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Found 56 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me at all. I recently hit my bumper reversing in a car park (silly I know), the impact was very minor. All looked well however I noticed when I shift into 3rd or 4th gear, my car begins making a loud droning noise. It also feels less responsive shifting gears, gets chuggy and doesn't seem as powerful. I haven't seen any leaks and there doesn't seem to be any other issues nothing hanging off, at lower speeds runs okay. Does anyone have an idea as to what may have happened? My car is a 2005 Ford Streeka, 38,000 miles. Thank you!
  2. Having had a few stalling issues I think I may have traced it to this dangly boi: I found him nesting on the passenger side of the fuel tank and I believe him to be a vacuum hose somehow related to the evap system (something I know very little about other than there are a lot of hoses and they are everywhere!). Based on the curves, It feels like he wants to live somewhere near the cylindrical thing that's on the fuel tank (charcoal canister?): Does anyone have any idea where this thing is supposed to connect to? I think it comes from the evap solenoid (cylindrical thing with an electrical connector, bolted onto the intake manifold in such a way that it seems like an afterthought) and is part of the fuel vapour system. I also assume it's pretty important that it is connected to something and I also suspect that it may have snapped off of something too as the plastic feel sharp and pointy (you might be able to see it in the picture). Any advice REALLY appreciated as i've spent hours trying to solve this blasted stalling problem!
  3. Jeffers71

    2010 Fiesta Zetec

    Hi, Picking up My 2010 Fiesta Zetec today, it needs lots of TLC and a really good clean (been neglected for to long) any ideas how I can bring the best out of it ? Need bits for it, any suggestions where to get these ? Spare wheel rim, brace and jack, complete set of wheel nuts (including locking) centre caps for alloys. Want it to look stunning when all done 🤞🏻
  4. Hello, I have recently bought a (new for me) 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec from a private seller. It only has the aux port (no USB connection) and when I press the phone icon it comes up with 'MUTE' and a speaker symbol with a cross through it - same for aux. When I plug in my aux cable nothing happens my phone is unable to connect to the car and when I search for the car to sync on Bluetooth no options come up. I was really looking forward to playing my music in this car and having the hands-free option to answer my phone from my steering wheel but I am at a loss. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, D
  5. Realised the other day that my coolant level is below the minimum mark on my MK6 Fiesta. Would i be alright just adding some deionised water to the fluid that's already in the tank or should i go and buy the ford specified coolant/antifreeze mix and just add that? General rule is always 50/50 coolant/water mixture right? or can you just add ready mixed coolant to the tank and not use any water? not sure whether the current fluid is just 100% coolant or if its a 50/50 water coolant mix thanks. Should i; Just add deionised water to the fluid already in the tank? Buy a bottle of coolant and just add it to the fluid already in the tank? Do a complete flush out to be safe?
  6. I was trying to fix a badge to my honeycomb grill when suddenly the screw thread dropped down behind the grille. Cannot find it anywhere at all. Should I be worried or will it just drop out never to be seen again. Personally I didnt feel it necessary to remove the grille to try and fish it out as its only dropped down in front of the intercooler. Just want to see what anyone else thinks I should do! Thanks fellas, and ladies!


    Anyone know what would get the paint off? it's been like that for months but I've had no luck finding a replacement wheel near me so was wondering if there's a cheap fix to at least tidy it up thanks. I've already asked a local car group on Facebook and majority of the responses was to use G3. I messaged the company saying that i had been advised to use their products to clean my wheel up but they responded saying their products wouldn't do the job and said that 'There are likely better suited products from other suppliers to remove paint at a chemical level rather than abrasives'. Anyone know of any products or able to give me some tips on how to get the paint off thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm seeking advice on choosing a water pump for my 03 1.4 petrol fiesta. The motorcraft pump costs £72 ouch. Are original parts better or is there quality out there for cheaper? My timing belt needs replacing also and I've been told Ford use Dayco? So I can save a bit of money there perhaps. Any advice is much appreciated. Jason
  9. Been looking for a reverse light switch for my 07 Fiesta on ECP however in the results 2 reverse switches show up (ERA + FAE), will either fit my car or do i need a specific one? do i need the FAE or ERA one? i did ask them on their chat support thing but one said FAE and then when i went on another site they told me i needed the ERA one so i thought someone on here could help as they're useless, cheers.
  10. Hi, I am looking at getting a second hand fiesta st180 but can' decide on blue or black. I kind of want to be different as blue is most common and popular but I hear black can be hard to keep clean and shows scratches and chips easier? I'll do my best to look after it just thinking long term... would help if people with these colours or have had them can share their opinion! Thanks!! 😁

    TomTom or Garmin?

