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Found 222 results

  1. Hey! I have a Cobra sport Cat Back for the fiesta 1.0 ecoboost for sale if anyone is interested? It was on my car for about 3 weeks until I put my car back to stock to pick up an ST 😜 I believe I have all the gaskets and bolts for fitting, open to offers if anyone is interested? In pristine condition!
  2. Hi all, i am new to the forums and just wanted to ask you guys for a bit of help, have recently just replaced my air filter from OEM to a K&N Performance filter, as i was taking it off one of the screws that secure the top lid fell underneath the engine bay and i cant seem to find it, has anyone got any ideas where i can get a replacement screw (currently has 3/4 screws securing the unit) will this affect the car or do any damage not have the extra screw? its a MK3 Focus 1.6 Ecoboost Zetec S Cheers
  3. EcoBoost 140ps performace

    Hi All New to here , I have just purchase a Fiesta Zetec S Red which has the EcoBoost 1.0 140ps tune in it It drives nice and I love the sound of it , One thing I have noticed though it seems to perform well in 1st gear 2nd Gear it drive good not a ferocious at 1st Gear but good. But if you drive it hard to the limiter in 2nd gear and then throw it into third there is like a delay in the pickup . For instance you change rapid into 3rd , it revs ok and then all of a sudden it gets to 5000 rpm and then you get a rush and it pulls again to the redline ?? Now is this a possible Boost Problem or is it the variable cam timing that may be an issue ? Also I know that it was so called serviced before I bought it and I very much doubt if the recommended 5-20w oil was used more like standard 5-30w instead I wonder if this makes a difference also being a highly strung engine. Would like to get this sorted as soon as because I want to put a Bluefin Map on it soon. Lots of Questions I know Thanks for any comments or advise Steve
  4. Hi guys. I am having a problem with my 14 plate fiesta mk 7.5, I have keyless entry and today i went to use the button on the handle on the passenger side which has stopped working. My driver side is still functional. So I am slightly baffled. Could anyone please share some advice on what to look for. I havr checked the fused for keyless entry they are both fine. thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, A couple of months ago my 2014 Fiesta Ecoboost (125ps) had a failed fuel pump and broke down. A replacement fuel pump (genuine Ford part) was fitted by my trusted local independent and I was back on the road. A week later I was accelerating hard at high revs onto a dual carriageway in second gear, and it suddenly had a brief hiccup, as though I had hit the rev limiter (which I hadn’t). Later that week I did the same thing, full throttle and got the cut out. I now know it happens at 5600rpm, and it clears as soon as the engine gets past that speed. This happens 90% of the time that I go past 5600rpm. The car has been back to the garage twice for this; the first time they checked the fault codes, cleared a fault on the exhaust temperature sensor, but to no avail. The issue hasn’t generated any more fault codes either. The second time they road tested it, changed the spark plugs, retested and reported that it now happens less frequently (but still happens). I only got it back today, but my tests have shown it’s a bit less frequent, but it still happens. Time will tell if it does actually reduce the frequency, but it’s still not fixed either way. I’m convinced this didn’t happen before the new fuel pump, but the garage are very confident that’s not at fault (but so far are doing this investigation free of charge ). I’m wondering if changing the spark plugs making an improvement of any sort indicates a problem with ignition, or just that there is a loose connection somewhere under the bonnet that’s been jiggled a few times in the work that’s been done on it lately. Has anybody come across this before, or got any suggestions please? Thanks :)
  6. Evening all Monday coming will see me collecting my new (to me) 2015 Focus Zetec S 125 Ecoboost after 20 years of driving various diesel engined Land Rovers, a VW T5 and even a Vauxhall Zafira (but don’t hold that against me 😉). My last Ford was a 1.8 Escort Si in Amparo Blue and before that various other Escorts and Fiestas (Mk 2, 3 and 4). Hoping to pick up some ideas and tips and join in where I can along the way, cheers.
