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Found 1,728 results

  1. Kyle.j08

    Mk6 fiesta mods?

    I just passed my test and I'm looking to modify the car without effecting the insurance, any suggestions?
  2. I just passed recently and bought a mk6 fiesta style 1.25 2007, I want to do small starter mods that will not effect the insurance. Any suggestions?
  3. stuartr26

    Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Mpg

    Looking into possibly getting a Fiesta with the new Ecoboost engine, was just wondering if the quoted figures from Ford for MPG is anywhere near accurate. Have seen between 55-70 advertised depending on style of driving etc.
  4. Good evening, First time here! I have a 2008 Ford Fiesta Style Climate which has done approx. 78,000 miles. Not long after I brought it, it started 'chugging' whilst driving and idling and eventually the amber 'cog' light came on on the dashboard, the car went into limp mode and I had to get towed home. It has since been to the garage where is flagged up injector 2 to be faulty. So a new injector later and a few weeks of driving it, the same thing happened again, flagging up injector 2 again. Back to the garage it went where is has been since May (yes, really). He's a good mechanic whom we trust so not worried about getting taken advantage of. After speaking to him now, he has had the whole dashboard and computer, keys and everything sent off for testing and subsequently fixing. Now the car does seem better as long as you warm it up before going on a journey (which we tend to do anyway out of habit i.e. not taking off straight away and flooring it!) however there is still something not quite right with it and it still does 'chug' every now and then. Our mechanic now seems to think that it is something wrong electrically as it went through the MOT absolutely fine and flew through emissions so indicates that the engine and everything is fine. However, looking for the electrical fault it like looking for a needle in a haystack. Does anyone on here have any experience with this issue or have any ideas as to what it could be?! Some people have talked about similar problems but have not posted back with any solutions. Someone suggested the wiring loom but never posted back as to whether it worked or not or a Forscan reset. Any help would be much appreciated! ETC
  5. I started to get a banging noise when I was driving my fiesta, it sounded like the exhaust at the rear banging on something so bought new rubber hangers and fitted them but the noise is still there, just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and knows how to stop the banging?
  6. Hello all, First post here. I recently bought a 2013 1.0l ecoboost fiesta that has full service history and one previous owner. 33k miles on the clock. I've noticed some rust and corrosion on some of the engine parts, specifically two metal connectors that seem to go from the coolant pipe to the engine and then also possibly to the radiator (?) Should i get these replaced? Would it be a fairly cheap part replacement? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers. Cameron.
  7. Hi guys, I am at my wits end on something. If someone could shed some light it would be massively appreciated... I recently bought a Ford Fiesta 2010 (and what a car it is), but my only problem is this - it doesn't have bluetooth installed as standard. What is the easiest way to get my car to play music from my phone (such as You Tube etc); I imagine I would need to install some kind of bluetooth but which one?? No one, including Ford is giving me a straight answer on this and I'm going nuts!! Any help or direction MUCH appreciated. Antonio
  8. Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can suggest to me any further tests to diagnose my cruise control problems. Cruise control stopped working last week. I don't know if the "on" button is working and the "set" buttons aren't or vice versa as no combination will activate my cruise control. Plugged in forscan, no DTCs. So, I took apart the switch assembly on the steering wheel. No visible corrosion on any of the contacts. The LEDs on the buttons were still working so I assume the whole circuit board is getting power. Buttons are still "tactile" and pressing as they usually would. Reassembled the steering wheel and had a look at both of the clutch pedal position switches to make sure they were plugged in and seated correctly which they were. Turned the ignition on and hey presto! All working... For about ten minutes, and then it resumed not working. Forscan testing showed these sensors working fine (and the brake pedal switches). The "cruise control cancel" option on forscan was only working on the brake pedal - I can't remember if this should work on the clutch pedal too, is anyone able to confirm this? I looked into cruise control diagnostics but everything seems to relate to the focus cruise control. Has anyone had any similar problems? Has anyone got any further suggestions for diagnosis? Thanks in advance.
  9. Jasobnd

