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Found 19 results

  1. I recently bought a 2009 1.6 diesel Focus mk2.5 facelift and have started doing a few little tweaks to the body the usual body kits, interior mods etc. I’m trying to increase the sound of the engine to really maximize that diesel sound..I’ve been looking at the cone air filters and straight pipes etc but I’m wondering is there any cheap way to improve the sound to get a few coos and bangs and spits from the exhaust, without spending hundreds on K&N filters and induction kits etc. any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. laurenbaker


    Hi all, can someone please tell me what this pipe is? It's missing from mine. I have a Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec (2005 reg). Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm looking for a cold air intake for my Mondeo, I'm not a fan of the flat panel filters because they seem to clog up really fast with debris, usually taking a handful of leaves out every month or so. K&N don't seem to think they have one that will fit but searches take me to the 57i and a Ram Air one popped up but I can't remember which one. Has anyone one here taken the risk with an Induction/Cold air intake from a different model Ford and succeeded or have any advice for me? I've got the Mondeo TDCI Duratorq 1.8L (QYBA) engine. Cheers, Tom.
  4. Just wondering where should air filter be located on 2007 fusion 1.4 tdci and is this the blow off valve? Thanks
  5. Hello, I have installed a non resonated cat-back Milltek exhaust on my Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost couple of weeks ago. (Needless to say, the sound is awesome!! ) Last week, I changed the stock air filter to a K&N Performance one. Since then, I noticed that the exhaust is much quieter than it used to be. There is a substantial noise reduction, I really need to push the car to actually hear the exhaust... Is there something wrong or is this normal? Regards, Thanasis
  6. zKeiron

    K&N Panel Air Filter MK6

    Anyone recommend buying one for (mostly) an improvement to the sound of the engine? Also, anywith a video of a standard MK6 Fiesta with the K&N air filter put in to replace the normal one? Only video I've seen is some fellas on facebook, and it did seem to make a slight difference to the sound of his car, thinking of getting it on mine but don't want to spend something like £35 on something that would cost a third that normally, or less. (Edited as I overestimated the cost of it)
  7. Tanisla2

    Air Filter Box

    Just purchased a Edge with 9500 miles on the clock ex Ford demonstrator car. Had a look at the air filter to check its condition on removal of the filter element there's was about 6 large leaves in the bottom of the air filter box. That is the dirty side of the filter. I can just emagine when you put your foot down and the turbo gets up to speed these leaves getting sucked up to the under side of the filter so reducing air flow and engine performance! As this car is normally sold in the States/Canada with only petrol engines and the European ones with the diesel only perhaps the air intake is different and might require a 'Ford' mod to stop leaves getting sucked in. When Autumn is over I'll have another look in the air box. Apart from that happy so far with the car apart from today when we couldn't get out of the car as it wouldn't unlock until you stopped the engine!
  8. Johnronald96

    Air Filter & Induction kit?

    Hi all, I am unsure which to get. I have a focus zetec S mk2 petrol. I am looking into either getting an air filter or an induction kit. Just to clarify, is it an induction kit that gives the nicer sound or an air filter replacement, or both? Like a nice rumbling noise? I am unsure and need help as I am a newbie. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have a 2006 fusion and doing my first service myself, wondered if anyone had pictures showing where the air filter is,thanks
  10. Tom Cluke

