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Found 47 results

  1. Just wondered what everyone cleans their car with (what products you use etc) One product I have used is Autoglym Fast glass on the windows.
  2. cypriot00

    How to replace gear knob

    I want to put a new gear knob on however whenever I twist the old one it does not detach and takes the whole of the underneath part with it. How do I take it off?
  3. Hiya, I know nothing about cars, but have googled this problem and I think found a solution. Hope you dont mind me spamming the board up just double checking its not going to explode my car? Ive a 05 1.6 petrol cheap little up until this point lovely runaround of a car. After the crazy snow its started overheating and going low on power...not sure if over revving it because its low on power makes it overheat or if overheating can make power go away. Its doing a weird thing where I park up after a decent sized drive and it sounds like the whole engine is still running but its just the radiator fan going absolutely mental. Today on the M5 it started flashing the really bad red warning light *other ones always on keeping me company* and the temperature needle was darting up to the red end, then it comes back down for a bit and darts up dramatically again for no obvious reason (i was hiding in the left lane behind a lorry doing 57 after it came on first time.) I did fill up the oil (tiny bit) and the coolant (tiny bit) at the weekend and there seems to be plenty still in there. The coolant does a weird thing though, when I open the bonnet it looks completely empty, then I open the cap to pour it in and it looks like the water in there is boiling and it just magically refills itself. Which is no doubt a terrible symptom of my dead car and not a delightful Ford based trick :( staying on and car overheating is what I told a girl at work. She said it is definitely that the coolant thingy has air inside of it and its stopping it work as this happens a lot in the cold? I googled it and the easiest solution I found was to unscrew the cap for the coolant hole, fill it right over the fill line to the brim, switch the engine on and wait for a load of air to come out. Is this true or one of those internet tricks? I cant imagine filling it over the max line or running the car when the cap is off is a good thing. Any ideas? Im an absolute moron with this sort of thing but working away pretty much all the week so not sure when I can get it in to a garage to fix...and I hate walking to the train station every morning. Sorry for my idiocy, if you can help that would be great, if this makes no sense at all I apologise.
  4. axesuso

    Getting under the fiesta!

