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Found 23 results

  1. .So,i'm planning to do a build in the future on my ford fiesta from 2004 it has a 1.3 l petrol engine and i was wondering if i can turbocharge this engine.I don't want crazy numbers of HorsePower i just want a decent ammout , and if i can what do you think i can get with a good turbo and also be "reliable" not blowing stuff every 100 miles.Another question is if i can find a donnor(AWD/RWD) car witch the driveshaft,axeles,gearbox,etc. can "fit" into mine. Ty all and if i was unclear somwere i'm sorry,english is not my native language,also it's my first time on this forum
  2. Good afternoon all, I have a question that has no doubt been asked hundreds of times over, but info quickly becomes out of date. I own a 1.25 Mk7.5 Fiesta, bog standard, and would really (really) like the aesthetics of the Zetec S. What I believe that entails is a front bumper(+extension and grill), side skirts, rear spoiler, rear bumper. Would anyone be so kind as to point me in the direction of sourcing these parts? I'd be eternally grateful. Images are essentially the before and after of what I'm aiming to do. Pete
  3. Hey all. There seems to be loads of broken guides, questions with a few answers etc in regards to this, and seeing as I lurk a lot I thought it's about time I gave something back. Here's my guide to removing pre facelift clocks, and replacing them with facelifts! Basically, we're going from the green ones on the left, to the nice new facelift clocks on the right. If anybodies interested, I did this on a Focus 1.6 (100) petrol Sport, 2007 pfl. REQUIREMENTS: 2 Keys (I've read that people have done this with less than two but ForScan REFUSED to complete one of the final steps for me with one) Your vehicle MUST NOT be keyless ForScan Extended License (Click here for ForScan Download and here for extended license. Extended license is free for two months, but you need to sign up to forums) ELMConfig (Can be found here) Modified ELM327 Cable able to work on both speed CANBUS networks (Like this one here, although I've used a cheaper version and it works, but this one is 100%) AutoKeyProg account (Completely free, needed to get code to program keys. Their site is here, just be careful as you can only do a few codes a day) Facelift Clocks, but you NEED to buy ones with a lower mileage than your car. Otherwise, you may have issues, but probably just a higher mileage reading. A Torx Screwdriver (Not sure on size, but same screws as the ones behind stereo, glovebox etc) AND time, although if I did this again it'd take 15~ mins. Step 1: Go and install ELMConfig & ForScan. It's best to sort your extended license out with ForScan now so you can breeze through the whole thing. Once these are set up, we're ready to go. Get in your car and hook up the cable to the OBD port. Open up ELMconfig, click HEC on the left, and then Configuration on the top tabs. You need to save HEC Page 1 & 2 pages of settings. Also at this point note down your current mileage and keep it safe. Step 2: Now once you have your current settings and mileage, you can actually swap the clocks. Turn the ignition off, and remove them. They are quite simple to change, just pull the cover from behind the steering wheel off, and undo the two screws. You may need to ease them out from the top with a flathead screwdriver, and then do the swap. Step 3: Once the new clocks are in, go back to ELMconfig (close it and reopen), and go back to the HEC menu, then Configuration again. Write your old settings back to the new clocks. