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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I have an 06 fiesta 1.4 tdci. 94k on the clock. Recently the engine management light came on. After a week it went off again for a while but now the EML is always on. Using the Torque app it gave a fault code p1412 (sticking EGR valve I believe) The car is still driving perfectly fine, so I'm thinking the valve must be stuck in the closed position. I pulled the valve out last week and gave it a good clean. To be honest, it wasn't overly sooted up and the valve could easily be turned by hand and didn't appear to be sticking. Put it back together and 50 miles later and the EML is back on and its giving the same fault code. So, I'm thinking the electronic side of the EGR must be faulty and had a look online for a replacement. See quite a few on eBay and I'm wondering if the ones costing around £40-£45 are any good? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone, I have just bought these wipers brand new off ebay for my MK2 Focus, and I am a bit suspicious of them as they look a bit different to my last ones and don't have any branding on the centre section. Has anybody else bought any Bosch AeroTwin wipers lately and can confirm theirs looked the same as these please? Cheers!
  3. THIS CAR IS LISTED ON EBAY AND FOR SALE VIA AUCTION. NO RESERVE I am selling my Ford Escort Cabriolet 1.6 as I have just moved to the city and have no where to keep it anymore. Good Points The car has a long MOT (Mar 18) The roof works excellently - I've been told working roofs can fetch up to £400 CD Player Alloy wheels and good set of tyres Karmann model - well sought after Comes with 2 Keys and a bunch of history Bad Points There is a crack in the wind screen It has some rust around the wheel arches There is a vertical tear in the driver's seat Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions please contact on ebay. Follow this link for a video to get a better idea of what the car is like.
  4. Ford Owners Club


    One of the most successful new additions to the packed entertainment programme at last summer’s Silverstone Classic was the introduction of eBay Restoration Live – a great innovation that returns by popular demand in 2017. Over all three days in 2016, festival-goers watched Fergus Walkinshaw and his team fully restore an iconic first-generation Range Rover using parts and accessories sourced solely from, live at the event. In 2017, Fergus Walkinshaw will again be masterminding a live restoration, but this time of a 1984 Ford Capri which will be sold after the event with all proceeds of the sale going to the event’s official charity partner, Prostate Cancer UK via the eBay for Charity programme. To date, this programme has raised over £100 million in the UK for great causes. The restoration team will also be bigger, made up of a five-strong team of mechanics hand-picked for this challenge and an additional mechanic provided by Forces’ Motorsport Charity, Mission Motorsport. Read more about the project and the team who will be restoring the Capri over the weekend here. Once the mission is completed and the chosen car restored to its former glory, it will take centre stage at one of Mike Brewer’s Car Clinics presented by eBay, where Fergus will share the team’s experiences of the restoration If you’re looking for parts and accessories for your own project, find them on eBay Original Article link: Silverstone Classic link:
  5. I have a MK3 mondeo I was having a microphone taken out today from a third party head unit, unfortunately the people who were doing it were a clumsy mess forgot half of it and randomly kept snipping wires.... Anyway when I got home my fascia next to the front window on the passengers side fell off from the top and inside it appears to be broken. I will not be returning to the store and I could do with fixing this in the cheapest fashion since I will be selling the car shortly. If I was looking on ebay for this particular item what should I be searching for? Or could anyone recommend some sort of glue to keep it on which may be suitable?
  6. Hi all, Im sure we have all heard of aliexpress, Taobao and Alibaba, Which for those whom dont know are all Chinese auction websites linking English speaking customers directly with Chinese manufacturers, Its where eBay sellers buy all there stuff prior to uping the price and selling to us, All of these sites have become safe thanks to the creation of PayPal. Now I've come across an even better website called I mentioned it to Vicki and she says lots of people on Facebook are praising it saying they saved loads of money and the items arrive 100% I'm not on Facebook personally so i didn't know. I've found a few great deals which i will link separately to this thread but for this thread here's a link to the site: Here's ford VCM module with Software for 132.50GBP :o that's cheaper then getting ford to use there's twice :) Stealth fit reverse camera 10.50GBP Other type for 15.08 If your not over 5ft tall you can save a fortune on hotel expenses sleeping in the back of the car: Bought myself one of these fake stereo face plates looks much like the old 6000CD ford fitted to transits in the ninety's pretty cool the volume works the suction cup: Three times cheaper than eBay for that item,
  7. Marks12

    !Removed! Ebay

    I am currently experiencing problems with Ebay (currently on hold with customer services) problem is when i go to register it says my email is already registered so then i go to reset password link and it then says the email you entered isn't registered with Ebay please register this couldn't be any more of a pain in the back side to try to get a funnel for my ford focus as Amazon don't sell them or micksgarage for that matter my local ford dealer it is also out of stock..... Clive if you don't arrest me now I am going to shoot this phone :P I am already dreading next months bill has anyone ever experienced a problem like this before???? edit sorry didn't realise b l o o d y was censored
  8. Dec Outram

    Fiesta Mk7 Seats?

    Morning guys, I'm selling my fiesta seats on ebay if anyone needs them - came from a 58 plate so 2009+. They're in perfect condition and work fine, I'm selling because I've just put a leather set in mine. Dec
  9. get a load of this guy selling gaskets that are only £12 & vat from Jaguar for a set of 8 Thats £67 for a set of 8. unbelieveable. Ebay as well (supposed to be cheaper!). Theyre not even OEM gaskets as OEM's are blue. How do these people sleep at night. 400 mark-up-JOKE!!Steer clear o this guy
  10. Hello, new here at ford owners club :) So hi everyone at the focus section! I have some fast questions before i order new headlights from a norwegian store for around 200£ or should i maybe just order some cheaper from ebay for 140£ (with included shipping and import fee) But im not sure, i have no experience with changing lamps in the front or buying from ebay. So was thinking maybe someone here have experience. Anyways here is the lamps i was thinking of ordering from ebay. Or do anyone have any recommendations ? Sorry if iv posted this at the total wrong place ^^ -Torbjørn
  11. Hi. Wonder if anyone could help or be interested. Im currently selling my exhaust from my old escort as i have scrapped it. Its a powerflow de-cat exhaust, by this i mean we cut the cat off, and extended the mid-section to connect to the cat pipe. It was bought in november last year, but has only seen 4 months use. I cant use it as iv now got a focus. Its currently listed on ebay, however as im not getting much interest through it, does anyone know of anything better. Any interest or help would be great.
  12. Evening Everyone I'm selling some switches from my Mk1 Focus if anyones interested? More to come, including converted BLUE light switch! (currently all are standard green) message me if interested and ill see if I can do a FOC discount! Thanks for looking Matt
  13. Hey, I've seen a Zetec S spoiler on Ebay £79.23..Plus Delivery... Wanted to know if anyone has bought from this company before? They based in poland...have got quite good feedback....but is that too cheap to be true? Thanks in advance :)