    Performance Upgrade

    Evening all, I've recently had my Fiesta150 remapped but it isn't that noticeable to me. Remap apparently increased BHP by 10-15%. I've been looking at induction kits but don't really know where to go from here. Can anyone recommend if this would be worth the money. Can you feel a decent increase in performance? Also, would an induction kit effect the sound? Ta
  11. Hey guys, I have bought K&N Air Filter 33-2955 from carparts4less for my fiesta and when I took it out of the box it is all oily. Should I just give it a good clean with rag and canned air? Or not open it at all and apply for refund?
  12. I've always been a little disappointed with the lack lustre acceleration and overall performance on my 1.6 Ti-VCT 2011 Focus. It was ok, but simply felt that it was underperforming on power. There seemed to be a little 'lag' on acceleration, getting the revs up past 3k, and related speed seemed non linear to me. It annoyed the hell out of me TBH. Despite Ford saying they could not feel anything wrong with the car after they took it out for a test drive, they upgraded the PCM and for a while it seemed better, but in hind sight that may have been because the PCM was 're learning' To cut a long story short, I have been trawling through the web, desperately trying to find a solution to this. I found this on the Focus Fanatics website: I was sceptical, but thought what the heck, and fitted a K&M filter (E-9289) and carried out the snorkel delete. Wow, what a difference that made to the performance, the linear acceleration is now how it should be, along with a beautiful air induction noise. Not had a chance to verify yet, but many are saying there maybe an increase to the MPG with these mods. Just wanted to share that with you guys, great mods and worth every penny. Now, all have to do is learn to fall back in love with my car now that it performs as I would expect!
  13. ryan1995fiesta

    Air Filter Confusion

    Hey all I recently looked into new air filters and found the K&N 57i kit for just over £100. However I have looked at the online manual and from other people I have found out the cone itself is going to sit right over the manifold of my 1.4 mk6 fez. This to me sounds like im going to get heat soak from the heat off the manifold? I then had a look round and found a company call pipercross. They have this and i love the way it looks. Could I and this is a long shot take out the panel filter install this instead of the induction pipe at the front but leave in the filter box? I want to paint the filter box to match the car and detail it myself. I also plan on cutting a hole in the grill i believe that allows more air through directly to the air filter. Will look like a proper racing car (Joking XD) Any help would be fantastic Cheers Guys Ryan
  14. Bannko

    Which Induction Kit?

    Hallo Together, i am thinking about changing the standard air filter with the performance one. I ended with two options: K&N 57S-4000 Performance Intake Kit or J1's Ford Focus Mk3 Air Intake Kit Well i already know about the great manufacturing quality of the J1 intake kits but is it worth the extra money comparing to K&N? Thank you in advance for any opinions or personal experience :)
  15. Hey guys, Which is the best air filter for my car? Here's what I found on ECP but im unsure which one would be best, I dont want to buy poor quality products. All help is much appreciated. Thanks :)
  16. Hello! I am interested in remapping my 1.0 125hp ZS Fiesta and I am between Superchips and Mountune MP135. The warranty is not an issue, nor the price (in my country, it is almost the same price). So, I would like to ask which is the best solution. When I say best, I mean, which one really makes a difference without causing any trouble, if not both! I think that I am more into Superchips. I have read most of the posts here, referring to Superchips and I think it suits better for me. Also, as I have read from posts, Mountune is not such a thrill. So, the questions: Does it pull for a (claimed) 150hp? Has anyone experienced any problems? What about the mpg during everyday, easy driving (dropped, same, increased)? If someone has experience with either of two remaps, please share your experience! I am also considering of fitting a K&N air filter! I understand that there are many topics refering to the same subject, but I think I haven't seen one with reviews from both remaps. All suggestions are welcome!
  17. ernesteng

    Air Filter Replacement

    Would anyone recommend changing the original air filter (due for replacement) with an aftermarket or branded e.g. K&N etc. one? Cost issues aside, what are the pros and cons of doing so? Many thanks,
  18. Morning all, First post here so I'll keep it short. Basically, I recently bought and fitted a J! automotive induction kit (Link: I was advised that this would increase BHP slightly and make the engine sound a bit sportier (Both of which it has done) however, it has decreased the range of my fuel tank by about 50 miles! I have been driving as careful as possible and was advised my friend (who is a car fanatic) that no air filter should reduce the MPG of the car (Other than the first time you use it when you tend to rev it more so you can hear the effects) Has anyone else had similar issues? and is there anything I can do short of putting the old one back in?! Cheers
  19. Bladeboy14

    J1 Air Induction Kit

    I'm not allowed to sell until I reach 20 posts.