    Heater issues

    Good afternoon all, I have an old W reg fiesta Zetec S 1.25 LX. My heating system is stuck on cold air. I have replaced the control valve under the bonnet and swapped out the control unit for one that definitely works and it still isn't working. From what I can see the Coolant isn't leaking, the level definitely hasn't dropped. I have looked through the internet / Google and every post relates to the parts mentioned above. Is there something else in the car that could cause the problem. How common are heater matrix blockages and how can I test for this. Any help genuinely appreciated. Apologies if this is not the correct place for this post. Cheers. Jason
  10. Bren011

    MK8 Fiesta ST-Line

    Sorry if this has been asked before, new to all this! Anyone know if you can retrofit cruise control into the MK8 ST-Line and also if can upgrade the tail lights to LED’s found on the ST-Line X. Cheers!
  11. Hi all, I have a strange intermittant noise - coming from the pulley side of the engine. Seems to be related to the alternator - load does seem to trigger it sometimes. But very intermittant. Also seems to occur more when the car is warm. Any help greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi, So i have a 1.0 fiesta zetec s ecoboost 125bhp. When reaching higher speeds on the motorway, usually above 60mph i experience a noticeable increase in vibration in the car. The sort as if i was pushing the car close to its limits. Is this just a characteristic of a 3 cylinder or should i be worried.
  13. Hi guys! So I recently bought a 2005 Fiesta Zetec Climate, and yesterday one of my indicator bulbs blew. I can sort that out fine, but I thought I'd check the rest of my lights at the same time, and I only have one rear fog light, and one reverse light My question, however silly it feels to be asking, is this how the car was manufactured, or is there supposed to be two for each? I know most cars only have one light for each, but I've been searching the internet trying to find out for over an hour now with no luck Thank you in advance for any help!
  14. Ok before I get into detail ill post the specs of the vehicle at the bottom of this post. My car is currently sitting on road broken having no idea what's really happened and it sucks because my partner needs it desperately we both have no knowledge on cars which is stupid considering its 2018, but I guess there will be some grease monkeys on here. it all started with the oil warning light on the dash board it kept flickering then going off so I just thought it would be a false negative, so I kept driving it then all of a sudden smoke came from the hud, so I stopped and checked underneath and the oil cap had melted a little there was green gunk inside and smoke was coming from the inside, I also noticed that there was black oil on top of the coolant tank so I had to check inside there too looked like there was diddly squat so I topped both units up and the car was fine then when I get to a side street all of it leaked out real fast I think coolant and the oil and the car kept getting weaker and I herd some pretty scratch banging noises so I had to instantly stop and leave it there but now It wont start at all. it isn't the first time I've had problems when I jacked the car up before for some reason the right wheel would start turning on its self without the peddle being on I don't know if that is normal or not but I thought all the information I can provide could give someone on here a more accurate idea for me. Any idea what this could be? head gasket problem maybe? what's best action to take shall I just scrap the car? Specs: Ford fiesta TDCI 1.4 mini van diesel / 180k miles / mot runs out in 10 months All help is highly appreciated from me and the partner :)
  15. Hi anyone have any idea how to get to the starter motor on a 2004 1.4 tdci fiesta van. Everyone says it is under the battery tray but seems as though mine is on the opposite side of the car right at the back of the engine. Not sure how anyone could get at it?
  16. I like the look of dual exhausts on fiestas. I’ve made an offer on the type in the attached image, second hand. Looks to replace the back section of the exhaust only. I’ll probably get the rest of the cat back and fit together. I want to increase flow if possible but there isn’t any info on the pipe diameter but claims to fit all fiesta mk7s. Anyone fitted one of these?
  17. Hi everyone, my first post here so sorry if I got it in the wrong place. I've just got a 51 plate Mk5 fiesta and I can't figure out how to reprogram the central locking key fob to my car. Could anyone help me out at all?
  18. Hey guys so i am completely new to the whole car scene however i am confused about my fiesta. So currently i have a 2015 fiesta zetec (non S) ecoboost 100BHP however i don't like the rear diffuser on it at all. Ive seen tutorials on how to switch a zetec S diffuser to an ST one but is this different to just the standard Zetec version due to it being less "sporty". Any advice or answer would help me massively as i want to put the ST one on but don't want any nasty surprises . Thanks , Alex
