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Found 46 results

  1. WARNING: Do this at your own risk. After watching some crash tests online, I’m happy with where I’ve placed my cabling but you may disagree, with regards to airbags. Plus, be careful prying the trim off. Did this today and has taken me most of the day, mainly due to the rain, however you could probably do this in a few hours. Thought I'd share to help anybody out that want's to give it a go. I have hard wired a Thinkware F800 PRO front and rear dashcam into my 2016 Ford Edge Sport (UK RHD). A little background, I have no electrical experience, just read a lot on the internet and hardwired a simple dashcam into my previous car, so can't be to hard. What You’ll Need (To do it the way I did): - Dashcam(s) - Hardwire Kit - “Micro3” & “Micro2” Fuse Taps - Crimping Tool - Grabby/Reachy Thing (I used a couple large zip ties with that thin wire stuff, see pics) - Long Nose Pliers - Socket Set - Voltage Tester (Screwdriver like thing with a bulb in) - Couple Flat Head Screwdrivers (Thick and thin) (1) Placing the Front Camera Self explanatory. Put mine just below the blue strip so the centre rain sensor cover doesn’t block the camera view much. (2) Crimping and Power Cable Routing I used the fuse box in the passenger foot well. Just push up with a screwdriver in the 2 spots to lift the tabs out. (Page 285 of the handbook has the fuse box diagram) I used (Micro3) fuse (8+9) for the Battery feed (Always live) and (Micro2) fuse 36 for the Accessory feed (Ignition live). Make sure they are the same in yours, or find 2 fuses that work for you. Use the voltage tester to check which fuses are always live and which are live only when the ignition is on. Small piece of metal in the pic below for the earth. Depending on what dash cam you use, check online for which wire goes where as, especially Thinkware, they’ve changed it round recently. NOTE: Plug both fuse taps in and tape the earth to some metal to test the wiring works before routing it all! I started on the side, this panel comes away with a bit of force straight out from the 4 clips. Be careful not to disconnect the airbag switch. Followed by the second panel which again, just pops out with a bit of force. I fed my pully/grabby thing through this gap initially, to get the plug end around the back of the fuse box. Then fed it it behind the big bunch of cables on the left of the footwell so it’s out of the way. Then fed my grabby thing through this gap to pull the plug up through. I held the cable against the back, so it will be behind the second panel I pulled off, ready to route around the windscreen. I then routed it around the bottom edge and up the side and top. There was literally not a single bit of excess wire here, so luckily it just reached. I tried to fit the fuses but the fuse taps I bought wouldn’t fit in the box because of some excess plastic getting in the way. I used a Stanley knife to shave the excess plastic off. It is important which way the Micro2 fuse taps go in (Or any standard 2 slot fuse for that matter). I’m no expert, but after a lot of research, I found that generally speaking, the live side of a fuse slot needs to go in the opposite side to which the cable sticks out from the fuse tap. To find the live side of a fuse slot I used a tiny screwdriver to slot into the fuse slot and used my voltage tester on the screwdriver. I found for the slot I used (No. 36) it was the top half of the fuse slot that was live so the fuse taps were slotted with the wire going down. The Micro3 doesnt matter as it’s the centre that is live. See the picture for which slot the original and new fuse goes in to. Finally, loosened the bolt in the back and attached the earth cable there. NOTE: When I pulled out fuse 36 to test for the live side, the manual didn’t state these were included in this fuse, but a chime went off and it reported the front camera and collision assist system had a fault. Once I replaced this fuse, they all went away and everything works as normal. Bit worrying at first! Obviously it came up on the dash as this is the ignition live fuse, so needed the ignition on to test. All good now. (3) Rear Camera Mounting and Cable Routing Initially, I plugged the rear camera cable in and just chucked it through the car and plugged the camera in. Using live view on my phone I found where I wanted it and stuck it on. Right near the top in the centre (slight gap in the heating elements was perfect place for it). To do this I just climbed in the boot and shut it. Was gona get out, realised there was no button, went to put the seats down and climb through when I realised I had the car keys in my pocket, keep them on you to open the boot back up! Unplugged the rear camera and began from the front. Starting at the top again, I tucked the cable in the roof lining occasionally using the flat edge of a screwdriver to push a little further in. I then fed it around the end of the airbag in the harder trim (check crash test videos online to make sure you’re happy with this location. I made sure to leave plenty of excess in a couple places further on) After that, I continued along the top of the door by just lifting the rubber seal and tucking the cable into the roof lining again. Once at the centre pillar, I went to tuck the cable, plus excess into the trim with a screwdriver again, and unintentionally the soft trim popped off by 2 clips at the top, made it easier to get the excess in and then just clipped back on. Around the top of the rear door just the same as the front, then into the harder trim again at the back of the car. This just tucks in very easily without removing any trim. I also put a load more excess cable in here. Once at the back, I removed the centre plastic trim with the boot open. Several clips that just pop out, near the sides, you’ll need to push slightly down and out towards you. This panel takes a bit more force than any others. I continued routing the cable from the side, under the roof trim and again guessing how much more cable I needed, put a load more excess in there. The next part was to release the rubber cable pipe on the top near the boot hinge. Theres 2 tabs either side and a large on at the opposite end. See the pic below, takes a little bit of force. Then fed the cable through the gap using my grabby thing again. Now, probably the hardest bit, I put my grabby thing through the flexi tube to pull the cable through... that was fine... getting it back through with the plug and cable is another matter. Took a bit of force but have to be so careful not to damage any of the existing wires. Last cable routing, forgot to take a picture of the exact place but the pic below will do. Put my grabby thing through the top and out near the flexi tube to pull the cable through. Plugged the rear camera in and put the plastic trim back on. It sits with a gap at the top so the cable sits there with no problem. Finished by testing it all worked... and surprisingly it did! Camera is hidden well behind the rear view mirror and both cameras are within the wiper swipe. Barely notice the rear camera in the mirror whilst driving. On another note, the camera isn’t the most amazing quality, but I got it for the parking mode with built in voltage monitor so as not to flatten the battery. Will see how it goes over the next few weeks.
  2. 983