  7. I have not found so far anyone else on this topic but I do find the six speed box is a bit optimistic for the 1 lite ecoboost engine. Don't get me wrong, this a fine and very practical car but with a moderate holiday load on motorways top gear is way too high for such a low torque engine. I have to run in fifth virtually all the time. And then, on steeper mountain roads the engine is again a bit weak on torque, needing low gears a lot of the time. In fact on the Spanish Sierras third proved pretty good for 35-45 cruising on tight two lane mountain roads. But there was never any way of using a higher gear. In terms of economy in 2,000 miles on Spanish roads, mixed this tear we got 37 mph real which was not too bad (mind you I switched from diesel so it is taking time to get used to that sort of consumption!). On that note by the way I have allowed for petrol versus diesel in my top comments - its NOT the engines really - just too many gears way too high ratio.
  8. Hey guys i have seen some videos and these cars (182) sound great with the focus rs airbox would the equivalent not be cutting a hole in the top of the stock airbox? excuse my ignorance lol :)
  9. Hi all, I have got a Fiesta 63 plate, with a 1.0-litre engine (Ecoboost). I had a warning light notification come up for low oil. Dip-stick checked and everything was filled okay. Whilst car was running, I removed the oil filler cap (wanted to see if oil was getting to the top of the engine; didn't seem much there; see video). What struck me was the noise - Ford has said these engines usually sound like this, but I'm not convinced. Please, could you have a listen and get back to me? I can't upload on here as there is a 2MB limit :/ Please see youtube for the video: https://youtu.be/AFK2OVs3pSU
  10. Hi all, I have got a Fiesta 63 plate, with a 1.0-litre engine (Ecoboost). I had a warning light notification come up for low oil. Dip-stick checked and everything was filled okay. Whilst car was running, I removed the oil filler cap (wanted to see if oil was getting to the top of the engine; didn't seem much there; see video). What struck me was the noise - Ford has said these engines usually sound like this, but I'm not convinced. Please, could you have a listen and get back to me? I can't upload on here as there is a 2MB limit :/ Please see youtube for the video.
  11. Find myself asking for help more than I’ve been able to help on here haha i put a cobra sport cat back on my fiesta ecoboost 1.0 and it sounded so good. I’ve recently part exd it for an ST, but kept the cobra exhaust. Would this fit onto the ST? i get anything can be made to fit with the right sleeves or cuts, but I’m wondering if it will just... fit? cheers!
  12. Just curious about how many miles have people done with their cars equipped with 1.0 Ecoboost engines. Also it would be interesting to hear if you've had any problems with them and what kind of maintenance/fixing the engines have required during that mileage. My car is late 2014 model Fiesta with 125 bhp 1.0 Ecoboost. It has been driven about 27 000 miles (44 000 km) now. During my ownership I've driven about 7000 miles and had no problems whatsoever. No oil consumption or leakage and no loss of coolant.
  13. Hey guys, i was driving the car today and as i revved up to 4k rpm the power dropped off, i got the above engine warning light, the power significantly dropped until i got home, i drove it 2 hours later(no engine warning after restart) and it was fine until i gave it hard acceleration and the exact same problem reoccurred. the car has 57k miles. i wont be able to have it looked at until next week, any ideas on what could be the issue? thanks in advance for the advice guys :)
  14. Recently read some posts from people passionate that REVO provide better remaps than Bluefin - anyone have any experience with both? I currently have a Bluefin remap installed on my 125ps Fiesta, but I do notice my fuel injectors sound louder? (That’s what I was told it was anyway..) so what’re people’s opinions?
  15. Strange experience today. Car got to the supermarket fine. When I powered on to go home the car started but no dashboard, radio, or lights. Got home with hand signals. Turned everything off, opened the bonnet, couldn't open the fuse box. Started the car again and all was well!! Has anybody else experienced this?
  16. Hey! i recently changed my dipped beam for a Phillips race vision and it’s nice, but not as white as I hoped :( when I had a look at the assembly, it looks like there is another bulb on when my headlight is on, is this the sidelight? Or am I looking at it wrong? If it’s the sidelight, would installing a brighter side light help boost the light? i was going to change out the sidelight, but if it’s just a case of needing HIDs for the brightness I want, I may not bother cheers!
