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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, i bought a 2007 citroen relay 2.2 hdi with 135,000 miles on it with the chain driven ford engine and i have nothing but problems with it since. Its hard to start in the morning or when hot and takes around 3 tries - 1st time it starts idles lumpy then cuts out - 2nd time it starts the engine light comes on it wont rev then it dies - 3rd time it starts idles lumpy engine light comes on then goes of after a few seconds then it idles right and you are able to rev it. When trying to start it, it fires out a load of white smoke then when running its fires out a load of black smoke. It keeps going in and out of limp mode and i don't think the turbo is kicking in properly as it has no power at times. In high gear and low revs it pumps out a load of black smoke. Now and then it starts pinking/knocking. There is also a fairly load whistle when the turbo kicks in. Removing/ unplugging the MAF sensor does nothing to how the engine runs. I have fixed and removed a lot of fault codes but there is 4 that keep returning which are all to do with the MAF sensor. I have replaced a load of parts, injectors, rail pressure sensor, air/oil filter, engine oil, glow plugs/relay, egr valve, MAF sensor. The compression is 1-360psi 2-287psi - 3-284psi - 4-347psi I have put fresh diesel in it with wynns diesel cleaner and now it pumps out loads of white/blue smoke. I have cleaned out the inter cooler, injectors, inlet pressure sensor. Any ideas on what it could be or what to check would be greatly appreciated as i am out of ideas, thanks.
  2. Hi, I've fitted a blanking plate (not really 'blanking' as it is the one with a 10mm hole in it) to my 2009 Focus 1.8 TDCI. I can't say I've noticed any effects - good or bad but I'm a bit nervous about it. Am I in the long term doing more bad than good for the engine? What has been your experience? Have you fitted this plate and if so have there been any bad effects and if so what were they and after what mileage? I get nervous when I read this: http://www.wynnoil.c...atured-egr3.htm Is there any good guide, with photos, on cleaning the manifold and egr on this car. The plate is fitted at the point where the pipe from the cooler attaches to the inlet manifold/EGR system (see attached photo). Would there be any merit in spraying EGR cleaner in here and letting it have a good soak occassionally? Does this get at the part of the valve that sticks? Regards, Tim
  3. Hi all my 59 plate focus throws out black smoke and looses power when I excelerate. When the engine malfunction light comes on it drives fine but still is under powered. Any ideas how to fix this problem? Many thanks for any help or suggestions.
  4. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum and am hoping to get some help with an issue as I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to cars! I've got a Mondeo ST tdci 07 plate and am getting a whooshing noise when I reach the revs where the turbo seems to kick in. The EGR valve makes a horrible sound (have attached video) at this point too and upon switching off ignition will make the same noise for a few seconds. I'm also getting loads and loads of black smoke out the exhaust. The engine will sometimes hunt on start up & since Ive had this smoke/whooshing problem the power seems much less. I have a blanking plate fitted to the EGR valve (one with the tiny hole in to supposedly stop EML coming on even though it still comes on again whenever I reset it). The horrid sound coming from the EGR valve makes me think it is that. But then if I have a blanking plate then why would there still be loads of black smoke? I've removed the EGR valve and cleaned it (was minging) but the problem is exactly the same. Forums seem to suggest a split inter cooler hose? I inspected the hoses as far as possible for splits while I had the EGR valve off but can't see any. Still need to check from underneath though. Anybody got any ideas of what it could be and the best place to start? If the EGR is kaput would I still need to replace it if it's blanked anyway? I'm hoping I find a split in the hose but feel all the symptoms I've mentioned point to something much worse? trim.8FDECB28-E14C-4184-AB17-B654B21D52EC.MOV
  5. Hi lads, I bought a Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI (115ps) for my first car around three weeks ago. I have since given it a service and have renewed the rear brake pads, air cleaner element. oil filter element and done an oil change. The car has close to 90,000 miles registered on it. It's a 2004 MK1 Ford Focus, 1.8 litre TDCI engine. I don't have an awful amount of knowledge on these engines so I thought I'd ask here. Basically what has been happening is, I have went to start my car in the mornings after turning the key several times to allow the coil light to disappear. When I then proceed to crank the car, it will continue to try to turn over but won't successfully start on first attempt. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. This happens in the afternoons as well, not just during cold mornings. There's also a mechanical whining noise when the turbo kicks in. This happens in all gears. It sort of sounds like the drill that would be used by a dentist, if that makes any sense. I have checked all hoses and pipes for splits and lose fittings, but all seems to be fine. This isn't my main concern though. My main concern is there seems to be an awful amount of black smoke coming out of the exhaust. Most of the time this smoke isn't constant, but you can see patches of it in the distance when you're driving away and looking through your rear-view mirror. I was sitting at a junction this afternoon waiting for the traffic to clear before I could make my exit, and when I went to give it some revs, it felt as if the car was down on power and it was about to cut out on me. I then noticed that there was a ton of black smoke when I looked behind me. It continued to come out of the exhaust when I was building up revs in second gear as well. I have used a diagnostic machine and no fault codes are shown No warnings lights appear on my dash Car doesn't seem down on power in other gears and the turbo builds up boost as it should do Checked for split hoses and loose pipes I also emptied a bottle of diesel system cleaner into the tank this afternoon when I was refueling. I haven't been driving the car enough to be able to tell if it has made any sort of a difference though. Sometimes the car seems to judder and feel rough when beginning to start up and driving for the first minute or two. It has cut out on me a couple of times, but I'm not sure whether this was a human error and I'm just not giving it enough revs/releasing the clutch too much, but it only seems to occur during start-up and then it seems alright when I'm changing up and down gears after ten minutes or so. I have looked around forums and search engines and I've heard people experiencing similar problems. Some people have recommended to others that removing the EGR valve and giving it a clean/blanking it off will make a difference. Would this be recommended? Could this perhaps be the issue? I'm beginning to worry about this now, and it can be embarrassing when this happens, leaving cars behind me in a large puff of black smoke. It's more embarrassing than anything, really. I don't know where to begin looking, and I don't have the money to squander on parts which may or may not fix the issue. The coil light on my dash seems to disappear instantly when the ignition is turned on, so perhaps it could also do with a set of glow plugs while I'm at it? It's been due a timing belt for quite some time, as it's recommended to replace it at 100,000 miles or at a ten-year interval. This being a 2004 car and having no service history, I'm planning on replacing it so I can be at ease, along with renewing the water pump, tensioner and perhaps the alternator belt as well. It could may have already been done, but there's no indication of it being changed so I'd like to be safe than sorry. If you have any suggestions or past experiences with these issues, please drop a comment below. I'll upload some pictures upon request if necessary. I'd be glad to hear from you. The sooner I get this sorted the better. :) Cheers.