    Speeding & Dashcams.

    I use a dash cam all the time the car, and was wondering if you can challenge a speeding ticket with it. Say hypothetically you went past a mobile van doing 2 or 3mph over the limit in a 40mph zone, according to the speedo, but the dash cam footage says bang on 40mph, would it be admissible to avoid a ticket? Im aware most speedos read a tiny bit fast, I usually go past one of those signs that displays your speed and its usually displaying 2/3mph less than my speedo.
  3. ChrisLocalBoy

    Fiesta Mk8 ST-Line dashcam?

    I picked up my new Fiesta ST-Line last week (loving it so far!) after swapping from a Focus Zetec. I had a dashcam fitted in the Focus no problem which I've moved over to the Fiesta and there are 2 types of fuses in the passenger compartment, micro 2 and micro 3. Looking at the manual there seemed to be a lot more available fuses in micro 2 so ordered myself a piggyback. My problem is that every available fuse (except one... I'll come to in a minute) is permanent live which I don't want, the only fuse that isn't is live with the engine and not ignition, which has me up and running but its not ideal because the camera I have is designed to be hardwired so the 'battery' only last 20 seconds or so, meaning that if I'm in a bit of traffic and my stop/start kicks in the camera will be power will be going on/off all the time, I know I could just turn my stop/start off but its more of an annoyance than anything and I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I'll be honest and say having the button start instead of a key..... I'm not sure how that changes the ignition (as you obviously cant just turn the key to step one) There are some micro 3 fuses in the same compartment so I've just ordered another piggyback for the sake of £3 to try those fuses instead but reading the fuse descriptions I don't think I'm gonna have much luck. I was just wondering if anyone else has come across the same problem and did they manage to get around it? I don't really want to start considering going into the engine fuse box (where there are a LOT more choices) as I assume it will be a sealed unit to get it watertight and I don't want to risk compromising that at all. Thanks in advance Chris
  4. I'm trying to hardwire in a dashcam and was wondering which fuses under the glovebox are permanent live as I don't have a multimeter to check. Thanks
  5. Edge of Reason


