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Found 15 results

  1. We have recently bought a 2008 ford fiesta 1.25 zetec climate, it has 24k miles on the clock and appears to have never had a timing belt and water pump change, on most cars I've had these tend to get changed every 5 years or 70k miles ish, would this be necessary in a car that has done such few miles due to the age? Cheers.
  2. KieranZTK

    Fiesta MK7.5 Belt Slip

    Hi Guys, I have a MK7.5 Fiesta Colour Edition 1.25. I noticed it seemed hesitant on full throttle at round 2.5-3.5K RPMS. I revved this at standstill and noticed belt squeak and then tried this when driving and the belt sounds like its slipping which causes the drop in power. Any suggestions? The car is new and only bought in February and now only has 3600 miles on it.
  3. Jamiecornfield

    Help please

    I've had a squeling noise coming from the engine when I first started the car for a few days, it happens for the first few minutes of the car running, more so when the battery has been used also when I turn my steering wheel full lock. I assumed it was the serpentine belt, however when driving home yesterday my car lost all power, and was making a bit of a clunking noise, The battery light also came on and I lost all power steering. Again, this pointed to the serpentine belt snapping. However, I've looked at the belt and its there, it's even spinning when the car ignition is turned. When the ignition is turned the car won't turn over, I can hear a spinning sound but won't fire up. I've put it in first gear and turned the ignition and the car pulled forward so starter motor is fine. Completely baffled any help much appreciated
  4. Good afternoon. I am new to the forum. 1st Ford Focus we have owned, a 2012 1.6 econetic diesel with 51k on the clock. Seen many different messages with regards to whether or not these engines have cambelts or camchains. Is there an easy way to find out? With Regards, Mike
  5. Hello fellow Ford fans! A few weeks ago I heard that here in my city apparently a bigger than normal amount of time belts snap and/or have to be renewed. I thought it must be a joke since I couldnt see any reason as to why time belts would suddenly snap more easily in here than somewhere else. Fast forward to now, I finally found the car I want: Ford Focus 1,5 TDCi 120 S/S Titanium Wagon 2015 It has 89.000 kilometres on it, price around 19k Euros. I decide to call the previous owner and ask him for any faults and he suddenly says that he had to change the time belt for 3 TIMES already, that is an insane number of time belt repairs when the car has been driven for 89k kilometres only. He then says something related to what I said above, that he was driving this certain road all the time to work and apparently alot of people who use that specific road have time belt issues, because theres some sort of weird dust coming off the road that has all kinds of metals in it that cause the time belts to snap and/or get worn (cant remember if it was chrome or something thats being used in the road, something very odd, its been proven already that the road has this stuff). He says that most likely the time belt issues were caused because of that. (he gets no benefit from the car being sold, he already sold it to the shop, so he has no reason to lie). I then started googling and there were various articles all around my country made by big news papers about this very effect of time belts snapping and/or wearing down in my city and it most likely being caused by the material thats in the road or something. Now, is this car worth buying? Could this actually be a problem in the car itself and NOT because of this odd, mystical road dust that ruins time belts? I really wouldnt like to buy a car that is going to get its time belt snapped 3 times every 100k kilometres. Any opinions here, could there be any truth to this story or is the car just FAULTY and has serious time belt issues for some odd reason? What should be done, this whole thing got be confused real good haha!
  6. FordNewbies