    Hi everyone! I finally bought an induction kit for my fiesta. I chose the ITG from all, i feel its one of the best options. Ive been trying to install it but it is a real pain in the as*. Where the filter itself sits, there is a damn black box, that has to be relocated, but this ***** box has to mounting screws, one on top, and the other one on the bottom... that means, that you have to unscrew it from under the car and i don't know how to get there... Whats the best idea for this? i got a jack but i don't trust it, plus the jack its for swapping wheels...not going under the car. I was thinking of parking the car on a curb... not sure of what to do. Just need to remove this screw and im done! Thanks!
  5. .So,i'm planning to do a build in the future on my ford fiesta from 2004 it has a 1.3 l petrol engine and i was wondering if i can turbocharge this engine.I don't want crazy numbers of HorsePower i just want a decent ammout , and if i can what do you think i can get with a good turbo and also be "reliable" not blowing stuff every 100 miles.Another question is if i can find a donnor(AWD/RWD) car witch the driveshaft,axeles,gearbox,etc. can "fit" into mine. Ty all and if i was unclear somwere i'm sorry,english is not my native language,also it's my first time on this forum
  6. I have a Ford FiestaLX 2003 petrol. It's getting pretty cold now and the last 2 days my car has not been starting properly. When I start the engine the revs go up and then normally they drop down to about 1, but at the moment they go all the way to 0 and the car doesn't start. the only way I can get the car moving is by using the accelerator to force more revs so it will move. however, when I stop the car at the junction right by my house, it doesn't stall, it just stops. I have no idea what the problem could be, a friend of mine suggested it could be the choke, but I don't know where the choke is on my car. any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Louie
  7. Help please where can i get the rear spring isolator pads for a mk 7 fiesta van its banging around from rear changed shocks to find the pads are rotted away Thanks in advance By the way I'm new here so hello all
  8. Hi all, My names Jason, I'm 23 and live in Burton, Staffordshire. I'm new to the forum but have previously been a member of Zetec S Owners Club & Fiesta STOC. First off a brief history of my car past. My first car was a MK7 Fiesta Zetec S Metal Edition! Next up, was a Panther Black Fiesta ST3 (MP215) Due to my circumstances changing, having to do a lot of long distance driving, I had to sell her :( and get a MK3 1.6 TDCI Focus Zetec. Got me from A to B and a solid reliable car all round. Had a surprising amount of talk and felt more powerful than 115 BHP, and the gear box actually felt really nice. But it was just too slow and boring for my liking, so as soon as I was able to I got rid of that. And so that leads me to now, my new beaST, a Frozen White Fiesta ST3 with ALL the trimmings! Collection Day: So I plan on keeping this car for quite a while (until I can eventually afford a MK3 Focus RS - my next goal!) More Pics after her first clean: I was going to go with Mountune to keep the warranty...but it's a 65 plate and only has 1 1/2 years left on by the time I have the Mountune stuff done, it will be out of warranty anyway. So I plan on going with REVO instead. My overall goal is to have Stage 4 w/ Hybrid Turbo. That being said, my first performance mod may still be the MP215 kit as well as the Mountune Exhaust as I think they both finish the car off nicely and will keep me going till the warranty runs out. So in the mean time it will be mostly cosmetic mods + MP215 and Mountune Cat Back. First thing I did was have the front lip wrapped matte black with a red pin stripe. I think this looks great on the white and makes the front look a lot more aggressive. Next up, I swapped the front headlights for white 6000k bulbs. I will eventually be getting HIDs installed but this was just to keep me going until I order a full HID kit. I will also be replacing the Fog lamp bulbs with white 6000Ks. (Haven't got a good picture of these yet but when I do I'll post one) Next I added my Leather ST seatbelt covers from my last ST. Haven't got a pic of these either yet but when I do I'll add to the post. I also added a ST badge logo in the void on the steering wheel as I'll be getting a cover eventually and that would cover up the logo already on the wheel. Think I'm gonna swap with for the black gel one from DMB eventually though. Next one is gonna be a marmite mod, I can tell. Ordered these decals from eBay. Everyone so far loves them but I imagine some wouldn't. And finally today, my Team Heko wind deflectors came. I added a red pin stripe, but not sure if I'm gonna keep it or not yet....I haven't decided if I like it or not...thoughts? So that's where she stands at the moment! I have some white LEDs coming Monday for the number plate and interior lights so I'll update when they are fitted as well as get some pics of the exterior lights and seat belt covers. Thanks for looking guys! I'll be keeping this thread updated when more mods happen. Got big plans for this car in the future and I'm really looking forward to achieving them and having you all involved! Any feed back is much appreciated :) - J
  9. Hi everyone, I've searched the forums but I haven't been able to find a topic that is similar to my situation. I'll start off with my car make; Ford Focus MK3, 2013 1.6tdi. ~31,000 miles. I've been having intermittent errors with the car. I've been having the message "Engine malfunction, service now" appear on my dashboard, but then clears after a few seconds. This only happens whilst I'm driving, and has never appeared upon first starting up the car. It usually appears when doing around 60-80mph. Every time this happens, the engine then has limited power; I can put the throttle right the way down but the car won't accelerate, and will stay at around 50mph - I assume this is limp home mode however there is nothing on the dash to indicate that this is so, even though the "engine malfunction" message has cleared. If I turn the ignition off and back on again the engine will be back to normal and I will have acceleration again. I think it's strange how the error message appears for a few seconds and then disappears, however the car still remains in limited power mode. I've also run the self tests however it shows no codes. The issue has been ongoing for a couple of months; it did it maybe once or twice over a period of a couple of months however a few days ago whilst I was driving in very wet and very cold conditions on the motorway it occurred around 10-15 times in the space of an hour, so I suspect the cold conditions might be a factor to this too? I think I also managed to recreate the issue but without the engine malfunction message appearing - the engine would chug quite roughly at around 3.5k revs but I still had the acceleration at lower revs, whereas when the message appears I would not have any acceleration at all. The car had a full service 2 weeks ago, which had all its filers replaced. Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  10. Looking for advice on what modifications I can do to improve my MK6 Fiesta. It's a TDCI Zetec S, it's on a standard turbo & injectors, EGR Delete has been done, wind deflectors, bonnet vents, Coilovers. Looking for a debadged grill if anyone has one for sale, and also looking for a bonnet lip and splitter any advice on how to improve performance and looks 💪🏻 TIA
  11. few months ago i changed my fuel filter on my 1.6 tdci focus 09. (econetic), spilt a bit of fuel and then thought i had an odd smell in the cabin when using the air system. kept an eye on that, and that seems all fine theres no sign of a leak and hoses are attached perfectly. ive had this smell a while now and am running out of ideas. today i changed the oil, and i had to remove the air inlet hose to the engine to access the fuel filter, this is attached to the turbo and the air filter housing, and i noticed when i removed it, there was liquid inside it. and it smelt of this smell that ive been getting inside the car when the air is on, you can also smell this odour standing in front of the engine when its running. the odd thing, is this smell only comes into the cabin, when the air is from the outside. when i have the air to be recirculated, the smell doesnt came in. any ideas? ive just read that a possible sign of an EGR being stuck open is a "slight or strong smell of fuel"
  12. Hello, not sure if this is the right place to be posting. I bought a set of car mats almost 2 years ago for my fiesta mk7 facelift, started looking to change them for a different colour but can't find them again. Does anyone know of anywhere selling or designing these mats? Thanks
  13. About a month ago, my front left dip light blew, simple fix, and after a few weeks, it blew again, and i changed it again. Today, (after a few more weeks) its blown again, same one, so i changed it. (since i bought a pack of 2 and used one from that pack) When it blew however after getting petrol, it blew, how i knew though was because all lights, (the dip on the right hand side, speedo illumination) went MUCH brighter, the wipers sped up quite a bit and the battery light came on, then after a while, about 10 or so seconds, it went back to normal and i noticed, one side of the road seemed a bit more dim, so I stopped for a bit to look, and it was the same dip bulb that had blown, so I got home and changed the bulb with the last one i had, then i had to go back into town to do a small amount of shopping, and as i left the shop, 10-20 mins after i arrived, i started the car up and it seemed ok, then i left the junction where the shop was and noticed the battery light on, wipers going fast again, and lights going brighter, so i pulled over in this small car park, where i had to look and see that it had blown again, minutes after i replaced it, and i continued to another shop, to get fish and chips, the entire journey, the battery light not going off this time, also the speedometer getting to 10mph, but then dropping to 0 suddenly, (also the fuel needle dropping to 0 the same time the speedometer needle drops) so i stopped, turned the car off and got my stuff from the fish and chip shop, started the car up and it, seemed ok (apart from the dip that blew earlier) but as i pulled off to go up a road to turn around and head back home, the battery light came on again, so i thought if i turn full beam on, put the fog light on and put all wipers on full would drain some of that charge, just to see if it would go off, it did for a while until i got up to speed, (speed limit, 30MPH) (by now i had put the full beam off and fog light off since i was in a town and there were more cars around) and it came on again, so i realised it didnt work and i put the wipers back to normal speed, and turn the fan back down, and continued back home, where the battery light was on for the entire journey. Im just wondering, as i think i know the signs but i just want to make sure, is it an alternator problem? Overcharging a bit too much? Or is it something else? Like a short circuit or something else?
  14. Clarkey1

