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Found 209 results

  1. Hi, i bought a 2007 citroen relay 2.2 hdi with 135,000 miles on it with the chain driven ford engine and i have nothing but problems with it since. Its hard to start in the morning or when hot and takes around 3 tries - 1st time it starts idles lumpy then cuts out - 2nd time it starts the engine light comes on it wont rev then it dies - 3rd time it starts idles lumpy engine light comes on then goes of after a few seconds then it idles right and you are able to rev it. When trying to start it, it fires out a load of white smoke then when running its fires out a load of black smoke. It keeps going in and out of limp mode and i don't think the turbo is kicking in properly as it has no power at times. In high gear and low revs it pumps out a load of black smoke. Now and then it starts pinking/knocking. There is also a fairly load whistle when the turbo kicks in. Removing/ unplugging the MAF sensor does nothing to how the engine runs. I have fixed and removed a lot of fault codes but there is 4 that keep returning which are all to do with the MAF sensor. I have replaced a load of parts, injectors, rail pressure sensor, air/oil filter, engine oil, glow plugs/relay, egr valve, MAF sensor. The compression is 1-360psi 2-287psi - 3-284psi - 4-347psi I have put fresh diesel in it with wynns diesel cleaner and now it pumps out loads of white/blue smoke. I have cleaned out the inter cooler, injectors, inlet pressure sensor. Any ideas on what it could be or what to check would be greatly appreciated as i am out of ideas, thanks.
  2. Hi all, I'm just trying to get some more opinions on a potential issue i have noticed. I have a 2018 Ford Fiesta had it for about 5 months. This week I noticed, when sitting in traffic, I have white smoke/steam coming from my exhaust, its not fogs and probably similar to what you would get with a cold start on a cold day, but the engine is warm. I have explained the issue to my dealer over the phone and they said its caused by the cold weather. I would expect it on first start but is it still possible once the engine is warm? I have no performance loss, no warning lights, engine sounds good, high revs are fine turbo kicks in and sounds fine and feels fine. Engine seems great. No coolant loss that I've noticed, temps good and no white oil. I've done a sniff test on the exhaust, as suggested online, and to me, not really a major car enthusiast, it smells like normal exhaust fumes. As I've only spoken to the dealer over the phone I'm going to take it to them tomorrow so they can see what I'm trying to explain. What are your thoughts? Can a new warm engine still give off steam? My last car was a 2013 KA and I don't remember seeing this. I could just be looking for a problem because it's new etc. I would appreciate any thoughts people have. I am going to take it into the dealer tomorrow or Saturday, just to double check all is good.
  3. Hi all, I've got a smokey 1.8 TDCI. When I got it serviced a couple of weeks ago the garage told me which hose had a tear in that was causing it. They said it's an Air Intake pipe, I could get it on eBay and get it fitted. It's this one, the tubby black hose right in the middle of the picture: So, they've told me it's an Air Intake Pipe 'common elbow' into the EGR valve. Dunno if I'm missing something but searching for that on eBay none of the ones I can find look anything like that, and they all seem to be for 1.6 variants. A turbo hose looks more likely to me, such as in this vid right here: I've tried to find it on an engine diagram but none of the ones I've seen give a part name. Anyone got any ideas what I'm looking for and where to get one? Any help would be much appreciated. Ta!
  4. Hi, I have a 2011 mk7 fiesta zetec s that has recently been losing power. When accelerating I've noticed a rattling noise coming from the engine it then suddenly loses some power and the rattling stops. For instance I will be accelerating in 3rd @ around 3k rpm and watching a steady climb then suddenly you feel the call get slowed down and the acceleration drastically drops. My mechanic has had the spark plugs changed and lines cleaned out but to no avail. No errors when plugged in either. Really annoying when overtaking. As well as this the power loss affects the gears, suddenly it begins to bog down and stall in gears that it is usually fine with. For instance juddering in 4th @ 30mph which it is usually ok with. Anyone else had problem or similar and found a solution? Thanks.
  5. Wxtty

    EML Issue

    Here's the story, I've recently acquired a 2003 1.4 Zetec TDCI, the car has many issues but i am looking to get it through its MOT, the problem i have is that the engine management light does not come on at all during start up when all the other warning lights flag. When i remove the fuse for the KAM the light flags up, so i know it is not the LED. I'm trying to find out if this is something that can be rectified at home or if it is something that i will have to get an engineer with a computer out to look at? Any ideas?
  6. Hello, I have a Focus ST3 '16, Revo Stage 2 with all the required hardware. I am currently running a Milltek exhaust system with a decat, I thought I would get a fair bit of popping and banging but I literally have 0, just the odd gargle when revving. I have seen others with Revo maps popping like mad, I assume they must be running a different exhaust system. If anyone could let me know if they have any tips for making my car pop and bang a little bit more would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Fordfocusownerr