    Been looking around for my first sat nav but can't decide whether to go for a Garmin or TomTom and was wondering what other drivers use/prefer and why. Just looking for something that's easy to use/setup and has the lifetime map updates. Any advice on what to go for and links would be appreciated, cheers in advance.
  12. Hi I bought a side vent to fit onto the sides of my Fiesta (purely asthetic) and was recommended to use silicon to stick the vent onto the outer bodywork/ paint of the car. Question 1 will this be strong enough? The plastic attachment is very light. And 2 will this damage the paintwork? Thanks Tom...
  13. My 2003 Focus Zetec 1.6 SE idles at about 650RPM which is a little low and I can notice the headlights dim a little on occasion when sitting at traffic lights; and I get a RPM judder when switching on my headlights and air con. There are no issues while moving; although the car feels a little sluggish in 1st. I have read another post on here that it is something to do with the PCV valve. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, I want to lower my car but I don't know weather to buy Eibach or H&R lowering springs? I only want to lower the car by about 30-35mm and I can buy either and have them fitted for almost the same cost. Anyone got either of these on their 1.0 Fiesta and can share their experiences or thoughts? Many thanks, Tom :)
  15. Hi people, I'm keeping my MK2 diesel Focus and potentially looking to buy a 2nd car (for the wife). I noticed in the MK7, the 1.6 petrol appears to offer significantly more performance than the 1.4 whilst seemingly being able to still offer decent MPG, so it's the engine I'm looking at. Is there anything specific I need to look out for or checking in relation to MK7 in general (but especially the engine)?


    Passed my test in April, got my first car few weeks later. Unfortunately my Fiesta was written off in an accident towards end of June, my insurance is currently with Tesco and as i was deemed liable in the accident (i feel i was hard done by to be honest, it's ALWAYS the young drivers fault). Anyway obviously for renewal next year it'll go up due to the accident and i was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation to me. I'm wondering will it drastically go up next year or will it only go up a small amount, any advice would be appreciated, do you reckon i'd be best off sticking with Tesco next year or would i be best off leaving them and joining another insurance company for a better deal? Thanks
  17. Hi all, i am new to the forum but am looking for advice on a car stereo. I currently have a new shape 05 reg focus. I have attached a picture of the current one. i would like to replace it with something more up to date. i was thinking of one with satnav integrated but also want to utilize the steering Column controls too. any advice as to what i should be looking for would be great. thanks in advance.
  18. MOT was done last week on my Fiesta, one of the advisories was the current silencer/backbox was corroded, found a new replacement on a car parts website made by Klarius for £24. Wondering if anyone has ever had any problems with silencers made by them, can anyone recommend a better one for similar price or does the Klarius one i've mentioned sound a good deal anyway, thanks.
  19. Hi everyone, I have an X reg Ford Focus Petrol, it was bought in a pinch and has been used for a year, in that time I have only topped up but not changed oil, filters, plugs Today it has failed on emissions in a big way, as you can see below... I am wondering, will DIY stuff be enough to get these figures below the set limits or do you think there is somethine more at play?? I was considering changing Spark Plugs, Oil and Air Filter, but don't know if that's enough... would appreciate any input. fast idle Engine speed = Manual Check 2450 co 1.28 vs 0.20 hc 369 vs 200 lambda 1.101 vs 1.030 2nd fast idle Engine speed = Manual Check 2450 Co 1.21 Hc 440 Lambda 1.091 idle at 625 co 1.33 vs 0.30 What do you guys think...any tricks to get it through one last time or would I just be throwing good money after bad? thanks for your time
  20. NeXorek_MK7

