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Found 47 results

  1. Hello, I've got an 07 plate Mondeo titanium x and I'm struggling to find the 'honeycomb' grilles which fit the upper and lower sections. Mine is the 'pre facelift' i believe and I wondered if anyone could send me in the right direction for them? I love the car I just hate the front end including the headlights, does anyone know if there are different styles or types available for the headlights? The upper grille I want is this style - The same style for the lower grille is also needed. Any cheaper alternatives to these - and also are they a straight swap? -
  2. So I have a really odd problem with the front bumper on my C-Max. I think this may have happened as a result of someone slowly reversing into my front wing, but can't be sure. As you'll see from the pictures, the very top corner of the bumper has 'popped out' somehow, just under the driver-side headlight unit. It looks like there's some kind of plastic clip attached to the inner part of this piece of bodywork (you can see it peeking out in the photos), but I'm not sure if this is the attachment point or not. Is this something that's easy to clip back into place? I've tried pushing it back it, but it doesn't seem to be connected in this way, so maybe I have to take something else off to put this back on properly? Any advice would be welcome, thanks!
  3. Hi I have just joined the forum. I am a Mustang 5.0 Cabriolet owner and I love my car. However, it has a problem that I think looks awful. It appears that the rear bumper is dropping down away from the rearside and rear panels - this leaves a horrible gap that has got much bigger than when I picked up the car new in July 2016. The Ford bodyshop have informed that the bumper brackets are the same brackets used on the Fiesta so they are not strong enough to take the weight of the Mustang bumper. At this point, I should point out that I am a Solicitor and am just in the early process of instigating legal proceedings under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I am rejecting the car and seeking the return of my monies less a deduction for the use of the car I have had. It is this deduction which will be the sticking point I believe. Has anyone else noticed this bumper issue and if so what have you been told or what action have you taken. Thanks
  4. Just recently purchased a honeycomb style diffuser to replace the ugly piece of plastic on my rear bumper, but now needing the left and right bumper extension trims to complete it. I cannot believe the price Arnold Clark are looking for these small pieces of plastic, £57 for each side! Anyone have any ideas on where I could source these at a more reasonable price?
  5. Hello!, Read the guides for the bumper and grilles on the Mk2.5 - but I've found nothing for the MK2. Need some clarification/help on the following connections/bits of the MK2 Focus front bumper and grilles. The Ford Etis diagrams don't have enough detail on these. We had the front bumper removed and resprayed - but some of the plastic bottom bumper bits which go either side of the radiator are loose and flapping around inside and the top slam panel/airfllow plastic clips seem to have been damaged, meaning this is also loose. Could anyone confirm the correct name for each of these sections and how they're attached/ if access during bumper removal/fitting? I'm pretty sure that this wasn't previously like this. The garage also forgot to reconnect the bonnet switch elec cable so 'bonnet open' was displayed and the car wouldn't double-lock.
  6. Buddybudz

    Rear diffuser needed

    Hi I'm having trouble finding a rear diffusser for my bumper. (That I know will actually fit.) Soon to put my car in for new exausts and would like a new diffusser to look nice. Can you help me ty in advance 😁
  7. So yesterday i had a 17 plate Audi S3 rear end me in the focus :( How i out-breaked him i don't, know but credit to Ford brakes ensuring i did not hit the child chasing his football into the road! My question is now, is an RS rear bumper a straight fit to my titanium or will the rear arches be wider and cause the bumpers to not sit flush? I also presume that the boot lids (mine has a nice dent now) are all the same throughout the mk2 facelift focus range? Meaning i can in theory get a replacement boot from any mk2 focus thats being broken for parts?
  8. Good afternoon all, I have a question that has no doubt been asked hundreds of times over, but info quickly becomes out of date. I own a 1.25 Mk7.5 Fiesta, bog standard, and would really (really) like the aesthetics of the Zetec S. What I believe that entails is a front bumper(+extension and grill), side skirts, rear spoiler, rear bumper. Would anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of sourcing these parts? I'd be eternally grateful. Images are essentially the before and after of what I'm aiming to do. Pete
  9. JKSEN

    Bumper replacement

    Does anybody know if the 2013 Fiesta Zetec bumper can be fitted onto a 2012 Fiesta Zetec? I like the style of it more, and it works out cheaper for me than getting my current bumper sprayed.(I bought the car with an unpainted bumper). Thanks
  10. Hello one and all I've just signed up to the forum. I just bought a 1997 Ford Ka 1.3 style, as a runabout second car. Its only done 32572 miles and it's a great, fun little car. It has the usual HCV problem so I'll get that sorted, but the other issue is one I need some advice on. I have some new plastic bumper clips to replace the broken ones, but the location holes in the steel seem to be too big to hold the clip securely. Possibly corrosion has affected them. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to get around this problem? Many thanks, Dean (Amazingmin)
  11. MyFordisFred

    Bumper damage - advice?