  17. Hi all! ive been a bit of a ghost as of late, but finally back onto messing around with my car! I changed my headlights today (first time, which probably explains the damage I caused..) but I managed to snap the little clip on the headlight connector. I don’t have a photo at the minute, but it’s the connector that plugs into the headlight in the engine bay. Will this cause any massive issues? It seems pretty comfortable in there, but if I can get that clip replaced ideally I’d like to do that! any recommendations would be great!
  18. Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me by suggesting tips to put on to the end of my tailpipe https://imgur.com/a/ZRUNk there is no cut out on my bumper unfortunately. Cheers.
  19. Just spotted this used induction kit on eBay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-1-0-Ecoboost-Induction-Kit/253405183172?hash=item3b00203cc4:g:bhsAAOSw1GlabGmd so thinking about putting in a bid but not sure if this is a good idea or not without a remap, my car is pretty much standard under the bonnet? read a few other posts about the importance of getting cold air into the filter than warm air from around the engine bay and how this could affect the smooth running of the engine. would really appreciate any advice on this as the auction only has a day left to run! 😳 Many thanks
  20. P0420 Error

    Hi, A garage apparently changed my cat converter last week because the engine light kept coming on.At were not sitting right and the dash had been popped out. At first, I thought they'd just took the bulb out the engine light but it still shows up when I turn the ignition on. However, this morning I scanned the car with my own diagnostic tool and it's showing the P0420 error but no engine light. Could he have disabled the engine light from the Cat converter? Thanks
  21. Hello guys over the past few months my ecoboost 1.6 has starting giving me very poor mpg lowest currently 23.9mpg!! I used to have it in the 30's at least another thing I have noticed as well is a smell of petrol through the heating vents when the car is sat stationery with engine running
  22. Hello to everyone, This is my first post to this forum, sorry for mistakes(I'm Spanish), and sorry if I had anything to do previously to post the first post... I've just bought the new Ford Fiesta ST-Line, with EcoBoost 1.0T engine (100cv/HP), and I was thinking what is the difference between the 100HP, 125HP and 140HP engines, maybe are exactly the same, but only with limitations at the ECU? With different map? If any of you have information about these engines and also if these are exactly the same as the Mk7 I will be pleased to read you, THANKS! Also, if you have a Ford fiesta mk8 with 125 or 140HP, and can take a photo of your engine to compare with mine, it will be great. Thanks to everyone.
  23. Hey folks. Just had my oil and filter change plus MOT done by Arnold Clark today ( I know... It's my last "free" one with them) and they have noticed there is a recall for my car. Apparently it is not urgent but it does need doing and I am now booked in for it on the 5th Feb. Recall code is "17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system" https://ford.oemdtc.com/2754/17s09-coolant-level-sensor-system-installation-2013-2015-ford The only info I can find on this online is all American. However it seems the risk is the engine can go on fire, which I find a bit weird to be classed as "not urgent". So, is this a thing for this country? Anyone had it done? I've done a search of the forum, but it came back with nothing...
  24. Hi guys, I own a 21013 fiesta 1.0 ecoboost zetec, yesterday evening I was driving and the car just would not go into any gear. I had it towed to a garage and the issue seems to be the clutch. I don't understand how the clutch can be gone with only 52,000 on the clock. Has anyone else had any similar issues? The mechanic is saying that it needs a new bearing and a a new clutch, he's quoted me £390 for the job, does that price seem okay? Also the car is need of a service, he's quoted me £120, does that price seem okay? New clutch, new bearing, new brake pads and service, looking at a £520 bill :/ Thanks, Zak
  25. Hello guys! I've come across a slight issue with my new Crossover pipe from R-Sport. It seems there is a breather pipe of some sort which connects to the right hand side of the new crossover pipe as seen in the picture and when it came to fitting it, this hose will kink badly, blocking all air from passing through. This obviously in turn will put the car straight into limp mode. I've tried all sort of ways of connecting this hose but it just seems to bend and kink. Has anyone else had this issue and managed to overcome this? I really don't want it to be the case of £100 wasted. Any help will be brilliant, thanks.