    Ecoboost to ST

    Hi guys, just a quick questions for anyone who currently owns an Fiesta ST. Wondering if you could tell the average MPG you're achieving, whether that be on a run or round town. Would like to know a ball park figure for each. As I'm looking to upgrade my ecoboost next year for something I can get work done to and start a project with. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I recently bought a 2001 Ford Focus 1.6 LX from a used car dealer in my local town roughly 3 months ago. At first I was really happy with the car, but a couple of weeks into ownership I noticed that the oil was being used quite a bit. I thought this was normal for the age of the car but recently it has started using oil at a more alarming rate i.e. half a dipstick a week! which i find to be quite alarming. I was wondering whether I would be fully within my rights to return it to the dealer for a full refund? Tia
  16. Hello all, i'm having a little bit of trouble with my mk3 mondeo 2.0 tdci. First of all, it came up with the usual P0251 code which then I have replaced the injectors that made it run better. It then got bad again so I attempted to change the solenoid valve on the injection pump. Ever since i did that the car would not want to start for some unknown reason but there appears to be fuel making its way to the injectors as I cracked them open and plenty of fuel was escaping. The codes I have been given are known as P2291 Injector pressure too low - Engine cranking and P2623 injector control pressure regulator open circuit. Please could anyone help me as im stunned from what this car throws up when one thing goes wrong. Many thanks
  17. CoreyTitanium06

    URGENT - Possible turbo failure?