    New here :) Anyway, my front bumper has been damaged - not sure by whom or how, but I was parked in the supermarket car park, doing food shopping, I come back to my car and somebody's (probably) reversed into the front left corner, leaving a sizeable dent in my bumper and fled the scene. It hasn't affected driving performance but it does look awful and the fog light is now at a slightly skewed angle I'm quite a new driver (having passed in June this year) and I want to know what you guys think will be better: 1. Making an insurance claim (my voluntary excess is £400) 2. Go to Ford affiliated garages for service quotes and cover this independently I'm not sure how expensive a replacement bumper is on its own, and if it is cheaper than £400 + other fees then I'll go with option two. Has anyone had any experience with replacement bumpers? If the bumper is more expensive to go independently, I am worried that this will adversely affect my insurance next year, especially as I only passed quite recently. What would you guys do? Cheers
  12. Hi guys! I have been keeping pretty quiet about my build and not really posted anything about it (might create a "my build" thread in the near future), after using useful advice and guides found on here by various members, my car is coming along really nicely. it's started out life as a 1.6 pre-facelift Ghia and will eventually look as good a possible ST replica as i can make it! in b4 anyone says "it is waste of time & money creating a replica, and i may as well put the money used in to buying an actual ST" Yes! i wholeheartedly agree with you! and would love an ST however £5-8k or possibly plus i do not and will not have for a long time (whilst the cost of living is so high near London!) so i am quite happy turning my car looks wise into an ST as i love the design of the ST, However I will NOT be trying to make it out to look like something it's not by not branding it with ST badges here there and everywhere as i do not wish to embarrass myself at a red light or on the motorway next to an actual ST or RS or the boy racer Golf GTI's and all the other hot hatches lol. So now that's out of the way, the following Mods i have done so far include: Xenon white LED interior ST rear spoiler ST rear bumper (purchased for a right steal on ebay! £68 delivered with both mounting brackets intact! ) Aftermarket stereo Subwoofer installed fitted alternative heater control knobs Mods to be done in the near future include (but not limited to): Dual exit Cat-back custom Stainless steel exhaust ST alloys ST front bumper ST side skirts Rear 3 windows tinted Either buy xenon headlights or fit HID's fit overlay Gel badges. De-badge rear and possibly fit ST badge on wings or replace with actual ST front wings. Fit Recaro interior seats Leather/cloth i don't mind too much. So on to my question! i have fitted the ST rear bumper this weekend (before the heavens opened and the rain came down thankfully!) and all went well (except from having to snap off both bolts on my old bumper as the nuts had ceased as they tend to do on the mounting bracket) but it was damaged anyways and i had no intention of keeping it. HOWEVER when it came to the two plastic screws on the underside of the bumper, the old mounting holes for these are situated at quite a distance away from the new ones? so my question is: how can i secure the bumper now from the underside? to stop it maybe flapping around at high speeds or anything like that.The bumper isn't falling off and is secure, but it is loose on the underside because of this. as you will see in my pictures, will an actual ST rear bumper reinforcement bar fix this? or is there anything else to be done that i'm missing? if anybody else has had this problem when fitting an ST rear bumper themselves or if this is just how it is? OR if somebody with an actual ST could post a picture in this thread of what the underside of their's looks like so i can compare,please let me know! any help and advice will be much appreciated! i hope you like what I've achieved so far! Carl Problem as mentioned where you can see the screws and the mountings for these screws on the original bumper are in different positions General Pics of the Car so far: Before: After (Much better!)
  13. Hi all, does anyone know what the rear valance bumper attachment is / for? I've seen it and thought, year looks cool, but it's not cheap and so was hoping someone might shed light on it's purpose? Aero / Aesthetics?
  14. So last week someone hit me coming out of junction caused alot damage and has resulting in new drivers door, new fender wing and new front bumper. Went to pick the car up this morning and have had to reject the work and leave the car with them as i wasn't happy. Basically they have done a great job on the drivers door and fender and the paint matches great but its the front bumper, the body work guy said that they come pre painted from ford and i have take it up with ford, i mean the colour is way out on the bumper and looks wrong. Anyway i told the body work guy its not my problem it comes from ford liek that and they will need respray it to match, he said i have wait till tue for authorisation from insurence and i will phone my insurence myself to push it through but i am just wondering has anyone else been in same situation and how did it turn out? plastic shield underneath was also cracked so they need repair that. Any tips on what to look out for when checking it over next week.. heres picture of the damage. Thanks
  15. Magic Friend

    Facelift conversion?

