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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, just bought my first car and was wondering if there was a way to modify the radio system so i could play music from my phone through the speakers, Stock the car comes with no way to do this, but im unsure if there is some kind of adapter i could buy that would allow me to do this? The radio inside the car is a 4500 cd radio, not sure if that means much but. Thanks in advance Devon
  2. amdamsky

    Replacing 6006e CD help

    hello there, I recently bought my first car, a focus 2.0 i 16v Ghia 2003 model and I am wanting to replace the stock 6006e radio (below) due to the want that i want to connect an aux connection. I have read around and have a rough idea of some items i need: a fascia double din mounting bracket, am antenna adaptor and some sort of a 'harness'. I need help in A) knowing what cable connectors i need. B) knowing if i need to do any radio cable 'modification or connection'. C) any help on how to install an aftermarket stereo (all guides are for cd 6000) Any help would be appreciated.
  3. just posting to ask if anyone had upgraded their fiesta stereo to the axion DAB radio unit, if so is it worth the upgrade @ £135, see link below
  4. Newblet

    Ford 6000 cd

    Hello, This may have been asked before but I have had a look and didn't seem to get a good answer. I have a ford fiesta mk6.5 (56) it has a FORD 6000 CD radio which worked perfectly when I bought it but after going into the garage to get the clutch replaced the reception went really bad. I have cleaned the aerial screw and reconnected it with no improvement. I have taken out the radio and checked the wires in the back. I have also removed the base and put it back on. I do pick up one radio station (classic FM) it does pick up other stations but they are impossible to hear without static. No AM stations pick up. Any help would be appreciated :-)
  5. Hi folks, My first post on the forum, so hello! I have a 2003 StreetKa Luxury with what I believe to be the stock CD changer fitted. I've not had the car long, but haven't been able to use the CD changer because it gives me an error as soon as I select the CD mode, then flicks back to the radio. I've tried inserting a CD, but it gives the same error, so I wonder if it's something like a CD stuck in the unit or whether it could be a fault which stops the CD mode from activating altogether. I'm totally clueless with stereo units, so any help would be much appreciated. Practical help would be a huge bonus; I live in Coventry and would be willing to pay someone to sort this out for me, so long as it's not a fortune. Failing that, would it be an economical option to change the unit for another one? Cheers.
  6. Hello all, I've finally taken my triple stack radio out, using a converter kit. I had a JVC KW-R920BT, which sits flush against the rest of the dashboard. Annoyingly the radio kept making strange noises and so did the replacement. I went for a Pioneer FH-X730BT, which works perfectly, but doesn't sit flush and makes it look horrible... Does anyone know of a radio that will sit flush with the dash? It must have Bluetooth Cheers
  7. liamtp

    6000CD AUX issue!

    I understand that there are a lot of topics on the whole AUX connection for 6000CD, however none have simply resolved the issue. I've pulled the head unit out and I have a cable from the back of the radio into the glovebox, where the square block clips into a housing behind the hole that can be seen from the front of the glovebox labelled 'AUX IN', I have also purchased Ford Part No. 1426121 which has a similar block on one end and a 3.5mm jack on the other. How on earth can I simply get a connection from the back of my radio to a cable with a 3.5mm jack on the end?! I initially thought that the convenient 'AUX IN' hole in the glovebox was a simple connection for a 3.5mm jack, how wrong I was! Please help! Thanks.
  8. W69 Fiesta

    Switching Stereo

    Hey guys i recently bought a ford fiesta 2013 St-2 Stereo and was wondering if it would fit in my 2010 TDCI fiesta?
  9. My dad has just purchased a 57 plate Focus ST, we bought the car yesterday and as we were driving it back home I had a play around with its Radio/Sat Nav system. The radio didn't work and the bluetooth audio sound quality was diabolical. The plan to solve this is that we would like to take out this aftermarket radio and put in a standard ford radio/CD player with no Sat Nav. If we were to purchase something like this: would the change over with the wiring be simple or will we have to get adapters to make the radio and CD to work? Many thanks.
  10. Hello, I recently purchased a Ford Fiesta Titanium from Evans Halshaw 2011. But I had a problem the other day when i went to eject a CD from the player and it started saying CD Malfunction. And would not give me the disc. I have now managed to get the disc out (2 days later) without me even pressing eject button? And now everytime i start the car I get a problem saying CD malfunction and have no function of CD on it. Please could anyone help with this issue? Is there anyway of reseting the radio? Or does anyone reccommend a battery disconnect? Many thanks in advance.
  11. Gav83