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ON PAGE 1, AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT, YOU ENABLE HEC LEVEL 2/3, AND SELECT THE CLOCK OPTION. Failure to do that can mess the clocks. Also ENSURE that obvious settings, like engine, are set correctly. A quick side note that cost me an hour: The clocks I brought were from a keyless vehicle. I got stuck at programming keys for an hour because the clocks were still configured for keyless. To correct this, and it's a good idea to check this anyway,is to go to HEC Configuration Page 2, and make sure in the HEC Level 2/3 box that the bottom option is Standard PATS (Focus Facelift Level 2/3) Step 4: These are the most important steps, as this is where you programme your keys and sync the new cluster to the powertrain! Once you've done that the clocks are fully configured. They should work with ignition on, light up, let you go through menus, but the car won't start. This is fine. We need to now go on ForScan (Extended License IS REQUIRED NOW). I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THE ORIGINAL TUTORIAL HERE AS IT GOES INTO MUCH MORE DETAIL! On my Focus, it said it wasn't sure if the key was programmed and to check the counter. It did successfully do both my keys, so that was all good. Once you've programmed two keys, you can sync the new cluster to the powertrain control module. Again, read ForScan's own documentation for this: This is ForScan's guide. You need to do "Module Initialisation" to sync the cluster Step 5: You're technically now done! At this point, the car should start and be happy. You can now follow James Simpson's brilliant guide on how to enable and disable cluster functions. Mine had washer fluid sensor, which I physically don't have, so had to turn that off, and also the annoying reverse alarm. Have a play about, as there is a hell of a lot you can enable with these clocks, especially if you still have the stock head unit in the car. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CORRECT YOUR MILEAGE AT THIS POINT. IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING, THAT APART FROM BEING MORALLY WRONG, GETTING CAUGHT SELLING THE CAR WITH MISLEADING MILEAGE IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE, AND YOU'RE LIKELY TO GET IN TROUBLE IF YOUR MILEAGE HAS DROPPED SINCE YOUR LAST MOT. To do this, go back on ELMConfig, go to HEC, then Procedures. You can now change the mileage to your original. DO NOT MESS THIS UP AS YOU CAN ONLY GO UP! That's all guys :) Any feedback, extra info or corrections would be appreciated. I would personally HIGHLY recommend doing this as it looks a hell of a lot smarter. Also there is a facelift clock with a bigger display that can support sat nav and a better display quality, but these are really rare.
  4. I had a bit of a discussion with another member on here about whether its a good idea or not,so I'm just back from the leading Transmission specialists in Scotland ( Charles Butler Forfar) & I asked Gav the foreman about this,and his answer........ DON'T DO IT! He said its a bad idea. He said its ok for transit vans,but not for cars. He said if your DMF needs replacing,then replace it with a proper replacement DMF. Mentioned the same thing as I did,about the vibrations etc,& they DO shake to bits eventually. When I got this conversion on FOUR cars,alongside a remap,eventually they knackered the gear-box.Not maybe,DEFINITELY EVERY TIME! And Im no boy racer at 47yr old,so its not a case of me raggin my cars,quite the opposite. I learned the really expensive way.Id say in all Ive spent about 2000 repairing damage done by SMF conversion.Its crazy,its the cheaper option,but I guarantee you it'll ruin your car in the end. If I can stop one person from doing this conversion,then I'd be happy knowing that someone else's car isnt gonna turn into a liability the way mines did(all four). So,to the guy who disagreed with me,mate do yourself a favour & ask around 1st.You might just start to see sense,& rip that solid chunk a crap outta there,& put a proper DMF in. Oh,and they a good DMF will definitely handle the torque from a remap,unless youre tanning your motor all the timem,in which case whatever. remember that all this company does is transmissions & clutch/dmf etc,7 days a week,52 weeks a year. He's been going for about 40 odd years,and he knows his stuff,so upto you guys from here. If you wanna listen to companies thatve only stopped messing their nappies,then so be it,but dont say I didnt try to give you advice 1st
  5. Awrite folks, has anybody carried out or know how to go about doing a 4WD conversion on a mondeo? !Removed! car can't keep wheels on the ground. Starting a project on my mondeo 2.5T, but pretty sure it's not the case of just getting a focus rs set up.
  6. davidjones007