    I noticed in another thread that someone mentioned a dashcam and I wondered if any other Edge users had one fitted and if so which type and is it any good. Ive been looking at getting one as I had one on my Focus ST, but ideally I would like a two camera setup, front and rear, plus the opportunity to download footage without having to take the camera or memory card out and in each time. Plus, I’d prefer a sticker mount rather than a suction cup. A bit demanding I know, but anyone have any experience and suggestions ?
  6. So i got a cheap dash cam off of eBay and iv'e installed it and hidden cables etc. I thought i would check the footage and its definitely unusable if i were to have an accident it looks like the camera is focusing on the heater elements on the windscreen causing it to be blurry. All the edges of the footage are clear and Number pates etc are readable. just in the centre of frame is unreadable. Would putting the camera closer to the screen help or make it worse? TIA Wez
  7. First of all i am a noob when it comes to cars and electronics and i would like to learn a bit more. So i have this dash cam and purchased this hard wire kit and am not too sure exactly how to wire this up. Here is my fuse box (mk6 2008 Fiesta) and here is the diagram So can i just plug the fuse from my hardwire kit into a spare slot? Or do i need to use a piggy back connector to wire it up. My hard wire kit has a fuse attached to the live wire so i can't crimp the wire to the add-a-fuse, unless i cut the fuse off, so do i just plug it into the add a fuse So if i got one of these piggy back connectors, do i just remove an existing fuse (a 15 amp one), plug in the piggy back connector, plug the fuse back into the piggy back and then plug the end of the hardwire kit into the piggy back connector? So the piggy back connector has the old fuse plugged into it and the hardwire fuse with the wire coming out of it going to the dash cam? Is this correct. Also my cigarette lighter stays on even when the ignition is off so i can't use that one as i want my camera to only stay on when the ignition is on. And i noticed there is a 20A fuse in the cigarette lighter socket when it should be a 15A, i'm planning on swapping that around when my spare fuses arrive. So what's the best plan of action here? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks alot
  8. RAIDER32

