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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, My MK2 2006 Focus, aircon not engage, but cooling fan is working when push ac button. i checked fuses under glove box and bonnet , all off them were fine, i checked gas pressure is ok. i checked pressure sensors, low and high pressure were fine. when i push ac button, lamp will on, and cooling fan is starting to turn under bonnet, but ac compressor not turninig !!! and there is no electric is comming ac compressor cable plug !!! IS THERE ANY CONNECTION PLUG ON THE CABLE WHICH IS BETWEEN AC COMPRESSOR AND PCM ECU ??? i checked car dtc with FORSCAN software, but there is no fault code, please help.
  2. another air con problem.... on my 2010 fiesta, I noticed the air coming from the vents isn't very cold. So I used a kitchen probe to get an accurate reading from the centre vents. During the recent warm weather, during the day it was coming out at about 13 degrees whilst idling. But I've tested it at about 6pm today, outside temp was 17, and the air con was quite steady at around 7 degrees whilst idling. then I upped the revs to 1500, 2000, and 2500 respectively. What I noticed was as the rpm rose, the temperate rose to about 8 degrees, but then once I held the throttle steady, the temperature then came back down to 6.8 degrees. lovely and cold. but I cant get this nice low temperature during the day. it has recently been topped up with refrigerant. I've watched the compressor, and the clutch seems to be working, although it does come on and off I noticed during the warmer temperature, but it was constantly on when I took the 17 degrees evening reading. The low pressure pipe feels lovely and cold, and you can see the condensation. the fan is working perfectly well. whats thrown me is its not working properly when the weather warms up, if it was consistently abnormal id have it in the garage as soon as.
  3. maccalen

    Air Con Troubles (Again!)

    I have an ongoing issue with my air-con. I have had it recharged twice in about 12 months and it only seems to be effective for about a month and then it is not working. However, I have just had it leak tested and there are no leaks in the system. I've had a quick read online (I'm very much a novice) and I've changed my air filter as suggested, which hasn't helped at all. As I say, no leaks. All fuses are working. When I switch the air con on, the light illuminates on the AC button and all the fans work correctly as well. Please help, it's driving me mad in this heat! I have a Ford Focus, 59 plate, 1.8TDCi.
  4. BargaTim

    Intermittent AC issue

    Most of the time the AC is great, whether driving, stationary, extreme heat, etc. Inexplicably some times, after an hour or so of running, it drops in effectiveness, air from the vents is still cooler than outside air but not as cool as it was previously and not cool enough to keep the car cool. It is as if the compressor is on half strength. Over-riding fan and temperature settings (ie set fan to full and temp to 'LO') does nothing to improve matters. Switch off the whole cooling system for a couple of minutes and it is back to full effectiveness again. Then after an hour or so ... and so on. Not great for long journeys on hot days. I have not yet been back to my local service department. I will but thought I would ask here first.
  5. Hello all, Picked up my Focus MK2.5 2008 1.8 Petrol Titanium last month and I'm loving it. Checked the engine today and found this pipe unattached. I've found threads about it falling off, but I cannot find anywhere it goes! I've been looking for like 30 minutes with no luck :( Can someone help me find the connection or preferably send me a picture
  6. Noticed as the weather is warming up, when I turn on my air con on a 2010 fiesta, its not exactly cold. So I opened her up, ran the air con and noticed that the compressor clutch at the end of the compressor, seemed to be intermittent. It would run for maybe 5 seconds, then disengage for maybe 2 seconds, then start again, and this is a continuous cycle, so the likely cause of the lack of cold air. having seen how expensive these are, is this an issue that can be fixed rather than replaced? if so, has anyone had this issue and been quoted for the fix.
  7. adriang123

    Aircon Smell

    Hi, I need some advice with an aircon smell issue. I bought the 2010 Mk7 Fiesta recently and found out that there is an odor coming from the vents mostly when the heat is on. I did try foam cleaner in vents, changed the pollen filter, sprayed the outside vents with an aerosol disinfectant but no luck, the odor is still there. I did regas the AC out and seems that it is not as cold as it should be. I have a feeling it might be a huge bacterial problem on the evaporator or it might be clogged, but I do not know how to reach it or clean it. A picture with the location might be useful. At first where would it be located? How easy is to clean it? Any other alternatives to solve the issue out? Looking forward to your replies. Thanks.
  8. m_fairfax

    Air vent selector dial issue

    Hi all, An issue arose last night with the round dial that selects the direction that air blows from in my fiesta last night. All was working as normal and air was blowing on windscreen. Turned the direction to feet and something didn't feel right. Air will only now blow straight at me and nowhere else. There used to be a bit of tension when turning the dial indicating that something was changing the direction however now there is no tension when changing positions. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Car is a mk7/mk7.5 (unsure - 63 plate zetec s 1.6tdi) fiesta Cheers
  9. Hey, Throwing this out there for anyone who may know. Recently the ac & recirculate buttons on my focus (2012 Mk3) stopped working. They usually light up when pressed, but no light and no function. Fans work fine tho. Checked the fuses (all 3 locations), all looked fine relating to aircon. My mate said the gas might be low; but it;s only been running for 5 years and I have no warning lights. Is that possible? Cheers,
  10. Hi guys. First time poster here. Got a 2010 Mondeo, and it have been working perfect for 5 years now. All of a sudden the outdoor temperature thingy says its 58C. Well, I`m from Norway, and I`m pretty sure its just 15C even in the summer :/ I would love some clear instruction on how to find the thingy that is measuring the outdoor temperature. Read somewhere that is either in the front of the engine, easy to access and cheap to get a new one.. or in one of the mirrors (sounds expensive). Would love a picture or something like that to recognize it on my car. Sadly, the AC is not working correctly now that the outside air is slightly wrong :) Full heat works, but if I try anything else its just blowing cold air. Thanks in advance for your time, and if this is possible to fix with two electrician-hands a link to a new sensor would be awesome as well. Peace and love. //Norway.
  11. hello everyone, I have a strange knocking sound on my focus mk2.5. It happens when I lift my foot off the acceleration pedal quickly and also when I accelerate harshly, the sound gets more noticeable with the AC on It seems to originate from the lower front end of the car. any ideas on what's causing this. thanks
  12. DecFiesta2012

