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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I've code read my vehicle with the ForScan software and its apparent I have a ESP fault on the system. I dont know the codes but will post if it helps anyone. Its basically coming up saying the sensor inside the pump is gone? Online this is said to be a common fault. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem, how they rectified it and costs? Thanks guys and girls.
  2. Hello;) I wanted to change the buttons in the center console I currently have on the button only ESP And I want to change it for ESP PT Unfortunately, as you can guess when connecting, nothing works even with backlight so maybe someone has a schematic how to rewire the wires to make it work. Or maybe someone has a picture of how it looks like connecting wires at the switch With my connection it looks like this I have also read this thread but unfortunately without a specific solution Please help 😉 I care about it very much, and I'm sorry for my English
  3. Ford_lover38

    Stability control indicator?

    Hey guys, Drove over a hump earlier and the Stability Control ESP indicator light came on for a second and then went off. Now common sense tells me it came on just to show its kicking in but do you know if the light coming on then going back off is a bad thing? Thanks
  4. Hi Folks, I recently bought a 58 plate Focus 1.8tdci Estate with 133k on the clock, full service history etc, etc ?? The problem I am having is every so often the engine starts missing, then goes into 'limp mode'. The dash panel says Engine Malfunction and the ESP indicator comes on solid. If I turn the ignition off for a few seconds, and restart, it is fine again- sometimes for all day- and sometimes for only a few minutes. I have had it on the computer and there are no engine fault codes coming up at all. I read about it, and it said it may be the ESP getting used to the new drivers 'driving style' and will adapt itself over time ?? It's been 3 months now, so I don't think it is gonna get used to me !! As a precaution I have changed both front wheel bearings (they were a little rumbly and I thought as they have the ABS sensor pickups in them it maybe affecting the ESP) but has made no difference. I have checked all the wheel sensor connections, and all seem sound. Before I go to the expense of changing all the wheel sensors, I wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I may be barking up the wrong tree, and the engine malfunction may cause the ESP light to come on. There are no untoward engine noises, it pulls okay, and the fuel economy is good, so there can't be a great deal wrong with it, can there?? All help greatly appreciated, cheers, Ady.
  5. smurf1242


    any one know how much it would cost to add Full ESP to my mk1 Ford Focus 1.8 Thank you
  6. iamnicolas

    ESP ???

    Hello, i am currently trying to buy a fiesta and i want to know more about the esp. i read online that cars built after april 2010 have esp as standard. Today i went to check a 2011 fiesta but there was no switch for the esp. Do all the cars have esp? Not having a switch off button mean that there is no esp? I know some cars like pre facelift Ibiza has esp but there is no switch.
  7. Greetings oh wise ones. Having had the car hooked up (focus mk1 zetec 2.0 esp) to diagnostic the codes c1281 and c1282 have been returned. The blurb with c1281 is saying "Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure" may be cause by "open circuit,short circuit, sensor previously disconnected sensor, sensor supply voltage out of range finally limits, sensor or finally damaged or contaminated connector" The blurb with c1282 is saying "Code sent when the signal from the sensor is inconsistant with vehicle position, loose or improperly installed sensor,sensor,sensor internal hardware failure" Sensors for ABS have been checked and even cleaned but not solved the problem. If it is the Lateral Accelerometer sensor EXACTLY where is it located on/in the car as online a few mentions are that it is located under the drivers seat (assuming the car is RHD that is) but a look with a borescope cant see it even with looking on both sides of the car under the carpet etc. Or does anyone know what else it could be? Aircon not working either as light comes on but no cooler despite regassing and numerous testings. Does anyone know if even wheel allignment could be an issue causing the trouble. the ESP light has been on well over a year now but did vanish for about 5 minutes but came back on after parking up for shopping. Cheers for any help supplied.
  8. My dad and i had a discussion about this earlier - When it is icy what is best traction control off or on? I thought off as you don't want it to compensate for ice as it could put you in more danger, make you skid wheel spin etc My dad said if you have it on surely it will help you not skid or wheel spin? I've always read that it is best to have it off, whenever it's icy i turn it off i was just curios as to what everyone else though?!:) Thanks Jon
  9. JonnWhite

    Struggling To Start?

    Hello everyone! I currently have a Ford Focus Mk2.5 Facelift, and i keep having trouble with it not starting. Its an automatic, the message i get most of the time when it won't start is ESP off however the ESP does work as on my way to work most of the time i hear it kick in on the country lanes. Also Occasionally i'll get a transmission failure warning and then the car starts beeping at me. If i turn it off and try again it will struggle and then start. This doesn't happen all of the time. Around once a week? Where it is automatic i am hoping there is nothing wrong with the box, as it will be expensive. Dads a mechanic and he has no idea what it could be. Any help greatly appreciated! TIA Jonathan.
  10. Missy3377

    Titanium Esp

    Sorry if someone else has already posted this but I couldn't find an answer that seemed to work for my car as I don't have a button. I have just bought the fiesta titanium on Friday and the screen (the one that is also my radio, please see picture below) sometimes (when starting) says my esp is turned off, have read the manual about the button under my air con but I don't have that I have a grill/vent. Could some tell me how you switch it on as it's not showing in any menu and get a feeling I should have it on. Ta for any help :)
  11. Martin Shepherd

    2008 C-Max Esp Light On

    Hello, I have a 2008 Ford C-Max 1.6 Zetec. It has done almost 40,000 miles and all of a sudden the ESP light on the dashboard has come on. I have looked in the manual to see what this means and it does not give much information. I have also attempted at putting the ESP on using the on board computer but it will not let me. Can anyone please tell me what this is and what affect it has on the car? And also is it a simple job to fix? Thanks, Martin
  12. 2007 Ford Mondeo MK4 1.8 Zetec Diesel I recently tried to start my car after it had been stood for a number of weeks, i do believe the radio had been used by my son though to listen to in the garden, to find the battery was flat. After jump starting the car and leaving it to tick over for an hour i took it for a drive. I now find that the ABS, ESP and handbrake lights wont go off on the dashboard. I didnt notice any problems whilst driving it, am i safe to drive the car and is there any way i can reset the lights? Im assuming i'll have to take it to a ford dealer for them to reset at great expense at the least?