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Found 1,666 results

  1. jm231293

    Fiesta 2017 CarPlay issues

    Hello, Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find any posts with this issue. I recently bought a new Fiesta with SYNC 3, but I’ve been having some real problems with CarPlay. Sometimes it refuses to launch when I plug my phone in, and other times it freezes in the middle of a journey. The strange thing is that it seems to be location based - on some journeys it freezes every time and on others it’s always fine. I’ve tried resetting and updating both my phone and SYNC, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had the same problems?
  2. Hi everyone, I've been having a problem with my Fiesta Zetec. Ever since I slid on some black ice and hit a kerb there is a knocking coming from the front driver side when braking, I can also feel it a bit in the brake pedal. The repetition matches the speed of the car/spin of the wheel and as I'm coming to a stop it will sound more like a creaking. It doesn't happen when I start driving, only after about 5-10 mins and also doesn't happen when braking hard. Brakes and discs have been changed since and also front tyres. Took it to ford and they said it was anti roll bar bushes, they changed them but it still happens. Took it back and they stripped down the front driver side and looked at everything, they said they couldn't find anything. Anyone had this problem and if so has it been fixed?
  3. Hello, I'm not much of a car expert but a friend of mine has noticed that a part holding a hose from my turbo is missing, They've said that it was keeping the heat of the turbo away from the hose and that it's crucial to have, I've visited Ford parts to which the employee has said to get the part that I want I'd need to buy a new turbo, I'm looking for a simple clip that is attached to the turbo and holding the hose, is it true that it's a crucial part and where can I find one? picture below. (Sorry for the bad quality in advance!)
  4. Hi all, I have just had my front discs and pads replaced and was wondering if they need to be broken in? Car is a 2013 manual Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost Titanium X and OE parts were used. If they do need to be broken in what is the procedure? Best regards, TheScoobyCollector.


    Anyone know what would get the paint off? it's been like that for months but I've had no luck finding a replacement wheel near me so was wondering if there's a cheap fix to at least tidy it up thanks. I've already asked a local car group on Facebook and majority of the responses was to use G3. I messaged the company saying that i had been advised to use their products to clean my wheel up but they responded saying their products wouldn't do the job and said that 'There are likely better suited products from other suppliers to remove paint at a chemical level rather than abrasives'. Anyone know of any products or able to give me some tips on how to get the paint off thanks.
  6. calum_heseltine

