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Found 171 results

  1. noahthomas

    Fiesta Style Radio Upgrade

    Hi Has anyone upgraded a 'style' radio. Would like bluetooth and usb etc Sons car and apparently not very good because of radio (brat!) Just thought might be able to sort something for Christmas
  2. Hi guys, I am at my wits end on something. If someone could shed some light it would be massively appreciated... I recently bought a Ford Fiesta 2010 (and what a car it is), but my only problem is this - it doesn't have bluetooth installed as standard. What is the easiest way to get my car to play music from my phone (such as You Tube etc); I imagine I would need to install some kind of bluetooth but which one?? No one, including Ford is giving me a straight answer on this and I'm going nuts!! Any help or direction MUCH appreciated. Antonio
  3. Hi All, Just a quick one. I am looking to buy a 2012 Ford Fiesta Metal. The majority of the models do not come with bluetooth as part of the stereo kit. I have been trying to do some research online to see if i can buy an upgraded Ford Stereo which has integrated bluetooth but have not had much luck. I need the bluetooth for phone calls and playing music whilst driving. Does anyone know if this upgrade is available? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I have recently bought a (new for me) 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec from a private seller. It only has the aux port (no USB connection) and when I press the phone icon it comes up with 'MUTE' and a speaker symbol with a cross through it - same for aux. When I plug in my aux cable nothing happens my phone is unable to connect to the car and when I search for the car to sync on Bluetooth no options come up. I was really looking forward to playing my music in this car and having the hands-free option to answer my phone from my steering wheel but I am at a loss. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, D
  5. Hi all, I bought a 2006 MKII Focus, Ghia Automatic, 2nd hand of course. There is no BT module in it and the part number from my radio doesn't seem to be Gen2 (I've looked everywhere I could and I don't know what it is). The part number is 6s61-18c815-AG. It's not a Sony radio, it's one of them 6000CD, not a FoMoCo radio, it's a Visteon, made in Portugal (if that makes any difference). So, what I would like to know is what model of BT module should I look for (if there is any) so I could fit it to my car. If possible that allows me to use both the Phone (calls) and the music from it or any other BT device. I would really appreciate your help. Cheers, Matt
  6. Hello I just bought a 2012 ford focus titanium (1.6 ecoboost) I has the sony audio system i cant connect my phone to bluetooth i enter the 4 digit password provided by the system and after ~30 seconds i get "bonding failed" message I tried several phones (same result) I'd really appreciate your help, thanks in advance
  7. Before this starts, I take no responsibility for this going wrong for you or if it in anyway breaks your car. This is done at your risk and your risk only. It is also your responsibility to check your car's compatibility. For this upgrade, I had a Fiesta, early 2013, with the Blue LED text screen but NO track info on Bluetooth. I have taken photos and illustrated as much as possible, any questions drop below. When playing music, this is what it should look like BEFORE the upgrade This is for UK Cars I replaced an AM5T module with a D1BT module to make this work. (Pictured) First thing I did, was to double lock the car with me inside it and make sure that the radio and SYNC system were off (completely black screen). Some people disconnect the battery however I decided not to simply for the convenience of it. I kept the doors shut to prevent anything turning on, and I lay on my back with my feet on the passenger seats in the rear, and bent underneath the footwell. (Bring a flashlight) As the photo shows, you want to remove the two little black screw things, I recommend using a small key or perhaps a knife. Once you have pulled it out about half an inch, you can do the rest with finger work, however the first little bit requires a bit of effort. You want to do this for both sides, so you have 4 little bits in total (pictured) Once you have these out, the panel should fall away. You'll then be able to see the black box module, this is what you are replacing. Remove the two cables. The larger and wider cable, there is a small notch which you need to push in, this will then allow it to slide from right to left, allowing you to pull it out and remove it. Do not pull it until the grey/white band is out of the way As pictured, push that notch down, then slide the band/plastic to the left hand side. Don't force it, it should feel easy. Doing this will raise the cable/eject it slightly, allowing you to remove it with ease. For the other cable, there is a small notch to push in, once pushed in, wiggle it out and it should come just fine. Now you have the cables free, flip the little tray/shelf over and remove the two larger black screw items, they're fairly easy to get out so just use finger nails and you'll be fine. This then releases the black box, so don't drop it as they're fragile inside! Remove those two black large circles to release the box. Once released, I recommend TESTING your new box simply by plugging it in (read the end of this post for my experience, you won't