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Found 22 results

  1. k_j_jacobs

    Tooling for Air Conditioning

    I am looking to set up a small sideline in A/C Repair but do not wish to fork out ££££'s on a complete stand alone machine Anyone got any advice links etc on where I can purchase 2nd hand or reasonable 1st hand tools as most of my hits are coming from america and gum tree, ebay and faceache isnt much cop for specialist stuff in this Weather I would be busy..!
  2. another air con problem.... on my 2010 fiesta, I noticed the air coming from the vents isn't very cold. So I used a kitchen probe to get an accurate reading from the centre vents. During the recent warm weather, during the day it was coming out at about 13 degrees whilst idling. But I've tested it at about 6pm today, outside temp was 17, and the air con was quite steady at around 7 degrees whilst idling. then I upped the revs to 1500, 2000, and 2500 respectively. What I noticed was as the rpm rose, the temperate rose to about 8 degrees, but then once I held the throttle steady, the temperature then came back down to 6.8 degrees. lovely and cold. but I cant get this nice low temperature during the day. it has recently been topped up with refrigerant. I've watched the compressor, and the clutch seems to be working, although it does come on and off I noticed during the warmer temperature, but it was constantly on when I took the 17 degrees evening reading. The low pressure pipe feels lovely and cold, and you can see the condensation. the fan is working perfectly well. whats thrown me is its not working properly when the weather warms up, if it was consistently abnormal id have it in the garage as soon as.
  3. Noticed as the weather is warming up, when I turn on my air con on a 2010 fiesta, its not exactly cold. So I opened her up, ran the air con and noticed that the compressor clutch at the end of the compressor, seemed to be intermittent. It would run for maybe 5 seconds, then disengage for maybe 2 seconds, then start again, and this is a continuous cycle, so the likely cause of the lack of cold air. having seen how expensive these are, is this an issue that can be fixed rather than replaced? if so, has anyone had this issue and been quoted for the fix.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a Focus 2014 (mk3) 1.5L Duratorq-TDCi which has just gone out of warranty. When I turn the air conditioning on (any settings, even max a/c) I get warm air. I've used forscan to check for DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) on the HS (OBD) and MS (ford) bus with no helpful results. Running a self test (key on engine off) of the PCM (powertrain control module) on the HS bus does successfully pull in the A/C clutch and does not report any faults. When the clutch is pulled in, it is solid and can't be turned. So the clutch itself appears to be fine. Running a self test of the HVAC module on the MS bus passes. I've monitored the following PIDs ACP_V - A/C pressure sensor voltage - 0.55 volts. Shop manual says the sensor should be between 0.3-4.7 volts INCARTMP - In car temperature - 215 degC. I have seen one reference online to 215degC being a "dummy" value on some cars, so perhaps normal. AC_REQ - Air conditioning request signal - "Yes" (when engine is running and A/C button is pressed) CACRP - Corrected air conditioning refrigerant pressure - 125.0kPa (compressor not running for this reading, obviously). The shop manual says for the mechanic to check the A/C system pressure via a manifold gauge set with the engine OFF. It should be above 290kPa. It then goes on to say this should be "similar" to the ACP_PRESS PID (which I think is the CACRP from forscan). I'm going to have the system recharged tomorrow, hopefully that fixes the problem. For reference, there is an evaporator temperature sensor, which is supposed to detect and cut the A/C off if it thinks the evaporator is icing up. I believe this is located in the passenger footwell, on the side of the HVAC box, with a 3 pin black connector going into a blue socket. I don't believe this can be monitored as a PID. The resistance of this can be checked as follows: 0degC = around 100kohms, 25degC = around 30kohms, 60degC = around 8kohms. I'm yet to check this. Let me know if anyone else has any other faultfinding tips, and maybe someone else will find this useful.
  5. hi everyone, I'm quite new to the site and wondered if anyone could help with a problem, I have an 2007 3dr focus 1.8 climate and since I bought the car 2 months ago the air con hasn't worked. I thought it just needed a re-gas but i've had that done and it still doesn't work. a mate of mine has had a quick look and has said the clutch on the compressor isn't engaging, and there is no power at the pump. after reading a few threads I'm thinking it could be the low pressure sensor, now ive checked the wiring on both high and low sensors and couldn't find any problems but I didn't want to change them as I would loose the gas in the there a way of checking if the sensors are the problem without changing them ? I do have forscan and a modified elm327 usb
  6. Hi all. I have a 2005 Ford Focus Mk2 that I bought last year. When I got it the air con was noisy and didn't cool. Since then: I had it serviced and a split pipe replaced between the compressor and the condenser. After a few weeks it stopped working again and I had the condenser radiator replaced. A couple of months later and it died again and needed a new seal (I'm not sure where). It's been working for a couple of months now, but it's dying again The condenser and seal were done by a garage in Plymouth, but I've since moved to Guildford although I often visit Poole. So can anyone recommend a specialist near Poole or Guildford that might be able to sort it once and for all? Or might I have more luck with a Ford dealer?
  7. veridion