    Fiesta 2013 Wishbone and Shock's Cost

    Had my 2013 Fiesta Titanium ecoboost for 9 months now and was due a service. Went to an independent garage recommended by a few friends and they did a great job. The guy did however tell me that I needed a new N/S/F Wishbone and 2x Rear Shock Absorbers. Obviously both of these would be an MOT fail when thats due in a few months so I want them both sorting. Was wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate of how much an independent garage should charge for these jobs? Just so I have a ballpark figure before he quotes it for me. Thanks
  7. This is a re-post of my [now deleted] post on the General chat, titled: 'I'm driving around the world/Social media advice needed' from January 11th 2018. Due to lackadaisical typing I noticed several typos I couldn't go back and edit and before the post gained any more views I figured it would be best to re-post and move category. Instagram: @drive_further Facebook page: drive_further My story so far: I write this in part as you guys may be interested in my achievements which I haven't really publicised - for no other reason than the fact I'm travelling for my own personal experience. In 2016 I left England on what so far has been a 2 year road trip across the northern hemisphere (with a brief visit to west-coast America whilst I applied for Central Asian visas) in my 2002 Ford Fiesta. I've driven to date over 25,000 miles and explored countries such as Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Russia, Georgia ... In late 2016 I visited the northern Russian city of Murmansk experiencing temperatures as low as -22 and my car was fine! In the coming days I will cross the Ural river, the geographical feature separating Asia and Europe; and and arrive for the first time in the continent of Asia. I've severely neglected social media ad wasn't sure how best to 'advertise' my travels, I simply thought someone may be interested. I'm not looking for fame, simply, I have accumulated so many interesting stories, both car and non car related, along with tens of thousands of DSLR photos and 'car selfies.' I just thought as my story is perhaps unusual and in a Ford Fiesta someone/you all may be interested.
  8. Welcome to my build thread for my brand new Fiesta ST3 (with options of reverse sensors and a spare wheel). This is my second build thread having started one last year when I did a lot of work to Eve (Focus Mk2 Zetec Climate 2.0). We’ve now become a two car household and Eve will now be Mrs P’s car – build thread here – so I’ll still be updating that one every now and then. I purchased my ST through DriveTheDeal after getting some very good advice on the forum – see this thread for more info. I ordered the car on 18th April and was told to expect to wait 10-14 weeks before delivery but received a very surprising phone call last Friday to say that I would be able to collect the car today after a wait of just four and a half weeks. I spent the weekend sorting out insurance (ended up with AXA – best price and accept my planned modifications without altering the policy) and GAP insurance (5 year policy with Easy Gap). So here he is at the dealership: There’s a tiny paint defect on the rear bumper – I tried to get a photo but couldn’t capture it effectively – so the car will have to go back for a little touch-up in the next few weeks. Other than that the car is perfect and I enjoyed my drive back home. Having learned a lot through working on Eve I’ve already got a few modifications planned and I’m not going to hang around to do them either… Over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy researching and buying parts so that I can get Bastian just how I want him ASAP. I’m really not a fan of the ST alloys, so I knew they’d have to go. After a lot of Google image searches and trawling through online car forums and wheel shops I ended up buying some Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (which were the wheels I always wanted anyway) in Anthracite Gloss. For those who are interested the original wheels on the Fiesta ST are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET47.5, Hub diameter of 63.4mm. The Team Dynamics are: Diameter 17”, Width 7J, PCD 4 x 108, Offset ET38, Hub diameter of 73.1mm. I bought the wheels from Demon Tweeks who supplied a fitting kit (spigot rings to cater for the difference in hub diameter and appropriate nuts) and I also bought a set of McGard locking nuts. Team Dynamics recommend an offset of 38 for the Fiesta and from my research on the web, consensus seems to be that offset of 38-42 is preferable. I received the wheels a couple of days ago and had fitted the spigot rings ready for installation. So, having driven home from the dealership this afternoon, I loaded up the boot and the back seats with wheels and headed to my local tyre shop to get my alloys swapped over with just 66 miles on the clock! (The ST alloys will be up for sale soon – PM me if you’re interested). Going forward I’ve got the following modifications planned (I know I should have done the security mods first but I was too excited about the wheels): Security Install dummy OBD port and relocate original Tracker – Rewire Security TK102 and hard-wire kit Cosmetic Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 alloys Rok Blokz Mud flaps Silvatec indicator bulbs Replace number plates Performance Mountune MP215 Audio Subwoofer – Alpine SBG-1044BR 5-Channel Amplifier – Alpine MRV-V500
  9. I'm currently in the process of purchasing the last couple parts to swap the heart of my mk6 fiesta from a 1400 duratec to an 1800 black top zetec from a mk1 focus with an efi kit including the manifold, injectors and ecu. I've been following a build thread but close to the end of the project he had to sell the car, so I wanted to ask any one with 1800 zetec experience, mk1 focus electronics experience and mk6 fiesta engine swapping experience to give me as much and/or any information that may be of use to me while doing this swap! I understand that there are likely under ten mk6 fiestas in the U.K. with this engine swap so there's not many people who can directly help me buy any help is greatly appreciated!! I also understand that there are other engines, cheaper options and other cars I could consider but I have the engine and majority of the parts needed for this swap so please only comment if it is relevant and helpful! thanks in advance!!
