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Found 12 results

  1. Harryx070695

    Speed limiter opinions

    Hi, all I recently picked up my new Fiesta Mk8 st line 140ps. I have been playing with the speed limiter on it as I've never used one before or a cruise control. I just wondered what anyone else thought about it? I am finding is strange when you are going down hill or up hill. Seems like such hard work for it and could be causing more bad than good. On a straight road with it set at 40, 50 or 60mph it seems brilliant. Eith great fuel economy around 60mpg showing on the computer Does anyone else use it regularly or have any tips on how to get the best out of it?
  2. HappyJam

    Focus ST-Line MPG

    Hi all, Wasn't sure which section to post this in...but thinking about it, my question is really all about the Focus. Just wondering if anyone who has a focus st-line could tell me what configuration they have and what sort of MPG they get and what sort of journeys they do? Reason I ask is I currently have a 2017 Fiesta ST-Line, which is great. However I've always really wanted a focus and still do. I'm looking potentially at a brand new Focus ST-Line but I'm wanting to know what sort of MPG I could be getting with it, compared to my current car. I do a lot of driving up and down the country so MPG can become quite important to me. Driving up north, really economically, I can get around 52mpg in my fiesta at the moment, and about 39-40 round town. Thanks
  3. Hello Folks, I purchased a 2015(65) 1.25(82) Fiesta back in December 2015 and I'm just wondering how many miles it would take for the car to break in to allow optimal power delivery / fuel economy? Before I purchased it, I previously drove a 2014(14) version of the exact same car but to Euro 5 emissions rather than Euro 6 emissions by looking at the VIN check. When I handed that car over to my Mam, it had just over 7k on the clock and was starting to break in. I had a shot of it very recently with over 8k on the clock (just to park it up down the street) and compared to mine, it went like s**t of a shovel and the power delivery in 1st and 2nd gear seemed to be a lot more rapid and punchy. Also started smoothly from a cold start. Do you think my car (the 65 plate) will need a longer break in period or do you think that the Euro 6 emissions will hinder the economy / power output compared to the Euro 5 with particular regards to gear ratios etc? Do the naturally aspirated Duratec engines take longer to break in than a more contemporary engine? I know I should've parted with the extra £1500 quid for an Ecoboost but can't make any major purchases yet or get rid for various reasons. Just for the record, my car (the 65 plate) has just under 3k on the clock. Cheers D
  4. Hi All, My first post on the forum so be nice haha. I'm currently driving a Renault Kadjar 1.5 diesel but I now don't do as many miles (still 2000 a month though haha) and don't really need all the features its got and I was considering a Black Edition ZS 140. Even with the negative equity in my car I'm pretty confident that if I pick one up for around the 11-12k mark (which is pretty much where all the used ones are) I'll be paying less on a PCP deal (currently paying ~£300pm for 4 yrs). The only thing I was wondering was about real world economy. I know this has probably been asked hundreds of times so call me lazy for not searching. My commute consists of about 15 miles of NSL A road where you can easily sit at 60 (i.e. not very twisty), then 45 miles of motorway then maybe another 5-10 miles of pretty free flowing, 40mph city stuff. Usually only the last mile or so is backed up but even that moves pretty quick. Is there anyone with a similar commute to mine that can give me a rough average? Currently getting 53mpg in the Kadjar (which isn't as great as I was expecting), and if 45mpg is easily achievable in the Fiesta then I think it may be is £600 cheaper too! I appreciate any input you guys have on this one.
  5. Hi all, this is officially my first post on here of many hopefully :D ! So I've recently joined the Ford club in the shape of a 2006 Focus Zetec 1.6 (petrol) and after having it for 3 months I've noticed that the fuel economy is the worst I've ever seen in a car. I say this because I've never passed the 30 MPG mark, the most i usually get is about 25 MPG. I've read up on possible causes but I've one by one tried everything in my power to improve the fuel economy with no improvement. I would say that i drive economically and even drove around for a while just to test out tips given online. I do a mixture of both city driving and driving on A roads, at times after a shortish journey i look at the fuel gauge and can see a massive change in the level of fuel. Now my question is, is there a possible fault with the car if so what could it be or is this karma for all the Prius bashing ? Thanks in advance!!
  6. Had my Fiesta a nearly two months now after buying it from evans halshaw 3 months old with 2.5k for just 10998 63 plate. Back to the point of the thread, MPG. I've seen on here claiming to acheive around 50mpg with the brilliant ecoboost engine. I am currently achieve around 40-42mpg mainly around town but got upto 50mpg on a longish motorway run at 70mph. Btw I rarely thrash the engine/make the most out of it so dont go over 2k rpm to save fuel. Just wondering what other people were getting and if Im doing anything wrong? All replies welcome, cheers
  7. Hi, I would like to reset my ECU as I want it to adapt to my driving style quicker (recently bought). I've read that undoing the negative lead on the battery will do it but its a bit awkward to get to, so I'd like to remove the ECU fuse. Which ones do I need to remove? Apparently there are some under the bonnet and maybe one under the glovebox, according to the manual. Thanks in advance!
  8. I currently drive a 53 reg Mondeo 1.8 petrol. I'm averaging about 30mpg. I cover about 8000 miles a year. 1000 of that is a blast up to the Scottish highlands, all the rest is made up of picking the kids up from friends, driving to work in bad weather (3 mile stop start commute), and nipping to Asda (1 1/2 miles). I'm looking to get something newer, and more economical. I'm tempted by a Focus or a Focus C-Max, and have a budget of about £5k. Most people I've spoken to say diesels don't like constant short journeys, and buying older diesels is a bad idea as they get expensive to maintain, compared to older petrol models. Looking at the figures mentioned on Autotrader, petrol cars almost always do about 30 - 32 mpg. I've looked at the Focus 1.6 (32.5) Focus 1.4 (32.5) C-Max 1.6 (31.7) and even a Fiesta 1.2 (34.2). The main reason for the change is economy. Am I really about to spend 5 grand to get a smaller car that will only save me about £100 a year? Or does anyone reckon that they average better mileage than that?
  9. I'm thinking of buying some Ford roof bars for my 2010 Galaxy Zetec 2.0 Powershift. Motoring organisations always advise to remove roof racks, but what about these semi-permanent roof bars? I guess because they are streamlined they will have minimal effect on mpg - but is this assumption correct. Has their effect on mpg ever been measured?
  10. mobily