    RAIDER32's JooVuu X Dashcam

    This thread is me sharing clips I've taken with my JooVuu X dashcam, I've just replaced my old Mobius camera when the second battery died and I fancied a change. The JooVuu X is a similar design to Mobius but has a few fancy features like Wi-Fi and 21:9 Ratio Unfortunately it's been a royal pain in the bum getting Wi-Fi to work and it can lose the date settings if you change anything, I also had to dismantle it to manually focus it correctly and the '90min' battery only lasts a few minutes now. I'm not too bothered right now because I got it £15 cheaper on Amazon and my sister gave me a £20 voucher so I only spent £35 on it. All Video's Best Viewed 1080p Full Screen *********And May Contain Swearing*********
  9. light cluster wires with arrow.pdf Hello, I have a rear view camera ( I want to wire into the reversing lights of my Mondeo Mk3. I currently have a front facing camera installed (clipped over the rear view mirror) and I want the rear view camera to automatically pop up when I select reverse gear. The pictures I have added are (starting from the top); 1- The two rear camera connectors, the phono jack goes directly into the front camera/screen unit and the black and red bi-wire is what is to be wired into the reversing lights. 2- The near side, rear, light cluster connector, wire termination points . As you face the car's rear it is on the left (passenger side) and located under a plastic panel. The left of the image is the top and each port is numbered 1-7 (I can't see how to rotate the image on this). 3- The rear camera 4-Manufacturer's installation instructions (generic, Chinese) 5-Link to pdf image, where I have added an arrow using a photo editor to indicate wire(s) I think I need to use. 6-The near side, rear, light cluster connector, wire termination points (Front of ports). As you face the car's rear it is on the left. 7-The near side, rear, light cluster connector, wire termination points (Back of ports). As you face the car's rear it is on the left. 8-The connections I tried ; Red from the camera into 5 port and Black from the camera into 6 port. Ideally, I have just missed a thread/wiki/tutorial where someone has done this and someone can point me in the right direction. Failing that, has anybody already done this and can you tell me how you connected the wires? So looking at other threads discussing the wire locations the red wire from the camera needs to be connected to the green and black wire (reverse left) in port 5 and the black wire needs to be connected to the black wire in port 6 (Earth). I have tried jamming the exposed camera wire ends into the correct ports and then tested the camera. The rear camera showed up as PIP( picture in picture) being the smaller of the two images as a constant feed. When I put the car into reverse gear I expected the image feeds to invert showing me the rear camera feed as the main image and the forward facing image the smaller PIP, but there was no change and the image stayed as it was. Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can configure this set-up so that when I go into reverse the smaller rear camera image turns into a full-screen image on the mirror with the front facing image taking up the smaller PIP? ***In the end, this method did work exactly as shown and described, maybe ram the exposed cable ends in instead of jamming them in. Held them in with sparky tape. Ran rear camera wire through door sills trunking down near side and up through pillar and across to top of mirror. I have mounted camera on inside of rear windscreen at the top in the centre of the brake light. Because of the angle of the glass on the boot I would say if your primary reason for install is as a reversing cam then you need to install camera outside the car, probably around the number plate somewhere as I can't really see any more than if I just look out the back window. Might change position later if I get time, not too fussed at the mo.*** Will leave this up in case anyone else wants the info.
  10. I see from other threads that a dashcam can be wired to fuse 85 to come on and off with ignition. However, I have a third cable on my hardwire kit that needs a permanent live. Which fuse would be best for this in the passenger fuse box. Also what size/type of piggyback fuse would be needed for this. Camera is a Thinkware F750 with hardwire kit and car is a Mk 3.5 Ford Focus 1.5 TDCi Titanium. I'm wiring the camera in to activate the parking mode recording; there is an option to adjust the settings so that the camera automatically stops recording if it detects the cars battery falls below a certain voltage. Can someone also tell me what voltage this would be best set at? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi guys, New around here, but I'm looking to pickup my Fiesta MK7 at the end of the month - so I'm currently shopping around for insurance quotes. I've been quoted £1.4k a year fully comp with a black box and 10k miles p/year - which doesn't seem that expensive? I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on where to look and how to get the quote down cheaper? I've read that dashcams make it cheaper - so looking to put one of these in (does anyone have any good ones they can recommend?) Thanks in advance! Ben
  12. Hi , i have a ford focus mk2 2007, i want to install a dash cam but i have some problems. the dash cam comes with connectors that should fit the fuse box red wire ,yellow , ground, audio, but they dont fit focsu mk2 fuse box , so i bought fuse adaptor for it 2 in 1 but i dont know where to put them... should i take fuse from electric windows and put it in the adaptor with the dash cam wire? or wich fuse location should i use? ...... il leave some pics. Thanks.
  13. Hello - I can't seem to find a definitive answer on the forums so wondered if anyone could help. I want to hardwire my Nextbase dashcam to the Smax Central fuse box (under glovebox) by piggybacking off an existing fuse. However the hardwire kit recommends a 'non permanent live' fuse such as rear wiper but this fuse on my model is in the engine box not the glovebox one. I have attached a diagram of the fuses available to me can anyone suggest an ignition only fuse that is relatively safe/non vital i can piggy back off so my dash cam only operates when the car is turned on? Thank you


    Can anyone recommend to me a easy to use/set up dash cam that doesn't break the bank and obviously records clear footage (clear enough to read reg plates). If anyone knows which brand or what store i'm likely to find a decent one i'd appreciate it cheers.
  15. bigdom

    dashcam/cigerette plug

    hi i have a 5 to 6 year old fiesta 1.25psi. i have a dash cam but when plugged in cigerette plug is allways live so the dash cam wont go of even in auto switch of mode ,dose anyone know how to remedy this , ie ive heard you can change the fuze over ,not sure on that or would have to change wires over to accesories.has anyone done this , seemingly all fords are live lighterplug , and i dont want to leave cam on all night .
  16. Hi all. I'm trying to hardwire in my Nextbase dash cam. I need an ignition switched fuse to piggyback onto. I've tried all the fuses under the dash but these all seem to be permanently live! I don't want the hassle of trying to feed wiring through into the engine bay. Is there an easy fix?? I've heard the cigarette lighter etc may have a 20 minute timer on it??? Is this for my model Mondeo?? I'm starting to pull my hair out.
  17. RAIDER32