  10. Hello ladies and gentlemen! Just a quick hello to greet you all, and to ease myself into the community. I'm completely new to Ford ownership, having just taken delivery of a 2018 Fiesta ST-Line (140PS, 3-door) in Shadow Black. I must say, I really do love it. The leap in quality and comfort is lightyears from my previous car (indeed, my only previous car - I learned to drive very late!), which was a 2002 Toyota Yaris T-Sport. So whilst I'm used to nippy little go-cart style handling, the level of poise and power the ST-Line possesses (plus the lack of noise thanks to an excellent cabin and a sixth gear!), has made my driving experience really enjoyable, rather than just functional. I approve! Although the world of Ford is new to me personally, Ford has been a part of my family for 3 generations, starting with my late grandfather who worked at the Dagenham plant for 30 years. Since then, Ford cars have always been the choice of my grandfather, father, and brother. I didn't think I'd get to own a car from new for at least another couple of trade-ups, but thanks to the Ford Privilege discount and the dealership being able to knock the usual amount off the list price, I went ahead with a good finance deal, and here I am! Although I'm blown away by the overall quality, I must say that I haven't had the smoothest of starts, mostly thanks to a couple of very minor issues with the main dealer: Firstly, I was assured by the dealer that the car would be sent down by trailer to avoid having anyone else drive the thing, but when I queried the 150 miles already on the clock, it transpired that it had already been driven from another dealership to the one it was just trailored from. Although I was told that up to 500 miles is considered acceptable delivery mileage (my brother's 2018 Focus had just 4 miles on it when delivered last month!), it would have been nice to know in advance, especially as my new logbook reported 0 miles at registration, and I was the first registrant. Secondly, thanks to it being a rainy grey day when I collected the car, it was hard to inspect the bodywork when taking delivery. Once things brightened up a few days later, I noticed a host of small surface scratches here and there - a couple on the wing mirrors, some on the side panels, as well as on the internal sills. I had to return the machine in order to get them rectified, but I was assured it was all taken care of when I collected it - once again in the blasted rain! Although I think they did get the majority of the nicks in the paint, it should be noted that they left the finish in a shocking state - unbuffed, smeared wax all over, huge crusts of wax residue dried in the seams around the fuel filler cap, plus a nice hard-to-remove wax stain on the rear black plastic lip near the exhaust. Given the standard of presentation work up to that point, I didn't fancy taking the thing back again, so dealt with it as best I could myself. I'm treating her to a professional detailing valet and re-wax in a few weeks' time, so hopefully no other bodywork issues will be revealed! Finally, at the start of my third week with the car, she refused to start - even after trying the usual emergency procedures. Fortunately AA cover was included with the purchase, so about an hour after I called them, they were able to get to me at home and fix the problem. Apparently it was the second brand new Fiesta the guy had seen this week with the same problem - a corroded coating on the electrical switches/plugs in the engine fuse box that just needed cleaning off. I was two hours late to work, and not very impressed given I'd had 4 years of my 16 year old Yaris starting first time, every time! Everything has been fine since then, though, and I am still very happy to have joined the Ford party. I'm also very pleased to have found a good community to be a part of here! So, that's my ownership story so far. Have any of you experienced similar? Let me know! ~ James
  11. Hello all, First post here. I recently bought a 2013 1.0l ecoboost fiesta that has full service history and one previous owner. 33k miles on the clock. I've noticed some rust and corrosion on some of the engine parts, specifically two metal connectors that seem to go from the coolant pipe to the engine and then also possibly to the radiator (?) Should i get these replaced? Would it be a fairly cheap part replacement? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Cameron.
  12. Hey all I drive a 2013 Ford Fiesta Mk7.5 1.0L Ecoboost (125hp). So, long story short, my Fiesta was in a front smash (all the damage was on the front right) a while ago, and after a very long wait and a bunch of repairs I finally got her back from the panel beater. Now somewhere along the line while she was getting fitted with a new bumper, radiator, etc. someone over there managed to disconnect and then lose the ambient air temperature sensor that sits in the grill area of my car. They then did a bulls*#t job replacing it. Essentially they got a new sensor, used lugs to connect a wire to each pin on the sensor, and then spliced those 2 cables into 1 of the plugs on the wiring harness in the engine. I then found the sensor wedged in between the battery and bracket that holds the battery O.o (check attached pics) Needless to say I was beyond angry. I'm not taking my car back to them because of other past issues and frankly I just don't trust them. The thing is that I do have a temperature reading on the HUD, except it seems to read about 40 degrees Celsius over what the actual outside temperature is 😐 I've moved the sensor with it's dodgy cables to the front of the car and out of the engine bay to make sure that it wasn't picking up the heat from the engine, but still no difference with the temperature reading. So the issue now rests squarely in my lap. Went to my trusted Ford Dealership, and they want to charge me a small fortune to diagnose, trace the cables, and then fix the sensor. I've got an auto electrician that does pretty reliable work. The only thing is that nobody seems to be able to find out what goes where and how it's supposed to be put together. According to the parts diagram from Ford for the AAT sensor, there actually supposed to be 2 sensors mounted on the front of my car, one at the top near the left headlight, and then another at the bottom. I've checked on Ford Etis for the wiring diagrams for the AAT sensor(s), but couldn't see anything that seemed to mention the AAT sensor in the index of the wiring diagrams. I don't have access to the actual diagrams without spending a few Euros to gain temporary access to them. I also don't want to pay for access and then the wiring diagrams aren't there for the sensor 😛 Nothing of value turns up when Googling around for it either 😞 So at the end of the day, if anybody can help point me in the right direction I'd be forever in your debt 😉 Either an accurate wiring diagram of what's going on so I can give that to my auto electrician. Hell, I'd even settle for clear and detailed pics of the sensor just to compare and try figure it out from there. Can anyone also confirm if I'm really supposed to have 2 AAT sensors and where exactly I should find the plug or cable harness at the bottom 🙂 Thanks guys, and sorry for the long ***** post O.o
  13. Hello everyone! Really hope this is the place to ask this question! I’m a first time driver and I recently bought a Ford Fiesta Zetec climate 2008 I was driving home late at night and I was about to stall as I was in third gear and slow down dramatically when the car just went to bit mad! I managed to get it on video but unfortunately it’s dark but hopefully someone might be able to tell me what’s going on! Recently just had a full-service and the map sensor has just been replaced! any help is really appreciated thank you Kieran p.s File is too big so I Put it on YouTube.
  14. Rodrigoal