regret it) and seeing if it works. Once you've checked all is good, or you're just going all out, then you want to reattach everything. Follow this guide in reverse, however one little bit of advice is, the wider you make the gap between the two little grommets (pictured below) the easier it is to slot it in before pushing upwards and sealing it. You'll know what I mean when you do it yourself. With everything back together, and all in place, my car display now looked like this. This, to me, is a much needed improvement! You will need to re-add your phone to the bluetooth settings and all that stuff. And there we have it, SYNC is fully upgraded. Read if you have issues / These were my issues: So I plugged the new module in and turned on the ignition, and it wouldn't recognise the module at all, it refused to go onto AUX mode and just wasn't working. I unplugged it, plugged in the old one to test I hadn't broken a cable. This worked fine so I plugged the new one back in, first time I had no joy. Turned engine off, waited for it to turn off and then turned it back on and it showed minor signs of life with blank screen on AUX instead of refusing to go onto it at all. I can't guarantee this will work for everyone HOWEVER, what worked for me was going onto MENU --> And clicking SYNC Settings. This brought up a 'SYNC initialising' and after hitting AUX a number of times to cycle through USB, Line in etc, it finally woke up and worked. I simply added my Phone and the Bluetooth was fine. Hope that your install goes to plan and if not, drop a question and I'll do my best to help.
  8. Hi all, I’ve recently bought a 2010 focus titanium and assumed that because the DAB radio had telephone buttons on it ........... it would have Bluetooth connectivity................ but all it says is audio muted or something similar when I press the phone button. is there something I can add or enable to get Bluetooth on it? I thought I read somewhere of a module? that people have fitted?? im not bothered that the column stalk doesn’t have the voice button but I’d like Bluetooth connectivity if it’s relatively simple your thoughts and solutions will be very gratefully received thanks
  9. Hi All, Bought my first Ford last week, a 2011 Mondeo Titanium X. Was amazed with the spec of the Titanium X compared to other cars of similar size at within the price range I was looking. I've not had much time to fiddle with the toys yet, but I have come across some funnies which I hope someone can help with: I've paired up my Android phone to the Sony HU and can make/take calls OK on it. However, I can't seem to stream audio to it. Android isn't reporting it as a streamable device and when I go to "Aux" on Convers I only see "Line In" - should the bluetooth option be there but greyed out? Being that I can't stream bluetooth audio, I though I'd try the USB connection that's in the glove box. Formatted a 16GB USB stick to FAT32 and stuck some audio files on it in a Artist/Album/Tracks hierarchy. The LED on the USB stick flashes when first connected, but then I can't see it on Convers and when I push CD/Aux on the Sony HU it just swaps between CD and Aux. Like above, should the USB option be greyed out even if not available? Is this potentially a USB stick incompatability? Any help or pointers, much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I've recently bought a Ford Fiesta 2009 (I think it's May) I cannot get my audio bluetooth to play Spotify. The car recognises the phone (through the bluetooth audio function) and Spotify recognizes that it should be playing through 'Ford Audio' but nothing comes out of the car speakers. I've researched and know that some models don't have 'Sync' and also some models require a fuse box adjustment, but I thought I'd ask here first. Thank you :)
  11. Hi there, I am having trouble getting music to play from my phone through my car through bluetooth. I am able to connect my phone through bluetooth and accept calls, all that works fine, however when I try to play music through the car it doesn't let me change to BT input. When I press AUX it automatically goes to Line-In and cannot change it. One of my family members has the same model of fiesta and all she has to do is press AUX again and it switches to BT input, however when I press AUX again nothing happens. The button is not broken because I can press it once to switch to AUX, it's just that I cannot change it from Line-In. Any advice on this? Thanks, Alex.
  12. I have a 2009 ford fiesta titanium. I was involved in an accident and the car was returned from the panel beaters with Bluetooth, USB and AUX not working. CD and radio work perfectly besides all of the other features. If any of you have experienced this problem before or know how to fix this it would be a great help! Wondering if it's not the bluetooth module that is broken?
  13. HI all, We had a problem with our Tesco mobile phones (new in 2017) and our new 2018 Fiesta Vignale; although the motorola Moto E 3rd Gen phones paired ok with the Fiesta sync system, they would not download the contacts or retain them on the one occasion it did nearly work (if you get my meaning). Thanks to a great helper in the Tesco phone shop, we downloaded an app; 'bluetooth phonebook' from Google play at a cost of £1.29. It resolved the problem straight away. (just take note in the app of which boxes you have to tick) Hope this helps others who encounter the same problem.
  14. Fayeb

    Bluetooth Issues...

