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Found 14 results

  1. Hi people, I'm keeping my MK2 diesel Focus and potentially looking to buy a 2nd car (for the wife). I noticed in the MK7, the 1.6 petrol appears to offer significantly more performance than the 1.4 whilst seemingly being able to still offer decent MPG, so it's the engine I'm looking at. Is there anything specific I need to look out for or checking in relation to MK7 in general (but especially the engine)?
  2. cowleygains

    HELP BUYING 2006 1.8D Focus

    Hi everyone, just signed up to the forum so I'm sorry if i break any rules with this post. I wanted to ask the help of you ford enthusiasts I want to buy a Ford focus 2006 1.8 (1753cc) Diesel Manual 5 door hatchback Its got 12 months MOT and cosmetically looks good, only thing is that it has 160,000 miles on the clock What do i need to make sure has been replaced in a car this old, and roughly how long ago? Like turbo, cambelt ect... Many thanks for any help everyone! Alex
  3. Hi, i viewed a 2008 ford mondeo today. i liked the car as it is 5 door type which i really want. And it is cheap. However two things concerned me so I want to run them by people. First is that there was some rust under the bottom of car at the back. Is a little bit OK? I have taken some pictures so would appreciate advice. The second is - as these weld marks in the final three pictures? I asked the dealer and he said it wasn't (in fact he opened the booth of a focus which had the same thing). Either he is chopping a lot of cars or i am paranoid! Once again any guidance would be great. I'm keen to buy this car but don't want to do anything silly
  4. MrShona

    Cold Air Intakes?

    Hello Ford motorists. I drive a 2010 Mk2.5 Zetec S 1.6 Petrol, I've been looking out for modifications I can do to my car recently. Almost all have been minor cosmetic mods, but I was thinking of getting a cold air intake as one of the very few "performance" mods. Although I'm getting confused on which is actually any good. As far as I'm aware, Ford's have airflow sensors and they are set for the specific amount of air that Ford's own air filters generate, and aftermarket filters can decrease power in some cases. Anybody know of an air filter for a 1.6 Petrol that is actually beneficial for the money?
  5. hi would the engine last many more miles on a zetec s petrol mk6.5 as it has done 120k and has had cambelt done and serviced regular and was just wondering if its worth buying ??
  6. dixon31


    Hi im looking at buying a ford focus 1.8 zetec , petrol , when i test drove it , the engine management light came on , i aske dthe owner and he said if i pull over stop and then restart the car the light will go out .... his explantion was the battery is faulty and just needs replacing ... does this sound right or shall i leave the car alone ?
  7. So this weekend im going with my family to check out some used cars on the market and i've found this Mondeo trend, 1.6 120HP (not much but it will do), has 72.484km which is about 45.000miles, made in 2012, first registration 6/2012, 5 gears and costs 9.988€, about 7.200 pounds. Doesn't really have much of equipment but my parents love this car and i think it's a pretty fair price (im from Slovenia btw) Here are the pics: This car is a big update from our Focus 2003 1.6 100HP with 110,00km (68,000miles). Here on the market it's worth about 1500€(1000gbp) so it's better to get rid of it now so we can still get any money for it, and the rust has started spreading on the skirts that we repaired like a year ago which will hold for about 2 years which is another reason to get rid of it. For anyone curious, here are the pics of our Focus: And one more question, what's the engine like as in fuel economy and reliability on this mondeo? Opinions very welcome. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hi All, Need some help! My StreetKA is squeaking (definitely the fan belt). I've been looking around to find the best price fan belt. I have found a couple of belts at reasonable prices but for some reason they state that they fit StreetKA's between 12/2002 - 12/2005. Firstly, I wasn't aware they were made in 2002. Secondly mine is a 2006 model. Can't find any for 2006 models. Is there a difference between a 2005 model engine and 2006 model? I know some StreetKA's didn't have air con, but the belts state suitable for StreetKA's 1.6 12/2002-12/2005 with Air Con and P/Steering. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance! :)
  9. Hi, First timer and first poster here, so apologies if I get any netiquette wrong. I'm about to acquire a Fiesta Titanium Eco Boost 1.0: I've had dealer's quotes and car supermarket quotes for low mileage models but the best deal I've been offered is for a new model from leasing4u - their email states 'Leasing4u and Carleasing4u are trading names of Blueroc Ltd For low annual mileage (5k) and a 2 year deal, a deposit of around £800 they're offering 23 monthly payments of £187.15. It's way below the other quotes (much higher deposits and around £250 monthly payments) - anything I should be aware of before committing to this? It will take 5 weeks delivery because I've also requested parking sensors to be fitted - I'm just so used to them now. Thanks Regards Gus
  10. I am looking at buying a 1984 Ford fiesta I was just wondering if there is anything that i should look for when viewing the car e.g known problems etc I would really appreciate some input from Ford owners Cheers
  11. kiloeightone

    Buying Used Ford

    Hi all, I'm looking let go of my 53 plate Mondeo 2.0 TDCi for something a little younger and with less miles on the clock (it's approaching 200k). I've had a look at some of the posts here and a buyers guide from auto express but would like some opinions. I've had Mk 2 Focus in the past but some of the things I've read are putting me of a bit. Do the diesel engines really have the most reported problems? I'd be looking at a 2006/2007 example with average mileage. I've read that the DPF can need replaced at cost around that kind of mileage, and that the dual mass flywheel can go if the car has been used for short journeys. What's peoples experiences of this age of focus? Are petrol models of that age less likely to suffer costly faults like that? And if so is it worth taking the hit on roads tax and choosing a 1.4 or 1.6 petrol instead? Any thoughts or opinions welcomed.
  12. Hello all, My first post to this great forum. I hope to buy a brand new Fiesta style 1.25 82PS 5DR either 63 or 14 model. As this is my first time purchasing new I would love to hear your experiences in buying directly from a dealership and perhaps even the best way of achieving the best price from your dealer. Any advise would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing your stories. Regards, Daniel
  13. Lloyday

    St Owners Help!

    Afternoon, Soon I am looking to buy myself a Fiesta ST '55 Plate, so before I set my eyes on one I would like to know if anyone has owned one and can tell me how they are to run day in day out, tax costs and how they are on petrol etc. and if there is anything particualr I should look for when browsing for one. Thanks guys :)
  14. Hi im new to the site, i'm looking to get some buying advise on a focus 1.6tdci estate. I have heard that they suffer with turbo and dpf snags. Yhe wife needs a estate, what with the shopping and 3 dogs . The cheap road tax, good mpg and insurance and size make it look good to us, however if you guys no better please let me know. So if anyone has one, or knows what to look out for i would be really grateful Thanks in advance Sean