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Found 12 results

  1. LeeZetecS

    Alloy Wheels for sale

    Hi, Hopefully this is the right place to post this as it's very much specific to the new EcoSport. I have a set(x4) of the 18" panther black machined optional extra alloys for sale. Not yet delivered so no mileage. £674.99 Collection will be required from Essex. If you are close enough I might deliver :)


    Hi guys was just wondering which wheels you prefer on MK6 Fiesta's, left or right? cheers
  3. If anyone has 4 x 15 inch Ford Fusion alloys in excellent condition going cheap then let me know, I am in the North East of England
  4. Jordan99

    Will these alloys fit?

    Hi all, thinking of buying these for my focus. They're 108, but they're multi stud. The seller doesn't know if theyre 4 or 5 stud. Also, will the offset fit if they're 5 stud? Thanks
  5. wri9hty

    16" RS design wheels

    Just wondering if anyone has ever got any of the 16" 'RS design' wheels that are available from ford parts ( ) and if anyone has or is using them have you had the same problems with buckling that seems to plague other Fiesta wheels the same size?
  6. Hi if any1 can help me I have 2014 zetec s alloys and putting them on 2012 fiesta my dilema ownes manual on 2014 fiesta wheel nuts torque is 135 nm and pre facelift fiesta it is 10nm so not sure what 1 as they are new alloys. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone I just purched the 17 inch alloys from a 2014 zetec s and fitted them there don't seem to be any scrubing of tyres and arch. But do I really need to fit the steering rack limiter. All suggestions and coments would be appriciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, So about 6 months ago I bought a Ford Fiesta Mk7 Titanium (2010). Since then I have had wheels buckle three times! Each time I've had the wheels replaced at quite a high cost. Last time my mechanic suggested I look at getting steel wheels if it happened again. Recently I hit a small pot hole and immediately my steering wheel started vibrating again. It's worth noting that this is always the extent of the problem. Not so bad I can see the buckle but I get a definite vibration through the wheel, especially at higher speeds. Steel wheels don't seem as easy to come by as my mechanic suggested. However there are plenty of alloy options. Basically what I'm after is some suggestions of some strong wheels that aren't going to buckle after every small bump and aren't going to break my bank. I live in the United Kingdom country side and the roads aren't always amazing and as much as I do my best to avoid pot holes occasionally there is nothing I can do (latest one was submerged). That being said the 2008 Fiesta I drove for three years never had any problems with its wheels. I've attached a photo of the wheels I currently have. Thanks in advanced for any help. I really like this car but the constant wheel issues are a nightmare and really make me regret buying it.
  9. During the MOT of my 2008 Fiesta with 44,000 miles on the clock I was advised to replace all four alloy wheels. They had buckled under normal UK driving conditions! I paid £493 with my Ford employee discount but Ford refused to supply FOC or make a contribution towards the cost I am equally concerned about driving a car with sub standard alloy wheels which are made of a weak alloy material and can cause safety problems Am I alone?
  10. Hi guys I've been a bit of a lemon and have lost the wheel locking nut key for my alloys. I want to get a replacement however I am having trouble tracking down the exact one I need. I don't know the wheel manufacturer but I will give an image of the logo on the wheels and the nut itself. Locking nut: Wheel logo: My best guess so far is that it is a McGard nut but what kind I have no idea. Thanks for any help guys! Rob
  11. Loomes

    Fiesta Mk4 Alloys

    I have a 1999 Ford Fiesta Finesse 1.3L My parents are buying me some new alloys fro my 18th but I am really struggling to find some nice alloys at a reasonable price. The current tyres are 165/70R13 which are 13". However having spoken to a guy at Halfords, I believe I can have 14" alloys. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  12. My local council decided to neglect roads last winter resulting in my Mondeo Titanium X Saloon requiring 4 replacement wheels (and 2 new tyres) - which were funded by the local council. The replacement wheels arrived in 4 'Ford' labelled boxes along with 5 new (non locking) wheel nuts for each of the 4 wheels. A few weeks later I needed to remove the wheels to check brake pad wear and I was shocked to find that after removing the wheel nuts the wheel fell off the hub. This was not normal as the original wheels had to be given a good hard kick or three even to get them unseated from the hub, even then they were a snug fit onto the 5 wheel studs and were not easy to remove. So I checked out the new wheels and to my astonishment the clearance holes on the new replacement wheels were much larger than the M12 (12mm diameter) wheel studs. Rough measurement showed the clearance holes on the new wheels to be almost 22mm diameter - almost 10mm larger than the wheel stud. I then checked the other 3 wheels and they were the same... I then checked ISO (gloabal industry standard) thread clearance chart to see what the clearane hole diameter for an M12 screw thread should be, and for a fine thread like the wheel stud the clearance hoole should be 13.9 - 14.0mm diameter - much less than the Ford replacement wheels on my car. I then checked the size of the wheel nuts accross the 'flats' - these measured between 18 and 18.5mm which is smaller than the almost 22mm diameter clearance holes on the wheels. Conversely a 22mm diameter clearance hole is the correct size for an M20 screw / wheel stud. There is a small seating flange on each wheel nut but these are not supported by the wheel nut 'body', so all the load of holding the wheel onto the hub is being carried out by the weakest part of the wheel nut. This also means that the strongest part of the wheel nut is not being used - dangerous, or potentially dangerous if larger than normal forces are exerted on the wheel nuts like when cornering hard over imperfect road surfaces. I have taken up my concerns with my local Ford Dealer (Evans Halshaw) and their Service Manager stated that replacement wheels do have one standard clearance hole size so they will fit all Ford vehicles - nothing wrong with the wheel stud clearance holes - according to them. Not satisfied I took up my concerns with Ford UK who responded via customer care dept saying the wheel nuts were the correct size, confirming to me that anything remotely technical is alien to Ford. I have now (twice) requested a Ford Engineering / Quality Assurance contact point and this has so far been refused. It seems either that Ford don't want to know, don't know or are just burying their heads in the sands. With the Mondeo being a globally sold Ford car Model any potential safety issues with wrong wheel clearance hole sizes / wheel nut combinations could have disastrous effects should a wheel come adrift. Has any one else had a simlar problem with replacement alloy wheels, I'd be interested in hearing from you?. I'm still trying to get a 'technical' response from a Ford Engineer or Quality Assurance Engineer? See photo of my replacement wheels attached.