    Hi guys, I'm new here, so I thought that I would start with a very small question. Can a Mk1 facelift front bumper be put onto a pre-facelift version? I'm encouraged to believe it will from looking at pictures. After all, the headlights appear to be the same, but I could be mistaken and it never hurts to ask :-) Many thanks, Paul
  16. Tom HFord

    Bumper Slightly out of line

    last night my car was stolen and taken on a joyride, i got my car back however upon closer inspection it seems the person driving it backed into something, my bumper had popped out on the rear passenger side so i popped it back in however now the bumper sits slightly out of line, does anyone know any company that would take the bumper off and then put it back correctly as i don't have time to be doing this, and if anyone knows prices that would be great thanks
  17. Darision

    Bumper sticking out a tad

    Hi people, new here so sorry if this is in the wrong place! Just bought a Used Ford Fiesta Zetec 2011, was raining when i bought it so the paint didn’t really notice as much when I looked around the car so not that happy about the paintwork in the image as the car was advertised as "in showroom condition" however this isn’t what im making this topic about.... Could anybody help, when I bought this car the bumper join is as appears in the image, sticking out a little, although this is minor, its very annoying and ruins the aesthetic of the car. does anybody know how to push it in or get it to line up properly with the other part of the bodywork? thanks
  18. hatthewmartley

    Need rear bumper retainer clips

    Hello, So a couple of months ago I started to hear a creak coming from the boot on speed-bumps, ramps etc. It gradually got louder and more frequent until eventually it got to the point that it sounded like the car was going to rip in half on light cornering. After a bit of investigating (and worrying about the suspension being on it's way out) I noticed that the 2 retaining clips for the bumper were missing. I've been to a thousand garages and specialist shops and nobody seems to have these clips. I've tried looking online but can't seem to find any for this model (2009 tdci zetec). Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  19. Today I reversed into a bollard (even though I have parking sensors haha), and caused a dent in the boot and a cracked bumper. I know it may be a silly question as it's hardly noticeable, is it worth replacing the bumper and removing the dent? The dent is unsightly and bothers me a lot... but I have a feeling it may be expensive to remove! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! X
  20. Someone drove into my car the other day and left a sizeable hole in it, but decided to drive off. (photo attached) Looking on ebay ive seen a new bumper for £45 but its not a genuine part. car is still on finance and dont want to mess around with an insurance claim, as its a pretty easy diy job. anyone know if it voids your insurance if it is not a genuine part? Just wondering as i also saw a listing on ebay for a different bumper that says its "insurance approved"?
  21. Can this bumper be fitted to the mk7 facelift 2013? And what is it called? I can only find one close called the "rs look"
  22. Hi guys, I was cleaning my car yesterday and noticed the paint was coming off the bottom part of my bumper (see photo attached). It is happening on both sides but one side is much worse than the other. Has this happened to anyone else/any advice before I see Ford? I'm taking it to Ford this Friday and I'm hoping they will accept it is a warranty repair as it is less than a years old! Kind regards, Kristian
  23. Hi Guys! Noticed tonight when I was giving the good old Fiesta a clean that part of my rear bumper seems to have gone AWOL. No idea how or when this would have happened. I bust my tyre on a massive pot hole this weekend but it was at a T junction & very little speed there. Perhaps it popped off or some wee ned has nicked it. Either way I'm needing to get myself a replacement. I've no idea what the actual part is so struggling to find it. It looks to cover the rear hook. It's the latest Red Edition I have. Any ideas? Much appreciated!
  24. Alzy

    bumper change

    Would this fit my car? Not sure if there's a difference in them. Cheers all
  25. ains188

    Bumper/diffuser change

    I would like a bumper existention and trim like the White feista but currently have this style and ideas where I could get them from