    Focus owner from Spain

    Hi guys, I've got a question about the Ford Focus I bought here in Spain a few years ago. I'm not a complete car noob, but this is something I've got no idea if it's bad or not any harm. I was refilling the window wiper liquid and checking the oil, and noticed here is a tube on top of the engine block that has some residue of some oily substance. Before I take it to the local garage here and get a bunch of Spanish technical terminology thrown at me (and the bill after that), I was wondering if there's anyone here who knows what this tube does, and if that oily substance does any harm. Should I have it checked or repaired? Did I work it too hard on a cold engine? It is that black elbow tube in the middle of the picture. I hope you can see it as I can't upload big quality photo's..Thanks a lot!
  8. Hi everyone - i was driving home from work today and coming upto my home i put my foot down in 3rd and as the turbo engaged it immediately jolted and then 'engine malfunction' showed on my dash. So as i came to the lights before my road i stopped and turned the engine off and then it would not start again. Just turned over until after about three trys it made a clicking sound. So i gave up pushed her back and called green flag. They subsequently told me i had a flat battery and without seeing the malfunction they had no advice for me, the fella even red lined it to no avail. I drove to the gym before and it was fine. Turbo perky as usual and no weird noises (for a diesel with 107000 miles on it) Any advice would be welcomed. 2009 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium Thanks.
  9. Need to replace engine in 2013 ecoboost 125bhp fiesta. Engine code m1je. Are there any other engine codes that will be a straight swap? Any help is a god send!! thanks
  10. Dandare7

    Oil leak

    So as I was driving home. My exhaust was runbing against the floor. So I popped in to my local kwik fit were they gave me a quote for my exhaust. But they also shew me an oil leak. Not sure were its coming from or what to do. I have a mondeo mk3 06 2.0 tdci. Ive checked all reservoirs nothinh appeara to be leaking but somthing has to be empty lol. Any any ideas on were to start looking?
  11. Simon28

    Engine malfunction

    Hey guys, I have a 2010 fiesta, the other month I was driving and ‘Engine malfunction, service now’ came on the dash randomly causing the car to stall. This also happened on the way to the garage, been told it was faulty battery then the fuel filter and now I have been told it is the fuel regulator. Just wondering if anybody could please help as this is annoying and becoming costly. The car seems to start again after an hour or so. Not the best with cars so would have to keep it simple sorry. Thanks
  12. I was on a long drive yesterday, 200 miles. About halfway through I noticed I was getting less and less power, by the end I was barely able to maintain 50mph. Today I turned the engine on and it made a horrible loud clattering noise - like really bad. I didn't try to drive off because it sounded like even idling it was causing more damage. The oil light also came on and off when I was driving yesterday - I've checked the oil level and that's fine so I don't know if it's anything to do with the oil pump. No DTC codes either. Anyone got any tips? It's got over 100,000 miles on it at this point so I'm fearing the worst. Thanks all!
  13. lrh998


    Hi guys,very new here aha,i'm a ford virgin,i have a 55 pate,3 door ford focus titanium (1.6) the other day my aux (power steering belt) snapped and made my cam belt shread,the reason for the aux belt for snapping is my bottom pulley came off,pics to follow,is this threadded?sheered?or come out of press? will it be much to fix it ? also will it have bent valves? cheers guys ! pics below!
  14. Hello everyone! Really hope this is the place to ask this question! I’m a first time driver and I recently bought a Ford Fiesta Zetec climate 2008 I was driving home late at night and I was about to stall as I was in third gear and slow down dramatically when the car just went to bit mad! I managed to get it on video but unfortunately it’s dark but hopefully someone might be able to tell me what’s going on! Recently just had a full-service and the map sensor has just been replaced! any help is really appreciated thank you Kieran p.s File is too big so I Put it on YouTube.
  15. Suicide Mods

    Street KA Won't start?!?

