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Found 7 results

  1. Good evening, First time here! I have a 2008 Ford Fiesta Style Climate which has done approx. 78,000 miles. Not long after I brought it, it started 'chugging' whilst driving and idling and eventually the amber 'cog' light came on on the dashboard, the car went into limp mode and I had to get towed home. It has since been to the garage where is flagged up injector 2 to be faulty. So a new injector later and a few weeks of driving it, the same thing happened again, flagging up injector 2 again. Back to the garage it went where is has been since May (yes, really). He's a good mechanic whom we trust so not worried about getting taken advantage of. After speaking to him now, he has had the whole dashboard and computer, keys and everything sent off for testing and subsequently fixing. Now the car does seem better as long as you warm it up before going on a journey (which we tend to do anyway out of habit i.e. not taking off straight away and flooring it!) however there is still something not quite right with it and it still does 'chug' every now and then. Our mechanic now seems to think that it is something wrong electrically as it went through the MOT absolutely fine and flew through emissions so indicates that the engine and everything is fine. However, looking for the electrical fault it like looking for a needle in a haystack. Does anyone on here have any experience with this issue or have any ideas as to what it could be?! Some people have talked about similar problems but have not posted back with any solutions. Someone suggested the wiring loom but never posted back as to whether it worked or not or a Forscan reset. Any help would be much appreciated! ETC
  2. My 2009 focus TDCI been brilliant till six months ago. Battery dies when not used for four days. Garage could only find tiny drain and fixed that. Put in new battery too. Problem not fixed though. The radio/CD player was intermittently available or dead ie. no display. Now basically not available. Also the driving display stays on when car switched off. To be exact it does not go out fully - only the central part of the display goes off. These faults been happening all this time. Has anyone experienced this? Have any suggestions to fix this? Many Thanks.
  3. Hello all, You have a great forum here so as a new Ford KA owner, I thought this the best community to ask for help please. I have just bought a 2003 Ford KA 1.3 79,000 miles (Duratech engine) and it has an annoying fault. At 10-15% throttle car pulls perfectly no issues. At 15%+ the car stutters and jerks as if it is out of fuel or in too high a gear. It will do this whether it is under load or at idle. I think that it is worse when the car is warm. The previous owner has done the following last month: Changed the Spark Plugs Changed the HT leads Changed the Coil Pack Changed the Air Filter Changed the Fuel Filter (none of these were Ford parts I think) The indy garage also ran a diagnostic which showed no fault and they cleared the ECU. None of the above steps helped the problem. I have run the on-board self diagnostic and receive the following fault code: DT 412 I have looked on the interweb and it says: 412 ® Idle speed system not controlling idle properly (generally idle too low) – ISC It appears to idle correctly? Certainly does not stutter or stall on tick over at all. I have looked over the web and it has been suggested it could be any of the following: Plugs/leads Fuel Filter MAF sensor Dirty Throttle Body Lambda Sensor Idle Control Valve Items in Bold have been fixed already but it worries me they were not using official Ford parts as I have seen many threads say that the KA is not tolerant of these. What is your experience here? Do you use aftermarket parts successfully? Has anyone got a few ideas that I could work through to try and find the problem at all please? I cannot take this to a Ford garage right now as money is tight. The car was cheap (and sold as seen) and will get me to work and back but it would be great if this was a simple and repairable fault. I am quite mechanically minded so will happily try any fixes myself. Over to you guys, I know you will be able to help! Baz
  4. Hi folks, My wife has owned a 2006 1.6l petrol Firsta Ghia for 3 years without engine or electrical faults. Although my major bugbear is that bit of trim fall off endlessly on the inside and outside. However, for the last 4 months we have a consistent starting fault. Its been in the garage for diagnostics (which was clear) and the crank sensor and temp sensor both replaced in an attempt to fix it. It hasn't. I really need help to find the problem as otherwise we will have to get rid of the car. Symptoms are: cold or warm it will not start properly. It fires but immediately cuts out and does this repeatedly 4-10 times. There is no 'recognition' by the engine of pressing the accelerator as it stays at idle regardless before cutting out. Eventually it starts and will rev. In the last few days it is now locking and unlocking the doors while starting too which is a major concern so Im beginning to think it may be a terminal electrical problem ?ECU etc. Has anyone had this experience or point me in the right direction. I have a good deal of mechanical skill and am willing to replace parts as required but with electrics it could be a never ending minefield unless I know what is the problem first. All help greatly appreciated as we would like to keep the car for a few years if possible.
  5. I have a focus 2010. The front indicator does not work as well as right side brake light. Haven't checked fuses as I don't know which to check due to misplaced but here somewhere manual. While changing all my front bulbs to Osrams cool blues I changed the indicator bulb but it didn't work. So I swopped the two bulb holders over but no change. Does this mean a bad earth? Fuses? relay? Any idea which relay it would be and would it be in the engine fuse box or dangling somewhere under the steering wheel.? Not changed the bulb in the rear brake light yet as I think it's something to do with the electrics and bulb may be fine anyway. Anyone who could help I'd appreciate it as I'd like to try and avoid the garage.
  6. Hi All, Having some difficulty establishing the source of an electrical fault which means I currently only have one brake light on my cabbie. The near side brake light is out, however when I swap the bulbs over left to right the bulb is fine on the other side, and the nearside still doesn't come on. I haven't double checked this, but as far as I'm aware both brake lights are on the same fuse, so I don't think that is the issue. I'm going to go round the car with a multimeter see if I can't find the problem, but I wondered if there were any common places, or if anyone has had an issue like this in the past? Cheers, Hawkeye
  7. SO....!!!! it would appear the stereo in my new 2012 focus edge doesn't like it's USB connection, it initially worked but then decided it would rather not work and now i Can't use the stereo to control the iPhone or any USB Mp3 device. I've done everything it says on here and it never starts the update!!! other than returning it to the dealer can anyone help me? I'm getting a bit desperate!