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Found 31 results

  1. Just wondered what everyone cleans their car with (what products you use etc) One product I have used is Autoglym Fast glass on the windows.
  2. Afternoon all, I have a 53 plate 1.4 petrol Fiesta Zetec Duratec which for a while has had an intermittent issue with lack of setting off power and also revs jumping when lifting off to shift up the gears which is more noticable and annoying when shifting from 1st to 2nd. I saw a lot of information about cleaning the throttle body and also the MAP? sensor as part of that assembly. I recently gave the throttle body a clean with carb cleaner and i'm not sure if it was a placebo but it seemed like the issue went away for a week or two and the car felt better but in the last day or so it has come back which leaves me wanting to actually remove the TB to clean the inside too, my only worry is that when i remove the TB the gasket will be completely worn (could this cause the issue in the first place?) and need replacing. Only annoyance is that a new gasket is £20 ( every where i've looked so i either spend that on a small bit of rubber i may not need in the end or i don't buy it and then i get stuck because i need it. What is my best option here? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also: It seems like this (|Model%3AFiesta+V&hash=item3acf06b70c:g:58oAAOSwGJlZFBJR) is the same TB as i'd expect on my fiesta but it seems like the face that is attached is a flat, flush face so am i being a noob by asking how the gasket is to be fitted while reattaching the TB? Does it simply sit on the face and create a seal when the TB is screwed down?
  3. Hi, i am after some advice - I have a failing EGR Valve and I was wondering if it's better to clean it/replace it or just blank it off? Two different garages have told me two different things...
  4. Greetings all. I'm going to be doing my first ever (non stealer) oil change on my 55 plate Focus 1.6 TDCI this weekend and I'm looking to undergo some additional maintenance at the same time to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. I'm keen to remove the Inlet Manifold to clean this out, as I would assume it has a lot of built up carbon in there after 12 years of running! (However it only has 70k on the clock!). I've looked around online and I can't seem to find a proficient guide as to how to remove it. Do I need to to take out the fuel injectors first? What pipes/tubing should be disconnected? Once removed can I just bathe it in carb cleaner and then flush it out with warm water? I'd also like to blank my EGR at the same time, I've had the plate for yonks but it would seem the windscreen tray is glued on, so I had difficulty reaching the valve, although this was a year or so ago. My understanding is the EGR is to the left at the back of the engine. If I removed the manifold would I be able to access the valve to slide the plate in? And is it worth cleaning the valve first before blanking if this is the case? I've attached a couple of images (not my engine) which may help someone point me in the right direction here. Any assistance whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! As a final question, after the manifold is removed, is there then access to the rocker cover gasket? As I may have a slight leak so would be interested in replacing this too. I have a Haynes manual on order but I would love for some pros out there to give me some tips, or even provide images of what I need to disconnect remove. I'll upload some photos of the actual engine tomorrow when I have some light. *Edit* I've received the Haynes, after reading through the removal process it seems quite straightforward. So now I'm just wondering the best way to clean it! Thanks in advance for any advice! Regards, Sam
  5. Hi People I have the Fiesta 1.6 MK6 Engine in a Ford Fusion 03 . The car Idle always had a fluctuating Idle since I got car earlier this year , the car was purchased with around 50K miles on in March this year; the car is 2003 Fusion 2 model . It had got progressively earlier last month, the Idle suddenly started hitting 2000 RPMS on the colder days , recently it has got worse with the needle now resting quite consistently at 2200 RPM . It seems ok when I put the car in gear and start driving but, it has become very irritating when in traffic . Strangely I can counteract the High revs by using the AC and heaters which drops the idle to around 15000 RPM . Strangley there has been no engine light or codes to give me a better clue This is the first Ford Car I have had and is otherwise a good car . I have been researching causes of this and just wondered if anyone could chime in here or share your experiences : Air intake/Vacum Leak - THought to be most common cause of high idle but, not sure where excatly this could occur or on on which pipes ,there are pipes everywhere, so would like to narrow it down if possible T-MAP Dirty- I am getting some flexidrive tools tomorrow and will remove and clean to see if makes difference , though this is usually thought to make the car revs die down . I had managed to clean the throttle body , it was slightly dirty but ,this did not make any change . If anyone could share their knowlege here it would be much appreciated . IT is getting cold here and might have to start using my Pocket rocket instead
  6. Hiya, I have just ordered a new Fiesta ST-Line and so I am going to be looking to sell my Ka soon. The front seats are not dirty by any means, but have some liquid stains on them. I have been reading up on how is best to clean them and I've now got a headache!!! So many different strong opinions on what is best. Some people say you cannot just clean one specific area as it will show up as another mark, others say just use carpet cleaner, some say use laundry detergent and there's no need to dry etc. Please could somebody advise what is best to do for removing liquid stains in various areas on the seat. I am not fussed about how long it will take etc, just want to know the best way. Thanks in advance! :o)
  7. Hi all. I've got a pressure washer with a foaming bottle attachment on the cheap and was told I can just use a foam wash to clean then spray to rinse and I don't need to touch the car with a sponge or brush. Is this true? If so what's the best products to use? Im in essex/London so to be able to buy it from the shop would be better than the net. Do halfords do any good stuff as there down the road. Thanks for any help.
  8. Aaron_Swift10

    IMG 1473[1]

    From the album: My Fezbomb

  9. Aaron_Swift10

    IMG 1510[1]

    From the album: My Fezbomb

  10. meganford

    Completely Standard

    From the album: Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax

  11. meganford

    Most recent update

    From the album: Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S

    © megsfiestax

  12. Cookey09


    From the album: My First Fiesta

  13. Cookey09

    Rear 3/4

    From the album: My First Fiesta

  14. Goodkat

    Show Us Your Clean Focus!

    There are so many 'My focus is broken - please help' threads on here, how about we celebrate all things Focus by showing off the cleanliness of your pride and joy? As the winter months are coming, I am sure there will be many filthy ones on here. So, I will start. I have spent all afternoon washing and polishing mine...
  15. Norris_Cole92

    IMG 1282

    From the album: Fiesta Zetec 2008

    Girlfriends Ka washed glazed and waxed
  16. Norris_Cole92

    IMG 1282

    From the album: Fiesta Zetec 2008

    The girlfriends car washed glazed and waxed.
  17. Norris_Cole92

    IMG 1281

    From the album: Fiesta Zetec 2008

    Cleaned mine and the mrs cars today, she's too lazy to clean her own and I'm too OCD about having clean cars!
  18. Norris_Cole92

    IMG 1280

    From the album: Fiesta Zetec 2008

    Cleaned mine and the mrs cars today, she's too lazy to clean her own and I'm too OCD about having clean cars!
  19. DieselDraugr

    smax clean

    From the album: My '08 S-Max Titanium

  20. Hi guys, I've scoured the Internet looking for the location of the throttle body in my Focus, I want to give it a good old clean. I used a whole can of carbon cleaner on the throttle body in my Golf and it worked a charm! But as I'm yet to buy a Haynes for the Focus, can someone please help me out! Thanks in advance, Sam
  21. Gary Tedford

    work clean

    From the album: mk6 Fiesta zetec

  22. Gary Tedford


    From the album: mk6 Fiesta zetec

  23. Mark ecoboost


    From the album: New car 2013

  24. Mark ecoboost


    From the album: New car 2013

  25. Stehan Ceronio


    Hey guys i just wanted to share my insanely klean 2010 1.4 Fiesta Titanium with you and I added a very beautiful pic of my green monster lights ;) Hope you like it Stehan