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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with an issue i am currently having with my Ford Focus 2010 1.6TDCi. The issue i have is that back in August the engine management light came on but no issues appeared to be present with the car, everything seemed normal when driving no loss of power or the car going into Limp Mode. I took the car to a local garage and they reset the codes and all was fine for a week. After about a week the same engine management light came back on and still no driving issues with the car. I took it back to the same place and the error was boost pressure, they reset the error and i got the car booked in with them to clean the turbo as that is what they advised to do first as they had seen the issue on different cars and cleaning the turbo solved those issues. The work was done on the car and when they were taking the turbo out they noticed that there was a lot of black hard gunk in and around the four injectors and they discovered the injectors are leaking and the hard gunk is the diesel from the exhaust leaking into the engine bay but they didn't want to clean them because of how much of a mammoth task it is and didn't want to do it as it could take a while and could cost a lot even though i was willing to pay to get this done. Once the turbo was clean everything was reset again. I needed the car to drive to York so hence why i got the turbo cleaned so the car has had a good blasting after the turbo was cleaned. The trip to York i had no problems with the car and the engine management light didn't come back on so all was good for a month and then last month the light came back on. I spoke to the garage who cleaned the turbo and the next cheapest option they suggested was to replace the boost pressure sensor. It took them a while to think what to do so this has only been done on Tuesday 16/10/18. When they replaced the pressure sensor they looked at the errors and there was a new error about the DPF having a problem but they reset everything and i picked the car up. Wednesday as i was driving home from work i looked down at the dash and the light had come back on again. They did say that if the engine management light does come back on then the next thing would be to replace the turbo which to me seems a bit extreme but maybe it is the turbo. At this moment in time i'm very reluctant to spend too much for it to not be fixed so i was wondering if anyone had experienced the same problem with this model of Ford. I am however going to get a reader to try and see what error codes are coming up and will be going to clean the injectors and replace the injector rods and reseal so that will be one problem solved. Regards Phill
  2. Hi.I replaced the standard air filter with a K & N substitute.My transmission light came on and then went off when I put the Ford filter back in the housing.Now the engine management light is on and will not go off.Has anyone experienced this?Should I be worried? I have done NOTHING else to this car since buying from new in 2014.Car fully serviced and 28k on the clock........
  3. Afternoon Everyone, New to the forum, and looking for some advice and/or guidance. I own a 2006 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI and the warning light (the one shaped like a cog) comes on and the car goes into limp mode and tells me to check the manual. I have Run a diagnostic check with a cunsumer level diagnostic tool and no codes are available. Starts again fine, no smoke or noise that would indicate there is an issue and no warning light. All fluids are at the correct levels and the car is regularly serviced. Lots of similar topics say it could be the EGR valve, but it's not idling badly and I would assume it would put up a code. I was thinking it could be the radiator; the warning light comes mainly when engine is at Temperature and I'm in slow moving or stationary traffic. I've got the car to temp and turned on the A/C but the radiator fan doesn't come on. Could this be the issue and the engine is 'protecting' itself from overheating? Any one experienced this sort of issue, and can help me resolved this. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi My first post I have a Ford Focus 1.6LX, Petrol Manual 2006, every so often when I drive it all the lights pop up on the instrument cluster and the car goes in limb mode. The mileage clock also goes clear. Whilst I'm driving I sometimes don't know what speed I'm doing and always have my sat nav connected on my phone just in case. If I leave it for a few hours or overnight it almost certainly starts on the button and drives really well when working. First I brought some WD40 switch cleaner sprayed the connections at both ends the car drive fine for ages 130 miles in fact. I was chuffed until the fault came up again. I'm in a bit of a predicament. I purchased a second hand cluster for £50 on eBay. Thinking swapping the cluster would fix the issue, but the car never started with the second hand cluster. I researched later that it needs programming. I'm struggling to find someone who can programme it for me at a reasonable price. I've even looked at doing it myself via a ELM to USB cable connect to my laptop. Download the correct software. The thing is if I mess it up at worse the car is kaput at best I'll repair for the cost of a £20 cable and learned something along the way. I've also looked up online where you can get the cluster repaired for £100/£120 with a lifetime warranty. But then I've only gone out and spent £50 on the cluster, I'll just re-sell on eBay. I don't want be throwing money to a car that's not worth a great much but at the same time it's only done 51,000 miles and as I said drives excellent when fully functional. Any advice, links, engineer repairs would be greatly appreciated. I'm based in Essex. Thanks in advance 😃
  5. when I was driving my car yesterday my transsmission light came on and then the car was restricted to 25 miles and hour, as I pulled over the engine managaement light came on. when I turn the car off and on again it drives normally but I don't know what's wrong, I thought I could get some advice before going to the garage my car is a 57 mondeo titanium X
  6. Hi, I have a Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 Petrol 58 plate and up until last Wednesday it was perfect. On Wednesday morning, after I had started the engine and driven off (no problems), when I got to the end of the road I noticed that the steering had locked - I couldn't turn the wheel at all. Looking at the dials, the engine management light had come on, followed by the oil light and then the battery light. It was if the car had stalled but without coughing - the engine had completely cut out. Turning the engine off and on again solved the issue and I carried on with my day. Come Wednesday lunch time the same thing happened again - only this time the engine wouldn't start. I waited about 5 mins before trying the start the car again and it worked. Took it to my local garage. The garage said they'd spoken to Ford's Technical garage and that it's a known fault. It's a wiring issue but they don't know which wire causes it (not sure if it's a different wire for each car), they've done a code read and found one or two but they couldn't find anything relating to my issue. They couldn't replicate it. Apparently, if they can find the fault, they can cut it out. It happened again this morning. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Is there anything I can do to help fix the problem?