    Engine Conversion Help

    Hi All, new here so sorry if this has been posted in the wrong place, if so please could someone move to more appropriate place?? Thanks, Long story short have picked up a '05 plate Fiesta in a rough and ready state with a 1.25 engine in it, much to my surprise it flew through a mot. I have also recently acquired for a nice price a 1.6 engine out of a 55 plate Zetec S, my problem being at the minute, I've also not got the ECU, Wiring Loom, Key, or Transponder Ring with the 1.6 engine. I've been told this is a plug and play job and will just require my 1.25 ECU being remapped (however I'm dubious to this being the case) could someone please confirm I will need to source a ECU, and other bits listed above before I can carry on? Also, I was planning to use the 5 speed box from my 1.25 as when I bought the car I was told it had been fitted with a recon box 2 months prior, so would like to use this box with the 1.6 engine. Will this be ok? Many Thanks David
  7. Has anyone successfully put a facelift (mk7.5 ) front onto a prefacelift fiesta (mk7)? My question is what parts would I need and how to go about the DRL'S. Also were there any issues or anything else that I should know? I know it's an expensive job as so far the only advice I have managed to find is that financially it's not worth it. I'm still going ahead with this so any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi there I'm looking to doing a 1.6 to 1.7 conversion on my Ford fiesta ztec s 2001. Was wondering if anyone has a step by step or any helpful tips. Also parts what I will need? Also how hard is the wiring loom and any tips on how to do the wiring loom as wiring is not strong point. Thanks.
  9. So for a long while ive wanted to start a project, had all sorts of ideas, but recently i had an idea of doing a turbo conversion on something with a small engine 1.0 or 1.2. The only thing is im not too sure what turbo to use. I do have a 2.0 TDCI Mondeo (55 Plate) which i can take almost anything out of as the injectors failed (to the point where it doesnt even start with easy start anymore). But would such a small engine have enough power to spool a Mondeo turbo? I have also been made aware that a Diesel turbo cant withstand the heat of petrol fumes, is that true? If a mondeo turbo wont fit (which i wont be suprised at tbh) is anyone aware of a turbo that would? preferably with a small price tag :) Thank you!
  10. I have a 3dr ford style in a custom red paint, and I want to make it a replica of a Zetec S or maybe the anniversary model, (2007) and I have over £5000 to spend but I just need to know if its possible to fit all the bumpers ect off the Zetec S will fit straight onto my ford style? Along with interior and more The two images below are what I want and a car similar to what I have, also if I need any modifications done for bumpers to fit like moving exhaust and other thing I manage a body shop so won't be a problem
  11. I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has converted the rear drums to disks on a 2007 mk2 1.6 petrol focus? And info is much appreciated!
  12. Hey there I was wondering if anyone had ever converted their mk3 focus to the st version or if it's even possible, main focus being on the front bumper and grill as that's what I want the most as I feel I really missed out buying my focus before the facelift, thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, Recently purchased some electric mirrors from a 2006 Fiesta ST that I planned to place on my 2003 Fiesta Zetec. I currently have manual mirrors. I have purchased wiring loom for the conversion. Any recommend instructions?? Thanks!! :)
  14. Hi there, first time ford owner here. I have recently purchased a 2007 focus estate 2.0 petrol automatic. I was wondering if it is possible to fit a turbo conversion to this engine? If so, what would I need to complete the conversion.? Also I was wondering what other 'tasty' non-ricer mods are available for this car? Cheers, Mike.
  15. I have a mk4 1.4 ford fiesta and I'm wanting to convert it to a 1.7 puma. I'm wondering what parts I would need for this conversion aswell as the 1.7 engine (if I need any others) Iv been told I'd be best of keeping my 1.4 gearbox in it to provide quicker acceleration. A list of parts needed would be good if possible or even a guide to the conversion. Thanks.
  16. Hi all, Im in a bit of a jam, I have a 2008 Mondy Edge 1.8 tdci 6speed, I have just had a clutch change, the mechanic opened up the tranny and found it had been converted to SMF (I didnt know this, Only had 2 month). Anyway, He fitted it with a LUK concentric slave cylinder and a Valio clutch (2 piece). Now, When I start the car and depress the clutch and try to select 1st gear, it will not go in, when i release the clutch by half it will go in gear and drive as normal, the same for reverse. I am refusing to pay the mechanic at the moment, he is blaming the SMF, the company who supplied the parts are blaming the mechanic, and i am being told to expect a big labour bill. Can anybody shed some light please, im desperate. PS Valio say the cluch will only fit the Valio SMF conversion. Thanks in advance
  17. Iv got a Ford Fiesta MK4 1.4 and I want to convert it to a 1.7 puma. I'm wondering what I'll need to do this conversion e.g do I just need the 1.7 puma engine? Or if so what else will I need. Also if anyone has done one before a step by step guide would be helpful.
  18. Jamie Gwilliam