    Quick question with regards to my street ka i've taken the dashboard trim, instrument cluster, heater button pannel, cig lighter pannel etc. off but my car won't start? Am I correct in presuming the car will start once again when all put back together? Presume the car knows somehow? Regards, Gareth
  16. Hey guys! just been driving back from work and halfway through, the service engine alert popped up and my car power dropped. The only change recently is an ITG induction kit. I’ve been running a Bluefin remap for about a month and had no issues with that, could it be related to the intake? The error has gone now I’ve turned the car off and back on again so I’m not sure using the bluefin handset to run a diagnostic will do anything? Any ideas on what I could/should check? cheers!
  17. Pb1983

    Engine part missing

    This part circled is missing from my car? Does my Fiesta need it as it’s running ok at the moment and can’t remember seeing it there when I bought it? Thanks
  18. Hello everybody, new to this forum but please be patient I am at wits end. My problem, I have Ford Focus 2011 1.6 Ecoboost Petrol around a year ago the car overheating badly, the bottom end on the engine was replaced everything seemed fine for a year then around 2 weeks ago the following happen. The radiator overflow started to pressure up really bad, the lid stuck on so I managed to flush the system with no improvement. I took the vehicle to a small backstreet garage who immediately said "Head Gasket" I wasn't convinced so I purchase two different test both come back negative. I then took the vehicle to another garage who said faulty water pump, he removed the water pump and then phoned me to say nothing wrong with it and he didn't know what the problem was, so after speaking to Ford, they said 3 week wait. I'm pretty good with stuff so I got angry went on a mission to fix it myself. I discovered the thermostat valve was broken, I replaced this and it worked fine for two weeks, then it started overheating again so I checked the second thermostat it had a piece of crap blocking it working I removed and wow I got the vehicle working but now I have another issue. The car drives fine, at normal speeds and on motorways but when it's at low rpm/idle the engine starts to heat up from what ODB2 says. If I rev the engine the temp begins to reduce, I can hear the fans and both pipes get hot. Any suggestions?
  19. Hi, I've has ongoing problems with my 2007 Diesel Fiesta since I bought it 2 years ago. Firstly I know diesels can't misfire in the normal sense of the word because of the lack of spark plugs, but it's the best way to describe the problem. Basically (usually under load), every now and then (once every 500 miles), the car will lose power for a split second then regain it. Once it starts doing this it will do it a few times then stop, usually. Sometimes it lasts longer than others, and it can do it several times in a row. The more I'm accelerating when it happens, the more violent the kangaroo effect is. Of course, when I get a mechanic to sit in the car with me while I drive it, the car doesn't do it... The full timeline of events: I buy the car used, ~50k miles on the clock, average mpg of 47mpg suggests it's been used for driving around town. I start driving it 70 miles a day, mpg increases. first big journey, it starts misfiring. Check engine light comes on at end of journey. EGR valve replaced by person I bought the car from. Every other fix this guy did was a bodge, so I didn't expect much. some time later, car goes into limp mode. Power train failure, dashboard becomes a christmas tree. When car is turned off and on, it often stops going into this mode. Took it to Ford garage for diagnosis. Fault determined to be with injector no. 1, Ford garage wanted £1000 to fix it. Took it to independent tester with full machine for injector testing. He found no faults with any of the injectors, so he switched injector no.1 and injector no.3 around so if the fault re-occurred, we would be able to find the faulty one. "Misfiring" persisted. A few months ago, the check engine light came on again, then disappeared. Eventually it was on more than off, and as I'd determined it was an EGR problem, I wasn't concerned. During thsi time, average mpg steadily dropped from ~60mpg to ~56mpg (maybe because of increased heater use as winter started properly though). Eventually got it booked in a few weeks ago. EGR valve replaced, check engine light cleared. Since the most recent EGR valve replacement, not only is the problem still present, but the car seems to have less power. Most worryingly, pushing the throttle a certain amount (just above cruise speed) causes the engine to act as though one cylinder is not firing, then firing, then not firing, then firing etc. it doesn't do it when flooring it, however the car now tops out completely at 95mph, whereas before it could go faster, so it's definitely less powerful. Car is now at 83k miles, and gets driven around 80 miles a day. I've seen lots of other threads about this issue. They point all over the place. The throttle linkage, splits in air hoses or boost hoses, ECU software updates(?), and injector seals. No smoke is present and the car isn't giving me any engine fault codes either (at least, the check engine light hasn't come on). What I'd like to know, is if the fault is something potentially causing damage to the car e.g. timing chain misalignment or something? And no I don't really think replacing the EGR valve ~3 weeks ago made it worse, it just didn't fix the main "misfiring" problem as I hoped it would. TL;DR: Car has always had intermittent "misfire" problem, once it got bad but problem couldn't be traced, now it seems less powerful too with certain throttle setting causing more power/less power/more power etc. problem, with noise to go with it. no other problems with car, no warning light currently on, car was at 50k miles, now at 83k miles. Help? Edit: I should add, the air con was bodge-fixed by the previous owner so is now broken again (he just topped it up rather than fixing the leak, so gas has since evaporated off). The AC is always off. Could this lead to problems at all?
  20. woolyford


