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Found 6 results

  1. 2003FocusLX

    Breaking Focus 2003

    Hello! The car which I have owned for a month just failed it's MOT. And when I say failed, I don't mean it got a question wrong. I mean it didn't bring a pen, and it fell off it's chair before the exam started. So it is probably now worthless. And I'm considering breaking it. It seems like it would be an interesting thing to do. I'm a classic car nut with some limited knowledge of cars and mechanics, but mostly from the pre-electronic era (I have a 1973 MGB). I am prepared to listen to the "don't do it!" responses, I'm not saying this is definitely happening. But please consider that I have a fair bit of space (large garage, large drive) and plenty of time (self-employed and not busy), and I'd be doing this because it interests me AND because I want to make some money. So I don't care about the hourly rate, like if it takes me two days to remove a part that sells for £8. Does anyone have experience? Any horror / success stories? Anywhere I should start? And, does anyone have any idea at all, no matter how vague, how much a 2003 Focus LX might fetch as parts? It's 130k miles, bumped, cracked and scratched body, a chassis that needs some welding (hence the MOT) and a lot of unknowns (since I've barely had the bonnet up). And if I don't break it, what can I expect to get from a scrapyard? Any information would be very welcome.
  2. FordNewbies

    Timing Belt Snapping

    Hello All, Just thought i would share this experience with you lads and ladies. Yeserday I had my timing belt snap on me. I have a 2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 TDCI at 97000. I just want to warn people that the 125,000 miles/ 10yrs that ford suggest might just be at a stretch. I suggest get it done much earlier to avoid what i'm about to go through lol. when i bought the car it put it through a full service and because of the manufacturers recommended time and milage suggested frame the belt was left alone. i ran the service at 94000. according to my mechanic i might have to replace all 16 valves. he is first going to order the timing belt change kit from ford then do a compression test. if it passes then happy days if not then the head will have to come off and valves replaced. lets just say this isn't going to be cheap at all. Just giving you all a warm warning.... Regards
  3. Full car breaking for spares. Ford Fiesta Zetec MK7.5 2013 model in midnight black. Parts are available for sale. Payment can be through paypal or by collection. Contact: Mobile- 07833241926 Email -

    Breaking Ford Puma 1.7

    Welcome Everyone! I have decided to break my 1.7 puma as I no longer have the time to play with it. I am going to list the parts I have taken off that are available on Ebay. I have sold the engine and the brake calipers, so the only parts I have available will be listed here. I will be adding more parts over the next few days so Ebay will be updated. Don't be afraid to request a part I will be as quick as possible getting back to you. Thanks, Damo PM me on here or Ebay with questions. My number is 07872 620000. Here is the ebay link to my profile to see the parts Both Front wings (Pair) - £25 + Collection/Courier Steering Column Cover/Cowling - £12 + Free P&P Bonnet Seal - £12 + Free P&P Speedo Covers / Facia - £12 + £2 P&P Center Console & Gator - £13 + Free P&P Puma Fanblade 15" (Single Alloy) - £15 + Collection/Courier Rear Bumper - £20 + Collection/Courier Rear Speaker w/ Boxes (Pair) - £20/Offers + Free P&P Interior Centre Light - £10 + Free P&P Roof Lining - £20 + Collection/Courier Sun Visors (Pair) - £13 + Free P&P Rear Seat Release Cables - £14 + Free P&P Lift Jack + Wheel Brace - £16 + Free P&P Window Switches Driver & Passenger - £8.50 + Free P&P Window Switch Covers - £8.50 + Free P&P Interior Mirror Covers (Pair) - £12.80 + Free P&P Interior Air Vents Driver & Passenger - £10 + Free P&P Glove Box - £14.50 + Free P&P Windscreen Heated w/ Rear View Mirror - £80 - See Ebay Listing For Postage Details Petrol Cap Cover - £7.50 + Free P&P Complete Ashtray - £11 + Free P&P Ford Escort SI Alloys Wheels /w Tyres x5 15" 4x108 - £50 + Collection/Courier MAF Intake Pipe - £12 + Free P&P Airbag Control Module - £11 + Free P&P N/S Front Electric Window Motor - £14 + Free P&P Front Door Windows (Both Sides) - £15 + collect/Courier Complete Boot Carpet/Lining - £20 + Collection/Courier Front Seats With Belt Buckles /Rear Seats And Door Cards - £25 + Collection/Courier Radiator Fan - £16 + Free P&P Brake Servo /w Resevoir - £23 + Free P&P Wiper Motor - £14.50 + Free P&P Fuse Box Cover - £10 + Free P&P ** Update ** New Parts Listed: N/S Front Electric Window Motor - £14 + Free P&P Front Door Windows (Both Sides) - £15 + collect/Courier Complete Boot Carpet/Lining - £20 + Collection/Courier Front Seats With Belt Buckles /Rear Seats And Door Cards - £25 + Collection/Courier Radiator Fan - £16 + Free P&P Brake Servo /w Resevoir - £23 + Free P&P Wiper Motor - £14.50 + Free P&P Fuse Box Cover - £10 + Free P&P Parts Sold: Digital Clock - £7.50 Racing Gear Knob - £11.50 Rear Lights (Both) - £16 Instrument Cluster (Approx 120K Miles) - £18 Front Seatbelts - £14 Rear Seatbelts + Buckels - £14 Heater Control/ AC Panel - £15 Wing Mirrors (Pair) - £20 O/S Front Electric Door Window Motor - £14 Header Tank/Weater Resevoir - £14 Feel free to request any parts that aren't listed. All the parts are genuine Ford I have described them in detail on my Ebay. Here is the link again Cheers
  5. Hi all, So you may (or may not know) I replaced my mk3 Fiesta with a Mk6 Fiesta. I've been trying to sell my mk3 since October (54K Genuine, MOT till Aug - £600) now in my opinion I think that's a fair price HOWEVER, two things are 'technically' wrong with it. The first is the passenger lock which doesn't unlock from the outside, yeah, I could just replace the door but it's just effort when I did fine without it. The second is the window passenger winder which snapped. Needs a new regulator but no points of fixing it again because It didn't fuss me. Now, I want rid of it, in your opinions what would be the most beneficial when it comes to money vs time and effort. For example, 'Selling the vehicle you may get £xxx for it and will sell' or 'You could break it and get £xxx for just the engine'. Your opinions are key as I'm not sure what I want to do with it! Cheers, Mark