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Found 1,708 results

  1. Hello, I have recently bought a (new for me) 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec from a private seller. It only has the aux port (no USB connection) and when I press the phone icon it comes up with 'MUTE' and a speaker symbol with a cross through it - same for aux. When I plug in my aux cable nothing happens my phone is unable to connect to the car and when I search for the car to sync on Bluetooth no options come up. I was really looking forward to playing my music in this car and having the hands-free option to answer my phone from my steering wheel but I am at a loss. If you could help I would greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, D
  2. Manfromuncles

    New Owner

    Hi all. Just recently purchased a 2013 Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Zetec S 125. Thought I'd join the Forums as I'm bound to have some questions. In fact, I already do hence arriving here. Will post in the appropriate thread. Nice to meet you.
  3. Good morning, I’m Neal. I bought a 64 plate Black edition fiesta. I love it. So checking the oil, I discover the standard dip stick has a kink in the stick, which when checking the oil it rubs on the side of the tube making my reading unreliable. Am I being an idiot? Or is there a special way to get a good reading? thank you.
  4. Hello, I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2007 (MK5) with 3 Doors. I have an issue with the passenger door shutting but showing on the dashboard as being open. It often must be slammed repeatedly in order for the car to lock properly, as the car thinks the door is open and automatically unlocks it. Sometimes while driving, the dashboard will suddenly show the door as being open, usually after going round a sharp bend. I have lubricated the latch mechanism thoroughly, but the fault still occurs. I have accessed the GEM unit below the steering wheel but there are no wires that are obviously loose/damaged. Another forum thread explained that cutting a wire and terminating it to ground/earth cures the fault as the sensor will always assume the door is shut. Can anyone confirm exactly which wire to cut and attach to ground/earth?
  5. Hello all, First post here. I recently bought a 2013 1.0l ecoboost fiesta that has full service history and one previous owner. 33k miles on the clock. I've noticed some rust and corrosion on some of the engine parts, specifically two metal connectors that seem to go from the coolant pipe to the engine and then also possibly to the radiator (?) Should i get these replaced? Would it be a fairly cheap part replacement? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Cameron.
  6. Hi, So I'm getting bonnet vents put in in the coming months and was wondering if it's fine to have the car running with a cone filter or if I'd need to go back to the OEM airbox as not sure about water getting into the engine and all that. Looked around some different forums to see if there was anything solid to go off of but there were mixed opinions from everyone. Another thing is the battery, spark plugs and all that, would anything need to be done or would they be fine as is? Appreciate any details, Cheers
  7. Hi recently had my insurance cancelled on me 😩 what’s the cheapest quotes you’ve all been given on a 1.0 (125) fiesta, first year of driving? (No black box) Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Welcome to my build thread for my brand new Fiesta ST3 (with options of reverse sensors and a spare wheel). This is my second build thread having started one last year when I did a lot of work to Eve (Focus Mk2 Zetec Climate 2.0). We’ve now become a two car household and Eve will now be Mrs P’s car – build thread here – so I’ll still be updating that one every now and then. I purchased my ST through DriveTheDeal after getting some very good advice on the forum – see this thread for more info. I ordered the car on 18th April and was told to expect to wait 10-14 weeks before delivery but received a very surprising phone call last Friday to say that I would be able to collect the car today after a wait of just four and a half weeks. I spent the weekend sorting out insurance (ended up with AXA – best price and accept my planned modifications without altering the policy) and GAP insurance (5 year policy with Easy Gap). So here he is at the dealership: There’s a tiny paint defect on the rear bumper – I tried to get a photo but couldn’t capture it effectively – so the car will have to go back for a little touch-up in the next few weeks. Other than that the car is perfect and I enjoyed my drive back home. Having learned a lot through working on Eve I’ve already got a few modifications planned and I’m not going to hang around to do them either… Over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy researching and buying parts so that I can get Bastian just how I want him ASAP. I’m really not a fan of the ST alloys, so I knew they’d have to go. After a lot of Google image searches and trawling through online car forums and wheel shops I ended up buying some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (which were the wheels I always wanted anyway) in Anthracite Gloss. For those who are interested the original wheels on the Fiesta ST are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET47.5, Hub diameter of 63.4mm. The Team Dynamics are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET38, Hub diameter of 73.1mm. I bought the wheels from Demon Tweeks who supplied a fitting kit (spigot rings to cater for the difference in hub diameter and appropriate nuts) and I also bought a set of McGard locking nuts. Team Dynamics recommend an offset of 38 for the Fiesta and from my research on the web, consensus seems to be that offset of 38-42 is preferable. I received the wheels a couple of days ago and had fitted the spigot rings ready for installation. So, having driven home from the dealership this afternoon, I loaded up the boot and the back seats with wheels and headed to my local tyre shop to get my alloys swapped over with just 66 miles on the clock! (The ST alloys will be up for sale soon – PM me if you’re interested). Going forward I’ve got the following modifications planned (I know I should have done the security mods first but I was too excited about the wheels): Security Install dummy OBD port and relocate original Tracker – Rewire Security TK102 and hard-wire kit Cosmetic Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 alloys Rok Blokz Mud flaps Silvatec indicator bulbs Replace number plates Performance Mountune MP215 Audio Subwoofer – Alpine SBG-1044BR 5-Channel Amplifier – Alpine MRV-V500
  9. lgraham