    The oil filler cap on my Focus 1.4 CL ,and also the breather pipe from the Rocker Cover , are both contaminated with a mustard coloured gunge . Looks like water/oil emulsified . Any thoughts please ??
  21. AmiZaKi

    Engine Noise

    Hi All, I am facing engine problem of my old ford focus car. its Ford Focus 2005 model. I did last service at Ford dealer June'17. Suddenly, end of December'17 in the morning engine made abnormal sound when I started the car. later it gone.. for few weeks, only in the morning the sound last for 5 minutes..then automatically ok. from last two weeks it became more regularly. specially, I feel in colder weather. but, if I drive the car for long time...the sound gone after 10 mins max. please note, home to workplace distance only 15 mins drive, as a result I don't drive too much. the problem I am facing, I went twice garage, and that time there was no sound... runs perfectly well. but, for last 2/3 days... it making loud noise...anyway... you can listen the engine sound I recorded today: at the time I press gas/accelerator, the engine making noise...if you can hear can understand...sorry for background sound of my children... If you can share your knowledge about this kind of abnormal engine sound and let me know.. what can be the reason..then it will be very helpful for me...specially to understand garage guys opinion and easier to take the right decision. thank you in advance...
  22. Hi everyone, new user here with a technical question. I have a well-traveled Ford Fiesta Titanium with a 1.6 l TDCi engine, purchased new in the UK in 2010. Unfortunately significant damage to the rear end combined with the fact it's right-hand drive and I live in Martinique (a French island) means that it has very little resale value, so I'm trying to sell it for parts (leaving Martinique in May). I went to the scrapyard and the guy there said the engine was a slightly different variant from the ones installed in Fiestas sold in France, so he could only offer about 500 € for it since the engine block is essentially worthless. Having done all the research online that I possibly can, I call BS on his claim. It seems all Ford DLD engines were developed jointly between Ford and PSA and manufacturing is shared, with this particular variant being the 8-valve SOHC DV6D (according to the sticker on the timing belt cover, as seen in attached photo, and cross-referencing English and French Wikipedia). My question, then: could there be any truth to the claim that UK and French Ford Fiestas from 2010 have different versions of this particular engine, or is this guy trying to take me for a ride by talking down the value of the car? Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom!
  23. Hi So my first car was a mk4 escort and after 4 years of searching i have finally found a car just like mine was. Lets be clear, it´s a hobby car and i don´t want to keep it as original. Now my question is has anyone done an engine swap? What is the easiest fit? What ecu do you use? Can you turbocharge it? I have a serious problem. I am addicted to turbos. I´ve turbocharged almost all my cars so far. Now i don´t want to cut the body in any so it can´t be converted to original. maybe you can point out a doch engine that would easily fit the car and some links to find new forged internals. At the end i am hoping to get 180-220 bhp from the wheels. So i´m not gonna overdo this project. Do i even need forged internals or is there a ford engine that can be turbocharged and handle this small power? English is not my first language so i´m sorry if i´ve made some grammar mistakes. Thank you Raido
  24. Hi, I bough a used Fiesta with 125bhp Ecoboost couple of months ago. Since I'm aware that the engine can get destroyed in a case of coolant loss I decided to have a closer look at it today. I noticed that the coolant hose that is going from turbo to the radiator has been worn out a bit by the heat shield that is protecting it. The head shield has bitten 1-2 mm into the hose and I see that it might potentially cause a slow coolant leak. For now I haven't lost any coolant but since these engines seem to need a proper cooling all the time I'm a bit worried of these kind of small imperfections in the cooling system. Im going to get my hose changed asap. Below is a picture of the hose and the heat shield.
  25. Hi all, I own a Ford Fiesta TDCI 1.4 2006. For past couple months I've had this light come up (amber cog with ! in middle), it goes on and off randomly. Changed glow plugs, didn't fix it. Changed oil filter and it didn't come up for at least 2 weeks, until the other day. Came up first thing in the morning when leaving for work and then came on when I was leaving work. No codes from code reader (my own reader and garage code reader, apart from an acceleration code which I got told was common on my model) No codes on DTC dashboard. Really confusing me as to what it can be.