-ring-kit Many thanks !!!
  8. Hi all I'm trying to find a headlight plug for the mk7.5 fiesta, as I'm in the process of facelifting my mk7 can't find any on eBay or anywhere online any help??
  9. Hello, would anyone per chance happen to have a wiring/pin out dagram for a bosch pcm/ecu 7m51-12a650-ua Many thanks in advance for any assistance ( :
  10. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me what this plug should go into (the plug in the red square), as at the moment its just hanging. And what it is for, the only thing not working is the air con as the fan is not kicking in. I'm hoping this just need to be plugged back in but i cant see where it should go. Thanks 1.0 2016 ecoboost fiesta
  11. Hello everyone, I am currently reading up on an old guide In which you can find a picture of the interior light of an Mk6.5. I, however, own a MK6 and had to discover that they actually look different on the inside! Attached is the one I have. Can anyone tell me which metal contacts are good to connect pos and neg wires to, if I want to wire up LEDs to be on when the interior-light goes on (e.g. when a door is detected open)? That'd be really helpful of you guys. Otherwise, I am already set and can follow the guide very well. Since it was a question about the polarity (and contacts) of the actual interior light I thought it'd be okay to post here, instead of in the old guide-thread. If it's not alright, I apologize for the inconvience. Also, is it normal that the wires are so short on the Mk6 version..?
  12. Hi all Maybe someone can help me. My ford fiesta fun 99 dash lights failed. Later we realised that the rear lights and reverse lights also failed. I found a 10 amp fuse which blew, and 1 reverse light (also blown). I exchanged these and checked all other fuses, but the lights aren't working still. I only have indicators on both sides in the rear that work. I also checked the wiring and can't see any exposed wires. I don't know where else to check
  13. Mk3 mystery plug...

    Mmmmk. So. In taking the passenger footwell side panel off to wire in an illuminated gear knob, I discover an empty socket and a foam-wrapped plug which apparently will fit it but isn't plugged in. All the wires are there in both plug and socket so I'm wondering if anyone knows what the heck it's for??! The red and black socket here is at the front of the passenger footwell. And this little chap is completely encased in very sticky foam. Ford definitely did not want me plugging that in, but I'd like to have an idea what it does before I do =]]
  14. Phil's Build Thread

    I never usually do this but I've never really had a car worth posting about before. I've recently become the proud owner of a 1.6 TDCI Ti Nav in Panther Black and I love it! I still want to bugger about with it and I want to put together a list of mods I want to do and stuff I want to buy (more for keeping track myself than anything else) and I'd appreciate any opinions, recommendations and links people may have. Firstly, there are some givens. Mine has the auto mirror and rain sensors but the upper section of the cover is missing. Didn't spot this before buying due to the way I was sat but I have to say it's niggling! If anyone has the part number I'd appreciate it! I also want to get some decent mats, preferably rubber but obviously fitted for the studs in the floor. Also a boot liner (hatchback). I'll be replacing as many bulbs as possible with LEDs, though I have read a lot of reliability issues with some sidelights. After those, the rest are in the 'maybe' pile I quite like the idea of wind deflectors but don't want the Halfords-Nailed-On look. Opinions? Illuminated gear knob would be nice (working on that one), maybe even the scuff plates... Bonnet lifters Reverse camera Front parking sensors (can be retrofit?) Some nice looking pedal covers DRLs. Preferably oem but price would probably mean 'fang' style Colour changing ambients. Following another thread I think this is possible Front window tint 18" alloys to replace my 16's Front bumper lip. Remap. New front and rear badges ( rear is going white round the edge and front has one hell of a stone chip - I read somewhere dealers replace these for free on less than 10 year old cars?) topped with gel coats. LED reflectors. I've seen this done with twin intensities for side and brake lights. Dunno how much of this will ever get done but it's nice to have a list! I also have a couple of questions if anyone can answer: Can the SYNC voice control be programmed to activate my phone directly? Or can the command choices for SYNC 1 be improved with a software update? Is there a way to re-calibrate the trip computer? My instant mpg is nearly always 99.9 when cruising at any speed and only drops when accelerating hard. £20 of fuel apparently buys me 700+ miles... What is the button nearest the driver for below the air con controls? I'll put up a pic if needed but the one I mean is next to the disable start/stop button in the same bank as the front and rear window heaters. It's blank in mine but I'd be interested to know if I can put whatever it is in! Heated seat maybe?
  15. Help!

    Hello wondering if anyone can help me! Ive changed the seats in my Ford Fiesta edge 11 plate, I've bought leather seats from a newer model there heated too but they don't connect to the wiring loom? Is there anything I can do because obviously the airbags/connector isn't connected? Or do I just need to put the old seats back in 😞 Thank you
  16. Wiring diagrams