    Fiesta 1.25 60ps to 82ps

    Hey Could I get some clarification on the difference between the 60ps and 82ps version of 1.25 fiesta. Is there any difference at all and its just a different map? If so what would be the best way to change a 60ps to the 82ps version. Cheers
  10. Hello everyone, I currently have a 2015 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 and have purchased an ST Rear Diffuser with the spats for it, however, I don't know how to add the spats to make the diffuser fit as there are already some there. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Below is an example of what the back end of my car looks like at the minute and what I want it to look like after.
  11. Realised the other day that my coolant level is below the minimum mark on my MK6 Fiesta. Would i be alright just adding some deionised water to the fluid that's already in the tank or should i go and buy the ford specified coolant/antifreeze mix and just add that? General rule is always 50/50 coolant/water mixture right? or can you just add ready mixed coolant to the tank and not use any water? not sure whether the current fluid is just 100% coolant or if its a 50/50 water coolant mix thanks. Should i; Just add deionised water to the fluid already in the tank? Buy a bottle of coolant and just add it to the fluid already in the tank? Do a complete flush out to be safe?
  12. Hi all, Our poor little Fiesta is having starting issues and in its current state it is sadly not worth spending a lot of money on, so before I call out the experts at a cost I would like to try to obtain a rough idea of what the problem might be. Wondering if anyone has solved a similar problem or can assist with diagnosis of potential issue from the following symptoms: A week ago the car is starting and running fine Then more recently when started, the engine would choke and stall; pressing the accelerator just after starting would save the engine from stalling Yesterday it took 3 cranking attempts to get it to start and not stall This morning it would not start at all Additional information to aid diagnosis: Car could be instantly restarted after switching off once it was warm Battery is a few months old and showing as fully charged; this has been recharged with a CTEK charger and does not seem to be the issue It sounds like the starter motor is working fine and it is cranking the engine without fail Fuel pump sounds like it primes on activation of the ignition The same fuel has been put in another car and it is running without problem, so unlikely to be fuel contamination Spark plugs have not been checked, but the car was not misfiring once warm, although on a few occassions it was hesitant whilst still cold Air filter has not been checked, but it should be clean and is apparently rarely the problem Other fingers point at ECU issues or Idle Air Control Valve. Any opinions? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi, just bought my first car and was wondering if there was a way to modify the radio system so i could play music from my phone through the speakers, Stock the car comes with no way to do this, but im unsure if there is some kind of adapter i could buy that would allow me to do this? The radio inside the car is a 4500 cd radio, not sure if that means much but. Thanks in advance Devon
  14. cypriot00

    How to replace gear knob

    I want to put a new gear knob on however whenever I twist the old one it does not detach and takes the whole of the underneath part with it. How do I take it off?
  15. Jpsgorham

    Pumaspeed - Any good?

    Hello, I'm looking at getting a new exhaust fitted to my Black edition, pumaspeed seems to be highly rated however I wonder if anyone has some personally experience with them and could give me some insight on if they are any good or not? Cheers
  16. Hi There! I have recently bought a 2006 Ford Fiesta 'Style' with the 'Climate' Pack. It has a 6000CD Head unit with an AUX button, yet no sign of a 3.5mm (or any other sort of) jack anywhere; including glove box and near gear stick. I have seen several posts online of how to add this in but it requires some technical ability/knowledge, neither of which I possess. I wondered if anyone knows roughly how much a Ford dealer or anyone else (Halfords?) would charge to do this for me, and otherwise if there's a simplified way with a tutorial that I can fit this jack/cable to my car. Ideally I don't want to be drilling holes for it... Thanks
  17. Hi everyone, I'm new here but have owned a 1.6 automatic Ford Fiesta Zetec for the past 11 months (2014 model). Everything was great until I had my service last week and since then the car has been shuddering a bit when going up the gears and sometimes I can hear a grinding/scraping noise (hard to explain). Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any advice please? I called the Ford branch that did the service and they said it’d be a further £120 to look at it :-( Thank you in advance.
  18. I've recently purchased a Ford Fiesta Titanium X with Low profile tyres fitted to it. The wheel is a 205/40R17 Tyre profile. I have had it for less than a month and the wheels have been damaged significantly (sidewall) people have been telling me that if I change the tyre from Low profile to Normal profile it will affect Speedo etc but I can't see any other way to stop the car from damaging the wheels and this is on two of four low profile tyres. Is there anything I can do? I live on an estate which is still being built and there are Low manhole covers which could be causing damage but never had problem on old car? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Johnmcf

