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Found 16 results

  1. Good morning, I have just got my mondeo 2015.5 mk5 and it has not got reversing sensors or a reversing camera fitted. It comes as standard with the SYNC 2 system. Does anyone know of a way to retrofit a reversing camera input to the sync2 unit like it can come from factory? I have found this > however I am unsure of the reliability of this supplier and am sort of hoping for some instruction. Otherwise, does anyone know how much Ford charge to have this system retrofitted to a mondeo? Many thanks, Kr1stoph
  2. National Windscreens replaced my screen and supposedly recalibrated the cameras. Car came back in a state (see pics). Broken glass left throughout cab and across leather seats, broken plastic clips found (presumably from the camera surround as it’s not been put back together properly), gap in N/S corner of screen where seals don’t line up, and a white polystyrene bobble on the inside of the glass - in line-of-sight of one of the cameras. Told insurers, passed back to National Windscreens where a regional manager tried saying the gap in screen was supposed to be there to allow water through - until I mentioned I had before and after photos... It has to go back for a second replacement to “give them chance to rectify it” but I really have no confidence in them. Total lack of care. 1) Can anyone tell what the plastic clips might be from? (I’ll try and get better pics). 2) If it comes back a mess a second time what are my options? Could I take it to ford to have it done properly and then try and claim the money back? Or request a different company such as Autoglass?
  3. Before I start a big thinks to TomRoscoe. It was his idea for this brilliant low cost mod and here’s his reverse camera installation: There is overlap between Tom’s approach and mine so all credit to Tom where that’s the case. The theory is that a camera mounted in to the rear of the car takes its power from the reverse light bulb so when you engage reverse the camera powers up and sends a signal to the monitor to power up also. Brilliant and more fun the normal parking sensors. Truth be told I hate the look of reverse sensors running the width of the bumper and can’t justify the cost of them just now. So I found TomRosco’s installation, asked a few questions and had a bash. What I’ve ended up with though is a full reverse camera system for £25 and maybe 3hrs graft. With this in mind I thought I’d put something back and build on the information Tom provided that got me up and running, and I have documented my adventures in case anyone else wants a go at installing their own reverse camera. === Hopefully you will see a PDF document attached to this post with all the details of my installation including lots of photo's and step by step instructions. Reverse Camera.pdf === Go steadily, take care and do your homework as your car may have different coloured cables etc to mine. All common sense stuff really but hopefully the info TomRoscoe and myself have provided should be enough. Good luck and let's hear how other folks get on. Regards, Phil SEE ATTACHED PDF FOR GUIDE Reverse Camera.pdf
  4. When rear camera is connected to monitor the battery voltage drops and cuts off the monitor..any ideas?Thanks
  5. Kaspars

    S-Max Rear parking camera

    Hi! I've got S-Max 2012 with Blaupunkt NX. After a crash I got new back door with rear view parking camera (I think it could be original). How hard it could be to connect it to the navigation screen? Is there already some connecting cables to the back from radio?
  6. RAIDER32

    Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Evening all, I'm sharing clips I've taken with my Mobius camera, Most are just stupid driving by others, but some clips you can imagine 'What if?', If things had gone a little different, I would have been very glad to have had the footage. All Video's Best Viewed 1080p Full Screen *********And May Contain Swearing********* A Focus has rear ended something on small bit of road that you can hit 70mph on, obviously didn't stop fast enough. BMW moves into middle lane then wants back in, fails to see the HGV out the window, and probably anything out the back (covered in snow). Hit this pothole lastnight, it sounded a lot louder than it does on the video, everything seems to be ok. Caught this silly woman in the Focus tonight, you can see she doesn't turn her head once to look for anybody. I put off for a long time getting a dash-cam, but I'm glad I've finally got one, and highly recommend it. Considering I got this stuff in just a week, I'm sure I'll be adding a few more!
  7. F-For-Fiesta

    FORscan activate reverse camera

    Hello guys, my name is Terry and I'm new here. I have a question about FORscan. Next week I'm going to build in my reverse camera, I already have received the products I need. I have a simple OBD2 scanner (WiFi interface), is this going to work? I own a MacBook and I do have Windows 10 installed on this. Or do I need an older version of Windows? I do have this OBD2 scanner: There's no switch on it. Is this a problem? Can anyone please tell me how I can activate my reverse camera on my own? Which digits do I have to change in order to activate the camera? Of course I will get an error message now, since the camera is not installed yet. The dealer asks £45 to do this... Maybe it's easier to change this myself. I have a Ford Fiesta 2013 125HP ST-Line. Left hand steering wheel. Thank you in advance. -Terry
  8. Tangerinemk3.5st3

    Mk3.5 st3 reverse cam retro fit?