    New guy from Brazil

    Hello everyone My name is Rodrigo and I'm from Brazil. I have my first Ford for 3 years now and this is my first topic. Hope we can share information and help each other.
  15. Hi! How long must one rub a ford fiesta 2015 keys to get this look? Compare - above - reserve key below - main key
  16. Hi All, I trying to fit a remote to my 2014 Fiesta Studio (2 door) (It's the only model that doesn't come with this as standard). I've searched the web for many hours looking for information on this (including going through this forum a lot) but I've come up completely empty. There's some info on Mk6 Fiestas but they seem to be completely different. Mk6 seem to have a GEM which, as far as I can tell doesn't exist in a Mk7 (Someone has suggested it's attached to the fuse panel in a UK Mk7, but mine doesn't seem to have anything built in or attached to it apart from wiring connectors). I've found several wiring diagrams, some of which talk about a Door Control Module (DCM) but I haven't actually been able to find one of these. One post said that it should be at the bottom of the front pillar on the drivers side, but when I took the panel off there was nothing there but a big connector. Behind the glove box is the fuse panel and, below that, is something labelled as a remote control and locking unit - I suspect that this is the replacement for the GEM, but the wiring seems to be completely different. I've looked at the wiring coming from the doors and there are just a few black wires so I'm thinking that maybe the 'DCM' is actually in the door and the wires coming from the door are just power and a 'bus' connection (cambus??). Unfortunately I couldn't work out how to get the door panel off to have a look - has anyone got any ideas on this (I found a video on YouTube but I expect it was for a Mk6,and a US car, as it doesn't match up). I've even tried ETIS but it wants me to pay quite a lot up front and, as I don't even know if it's got the info I need, that seems unreasonable - does anyone have access who could tell me if it's worth paying for? (It doesn't help that my account go locked out so I can't even log in at the moment!). Any help most appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out on this - Thanks!
  17. Those who have it installed...what do you think about it? I have it in mine, but feel it lacks bass. It’s very clear even at very high volumes but seems to lack bass even with the bass set to max and the treble and mid set low. Not sure if I have an issue with mine that warrants a trip back to dealer as never heard it in another car to compare it too. Is there any easy checks or a manual anyone knows about?
  18. Ive got a big problem, ive got a fiesta with some mods from a guy, the post cat or the downstream oxygen sensor is missing and i cant find the plug for it under the bonnet. the car gets 180 miles per 40L of fuel, and emissions are not pass worthy. but i cant seem to find a second sensor connection anywhere i look. could someone tel me if this is normal or must there me a secondary lambda? ive been searching forever now and cant find similar issues. im struggling to find out whether i need to buy and rewire a sensor to the ECU or is the connection hidden somewhere.
  19. Hi, all Has anyone done any mods to their new fiesta? Interested to see any pictures Does anyone know if the mk7 wind deflectors fit the mk8? Any news on mountune upgrades? Are they going to be releasing anything soon?
  20. My Fiesta has produced a howling sound in the last 2000 km I've driven. Now I'm wondering if it's the summer tires or is one of my bearings breaking slowly. I'm pretty sure that I didn't hear the sound when I changed my tires. So for now Im thinking that it is not the tires. What I've tried so far: I jacked the car up from each corner and tried to rotate the tires. The front tires do not rotate very well and the brake pads are touching the brake discs slightly. Both front tires rotate about equally badly though so I thought that the bearings there are not failing. Both rear tires rotate really well and there is one spot in the rotation where it seems that the drum brake pads are touching the drum. I also tried to wiggle all tires but no movement at all so couldn't find the source of howling this way. Also tried to make some turns while driving to see if the sound is affected when cornering with the car. Not much effect. I would like to hear other peoples experiences about their Fiesta? Have you had tires that make a howling noise when driving? Have you had a bearing starting to fail and make a mild howling sound ? Last time in my super old Fiesta I had similar symptoms when my rear bearings were failing, but this time im not sure if that's the case.
  21. Hi guys :) I've got problem with my Fiesta MK6 2002 1.4 16V. I bought the car in Sep 2017. In December I was on full service with it and everything was fine. Yesterday I've checked oil and it was below minimum I did about 5000 miles only since December and all oil burned it that time. I know it shouldn't be like that so I read some articles in the internet and many of them says that it can be PCV, crankcase etc. So I checked today the small pipe which is coming form air filter box straight to the engine but it looks clear, one thing which was really dirty was small sponge (filter)(see pictures) in air filter box in this place where the small pipe going from to the engine. Also oil is very dark, yesterday I topped up oil and did about 15 miles since that time and today oil was almost black (see pictures). Do you know guys what can be wrong? And where are PCV and crankcase breather in my car and how to check it?
  22. Hi all, i am hoping I am not the only person with this issue but my girlfriends 2009 1.4 Titanium fiesta has an intermittent central locking issue. this can go for weeks with no issues, but suddenly while driving the warning will come up saying drivers door is open. Once stopped and get out the car it will not lock manually or via the fob. It makes a click and no flashes of hazards or lights. This can last for up to 48 hours then suddenly it will work. The concern is in an unknown location it may not lock and can't leave the car! i am a newbie to the FOC, however been part of other owners club forums (puma owners, rs owners) and know that people like me can be frustrating, however I have used the search bar and pretty much googled every combination to find a result for this issue. i am hoping someone has the fix for this and I can get it sorted for her. Luckily she works close to home and in a secure car park. thanks in advance all! muddy27!
  23. nathanzetec18