    Latest stereo update?

    Hi, does anyone know where to find the latest software update for the standard stereo with Bluetooth? (Not the Sony unit with the small buttons) Every link I can find seems to be dead. Car is a 2012 S1600. Thanks in advance!
  20. Can anyone recommend a decent induction kit for my 2018 Fiesta ST-Line 140?
  21. Hi I have a question about power folding mirrors. I was checkingthe fuse box underneath the glove box and notice I have the right fuse box with one of the relays, however I have noticed the second relay is not there, but also the input to put the relay is not there either. Does anyone know why and how i can get passed this? Hope that makes sense.
  22. Hi guys, I have a MK7 Ford Fiesta 2010 TDCI, not a zetec, just standard fiesta. I’m interested in fitting a front splitter but can only settle on a TRC but they don’t do one for my car. Hey do ones for zetec S however! I was wondering if this would fit and be able to be fitted to my MK7 fiesta?? Any input is appreciated!!
  23. This is a re-post of my [now deleted] post on the General chat, titled: 'I'm driving around the world/Social media advice needed' from January 11th 2018. Due to lackadaisical typing I noticed several typos I couldn't go back and edit and before the post gained any more views I figured it would be best to re-post and move category. Instagram: @drive_further Facebook page: drive_further My story so far: I write this in part as you guys may be interested in my achievements which I haven't really publicised - for no other reason than the fact I'm travelling for my own personal experience. In 2016 I left England on what so far has been a 2 year road trip across the northern hemisphere (with a brief visit to west-coast America whilst I applied for Central Asian visas) in my 2002 Ford Fiesta. I've driven to date over 25,000 miles and explored countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Russia, Georgia ... In late 2016 I visited the northern Russian city of Murmansk experiencing temperatures as low as -22 and my car was fine! In the coming days I will cross the Ural river, the geographical feature separating Asia and Europe; and and arrive for the first time in the continent of Asia. I've severely neglected social media ad wasn't sure how best to 'advertise' my travels, I simply thought someone may be interested. I'm not looking for fame, simply, I have accumulated so many interesting stories, both car and non car related, along with tens of thousands of DSLR photos and 'car selfies.' I just thought as my story is perhaps unusual and in a Ford Fiesta someone/you all may be interested.
  24. liampatrick

    Zetec Blue update

    Took this photo today in snowy Scotland. Current changes (visible in photos); gloss black upper/lower front grilles, ZS/ST fog light surrounds, chrome grille, de-tangoed lights, xenon halogen bulbs, richbrook aerial, wind deflectors, anthracite powdercoated alloys, aero wiper blades. Also you can’t see in this; rear chrome tailgate strip, LED number plate lights, interior map lights, black leather gear gaiter/handbrake surround with blue stitching, original floor mats. Next up (potentially!); Seat Ibiza side repeaters, rear window tints, fit Vodafone flush rear parking sensor kit, mudflaps, replace driver door mirror (the common clicking when folding problem), DAB radio, ZS/ST silver interior door grab handles, silver door handles, LED map lights, some interior ambient lighting. Think that’s all for now, but any suggestions welcome! I’m very OEM-like, as you may have guessed.
  25. Hello! newbie here. I've recently bought a '15 reg Blue Fiesta zetec (1.0 Ecoboost, 100bhp) and love it very much! It neatly replaced my 2004 fiesta ;D To my question- I'm curious about the changes that the same model of Ford goes through in its production years. In this case the 'facelift' (?) Mk7 Fiesta (zetec) which first made in 2012 and ended in 2017... what improvements or changes did Ford make to this car over these years? And is my '15 reg an improvement on a 2012 version? Let's focus on UK Zetec models for now to keep it simple... Off the top of my head, I think the radio button/number pad layout changed a little in 2014? Anything else? Whether cosmetic or mechanical. Thanks! 🙂