    Hi, First time using this forum... Please excuse my ignorance, as I'm a female with very little knowledge on cars... haha. (I have a 2015 Ford Fiesta...) So... I have a reoccurring issue where my Bluetooth wont stay connected for more than a month or so. Looking at the photo I've attached... when my Bluetooth stops connecting, I remove & re-insert fuse number 10. Its highly annoying, but at least I know how to resolve it. Now, I can listen to my music via Bluetooth, but when trying to make a call, or when a call is coming through, the Bluetooth system just isn't recognising it. Calls coming in just ring on my handset, despite music playing through my stereo system... and when trying to make an outgoing call, the system refuses to recognise my requests. Is there a different fuse that I need to unplug for this issue? Could someone please advise? Thanks in advance! :-)
  15. Spent most the morning reading through old topics on here to get to this point, so hopefully I have the following right and some knowledgeable heads can help me confirm some stuff. I just picked up a new to me 2013 Fiesta EcoBoost Titanium X, and have found out, like I many before me I guess, that I am locked to Sync 1.0. Which means no track info via bluetooth streaming....something I would quite like. Am I right in thinking to rectify this I need to swap my current APIM (AM5T-14D212-ED) for a newer Sync 1.1 + Applink compatible APIM (D1BT-14D212-CC) and then get the latter programmed to my car and it's bluetooth track data party time? If I went to a Ford dealer and asked for the above, would they charge me a small fortune, or even not agree to do it? Would they program a APIM I supplied? Is programming always needed? I guess the APIMs are not plug and play....or are they? The temptation to order a used one off eBay and just plonk it in and see what happens is relatively high. Sorry about all the questions for a first post, but this has been doing my nut in working out exactly what's what...Ford don't make it easy sometimes do they?
  16. Hi, i currently have the original non bluetooth stereo in my fiesta. I am looking to change this to either a standard one with bluetooth or the upgraded sony one. How will i do this? What needs to be done? And what do i need? How hard is it? TIA PFA (my stereo now)
  17. Whitehousee7

    AUX not working in Zetec s mk7?

    I have not long purchased my first Ford. It's a 09 zetec s Mk7. All is well with it, except for the aux isn't working. When i press the button on the radio nothing happens, and when i press the phone button, it just mutes the audio completely. Anyone know why? Solutions would be greatly appreciated. Dan
  18. Phil21185

    Sync and bluetooth

    Probably been asked before but I'd like an answer directed at me personally if possible :) I'm trying to use Google Assistant on my phone when connected to the car. Don't get me wrong, syncs voice dialing is ok but I can't search for, say the doctors surgery opening hours etc and I'd like to be able to. First step for me was to find a way to turn GA on only in the car as I don't want it listening all the time for me to say 'ok google' and draining the battery. Managed that with Tasker so that's fine. But then I realised that while the phone is connected to the cars Bluetooth, it switches off its internal mic and can't hear me saying "ok Google"... And of course the cars mic only works when I press the voice button and sync doesnt pass the audio through the the phone unless a phonecall is being made. I don't really want to use an app to force the phone to use its mic all the time on Bluetooth as this would make calls less audible for the other person to hear me. What I have read is that Sync (or a version of it) is able to pass-thru a command to the phone after you press the voice button by saying something like "device command", or so I read somewhere. Question time. Is this true and if so, what version of sync does it apply to? I have a 2014 focus with navigation, non touch colour display and the button on the wheel that looks like a person talking, I think I'm right in saying this is Sync 1.1? Finally, if I don't have the right version of sync for what I want to do, is it possible to update, or is it the hardware that would need updating (to the touchscreen jobby)? Many thanks
  19. adamdunnet123