    Fiesta loud AC rattle/vibration

    Hi all, when I turn my AC on it rattles and vibrates very loudly, I think it may be the fan. The car was serviced in September with no problems. Does anyone have an idea what this may be and what the cost is to repair it? Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, I've got a Ford Focus 2014 (mk3.5 shell) and I've noticed that my air conditioning unit has got weaker and weaker for the past few months of having the car. I believe the refrigerant is leaking (as it's less effective and hissing) and I wondered whether this would be covered by the warranty? Is it normal for a new car to have a leaking air con unit this quickly? Many Thanks, Seb
  14. Hi guys, so two days ago i bought my first car! its a 06 fiesta zetec s facelift and is awesome, but heres the problem: The previous owner has done a tonne of really nice mods to the car but one of these was painting a bunch of the interior parts red. needles to say the paint looks terrible haha. I've taken off the salvageable pieces to sand back and respray them however there are these two plastic vents that sit behind the normal ringed air vents on the far left and right of the dash. these are painted so badly it is an eyesore to say the least lol! so my question is what are they called and where can i get replacements, because I've tried searching for all kinds of dash vent variants and can seem to find replacement ones anywhere? any help would be much appreciated. thanks :)
  15. Afternoon, Ford fiesta 1.4 tdci (59) Blowers have gradually slowed day after day until they stopped working all together the other day on every setting. Having read a few similar posts, thought it could be the heater resistor. Changed that, nothing happened. Read another that it could be the pollen filter, changed that, nothing happened. Come to the conclusion that the blower motor is knackered and needs changing. I can get one from the scrappy, Only problem is I cannot for the life of me find out where the bugger is! YouTube - nothing Blueprint guides - nothing Need to try and get it done because it's !Removed! cold! And it's getting to the stage where the condensation is so bad the inside of frozen as well as the outside. Cheers!
  16. Hi guys, I am having a problem identifying this A/C system part. Does anyone know the exact name?
  17. Hey guys. Just got the bad news after £300 of work done already that the compressor has a leak. Apparently this will require a replacement compressor. The choice I have is a new compressor at about £270 (Euro Car Parts) + fitting or getting a secondhand compressor. After already spending a bunch on trying to get the AC going it seems annoying to have to spend as much or more on replacing this part too. Without it seems I wasted that £300. The car is a 2001 focus so I am not sure how well a second-hand one would go as I'll be looking at parts at least 10 years old (unless the newer Focus' use exactly the same part). Is there any advice as to what I should go for (new/second hand/cut my losses)?
  18. Hi, I have a 2005 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Mk2 and have been having some issues with its air conditioning system. It has the manual air conditioning, not the climate control system. Every summer since we've owned it (October 2011) we've had to get the air conditioning 'gas' filled up every time we wanted to use it. This often meant once we got the rare week or two with very warm temperatures, that I'd have to go to a garage and get the system 'filled up'. The thing is, after a month or so, the air conditioning becomes non-functional, and just starts blowing out lukewarm air. Because the warmest of the weather has gone by then, it's forgotten about and the same process is repeated again next summer. Now to me, this seems odd. Having to get the system filled up again after such a short space of time doesn't seem right to me, especially since we don't use the system excessively. I don't have any formal knowledge about car air conditioning systems and it'd be great if someone could shed some light on this, and tell me if this normal. Thanks.
  19. Hi Guys, was wondering if you could help me. I have had a search online for this and cant seem to find anything for a car the same model as mine. Basically over the weekend i used the car and the AC worked fine Hot and Cold. I got into the car this morning and no Hot air was coming through into the car. everything still works (heated windscreens, cold air, fans, etc...) apart from the hot side of the temperature gauge. when turning the knob to the hot side there is a fair bit of resistance. if you let go of the knob it also sometimes pings back towards the cold air side of the gauge. Does anybody here know what this is and how to fix it? from what i know so far it is just the gauge that needs fixed. thanks for any replies :)
  20. I have a problem with the ac compressor clutch on my 2004 mondeo 2.0 tdci. It started with the ac just working occasionally, then not at all. I got no error messages, and no blown fuses. The only sign of problems is that the air blowing is not cold. I think it is the clutch thats not engageing. Is there any (easy) way to check the mag coil with an external powersupply, and/or dismantle the clutch with the compressor in the car? All help will be appreciated, but if anyone got some pics that would be great!!
  21. I have a problem with the ac compressor clutch on my 2004 mondeo 2.0 tdci. It started with the ac just working occasionally, then not at all. I got no error messages, and no blown fuses. The only sign of problems is that the air blowing is not cold. I think it is the clutch thats not engageing. Is there any (easy) way to check the mag coil with an external powersupply, and/or dismantle the clutch with the compressor in the car? All help will be appreciated, but if anyone got some pics that would be great!!
  22. Hi! A couple of days ago I discovered that air-conditon only works on driver side. When controls set on low, passenger side only blows outside temperature - not air con. Tried everything else - warm, cold, up, down etc - everything works fine. I have these ventilation controls: Anybode else who experienced this problem? Could it be a servo/motor/damper problem? Thanks for any help :)