    Timing Belt Snapping

    Hello All, Just thought i would share this experience with you lads and ladies. Yeserday I had my timing belt snap on me. I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI at 97000. I just want to warn people that the 125,000 miles/ 10yrs that ford suggest might just be at a stretch. I suggest get it done much earlier to avoid what i'm about to go through lol. when i bought the car it put it through a full service and because of the manufacturers recommended time and milage suggested frame the belt was left alone. i ran the service at 94000. according to my mechanic i might have to replace all 16 valves. he is first going to order the timing belt change kit from ford then do a compression test. if it passes then happy days if not then the head will have to come off and valves replaced. lets just say this isn't going to be cheap at all. Just giving you all a warm warning.... Regards
  7. Hi All, I have a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium X 2.0 TDCI (163ps) I am looking at getting my cambelt changed and water pump soon and just wanted people opinion on when to get it done or if you have same car when did you get it done? Ford Eits says 125,000 or 10 years. I am currently at 98,000 and taking it in for its 100,000 service soon. I do a lot of motorway milage around 25,000 a year and it has always been serviced at Ford dealers. Thanks for your help :)
  8. I needed to replace the lever for the centre seatbelt as it stopped working. I have removed the old mechanism and attempted to fit the new mechanism. However, I cannot see where the wire is supposed to be attached to the new mechanism in order for the middle seat to function correctly? I have attached couple of photos of both the mechanism and the wire - anyone have any idea? I am probably caught up on the most basic part but i'm sure I have tried everything!
  9. I purchased a 2002 Focus yesterday and it has a noise coming from the belt to the left of the engine (as far as I know main drive belt). I have found the source to be a very slightly wobbly pulley. When the car is idle you can hear it making a noise. There is a very slight bit of movement if I try it with my hand. I think from the diagrams I have seen it might be the water pump pulley. It looks like a plastic pulley (though just covered I'm guessing) with bolts attaching it to the engine. It might be a case of just tightening the bolts but I doubt it. Please does anyone have any ideas on what I should do next? I have attached an image with the pulley circled in yellow (please ignore the red writing). Thanks
  10. I'm getting some quotes for replacing my timing belt on my 2006 1.6 petrol ford focus. One garage has said the water pump does not need to be replaced as it is run off the fan belt, I'm not mechanically minded and I've always heard you get the water pump replaced whenever the timing belt is done so obviously this sounds odd to me. can anybody help enlighten me on this?
  11. Hi All, my automatic drive belt tensioner failed last night, belt wrecked and need to replace it as soon as shops open tomorrow. I have been looking at the haynes manual regarding moving Power steering reservoir etc. Even with these items moved I cannot see the bolts/nuts I need to remove to get the tensioner out. It looks like I need to remove the air conditioning compressor from the engine as the bolts securing it also seem to secure the tensioner, is this correct?? Does anyone have a clear picture of one of these tensioners I can look at? Thanks guys Mark.
  12. It's almost MOT time. But, my middle seat belt is stuck. It is completely tensed and will not budge. I have got to the reel but there's no freeing the belt up. this happened last year and I got a new belt which worked for a while then did the same. So surely it must be something other than the belt itself?
  13. Gpallett

    Cam Belt Not Turning

    Hi, I just replaced my cam belt and turned the engine over, it started up fine, then the top part stopped spinning, but the bottom half was turning fine. If anyone with any sort of knowledge know about this I would soo grateful, Thank for your time, Glen
  14. Hi, I just replaced my cam belt and turned the engine over, it started up fine, then the top part stopped spinning, but the bottom half was turning fine. If anyone with any sort of knowledge know about this I would soo grateful, Thank for your time, Glen
  15. Wheato90

    Seat Belt Reel Problems

    Hello. Just over a month ago I bought a 2006 ford fiesta zetec climate. A couple weeks after I got it I noticed a noise inside the car toward the back. I plugged the seat belts in, because I realised they knock against the plastic, but still had a noise. I found out that it was the reel itself on the rear seat, drivers side. The noise is like a constant vibrating, and is sometimes easy to hear, and sometimes not. I obviously want to sort it out because it quickly gets very annoying. I took the plastic cap off of the side of the reel, and a white plastic piece flew out. When I put the piece back in the seat belt keeps jamming now. It will work fine if you take the piece out, but it is obviously in there for a reason. The reel on the rear passenger side has starting making the same noise recently as well which is very frustrating. So now I am left with two annoying noises and am not sure how that piece goes back in the cap on the side of the reel. I have searched high and low on the internet and can't find anything. A friend told me to post on this site so I thought I'd give it a shot. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.