    Hi, ive recently got a focus and im looking to either upgrade the stereo or try (if its possible) to add a usb input ? (think i need a stereo upgrade to add that though....) Any help would be good, Thanks
  12. Hey there everyone :) I just recently bought a 2006 Fiesta ST which I love but I'm trying to sort out the CD player. I bought it with a broken CD player (the 6006 model) which had a CDC error. I tried getting it fixed to no avail. So I bought a 6000 model off eBay. I plugged it in today, entered the code and everything seemed fine, other than the fact there is no sound at all. Every single button works but for what ever reason there is no sound. FYI, the sound was working perfectly in the 6006 model, it was the CD player functionality that didn't work. I tried re-plugging the stereo a few times and played around with it but nothing got it working. So does anyone have any suggestions before I send the CD player back for a refund? Thanks in advance, Tom
  13. I've got an 03 Mondeo with a standard fit 6000CD stereo. Dimwit that I am, I managed to leave the keys in the ignition overnight, with power on. Not surprisingly I flattened the battery. I disconnected it, charged it for a few hours, then reconnected, and managed to get the engine fired up. I put in the radio's code, and it switched on ok - but has no sound. It is spinning disks, apparently reading them fine, the radio tunes in ok, but still no sound. If I turn it up to 30 (max) and stick my head next to the speakers, I can just hear sound - so it is playing the disk. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong, and how I can fix it? I'm off up to Scotland in a couple of weeks, and a 14 hour drive with no music is not a nice proposition! Many thanks!
  14. I have purchased this second hand Sony CD DAB unit (model: CD3XX - CDI - ISLAND - KW2000, Unit Type: SOCD1x) - see attached image. I would like to replace the standard 6006CDC unit which is in the car - see other attachment. I haven't removed the old one yet (waiting on the removal tools), but on first glance the replacement unit doesn't look as if it will fit seemlessly - the old unit is rectangular whilst the new one looks like it would fit into a different curved shape. Should this new unit fit into my 2007 SMAX? Do I need some kind of fascia to fit the the replacement unit? Hope someone can help? Many thanks!
  15. Hey! A couple days ago I got a Fiesta Zetec '08 Special Blue Edition, and I can honestly say I love it, absolutely fantastic car! So many nice little features that you wouldn't even think about when purchasing it but genuinely do make the car that much more enjoyable to be in. Small side note, am I right in saying this is a mk6.5 Fiesta? (58 plate but not new style) So, onto the topic in question; the headunit. About a month ago I bought an Alpine CDE-123R headunit which I plan on fitting into the car. The car currently has the stock Sony headunit fitted and I want to know what kind of cables/adapters/fascia I need to acquire to fit my Alpine headunit. The current headunit in the car... Note; not my picture. I want to be able to connect my iPhone 5 via USB and use it to play music, not interested in the whole bluetooth/handsfree in car calls. I already know, or believe I need to get a set of removal key tools. However after this stage I'm kind of stuck, well I reckon I could work it out as I go along but I have no clue what other parts I will need. I think I'm going to need some form of adapter as the Alpine headunit has a different shaped cable block at the back. Also will I be able to use volume changer on the steering wheel? Any help would be very much appreciated, and I once I have it all figured out I do plan on making a guide for this model Fiesta as there doesn't seem to be any out there (well none that I could find).
  16. MikeLangwine

    Cd Screen

    Hi, after a couple of weeks i have received all of the parts to change my cd player to the one with the phone... however it doesn't work with my car. I have all of the cd player, the buttons, the part where the cd enters with apparently the software on and the new larger scree. does anybody know why it doesn't work?
  17. Hey guys I have a style + 2009 fiesta was wondering if I could add powerfold mirrors to it? Does anybody know or have done it before Also I was thinking of changing the cd player and screen to the zetec one would this work? And would be compatible for the link to lock on the powerfold mirror