    Sync connection issues

    Hi all, Last week my friend tried to pair his phone to my SYNC while I was driving and couldn't get it to work. Ever since then my phone has been playing up. It connects okay and plays (the time bar on spotify/podcasts etc. ticks along normally) and says it is connected to SYNC but there's nothing coming through the speakers. I've disconnected and deleted SYNC from my phone and performed a master reset on the car audio twice now, but nothing seems to be solving it. Any siggestions?
  20. jakerwalton

    2012 Mk3 Focus Problems

    Hi Everyone, Got a couple of issues with the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium I have owned for 9 months now. Stereo has been working a dream, one of the reasons I opted for the higher spec model was so I could have the reliability of the Sony headunit. A couple of weeks ago I was removing a bluetooth device from the headunit and it went into meltdown. Now the bluetooth. USB, Aux and Voice Control have all stopped working. I disconnected the battery for half an hour in an attempt to reset it but still no luck. Anyone got any other suggestions? Ford say it could cost me hundreds for them to find the issue and resolve it which I don't really want to spend if I can help it. Second thing is I am looking at getting my windows tinted. Rear windows look a bit strange letting so much light in I think. While it is in, I was considering getting the chrome strips under the windows wrapped in black as well because they stand out too much for my liking. Can anyone tell me if there is a way of taking them off? If I can tell the company how to take them off rather than them have to try and figure it out themselves, the price will come down a fair bit. Yes, I'm from Lincolnshire so I'm tight - but I also have a few weeks off work so thought it was worth popping the queries up here and seeing what responses I got. Thanks in advance for any help! Jake
  21. Having a nightmare! I have a Fiesta MK7, 2009 Zetec, I have the bluetooth module and the USB port but the bluetooth and aux cable WILL NOT work. We've looked at so many questions on here but nothing is touching it! We have tried: replacing the fuses under the bonnet and in the passenger footwell (fuse 21) turning the battery on and off installing an update via USB (just said there were no files then would not progress to the next stage) replacing the bluetooth unit (not cheap and nothing happened!) To be a bit more specific - when i press the 'phone button' it says 'Mute' and i cannot change this no matter what I press. When I press 'aux' it says 'Line in' and again i cant change this no matter what i press. When I go through menu to select blue tooth is doesn't say anything apart from bottom right 'BT off' again - you guessed it - no matter what I press it doesn't change. No idea what to do with it now and I'm sure most of you know driving down the motorway with the radio cutting in and out is so frustrating i really need this working! Please HELP!
  22. Hi, First time in this forum So here's the issue: Ever since updating to IOS11 on my iPhone, the bluetooth between the phone and my fiesta's stereo is absolutely horrendous! It pops and crackles like a vinyl record, its like having a ***** bowl of Rice Crispies in the back! Both with music and phonecalls. It's driving me up the wall, so I called Apple (who blame Ford,), called Ford (who blames Apple). It's the same for my friend who owns a similar year Fiesta and a new iPhone. So my advice is do not update your phone, or do not buy a '10 model fiesta.
  23. Hi! First post. I have a Mondeo MK IV 2014 with a 6000CD radio. First owner did not buy the bluetooth option. A new law here in Sweden, from feb 1 2018, forbids any handheld phones. I do hope I could retrofit my car with the bluetooth module. I have Googled myself blue..... in finding the correct part number an and some instructions on Youtube of how to do it. I don't need USB, just want my phone to work. I think there is a built in microphone from factory, but I am not sure. Is it? Thanks in advance!
  24. Undercover


    I have a Freedom 1.4 3dr 2007 Can anyone advise me how do I activate use the "phone" icon?
  25. Hi there, A few months ago I bought a Ford Fiesta 1L Ecoboost (125bhp), Titanium, 63 reg. I have been having no trouble with connecting my phone and others via bluetooth to Sync media, however when playing music via bluetooth my car does not display track names/artists, but it does when playing music via the USB wired connection. A friend of mine has a lower spec fiesta (zetec), but a newer model (14 reg) and can get their bluetooth mode to display track names... I have been warned that these systems wok better with android phones rather than iPhones (which is what I have) and it is an android phone that my friend uses. Has anyone found similar issues? Or knows whether a 63 reg car is simply not new enough to support the track name information when in bluetooth mode, despite being high spec? Both my Sync and iPhone software are on the most recent updates... Any ideas? Thanks! drward1