    Raider32's Mobius Camera

    Evening all, I'm sharing clips I've taken with my Mobius camera, Most are just stupid driving by others, but some clips you can imagine 'What if?', If things had gone a little different, I would have been very glad to have had the footage. All Video's Best Viewed 1080p Full Screen *********And May Contain Swearing********* A Focus has rear ended something on small bit of road that you can hit 70mph on, obviously didn't stop fast enough. BMW moves into middle lane then wants back in, fails to see the HGV out the window, and probably anything out the back (covered in snow). Hit this pothole lastnight, it sounded a lot louder than it does on the video, everything seems to be ok. Caught this silly woman in the Focus tonight, you can see she doesn't turn her head once to look for anybody. I put off for a long time getting a dash-cam, but I'm glad I've finally got one, and highly recommend it. Considering I got this stuff in just a week, I'm sure I'll be adding a few more!
  18. mixmasterlooney

    My New Mobius Dashcam

    I have finally bought myself a dashcam and i am very pleased with my purchase. The camera is called Mobius ActionCam and it's a multifunction action cam, one of those function is being a dashcam and it does this rather well, infact it does it better than that anything else for the price. The camera cost £41 and it can be purchased here I highly recommend if anyone buying this camera purchase from the above link (Seller eletoponline365) The camera is made and sold by this specific seller from Hong Kong with the lowest price anywhere. (delivery takes 1 week) Lets get down to what this camera is and some of it's features. 1080p full HD recording 720p HD recording H.264AVC1 .MOV files Photo mode SD card slot upto 32GB Plug and play for windows Live TV out whilst recording Data transfer from camera 80mins real life recording on battery And much more although i will only mention features relevant to car cams as this camera can be hooked upto remote control planes, motorbikes etc, it's an action cam! and it looks like this This is what comes with the camera (Plus a multifunction USB, TV out adaptor cable not in photo) Here it what it looks like in person and how small it is, as you can see compared to my keyfob it is indeed a very small camera so is the mount. The Camera does not have a viewfinder like some of the other cameras others have chosen, i specifically went for a cam without a viewfinder for it's compact size and quality. Now i must admit at first i was worried setting up the camera would be difficult without a viewfinder although that is not a problem, the mobius actioncam can be used as a webcam therefore plugging it into your laptop will give you a view whilst setting up in the car but i am pleased to say that will not be necessary, the camera wide view is great any almost any position pointing straight will be perfect every time. I am truly impressed with the compact size of this unit! it's barely visible from outside of the car and wiring it up is simple, since the cam has no viewfinder, no settings can be changed via the camera itself, you have to connect it to your computer, download the software here and change whatever you need, out the box it will work just fine although for a car settings must be made for the best quality videos and auto start recording, the software is simple and it works, there is no drama no errors no bs, just plug it in, and run the software. I must stress to anyone thinking about this camera, it does not come with any mounts suitable for a car, hence the price, the mounts, and there are several available, all sold separately, there is a suction cup mount and a sticky back mount, i bought the sticky back mount for permanently fixing it to myself windscreen +plus it is slightly smaller than a suction cup mount. Mounts cost under £3 Suction cup Sticky back SD card fully tested and working in the mobius, compatible and and confirmed by Ben £9.99 Instructions on how to hard wire this dash cam can be found here under the guides sections Links to parts for hard wiring below (Thanks to Higgsy) 3Meter DC 12V-24V to 5V 3A Right Angled 90 Degree Mini USB Power Converter Cable Mini Blade Fuse Piggyback Kit 3A Mini Blade Fuse Set
  19. As he goes to pass obstruction on his side he clips my wing mirror. He then drives off without stopping. I was pulled over for 10 minutes downloading footage to make sure. DE63GMG *edit: sorry for the mish mash of clips, it was just quickly done on an iPad at work.
  20. ...another fine idea brought to you by the morons who drive taxis in Bradford. (NSFW quite a bit of swearing... SFW if you mute :) ) on the subject of parking... :)
  21. Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to wire up a dashcam to my Mk2.5(?) Focus (08 plate). I'm aware that cigar lighter and 12v aux socket are both permanent live and looking for a solution to getting ignition live. I really don't want to have to pull the car apart or splice cables, and a couple of options fit that well: my preferred option below, or get Dave at autostar to provide the piggyback fuse and other bits to add some extra ignition live cabling to attach to. My preferred option is to swap the fuse location to make the 12V socket ignition live - the info I've found so far is that it should be an adjacent socket, but I have yet to find a page on the web that actually states which socket to use. From the manual, I have in the passenger junction box: 109 : Cigar lighter, rear auxiliary power socket This is the fuse that I need to move I believe. Disturbed by the term "rear [...] socket" as I only have one in the centre console. It could be termed rear if some models have one in the glovebox, but I am aware that some have one in the boot! So which slot should the fuse move to? Well, if adjacent then I have a choice of: 108 : Accessory to cluster (audio and navigation unit) 110 : Daytime running lamps ignition supply to lighting control switch 114 : Instrument cluster ignition supply, engine immobiliser 115 : Lighting control ignition supply 116 : Fog lamps However, on looking at the fuse panel, only slot 110 is free (I don't have daytime running lamps). What is getting me is I cannot understand how pulling a fuse and putting in another slot can change the behaviour of the 12v socket! I am not very clued up on electrics - I am guessing that the 12v socket is *NOT* wired up exclusively to the 109 slot but to multiple sockets, and it just happens that you get fuse protection with ignition live if connected to slot 110, and fuse protected permanent live if fitted to slot 109 (and for god's sake don't put a fuse in both!). Am I remotely in the right ball park? Do I have the right shape ball??? Many thanks, Alan..
  22. Degeneratemoo

