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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, I recently changed my basic two line monochrome blue display with full color sony display, i only changed the screen, it was plug and play. My car didn't have sync or bluethooth to begin with, only USB and radio/CD, after the screen change USB and radio/CD work as intented. My issue is that with the new screen, I lost the car information messages (for example when a door is open, i no longer get the message on the screen), i lost the MYKEY menu aswell. When i go into setting, i only have audio setting and time setting, not even the option to change the language, I have not replaced the silver box, also i have not replaced the facia, still have the 1-6 numberpad. Is there a way i can get the car information messages back on my new shiny display, i dont car for bluethooth/sync and can live without MYKEY feature but i definetly want the car information messages feature back. Anyone who have done this mod before please advice, thanks :)
  2. I posted before about my stereo display being slightly faulty so I am probably gonna replace it. The model number of the current one I have is 8A6T-18B955-BH, I am just wondering if this would be interchangeable with a 8A6T-18B955-BL as they look visually exactly the same. Also as far as I am aware this would just be a straight swap nothing else needs doing, is this right?
  3. I've just bought a 2010 S-Max Titanium and noticed that the parking sensors work (audibly) but there isn't any display on the Convers + dashboard. Should there be? It would certainly be useful to know where the obstacles I've got close to is as it beeps away at me. The car has an aftermarket stereo, so the convers + only has trip and settings displayed, so I'm wondering if maybe there's been a fitting error of the radio. Any helpful suggestions greatly appreciated.
  4. As title, can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether a sync-era display and sony branded radio can be fitted to a non-sync (BT/VC system) car, and bluetooth still work - less bothered about nav voice control, but voice control in general I could also do with keeping functional. Thanks Mark
  5. alexwarren123

    Ford Fiesta 7.5 Display Advice

    Hi All, I am looking to change the display on my 2013 Zetec mk 7.5. I currently have the blue back-lit screen and am looking to upgrade to the colour display used in the titaniums, STs and newer models. I was wondering whether I would be able to purchase just the screen to work with the existing system (2013, Sync, BT+USB), or would need the new fascia (recessed OK button) and the compatible silver box to make this work. Thanks
  6. Haz93

    Myford Touch / Sync

    Does anyone know when the MyFord Touch system is going to be released in the UK?? Alot of google search pages say it was meant to be introduced late 2012 but obviously there is still no sign of it. I ask because I really want to get the new Focus ST but I would really like to have the 8 inch touch screen that is standard in the US. The back up camera and current sat nav look really silly on the standard 4 or 5 inch screen. I think they should offer the bigger screen even if the Sync system isn't up to scratch in the UK yet this video explains it a bit more
  7. Hi All, I've recently bought a second-hand Ford Fiest Titanium 2009 '09' plate - Wahoo! The stereo installed in the car is a Sony with phone button. Is there a display screen I can buy that has Bluetooth capability? **Please go easy with me as I am a beginner looking for advice** Thank you all.
  8. Hi have recently purchased a 1 year old for kuga, for the 2nd time in about 6 weeks the information display (radio, time, parking assist etc) has gone off. I have checked the fuse and that's ok. it does beep when I am parking but the display along with the radio is not working.... any ideas?? thanks
  9. Evening all, Recently purchased a 4 year old 1.6TDCI Titanium. All going well so far, love the car and how it drives, the gadgets & toys etc! This morning something weird happened (bare with me as I'm the least mechanically minded person ever) Reversed into my parking space, sensors picked up the fence behind me and the side sensor picked up the hedge next to me...all good so far. Had my iPod playing thru Bluetooth at the same time and the sat nav map was on (although not plotting a route) Popped the car into neutral and took my foot off the clutch - auto start/stop activates Opened drivers door to check I had enough clearance for the space next to me... Main information and drivers information display goes off, everything seems to switch off and then flick back on again The sat nav map showed my starting location rather than the actual location where I was. All very peculiar. I switched the engine off, left it for a mo and back on again. Map loaded up to the correct location and the bluetooth connection reestablished itself. On the way home however I noticed that auto start stop didn't activate the few times I would have expected it to. External temperature wasn't cold (about 10c) and cannot think of any other reason for it not to activate. Contacted my local Ford dealer who said I may have confused the hell out of the cars magic box of tricks and to keep an eye on it if it does it again. Anyone else experienced this or think they know what may have caused this to happen? Many thanks, Rob
  10. Takor

    Lw Focus Audio Wiring

    Hi All, I am a new member with a mission, I have searched almost all forums, web sites, Google Ford Dealership and Head offices but alas all to no avail. Every diagram that I get hold of is different to my car and I want to change out head unit but without information cannot make Harnesses. I have a German build date 31/05/12 Australian compliance July 2012 LW Focus Titanium with exec pack. The rear of the Audio unit has one only 24 pin plug second socket NOT used and two antennae sockets one black one white. The rear of the FCDIM display screen above unit is 4.2" and has 4 connectors look lie antennae the beige one is not used and the blue is GPS, do not know what others are for? There is also a 12 pin plug with ten wires in. Please see attached photos Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, as I would like to finish this project before coming back to visit UK next Wednesday. Have a great week
  11. negendahl

    Possible To Change Display?