    Engine/gearbox Compatibility?

    Hi. So ive got a 1.8 mk1 focus zetec. The bottom end is rattling, hence; knackered. However, im looking to do an engine change. I've spotted a mint 2.0 automatic engine. Question is, will this fit straight up to my manual gearbox and is there any ACTUAL difference between a manual engine and this one that i need to be aware of? All help welcome.
  19. Hi All, I have a 2006 LS LX Focus. Just wondering if anyone has done a conversion from the factory CD head unit to the Sony 6 CD in-dash unit that came out in the ST Focus (or XR5 to those of us in Australia)? Are the plugs the same for both? Does the remote control near the steering wheel work after the swap? Any info helps... cheers
  20. Hey! So I've picked the alloys up which I was speaking about in this topic ( And they look like this! They are mint! £50 for all five! Basically I'm ready to stick these on on my Fiesta BUT they didn't come with any nuts... I know that I'm going to need some as alloys are a completely different ballpark than Steel wheels so I didn't know where to get them from. I found these online ( And obviously these have the locking nuts which makes it that little bit more secure, but would these be the correct ones? I probably sound like a right novice at the moment but before I buy these I wanted to check. I've got all the equipment up the garage I work aswell as the ramps but before I can even think about putting these on (apart from telling my insurance obviously) I need to get some proper wheel nuts. Any ideas would be appreciated! :) Cheers, MArk
  21. Hey! I've not posted in a while and I was having a think. Would it be possible to take the front spotlights off and Alloys from an XR3i and put them onto my MKIII Fiesta. I know the Alloys won't be hard as obviously it's just a wheel change and then a balance but the Spotlights look so good and I would be wondering if you lot would think it would be hard at all? The wheels: The Spotlights: From looking into this there is the lights and then the mounting brackets, but the wiring just looks like a bare wire? Would this be wired into the source of the main beams as they're not sidelights in any ways. For MOT purposes would this be a fail if I was to do this? Most of all has this been done previously that people know of where I could go for information? Also for insurance purposes will the lighting make it more expensive do people reckon? I know the only true way to find out is to inform my insurance but considering it's only lighting (which in theory will make it saver) but obviously it's a modification.... Many thanks in Advance, Mark S
  22. Hello All, I'll start with a honest opinion... My Brakes are SHOCKING!! or at least they are compared to my old mk1.5 Focus and my partners mk2.5 1.8. I have put this down to the fact both there have discs all round. Now, on my new car I have drums on the rear, despite being serviced and looked at, i still dont feel confident in the Brakes. Anyone taken the discs and assorted bits from the 1.8 or 2.0 TDCi and put them on their 1.6?? If so what bits do i need and how easy is it?? Cheers! Dave
  23. MissEscortXr3i

    Power Steering In An Escort Xr3I :)

    hey my names lucy this is my first post as iv just joined ur website.... i have just bought my first ford :-) shes a lurvly 1990 xr3i cabriolet in white she needs a good clean but its in good condition i have a couple of questions that need answering if anyone is up for it :-) first of all im wondering if its a possibility to do a power steering conversion ? as im a girl n its a bit hard to park lol if its possible then i would like too know what parts i would need or if it would be easier too get a car n take the bits off ?? also i saw that you can get insurance discount how do i do this ?? all answers appreciated thanks guys....lucy xx