  7. I have a 2005 Mk2 Focus 1.6 tdci Sometimes on starting I get a message saying "steering assist failure" followed by "engine systems fault" and then the engine won't turn. A Ford mechanic told me to slap the dash board. It works! It has even happened while driving and again a slap fixes it. Please can someone tell me what I can do to get a proper solution? Thanks
  8. grantjs89

    S Max Fault Code Help?

    Hi all just looking for some info on my s max purchased 9 weeks ago love the car just having few teething problems and starting to aggravate me had a fault code come up c07480 or 7480 not sure as took a pic and its not completely clear, but been getting engine malfunction appear with esp light staying on soon as engines off it goes, any advice would be appreciated Thanks Grant
  9. Apologies in advance for length... I recently repaired some crash damage to the front of my Mark 2 Focus. The repair involved a new bumper, passenger-side wing, ECU housing, all the bits of plastic in that area, tie-rod, other wheel bits, etc. Basically the front and front nearside of the car. The car was sitting for about 2 years, during some of which it was exposed to the elements, some of which it was garaged. When outside, the ECU was hanging free, but protected by a plastic bag. (There wasn't really anything in that area of the car to protect it. The car was also covered by a tarp.) I recently (finally) finished the repairs, and the car passed its MOT first time, with the only note (advisory?) being that parts of the underside showed corrosion. That was a couple of weeks ago. I'm now having what I assume to be electrical problems, which started a few days ago. 1) Main problem The following lights show all the time on the dash: red battery warning light yellow engine management light The central LCD says ENGINE SYSTEMS FAULT. (With the red LED next to it being lit.) The car starts and runs fine. I've read the faults with a reader and found the following: U0140 - lost communication with body control module U0422 - invalid data received from instrument panel or body control 2) Intermittent problem #1 The Main Problem remains, but with the addition of: STEERING ASSIST FAILURE on the LCD screen. (With the yellow LED next to it.) The handbrake warning light starts to flash. The car continues to drive, and it doesn't seem that the power to the steering changes. 3) Intermittent problem #2 The yellow ABS warning light comes on while driving, and the speedo stops working (it just drops to zero mph). The tacho dial remains working fine. The car still drives fine. 4) Intermittent problem #3 This happened today. The whole instrument panel switched off while driving. The car remained running and moving, but I lost power steering completely during a turn. (Meaning I'm not using the car again until all this is resolved.) The turnover also became lumpy, but the car didn't stop or appear to slow down. (i.e. It didn't go into Limp Mode.) Problems 2), 3) and 4) give me the following error codes (I haven't decoded them): P03c1 C00e1 B17c4 P2200 So a right bag of problems. Where should I start? Has the ECU rotted away from the inside while the car was sitting out in the elements, or could it be something less drastic than that? Should I investigate the Main Problem first and hope that the intermittent problems will disappear once the Main Problem is fixed?
  10. Hi all. Haven't been on here for a while. Apologies for that. Just purchased a Ford Focus 1.6TDCI Titanium on a 08 plate. Driving home from Leeds to south Yorkshire and the engine management light came on, about a mile after that a warning pinged up saying engine malfunction. I have done the Dashboard diagnostics thing and that came up with 9601 & 5750. Not of which can explain the fault of why I went in to limp mode on the A621. Managed to make it home but can't seem to pin point what it could be. Car is going back to the garage tomorrow but just want an insight to would it could be if anyone can help The car has just over 77000 miles on it and has just been MOTed. Replies appreciated.
  11. Hey guys, Soo...took the car out today and the engine management light lit up after filling the tank. What are the causes? Has this happened to you? How do I reset it? Thanks, LF
  12. Hi can anyone help? Passenger footwell cable had come loose from fuse box. Have fixed it and all the things that were affected are now working...however the Engine Management Light is now solid and wont go off! Is there anything i can do myself (not very mechanical mind) or is there anywhere CHEAP in the Motherwell/Hamilton Area i can get this reset ?? any help would be appreciated Cheers Gordon :)
  13. We love our car (2005 on a 54 plate C-Max 1.6 TDCi Manual Zetec) but we have had an unresolved engine management issue with it since the middle of 2012. The engine management warning light came on (on Friday 13 July!) and immediately the car lost all power with a system failure message. The car was eventually taken to our local Ford dealer when our usual garage was unable to even start the car. Ford were initially unable to diagnose the problem as their diagnostic equipment kept on throwing up several fault codes including instrument cluster failure. The pcm and wiring cluster was checked cleaned and car reassembled and all seemed OK and nothing was replaced. This cost us £489.41 in labour. The car then started misbehaving a month later (losing power, speedo falling to zero and recovering, engine warning light on) and then they replaced the accelerator pedal sensor (FOC) after much complaining. Now at the end of the year, the problem has reappeared, and this happened after I drove in torrential rain and through several slightly flooded sections of road. The warning messages we are getting include, 'Limited Speed Mode, 'Steering Assist Failure', the Speedo fails occasionally and the car will lose power momentarily when we are decelerating which is really scary, but then pick up again. Ford have in all fairness tried to sort the problem out so no real complaints there. Does have anyone have any suggestions?