    Hi there, I currently have a 2006 Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 TDCI 136hp (I believe). However, I was driving along minding my own business when I witnessed a sudden excessive loss in power. There was also a whistling coming from the engine somewhere? Also, whilst in first and second gear there's a large amount of jerking up until 3rd gear, thus resulting in me revving it slightly more to get into a higher gear. I am worried as its my fathers car and he's going to kill me, even though I've stressed for years that the turbo is pants and never been 100% responsive. I would just like to know could this just be from a crack in the Intercooler pipe or could the turbo actually have knackered on me? Sorry for the essay & thanks for reading.
  18. Cookey09

    Car Spotting

    Hi guys, don't know if this has been done before, but saw a fantastic looking car earlier... Wanted to share it, but couldn't find a post that was appropriate, so.... Here we go, this is a place to share any snaps of cars that we rarely see or is something out of the ordinary... Lamborghini murcielago - I apologise for the picture, we was driving when the missus took the snap... But you get the idea... Reg number y222 mph
  19. Hi, Im looking to getting a finance deal for a used ford fiesta st. I have found plenty of deals with the right price im looking for. But the only concern i have now is will i be eligible? Im a 19 year old male, Im currently doing an apprenticeship which is coming to the end (only got a year left). I don't have much credit score but i have been paying a phone contract for over a year and have had a barclay card for 6 months with a 'experian credit score' of 906 it says.
  20. Adam Gallagher

    Shopping List!

    Hey guys, I am looking at making some changed for the summer as the weather has been ok so far this year in Scotland so hoping for some good driving. I have a 15 plate ford fiesta Zetec s in deep blue (3 door). I have tinted the back windows to the factory tint 18% i think, i have also changed the foot well bulbs to blue ones -they look green tho - I have also put a s badge on the front and back. Below is what i am looking at buying and would appreciate advise on where to buy, what brands and any information would be handy. Wind Deflectors (Tinted 18% or darker) Fiesta ST alloys (2013-2016) what colours do they come in? Alloy protectors Full set of floor mats (inc boot) i am looking for ones that are good for summer weather and are easy to clean. A tyre pump to keep in the boot (i hear that you can get electric ones that are good) Blue foot well bulbs ( not the green ones that i have atm) A enginer cover (i ahve the 1.0 eco boost 125) Black and blue ford badge for front back and interior. Any other mods that are unlikely to increase my insurance premiums would be interesting and pics of your parts/mods would be great too. Cheers,
  21. mikeyd1

    Am i to fussy

    right guys heres the thing the last 4 cars i have bought i do the usuall checks then im under the car looking at jack points and the entire sill what runs front to back and u know all that anti chip stuff what the sill are covered in if any of that has been chipped of like a centre meter here and there and is exposing the primer underneath. I wont buy the car. Im i just nuts or am i right to check these things?
  22. Adam Gallagher

    Scotland Car Meet!

    Hi guys, I was wondering if their are any car meets going in Scotland anytime soon? just want to go for a good drive. anyone know any good roads in Scotland? Cheers, Adam
  23. My cars drivers seat is wearing and I can feel the metal bar it is protruding and is uncomfortable here is a photo, does anyone know how to fix this and would it be covered under warranty
  24. chrisroberson99

    £100K - What Car?

    What would you choose? Mine would be a red Range Rover Sport SVR, 5.0L Supercharged, 542bhp, brilliant cruiser, excellent round the track, and obviously, off roads brilliantly...what more could you want!
  25. Hi, everyone. I have a Ford Fiesta Flight (2002). I'm 18, and I passed my test in January 2015. I'm interested in modifying my car, but does anybody know what insurance companies do about it? First off, I'm not going to be lowering my suspension... well, at least not yet. I'm thinking tinted windows, a new exhaust, etc. However, I know some insurance companies that won't even allow stickers. Stickers! Therefore, I'm asking if anybody knows what happens if you modify your car - such as tint your windows (for example). Do you really need to tell the insurance company? If so, what action will they take? Does anybody know if they can increase your premium or even cancel your policy? I won't be attempting anything as of yet. I need to know whether this is a good choice or not. Thanks! :)