    Dashcam issues S-Max 2013

    Hi, Just moved cars from a 2006 Focus to a 2013 S-Max and transferred my Nextbase dashcam into the new car. It is hardwired and I have ran the cabling round the trim into the central fuse box (passenger footwell). Using the include 'piggyback' fuse adaptor I put it into fuse F20 (electronic feed, electronic fuse, Auto-dimming mirror, land departure warning) and initially it seemed to be working fine. The issue I am having is with the Stop/Start feature. When the car auto-stops the dashcam continues to work and is continually supplied power, when the car starts again (on pressing the clutch) the dashcam turns off and on again like power has been cut. I wanted to have the dashcam on a fuse that was ignition controlled and not permanent live, I don't know if a different fuse would give different results or which fuse to try. Initially I tried fuses F9 & F10 (front and rear windscreen washers) but I got no power to the dashcam from either of those. Thanks.
  23. Juan Carr

    Dashcam fit

    Advice appreciated. I've just ordered a Focus ST from a dealer in Hereford. I want a dashcam fitted - anyone in that area able to fit one to the vehicle whilst it's at the dealer so that when I pitch up to collect it, everything's in place? As in, no trailing wires, all nice and neat and it just works?
  24. 2016-07-07-Blind Spot Truck Nearly taken out by a dump truck this morning. Says caution blind spot on the side, you'd think that works both ways. He got right up the rear end of the car in front, I knew he was going to do it. I stayed back from the car as i was expecting that to cut in, it always happens there.
  25. Hi all, Bought a 16 plate Fiesta back in April, only had the car a month when someone pulled out into me on a roundabout, the damage was very very minor (luckily!) with the rear wheel taking the brunt of the hit, all been sorted through their insurance. However, it's now got me thinking of purchasing a dashcam, especially ones with parking modes, incase anyone hits my car and drives off! Halfords would hardwire one for £30 professionally, however would this affect my warranty? I'd need it hardwired to be able to use the parking mode, and it would also avoid cables etc. Any advice on this would be appreciated, also are Halfords recommended? Thanks.