    Ford Fiesta 1.25 undertray

    Hi guys I’ve noticed that there is no undertray for the 1.25 fiesta but there is one available for the diesel variant. I have contacted a number of breaker yards and they all say that it is not possible to fit the diesel tray to the petrol model. Is this the case? Does anyone have any experience of fitting this part- perhaps with a photograph of the completed installation? Thanks!
  24. Will Harrison

    Retro Fit Sat Nav to Fiesta MK7.5

    You will need: Sat Nav Screen and plastic surround / holder GPS Fakra Antenna - a cheap one from eBay will do Screen Cover Female Fakra to Female Fakra Sat Nav stereo panel with navigation buttons Forscan extended license If your car does not have DAB, I bought an antenna like this To remove the screen surround, place a trim tool / screwdriver under the edge of the panel and work your way around until all the clips pop off. Remove the screen by unscrewing the 2 T20 screws at either side. To remove the connector, depress the tab and move the lever. Place a trim tool or screwdriver between the stereo and passenger airbag light to pop off the airbag light panel. There is only 1 clip holding this on in the middle. Be carful not to lose the metal clip if it comes out. Unscrew the 2 T20 screws and 2 8mm bolts, and give the radio panel a tug, and unplug the connector. To remove the CD / Radio unit, simply pull, it is on pressure clips. Fit the Sat Nav screen, two wires need to be connected from the Sat Nav unit to the radio, this enables the voice guidance. Screen Pin 6 > Radio pin 4 Screen Pin 12 > Radio pin 5 The black Fakra connector needs to be removed from your radio and connected to the black connector on the Sat Nav. The fakra adapter connects the pink fakra on the screen to the FM fakra on the radio. The blue fakra is for the GPS antenna Screw the Sat Nav unit down and refit the Radio and front panel, give it a quick test to make sure it all works. Your dials may show in KM, this is normal Pop the airbag light panel back into place, and push the screen cover on over the screen, ENSURE THE SD CARD IS REMOVED TO PREVENT POTENTIALLY SNAPPING THE CARD Once the Sat Nav is fully installed and tested, it needs to be activated through Forscan (this changes the dials back from KM to miles) Open Forscan, go to Central Configuration, change to engineering mode, and change the options below: Touchscreen - 06. MFD 5 Navigation System - For EU Apply the settings, this should change the dials back to miles and gallons. Congratulations! You have a fully working Sat Nav!
  25. Hey! I have a Cobra sport Cat Back for the fiesta 1.0 ecoboost for sale if anyone is interested? It was on my car for about 3 weeks until I put my car back to stock to pick up an ST 😜 I believe I have all the gaskets and bolts for fitting, open to offers if anyone is interested? In pristine condition!