  19. Hi everyone, So I've had my Fiesta for just over 6 months now. The problem I'm having is that when I'm reversing, the car makes a groaning or moaning noise, as if it's struggling. Seems to have got progressively worse over the past week. Also, the difference between in reverse and out is so minute I end up grinding half the time! Has anyone else experienced this with their Fiesta? Thanks!
  20. Hi All, I've just bought an 09 plate fiesta 1.6 tdci 93bhp and am now just founding out that some ford diesels use a DPF fluid called eolys and employ a tank that adds this to the fuel to assist in the cleaning of the DPF. My car has done 79k miles and I'm not sure if it's fitted with one of these eolys tanks or not. I've failed to find any confirmation about this via the usual google search and the does not menchion it. I'm hoping someone here will know if my car has this or not and also if it is fitted with one should I be looking to get it refilled as I've read this should be done at certain intervals? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  21. Just replaced the head gasket, timing belt, water pump, Thermostat, coolant tank and cap, oil and air filter and completely flushed and bled coolant System many times. It is a 2005 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. Engine Code (FUJB) Went for an NCT yesterday and the car had passed on everything but emissions and a coolant leak into the exhaust. they had it on the the emissions tester and revved it up and then a load of thick white smoke started coming out of the exhaust. All was running well until the NCT. car was driving perfect and still does but coolant is being burnt off. The coolant tank also expanded and popped on the way home so I'm thinking there's a block somewhere in the system and the pressure from that is somehow leaking coolant into one of the cylinders and burning off that way? From the looks of things a previous owner put the wrong rad in it as there is a dodgy looking rad hose held together by two clamps at the very bottom of the rad connecting to thermostat housing. Do you think this could be the problem? Wrong rad? Engine tends to overheat also, getting up to around 124°C on some occasions. Engine fan also only cuts in at around the 110°C to 120°C range. I had done a sniffer test previously and it had passed with no problems and then I had replaced the thermostat and housing gasket and then it started burning coolant. The car is currently parked up at a Petrol station and will be towed back today so I'll do another sniffer test to make sure head gasket is still ok. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  22. Hi, So I'm getting bonnet vents put in in the coming months and was wondering if it's fine to have the car running with a cone filter or if I'd need to go back to the OEM airbox as not sure about water getting into the engine and all that. Looked around some different forums to see if there was anything solid to go off of but there were mixed opinions from everyone. Another thing is the battery, spark plugs and all that, would anything need to be done or would they be fine as is? Appreciate any details, Cheers
  23. Hello, I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2007 (MK5) with 3 Doors. I have an issue with the passenger door shutting but showing on the dashboard as being open. It often must be slammed repeatedly in order for the car to lock properly, as the car thinks the door is open and automatically unlocks it. Sometimes while driving, the dashboard will suddenly show the door as being open, usually after going round a sharp bend. I have lubricated the latch mechanism thoroughly, but the fault still occurs. I have accessed the GEM unit below the steering wheel but there are no wires that are obviously loose/damaged. Another forum thread explained that cutting a wire and terminating it to ground/earth cures the fault as the sensor will always assume the door is shut. Can anyone confirm exactly which wire to cut and attach to ground/earth?
  24. danielsfez

    MK6 Fieta Power Steering Leak

    Hi All, apologies if this is a repeated thread, I can't seem to match any of the others with my issue! My MK6 Fiesta (Pre-FL) is leaking power steering around the engine mount area, or this appears to be the location where the fluid is dripping. I have tried to chase the hose however to no avail. All of the hoses at the top end are dry, but it appears to have a problem near the engine mount area. Unsure if anyone has had a similar problem to this. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers
  25. Hi, My partner has a 63-plate Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost (face-lifted version with larger grill) Up until about 1pm today, it's been largely issue free, but all of a sudden the car will not lock with the remote fobs unless standing right next to the car. It's not been a gradual reduction in range to indicate a expiring fob battery and the issue has occurred with both fobs simultaneously, which is telling me it's a hardware issue on the car. Are there any known things to try before I book it into the dealer for the inevitable expensive diagnostic & parts replacement routine?