    Hey guys, Quick question: I currently have this kind of display in my car (i don't have Sync) Is it possible to simply swap it out for a bigger one (found a few on eBay)? Something like this: or I was thinking it might be the head unit controlling the signaling to the display - does anyone know for sure? Or maybe if possible just change the whole head unit to the Sony one (looks better :D) and the screen with that? Thanks,
  12. Hi All. Can anyone help with Settings for tyre pressure monitoring. Got my S Max 2012. Had tyre pressure monitoring option fitted. I am sure that when I played around with the settings I could set the pressure for low tyre pressure warning to become active!!! I Have recently tried to find this screen (Or menue) but am unable to find it. Can anyone tell me how to find this screen?? Can anyone verify it exists or existed?? Could it be missing because of some software update?? I have a constant warning "Check Rear Left Tyre" Actual tyre pressures match the information on the screen but this warning stays active. But please note recently I had to seperate the sensor from the car as the air valve got damaged during a tyre renewal. A metal dust cap was fitted and became jammed on due to corosion. (Warning do not fit any type of metal dust cap to these tyre valves they are made of Aluminium. Always use plastic ) Managed to get the air valve from Ford snapped on the original electronic module and a tyre fitter put the sensor back into the wheel. Please note the sensor did become seperated from the car. Mabe this has somthing to do with the warning?? But why has it not reset?? It is comunicating with the car as the correct tyre pressure is displayed. Went into ford dealer today but could not speak to anyone technical enougth to give advice. But they were very willing to book the car in (think I will wait till next service is due) Manual supplied with car is not detailed enogth to explain the various pages on the display. (Yes I actualy consulted the manual LOL) Anyway I Hope some one can shine some light on this subject please.
  13. Hi all, long time voyeur, but first time poster. I have a little problem which I would appreciate some help with. I have a 2008 Focus Zetec S, and yesterday when I filled the car up with petrol (£15 only), the needle for the petrol rose to where it should as per normal (car was running on empty), but as you will see in the attached photo, the digital display which indicates how many miles I can drive with the remaining petrol in the tank is on zero. I thought maybe this is just a "bug" with the car and decieed to park the car up and check this morning/evening, but again same issue. The digital display still reads I can drive "0 mls" only! What could this be guys? Please also note that all the other functions; mpg, etc work perfectly fine. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you. :)
  14. MikeLangwine

    Faulty Screen?

    Hey guys just got my new screen for my 2009 style + I already had the small screen but today imwas going to update it to the bigger one.... So when fitting the larger screen it didn't light up or anything? So I'm guessing it's faulty? But does anybody know if they are compatible with the style + or have I just been sold a faulty screen?
  15. Hi All, Newbie here and newbie ka owner, so sorry if it seems a stupid question, but it is driving me nuts! When i switch my lights on my dashboard display doesn't light up like in my old peugoet. I can see the milometer glows green, presumably when it's dark, but shouldn't there be lights there? If so, do i need to look at fuses / bulbs etc? many thanks
  16. Hello. In the begining I want to say sorry for my english. So, I have Ford Galaxy 2.3i 1999 DOHC (engine type Y5B). There is a problem with handbreak display light, it's working all the time, all the time anoying with that red light. I tried to disconnect switch which is near to handbreak, but the light still worked. In theory the light should be in the hidden state, because it should work when I'm making signal, which is, when I pull the handbreak, but if the switch is disconnect, then it means - there is no signal. Other thing what I tried, I cleaned that cork where the oil has been filled, because it could show the, for example, low level breaking oil. I tried more or less everything what came up in my mind. Is there any other solutions, is there anybody else with this kind of problem? It would be nice, if someone has techincal manual for display, then i can "call" everything from display circuit and find an error. And other problem is overheating, in the summer it reaches critical zone and all the time fan is working... I read something about it, like there is no space for changing air flows, like on the top there is hood with thermoisolation and at the bottom there is a pan. Best regards, Toms
  17. I have just changed my 57 plate Focus Ghia for a 60 plate Focus Sport. The outside temperature display on my new car is given in Fahrenheit (F) and I would like it to read in Celsius©. I have read through the owners handbook and tried all combinations in the car settings without success. Can anyone help me to change the units to Celsius?