    Air Conditioning

    Hi All I have a 64 plate Galaxy, had it since new and it's still in warranty. Its done 23K miles and serviced regularly. I noticed the Air Conditioning is not as cold as it should be the other day. I did use a new 2amp phone charger in it the day I noticed the Air Con wasn't working well Maybe that's done something to the electrics... It's booked in for a check up in a few days with my local Ford Garage. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be. I guess normally you would expect a gas recharge or a leak somewhere but is that reasonable given the vehicle's age/mileage? Do you think it will be covered under warranty etc? Thanks for any ideas.
  8. Hi guys/girls , I have to re-gas my aunts car the weekend (im an ac engineer by trade and have f gas) but would like a quick heads up if any one knows where low side port is please on this model to save me searching . i've done a ford fusion before which i believe is supposed to be exactly the same and that was under drivers side head light but wanted to check as when i did a mondeo the damn thing was under the wheel arch (such a pain in backside) . many thanks for any help .
  9. Hi all, I'm new here and a relatively new Fiesta owner. I've had it about 6 months, it's a 2011 Zetec and only about 42,500 miles on the clock so lightly used before I got it. The aircon was barely cold, so I had it regassed last week - it didn't seem much colder after but the garage guy said his Ford also has feeble aircon. On Friday afternoon the pump exploded while driving on a main road... Has anyone encountered this before? What I know: When they regassed it, very little old gas came out. The breakdown guy said the wrong gas/overgassing could cause it to explode - garage says they wouldn't have done either (I trust them, came highly recommended etc) Garage guy said if the pump had been at low pressure for a while (as basically empty), this might have had an adverse effect. Poor little car! Any ideas? Cheers, Hannah
  10. Apprentice dragon slayer

    Fan stuck on #4 (2013 plate)