    I'm trying to find on the wiring diagrams, that someone kindly supplied on these forums, the plug that connects the AC blowers and heaters but I'm struggling to find it... Anyone know what they are technically called?
  17. Just installed my brand new Xtrons PB76FSFAP-B head unit, and i love it... just tweeking the finer details on it. i would like to dim my head unit when the headlights come on as they are automatic anyway im told from some of the forums that there is an orange wire behind the unit that needs to be plugged into the headlight pin. does anyone have any material on which pin is for which on my wiring loom? the previous unit dimmed on headlights starting up so this is a good sign.
  18. Hi folks, I've been having a problem with the OS rear indicator. At first, I thought it was a blown bulb, but a new one isn't fixing the problem. I have no other apparent issues with any other lights, just this one which won't illuminate and, as such, has the front and repeater going bonkers. I haven't managed to check anything else, but the wiring seemed fine around the cluster area. I don't have a manual or anything, so if I need to find something to check, I'll probably need pointing towards it, please. Cheers.
  19. Hi is anyone ofay with the wiring of the titanium mk 2, namely at the back of the centre console I was Removing the centre console to swap out my old Sony Radio and i came accross two redundant wires that go into a blank, next to the heated front and rear windscreens does anyone know what these are for? I would like to punch one of these blanks out to make way for a usb port and auxilliary scoket so i can plug my phone into the new system cant find anything on the wiring diagrams or my haynes. The colours are. (LGY) Light Green with Yellow Chaser and (BR) Black with Red Chaser and join into a red plug that is not connected to anything
  20. Hi gang, I recently went about replacing my stock front speakers in my MK2 (Pre-facelift) as they had both blown, with great success: Finally Have Working Speakers! I then decided to see what was happening in the rear (I know what you're thinking), and discovered that there were no speakers or wiring. Off I go to Halfords and pick up some lovely FLI 5x7 Coaxial speakers, bulb connectors, blade connectors and 8m of speaker cable. Several hours later and everything is sorted, all speakers working perfectly, and as far as I was concerned, wired and connected up "perfectly", happy chappy. So today I head off to work and after about 25 minutes all sound cuts out, when I park up, only the right front speaker was working and it sounded like a whisper at max volume. After work I checked the fuse, which was undamaged, hopped back in the car, plugged in the radio code and hey presto! Everything was working fine again! But pride comes before a fall, as after 20 minutes down the road, everything bar that right front speaker was out cold like Jose Aldo. I've run a few checks over the head unit and wires with a multi-meter, but I'm no pro, so I have no idea what I'm looking for. Has anyone had this issue before? Or any suggestions for how to fix it? Thanks in advance, Sam
  21. Info on the problem. - 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 Style - Auto - 30,000 Miles Short version of what’s wrong with the car and important notes: - Mostly heat related starting problem - The car drives perfectly - There is no injector pulse when fault is occurring, the most important info here is wiggling the wiring harness WILL get the car to start when the car is NOT hot, however when the engine has warmed to normal operating temp wiggling wires will not have any affect which I’m guessing is due to thermal expansion. - ECU has been swapped out with another new one and problem persisted. - Disconnecting the ECT sensor will get the car to start almost 99% reliably. - ECT sensor has been replaced. - Crank sensor has been replaced. - No fault codes ever registered. I have been trying to trace the problem through the wiring harness but it’s proven to be too difficult. The current process I’m using to find the problem is to investigate all sensors and their circuits that have anything to do with fuel injection, the only problem is that I do not have a large knowledge base when it comes to cars. I am wondering if you guys can help me and please be so kind to tell me what sensors you know to affect fuel injection and if you’ve ever heard of such a problem before or know of anything that could help. I have a scanning tool and have been inspecting how certain sensors work and everything seems to be fine (voltages .etc) to my knowledge which again isn’t vast. I have had a friend bridge the whole ECT sensor circuit to eliminate it and sure enough the problem is not regarding the ECT circuit. I’m getting close to having to give up a perfectly good car all because of some stupid wiring problem. Thank you for any help, it is much appreciated.
  22. multi plug corrosion - snapped pin

    Hi, I have a 59 plate fiesta td1.4 with corrosion in the multi-plug that is situated forward and under the battery tray. One of the pins has now broken and the vehicle no longer starts. What is this part/bit of the loom called please and what should I expect to pay for a replacement part? would any one have a guide on how to replace it? I suspect its a wing off and loom replacement job. :-( Many thanks, Rich
  23. Having had my drivers side mirror removed by a dear old lady - it exploded, the powdered glass was all up my window and I was left with a stump - I priced a replacement from Ford, cost of parts £350-ish. Nothing in the breakers, on fleabay I found a complete replacement, pattern, from Latvia for £116 + £28 p&p. Physically identical except that it doesn't have the narrow segement down the side, the wiring colours were different and the plug was 8 pin, the Mondy is a 12. Before I go any further my background is a control panel and systems designer, so wiring is something I've done a fair bit of. While I was waiting for delivery (10 days or so) I stuck a round blind spot mirror on what was left, better than nothing. Attached .pdf of wiring mods. Mondeo Mirror.pdf Tony
  24. Was wondering if its possible to bypass the fuse box and wire straight from the battery to the radio. I would install a switch on the dash to turn it on off ect. Just wondering what i would need and if its possible. Reasoning for doing this is explained in my other post. Thanks
  25. T10 Light Adapter

    Hi Guys and Gals, Looking to up the footwell lighting in my focus. I've currently just got a couple of LED bulbs in there, but with the Focus mk2.5 (unsure about other models), the bulb holder is too far inwards towards the center console and not low enough. So all the light is lost behind the dash and barely any reaches the actual footwells. Am looking at fitting an LED strip along the crash barrier underneath to better light up both footwells. Have seen T10 adapters that plug in with wiring coming off them, and more than happy to solder onto these exposed wires. What i'm getting at is, has anyone got experience with these adapters?? I believe just a small piece of plastic, positive one side, negative the other and a bit of solder will suffice, but will that be reliable?? I'd rather plug something in than splice or 'piggyback' onto wiring under the dash. Can you just buy these adapters without any LED's?? If anybody has any lying around then let me know! Any help, advice, links etc is much appreciated, thanks!