    Mpg - Your Experiences

    Hi all I am the owner of a Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 Petrol (2009) in sea grey with 12,000 miles on the clock (pics to appear shortly!) I have had the car for just over a week and whilst it is a joy to drive I am concerned about the MPG that the vehicle appears to be returning. The official Ford figures are: Urban - 32.5mpg Extra Urban - 51.4mpg Combined - 42.2mpg For the first few days the car was being driven around town and returned about 25/26mpg on the computer. On Saturday I filled the car up and reset the trip and mpg computer. I then drove to Bristol and back, a round trip of 240 miles at a steady 75mph and on my return it read 38mpg. I am in the middle of going a brim to brim calculation, however based on the computer alone I have driven a total of 240 miles and will drive another 170 before I need to refuel. Therefore this suggests on a full tank of petrol (55 litres, 12.098303 gallons) the car will drive 410 miles. This equates to just under 34mpg. Bearing in mind I am doing this calculation after a good 'run' and I suspect this will decrease as the remainder of the tank is likely to be around town. I realise this is based on he computer which is just a guide, however gives a good indication that the mpg is not what it should be. My driving style is quite defensive and therefore accelerate gently, anticipate traffic and cruise in gear when possible. Does anyone else have this same issue? Many thanks James
  11. Hi guys, New to the forums, only just signed up as this is the best looking Ford forum I found Basically I've just bought a 58 plate Fiesta 5 door 1.4 TDCi, and it's great so far... it was used with only 17,000 miles on the clock and immaculate condition due to being used on the disabled motability scheme. Usually I figure out when to change gear in a new car by listening or feeling the feedback from the engine, but this car seems to be overly smooth, in the sense that I don't get any feedback at low revs to let me know if I'm hurting the engine, when would you guys advise is the minimum revs to pull away or change gear? I'm not an eco-freak, but I drive 140 miles every day for work so I need to be saving as much money as possible. Also with that question out the way, the only other one that I have is that when I depress my foot on the clutch pedal and the car is stationary or almost stationary, the clutch pedal taps very noticeably on my foot... and it's VERY irritating, is this a problem that needs to get fixed? I bought this car after just selling a 60 plate Peugeot 207 1.4 HDi that turned out to be the worst car I've ever owned, problem after problem... but it had a light telling you when to change up and the engine also gave immediate feedback if it didn't like the revs you were pulling so in terms of 'figuring it out' it made things easier. Well thanks in advance guys, hope to hear from you soon as I'm going on a night shift tonight and this'll be my first long drive in the new Fiesta (: Cash.
  12. sean.round

    Mk 6 Zetec Issues

    Hi, I have a few issues/queries with relation to my MK6 Zetec which I'm hoping some of you might be able to answer; Fuel Economy - The fuel economy on it has dropped off over the last few weeks. When I had the car about 4 months ago, I'd get around 36mpg from it, I'm now lucky if I get 31mpg. I drive it no differently to before Idle - The idle is really rough on it, so much so, it causes the car to shake quite badly. Driver Seat Handle - It apeears I have the same problem as others when the handle on the drivers seat has broken and no longer allows me to fold the seat forward. I'm sure I saw a guide on the internet a while ago about how to sort it but can never find it now If anyone has any ideas or suggestions then let me know! Sean