    Fiesta lowing springs

    Hello all, I'm looking after lowering my fiesta, I decided to go for lowering springs as they are cheaper comparing to coilovers. If I was going to fit them do I need to get anything done on top of that? What I mean by that do I need a new alignment or mess with the struts or anything like that? Never done it before so I wanna know everything before hand, and if anyone has any recommendations of what springs to go for let me know Thank you for any help,
  21. Looking at a local Focus Zetec, 59 plate, 1.6l Petrol, looks really nice, cool car. Will be my first car that i have bought myself (i.e. first one not out of dad's pocket) so i was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice regarding it's 131'000 miles on the odometer. thanks
  22. Hi all, I have a brand new Focus STline 1.5 Ecoboost (147hp/240nm) and I'm debating getting a Stage 1 Bluefin remap through SuperChips. The gains are shown at 47hp and 63nm giving a final result of 193hp and 303nm. I just want to hear some opinions, past experiences and advise from yourselves before I put any money down as the general opinion online is that remapping is safe as long as your engine parts aren't already worn (which at 2600 miles mine shouldn't be!) however the majority of these posts all reference diesel turbos not a petrol turbo like mine. Thanks in advance! (P.S. On the face of it the gains look rather large, however I know that the engine is used by Ford with the exact parts just a different map in the Focus Red & Black Edition to get 180hp so going up to a claimed 193hp isn't such a big leap from there).


    Hi everyone, posted this on a separate topic yesterday looking for some advice, got one reply with helpful advice from a other forum member but I've re-posted just to see if i can get it a bit more advice from other ford owners. Went to Halfords last week for one of those free winter car checks. When they tested my Fiesta's battery it gave off a reading off around 250/255A on the multimeter. The battery is in my Fiesta is supposed to give off a 390A (see pic attached), he said it's likely that it could be the same battery that it left the factory with back in 2007, he couldn't really give me a straight answer when i asked whether i should get it replaced or will it last a little longer (not really sure how long car batteries are supposed to last). He said that doing short journeys can harm a cars battery as well, just wondering if this is true or whether it's just a myth. If you think i'm best off getting a new battery asap some recommendations would be appreciated. I've only looked for new batteries on the halfords website, if you know any other retailers that do the same quality but cheaper batteries (including fitting) please let me know. Halfords do seem quite an expensive shop to me, D/S headlamp went out last week and i rushed over to Halfords to get a replacement, luckily they had certain bulbs buy one get one free so i got the bulbs for £25 but came to £37 after paying for them to fit the bulbs (£6 each side). He also said that my oil level is slightly above the maximum level on the dipstick and that having too much can be just as bad as not having enough. Do you think this will end up being a big a problem if i don't do anything about it or should it be ok so long as i keep checking the level?. The last thing i'm desperate to sort out is getting my drivers seat tilt mechanism working again, I've watched vids on youtube of owners carrying out the repairs themselves, it looks easy but knowing the luck I've got i'll probably make it worse. Rang my local ford lookers in Sunderland and couldn't believe how much they quoted for the repair, around £32 for the handle but £75 for the fitting because it takes an hour to do. Obviously until i actually take the handle off i don't know whether it's just the handle or whether it needs a new cable too. So to get it done by them would cost around £100 if it's just the handle or £135 if it needs a cable as well. With Christmas round the corner and me being currently unemployed money is a bit low at the moment. Can anyone tell me where i might be able to get the part/parts cheaper? please + if there's anyone on here that is also living in Sunderland that could carry out the repair for me for a lower cost i'd really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and replies in advance :)
  24. Hi, i viewed a 2008 ford mondeo today. i liked the car as it is 5 door type which i really want. And it is cheap. However two things concerned me so I want to run them by people. First is that there was some rust under the bottom of car at the back. Is a little bit OK? I have taken some pictures so would appreciate advice. The second is - as these weld marks in the final three pictures? I asked the dealer and he said it wasn't (in fact he opened the booth of a focus which had the same thing). Either he is chopping a lot of cars or i am paranoid! Once again any guidance would be great. I'm keen to buy this car but don't want to do anything silly
  25. Whenever I engage my brakes I get a reasonably loud clunk from the front right of my car, it only does this when it is moving and wont do it stationary. I've had multiple mechanics look at this including one from Ford and they don't have a definitive answer. Bushes are all fine, drive shaft all fine, and no obvious play anywhere according to everyone I have seen. Plenty of life left in the pads and the brakes are fully functional. Such an annoying loud 'clunk' and it doesn't even do it all the time but when it does you know about it!! If anyone has experienced this and found out what it is they would be a life saver!! Thanks in advance :)