    Hi. Is it possible to retrofit a reversing camera to my 2015 mk3.5 Focus St3? If so, what is needed? Thanks
  9. mixmasterlooney

    My New Mobius Dashcam

    I have finally bought myself a dashcam and i am very pleased with my purchase. The camera is called Mobius ActionCam and it's a multifunction action cam, one of those function is being a dashcam and it does this rather well, infact it does it better than that anything else for the price. The camera cost £41 and it can be purchased here I highly recommend if anyone buying this camera purchase from the above link (Seller eletoponline365) The camera is made and sold by this specific seller from Hong Kong with the lowest price anywhere. (delivery takes 1 week) Lets get down to what this camera is and some of it's features. 1080p full HD recording 720p HD recording H.264AVC1 .MOV files Photo mode SD card slot upto 32GB Plug and play for windows Live TV out whilst recording Data transfer from camera 80mins real life recording on battery And much more although i will only mention features relevant to car cams as this camera can be hooked upto remote control planes, motorbikes etc, it's an action cam! and it looks like this This is what comes with the camera (Plus a multifunction USB, TV out adaptor cable not in photo) Here it what it looks like in person and how small it is, as you can see compared to my keyfob it is indeed a very small camera so is the mount. The Camera does not have a viewfinder like some of the other cameras others have chosen, i specifically went for a cam without a viewfinder for it's compact size and quality. Now i must admit at first i was worried setting up the camera would be difficult without a viewfinder although that is not a problem, the mobius actioncam can be used as a webcam therefore plugging it into your laptop will give you a view whilst setting up in the car but i am pleased to say that will not be necessary, the camera wide view is great any almost any position pointing straight will be perfect every time. I am truly impressed with the compact size of this unit! it's barely visible from outside of the car and wiring it up is simple, since the cam has no viewfinder, no settings can be changed via the camera itself, you have to connect it to your computer, download the software here and change whatever you need, out the box it will work just fine although for a car settings must be made for the best quality videos and auto start recording, the software is simple and it works, there is no drama no errors no bs, just plug it in, and run the software. I must stress to anyone thinking about this camera, it does not come with any mounts suitable for a car, hence the price, the mounts, and there are several available, all sold separately, there is a suction cup mount and a sticky back mount, i bought the sticky back mount for permanently fixing it to myself windscreen +plus it is slightly smaller than a suction cup mount. Mounts cost under £3 Suction cup Sticky back SD card fully tested and working in the mobius, compatible and and confirmed by Ben £9.99 Instructions on how to hard wire this dash cam can be found here under the guides sections Links to parts for hard wiring below (Thanks to Higgsy) 3Meter DC 12V-24V to 5V 3A Right Angled 90 Degree Mini USB Power Converter Cable Mini Blade Fuse Piggyback Kit 3A Mini Blade Fuse Set
  10. The_Lingster

    Rear Camera in rear view mirror

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to solve a problem with the other half's 2011 Fiesta Centura. It's got a reversing camera that activates a colour screen within the rear view mirror. It started working intermittently a while ago and would not come on at all, now when you put it in reverse all you get is a blue screen within the rear view mirror. I've had a quick look at the camera in the boot and it looked like there was some moisture in it. It should work like the attached image, but all we get now is a bluescreen - which suggests to me the screen is ok and there's an issue with either signal wire or the camera? Before I go and shell out for a new camera or start pulling the tailgate apart looking for splits in wires etc, is this a common fault with a quick fix? Thanks.
  11. danoftheman

    Reversing Camera

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows if you can get a reversing camera like the OEM factory fit version as an after market add on that will connect directly to the Sync 2 8" screen? I have seen all these Chinese after market ones but I would like the genuine think from Ford that is made for the job and (fingers crossed) plugs straight in? Any help or direction on this would be great!
  12. So I was driving towards a junction and the light turned amber and I thought I could make it, but just as I went through, the light turned red and the camera flashed twice!! What I'm unsure of is if I will get a penalty. The camera was on the opposite side of the road facing the front of my car and from what I've read so far, the cameras can't flash the front of your car. Has anyone had a similar experience and not got a penalty or does everyone think I'll get the 3 points and a fine?
  13. Looking for help on where to buy DAB radio for the Focus with a camera input. Thanks Daz.
  14. Hello, I've just bought a Mondeo with reversing camera and have noticed that the rear camera view displayed on the screen flickers and switches between a green screen, the radio display or map display. I've done some searching on the internet and the finger points towards water ingress. I'd like to have a go at accessing it and spraying WD-40 on the connections or replace the camera if necessary. Does anyone have any experience of this fault, please?
  15. Hi Guys I've just picked up my first Ford having had Vauxhall's for the past 5 years. I have to DVR Camera's which I want to wire into the vehicle for piece of mind. However, when I've checked all the fuses, both front and rear I cannot find any ignition sources. Its a 2011 Focus Titanium with keyless entry. Where abouts can I get an ignition source from? Regards Charles ps. Sorry if this is already here, I'm afraid I'm used to the Vauxhall forums and still getting my head around the Ford forums!
  16. Ice

    Reversing Cam

    Im just about to purchase a rear-view cam for when im reversing, has anyone had experience in this feild, where would the best place be to put one... A - Under the break light inside the car or B - Get a number plate template cam Cheers