    Hi, The air con / heater / cooler fan on my 2013 plate Fiesta only works on number 4 all of a sudden. No other numbers work. Anyone else had this experience? Anyone found any helpful solutions? Thanks a lot, Will
  11. Hi Guys, I've got a Ford Focus 2014 (mk3.5 shell) and I've noticed that my air conditioning unit has got weaker and weaker for the past few months of having the car. I believe the refrigerant is leaking (as it's less effective and hissing) and I wondered whether this would be covered by the warranty? Is it normal for a new car to have a leaking air con unit this quickly? Many Thanks, Seb
  12. Hi all I'm a newbie to the forum, I bought a KA a few months ago and have just got it on the road (time delay with insurance etc). I noticed after I bought the car that the Air Con wasn't working. The heater works fine and blows hot and cold, and when pressed the AC button lights up, but nothing happens. Today, I visited an Air Con specialist who re-gassed the system, however, there is still no operation. After a small amount of fault finding, the compressor appears OK as the clutch works, as does the fan. We could not locate the relay for the Air Con under the dash as it's not where the haynes manual indicates. The specialist believes its either the relay or low pressure switch, however, the switch appears visually OK (no corrosion). Does anyone have any wiring diagrams for this? My car is a 2006 reg. I've got hold of a workshop manual which suggests relay C165 is the one I'm after, but I don't know where that is. Does anyone have any idea? Many thanks, Josh
  13. Hi all, this is my first ever post so lets hope I get it right. I have a 2010 Mondeo estate tdci 140 zetec, and my question is, with the engine running, should the radiator cooling fan in the engine bay automatically come on when the air con is turned on, even if the engine has just been started from cold. The air con works now after replacing the fated purple corroded wire and the fan control unit, but I am not sure if the fan should be on or not, as it doesn't come on with the air con, but the engine is cold so should it need to? Best regards and any help would be very much appreciated. Andy.
  14. My Mondeo has the following issue: the heater fan sometimes blows hot air on my feet even though the air conditioning is off. Whenever I switch on the air conditioning, the stream of air on my feet ceases. This appears to happen in a haphazard manner, at least I've been unable to discern a pattern so far. Sometimes it blows, sometimes it does not. It could be broken or I may have pressed a button accidentally. What do you think?
  15. Hi, my Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel has a fault with the Air Conditioning and I am at a loss now as to what to do. My air conditioning is not working and has never worked since I purchased the car second hand from a private dealer. I have taken it to an Air condition Specialist who told me that it was topped up to the correct level, and had no leaks he could see. He told me it must be an electrical fault which he could not fix, some specialist!. Anyway I took his advice and took the car to an auto electrician who checked out the pressure switches and said they were ok. he then read the fault codes and said there were none he could read. He then left and charged me for what he had done. still the Air Con does not work. :( I manualy cycled the pump shorting the relay pins out and the air con worked fine and came out icy cold? The Relay has voltage at the pins to power the pump and has been replaced and still no luck. Somthing is not switching the relay over to turn the aircon on? The Fuses are all fine and it is a non climate control version. As most people these days, I have little money to spare and this car is draining me of every penny I have :( Could anyone PLEASE HELP me with this problem as short of taking out a Morgage and going to a Ford Dealer, I am at a total loss as to what to do. Thanks for Reading
  16. Start with the basics, I have a 2004, 53 plate Ford Fusion 1.4 TDCi 2. I bought this last year and the air con didn't really work well then. I went to get this recharged a month later and it failed the pressure test. So recently I got it tested with the dye and they told me there is a leak in the condenser and quoted me to replace the condenser and dryer. However, my brother is handy with cars, so we looked up the process and cost to do it ourselves, I bought the Haynes manual, new condenser and dryer and we started the job. We managed to swap the condenser yesterday afternoon, it was a pig to slide out the old one without taking the radiator out but we managed it in the end by rotating it towards the passenger side, then slid the new one in the same way and got it all reconnected. However the dryer is now causing problems. We can't seem to remove the pipes from it. We have looked over the new one and they should be push on as far as we can tell, we have the clips off but they are not budging. I think this has possibly never been replaced since the car was new so is potentially 11 years old and we are guessing seized on. Is there a special tool to use that makes it easier or a method that people seem to find works? We don't want to put clamps on it for fear of crushing the pipes. One final thing, once the dryer is replaced, how soon do I need to get it recharged? If I get it recharged a couple of days after replacing it (obviously never switching it on until then so it is not pumping the air in the system around), should that be alright or does it really need recharging straight away like within a few hours?
  17. Hi I am new to this forum, I purchased a Ford Focus Diesel 1.6 Ghia a few months ago from a private dealer. As we have had a bit of warm weather I tried the Air Con and it did not work. :( After reading various bits on the net and watching the Mk1 video on Youtube I went about trying to fault find it. I took it to Hal..... to get it topped up and they said that the system had a fault and was over full and that I would need to take it to a specialist to fix it. I then went to a local specialist who told me that the system was not over full but needed no extra and that it may have an electrical fault which they could not fix. I took my car home and checked the obvious, Fuse and relay which were both OK. I then shorted out the relay pins to make the pump clutch activate which it did. I repeated this with the engine running and the centre part rotated fine when activated. I checked for 12v on the relay which was also ok. I then checked the overflow switch which read short circuit which I believe is ok according to the Youtube video for the MK1. There is another switch connected to the metal pipe with 4 wires coming from it, not sure what that does or what it should read? I am now stumped and do not what to check next as I do not have a wiring diagram for the MK2 apart from the sketchy Haynes one which shows very little. Can anyone please help me with further fault finding steps to get this working? as the stealerships want £90+ to diagnose it and do not guarantee it wont be more. Thank You
  18. Hey guys. Just got the bad news after £300 of work done already that the compressor has a leak. Apparently this will require a replacement compressor. The choice I have is a new compressor at about £270 (Euro Car Parts) + fitting or getting a secondhand compressor. After already spending a bunch on trying to get the AC going it seems annoying to have to spend as much or more on replacing this part too. Without it seems I wasted that £300. The car is a 2001 focus so I am not sure how well a second-hand one would go as I'll be looking at parts at least 10 years old (unless the newer Focus' use exactly the same part). Is there any advice as to what I should go for (new/second hand/cut my losses)?
  19. Hi, I have a 2005 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Mk2 and have been having some issues with its air conditioning system. It has the manual air conditioning, not the climate control system. Every summer since we've owned it (October 2011) we've had to get the air conditioning 'gas' filled up every time we wanted to use it. This often meant once we got the rare week or two with very warm temperatures, that I'd have to go to a garage and get the system 'filled up'. The thing is, after a month or so, the air conditioning becomes non-functional, and just starts blowing out lukewarm air. Because the warmest of the weather has gone by then, it's forgotten about and the same process is repeated again next summer. Now to me, this seems odd. Having to get the system filled up again after such a short space of time doesn't seem right to me, especially since we don't use the system excessively. I don't have any formal knowledge about car air conditioning systems and it'd be great if someone could shed some light on this, and tell me if this normal. Thanks.
  20. medic responder

    Air Conditioning Problem

    my fiesta's air conditioning has stopped working the pump is fine and the switch under the bonnet is ok just don't know what could be wrong can anyone help?
  21. Hi there all, Just bought a new (to me) 2003 Galaxy Ghia 2.3. I wonder if I could ask the assembled wisdom a few questions please? 1) Cambelt - What is the interval for replacement please? 2) I have peeled back the wiring in the o/s/r door jam and there are a load of broken wires in there. The window on that door doesn't work, but everything else does seem to - what would all these wires be for? 3) Air Con - despite a re-gas, it doesn't work. Before I spend a fortune, any ideas on the most common failures with this (has the separate controller for the rear and is all digital type. 4) Trip Computer - The display for this starts really bright - but when you've been driving for a bit, the display starts to dim so after about 20 mins it is almost unreadable. Is this lit with normal bulbs from behind or is it an LED display? Also, pressing the buttons on the end of the wiper stalk appears to do nothing at all - computer fault or stalk fault? 5) What kind of MPG should I be expecting? Other than that the car's wonderful! Love it to bits.
  22. My 2003 1.6 Zetec has a leak in the Air con condenser, and I need a new one. After trying a new unit that would not fit we realised that my car has a combined Radiator/condenser, that will not split apart. Apparently this in uncommon say Ford, and this type of combined unit from them is over £300. Can anyone please advise if they know a good aftermarket supplier for a new unit, or, do I have to try to find one from the car breakers?, or does anyone have one for sale?