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Found 1 result

  1. Just took delivery of my new Fiesta ST-Line 140, Nav & Auto Stop/Start - 3dr, thought I'd share my first impressions. It's on a lease deal from Allen Ford for 3 years at £155/Mth with 1 month up front payment of £155 Delivered with 98 Miles on the clock. Had a minor dull patch (about 1cm square) on paintwork near the headlight which delivery guy thought was glue from a sticker but it doesn't seem to come off. Got him to record that on the delivery note. Have since discovered a fine scratch on the drivers side rear passenger window (are they some sort of plastic rather than glass?) but other than that all looks excellent. Just taken it out for the first trip about 3 miles of twisty uphill country lanes, followed by about 37 miles of A roads of which 5 were in town and about 5 on a dual carriageway (about 75mph). Been taking it fairly gently, (not sure if you need to run modern engines in like we did many moons ago?) took it up to about 4500 for a couple of short bursts getting past a tractor and lorry but generally around 2000- 3000 rpm. I resest the trip computer and turned on the eco mode but didn't really follow the suggested gear change light. I've been driving an Automatic car for the past 7 years so I kept forgetting to change gear, drove about 3 miles in 4th gear at about 50mph before I realised I should've been in 5th. Recorded a 47.6mpg Avg on a 40.6 mile trip at 15 degrees C, averaging 35mph. There were a couple of traffic holdups in the town and 2 sets of lights for road works in that jounery. Had the aircon on for last 15 mins of journey. Seems pretty decent to me for a brand new engine, and I'm sure it would have been over 50mpg if I'd remembered to change gears more often. Handling didn't really test it out much but seems excellent on the twisty bits, ride is firmer than I'm used to of late but by no means a bone shaker. Performance, again I can't really comment too much as I'm taking it easy for a bit but the couple of times I did put my foot down to overtake it certainly feels more powerful than the 2 Litre Citroen I had before. Purrs along quite happily at 35mph in 5th gear too, last car I had that did that was a MK1 Golf Gti 1800 which would pull in 5th from about 25 mph. Engine seems smooth and quiet (like the little 3 cylinder growl you get mid range) with most of the the noise being generated from road/tyres. I Suppose that's just the downside of lower profile tyres but it's still comfortably quiet at 75mph on the dual carriageway driving I did. I'll try and add some more meaningful comments once I had a chance to run it in and have a play. Note sure why the dash photos have come out that way, I took them the same way as the car shot but anyway just twist your head 90 degrees anti-clokwise if you are interested, can't be bothered to rotate them now :)