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Found 1,067 results

  1. Hello everyone, As most will know you cannot buy Mountune badges without buying a kit, I have the induction kit & intercooler so feel like I could warrant a badge, as well as the fact I can't afford to get the 2k+ kit right now. I don't agree with Mountune badging with no mod's but I am sure there are others in the same boat as me, money wise. To cut the long story short, I have a supplier who can make high quality metal Mountune badges, is this something that people would be interested in or is it looked at quite badly in the world of Ford (I am still pretty new to the scene). Thank you
  2. Replacing 6006e CD help

    hello there, I recently bought my first car, a focus 2.0 i 16v Ghia 2003 model and I am wanting to replace the stock 6006e radio (below) due to the want that i want to connect an aux connection. I have read around and have a rough idea of some items i need: a fascia double din mounting bracket, am antenna adaptor and some sort of a 'harness'. I need help in A) knowing what cable connectors i need. B) knowing if i need to do any radio cable 'modification or connection'. C) any help on how to install an aftermarket stereo (all guides are for cd 6000) Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I just put down a deposit for 2015 / 65reg Ford Focus 1.6 petrol powershift. I’ve now been reading lots of reports about faulty transmissions and Ford even been sued over them. I can mainly only find reports from America and Australia though and I’m in the UK. I’ve now read somewhere that some of the 2015 transmissions have been upgraded and somewhere else it says in 2016 a new one got introduced. Is it safe to buy the 2015 petrol 1.6 powershift or am I at high risk of running into trouble? Thanks!
  4. 2013 Focus Titanium X Passenger side power folding mirror won’t fold/unfold smoothly when locking and unlocking the car. Sometimes it won’t unfold at all and I have to unfold it by force. Adjustment of the mirror glass only works when the car is locked from the inside. No sign of any damage. Anybody else had this problem and know a fix?
  5. ok so I'm danny from wigan new here today been around cars and vans for about 17 years I'm told that the focus engine will fit in a connect I hope it does the current engine that is in the transit connect now decided it blow a big hole in the engine block don't know whether it is a common thing but its spat its dummy out and I can see and touch the crank just looking for a bit of advice thanks In advance
  6. Hi, 2004 2.0 tdci ghia manual Pic attached I have two questions - on the door frame are listed 4 tyre sizes - can I fit any of those 4 or only the size that's already on the car? And what are the benefits of each size ie how do you choose Secondly, when buying winter tyres I read you should buy smaller tyres? Would that be the smallest size written on the door frame or smaller still? Thankyou for any help Geoff
  7. Just picked up a set of mint condition genuine 2016 focus RS 19 inch wheels wrapped in 235/35 Michelin pilot super sport tires. Got them at a steal of a price from a lad I know who works in ford. Fitting them to my 2011 MK2 zetec s tdci tomorrow. Would yous be interested in a picture to see what they’re like?? No suspension mods.....yet
  8. Hi, firstly I apologise if this is in the wrong forum and/or I sound a complete thicko. I have a 2000 model Ford Focus 1.8 and it's been driving absolutely fine until this morning when suddenly it seemed to struggle in first and second gear and began to sound like a bit growly (think old VW Beetle). A few yards further on I began to smell the distinct smell of burning oil and saw masses of blue smoke coming from my exhaust and also (less) blue smoke coming from under my bonnet but no warning lights were on my dash and although the engine was hotter than normal at that point of my commute, it wasn't overheated. I pulled over and let the car cool down for 15 minutes before driving it to a garage which was luckily only a few yards away and as I got out of the car, he said immediately that he could smell oil and accused me of driving with my oil filler cap off (now I may be blonde, but I'm not that dumb) and he said the engine was "pretty hot" but didn't ask how long I'd had the engine running and spent less than a minute looking into my engine bay and said "I think your head gasket's probably gone" and when I asked for a quote he said "Don't bother, get rid" .......I'm reluctant to do this for a number of reasons, main one being I'm disabled and can't afford another car yet plus this car has been perfect until today and has never given me any issues and it's totally rust-free despite its age. He put water in my coolant (which admittedly is halfway between the two indicator lines and I should have topped it up - stupid me!) and told me not to bother putting coolant in and only use water but it was obvious he didn't want to actually deal with my car ........ I drove it to work which was literally 2 minutes away and left the car for 4 hours - I then checked my coolant bottle (no sludge) and checked my oil (no mayo and oil looks fresh and clean) and the engine sounded smoother although still a bit growly - I drove for 10 minutes with my dad driving behind me and although it didn't judder as much at first and second gear, it did judder at 30mph - not a lot, but enough to shake my hands on the wheel but there wasn't any smoke from the bonnet this time and only a bit from the exhaust which my dad said looked like "normal exhaust fumes" and the smell of oil was nothing like it was this morning. I also checked my temperature gauge and dash lights again and my temperature gauge was registering as normal, the engine was ticking over fine (it only seems to growl and whinge when I'm driving) and again, no warning dash lights. I'd checked the engine bay on Tuesday evening and it was all spotlessly clean and there is now fresh oil down both sides of the central block - not loads but noticeable and the dipstick isn't showing low oil (although like my coolant it's inbetween the notches). To me, this makes me wonder if it's something simpler such as the rocker cover (not sure if that's it's name), or an oil ring etc and not actually the head gasket? Something definitely "went" during the drive this morning but would an oil ring/rocker etc also cause the exhaust to burp blue smoke when it first goes, but then calm to almost nothing once it's cooled? Obviously, I'm now not going to drive the car now it's back home safely until I can get a mechanic to look at it, but that will be a couple of days and I'm hoping some of you lovely lot could maybe let me know what you think? I'm really hoping it's not the head gasket but I'm clueless about this :/ Thanks in advance
  9. Hi guys, anyone know how to make the 1.6tdci make the turbo flutter noise? Posted a link below to give an example. Thanks.
  10. Burning smell (of oil) some sort

    Yo all my Ford gang lol. I am in need of some help pls. Would be highly appreciated 🙏🏾 I have a slight issue with my ford focus zetec 2000 plate. Seem to have a burning smell coming through the air vents when engine is running. Longer it's running the badder it gets. Everything like oil and water is Ok no yellow/white goo on oil cap, no oil leaked in spark plugs, engine is cool as done 86k miles, apart from the clutch is slipping now and then also. But everything else seems to be fine on the car. Please could someone advise me what to do sell it or fix it. (finding out the problem) Thank you.
  11. Hello. My name is Abbie and I am addicted to... wrong forum.... I have a Ford Focus Zetec 2006. This is my first Ford and, to be honest, I only got it as my last car (Skoda) was written off by someone driving into the back of me on black ice :( I really like the Focus though, I have to admit, and the suspension is better than my old Skoda LOL Anyway, that is my hello and I have a couple of issues that I understand I need to ask about elsewhere, so I am off to do that now Oh, in the real world I am an artist by profession and live in Manchester with 2 birds (feathered) two daft Alsatians and a mad BF.. not all necessarily in that order... This FOCUS ZETEC CLIMATE
  12. Focus cutting out on boost

    Hi everyone, New to the group and hoping someone could help with some advice please. I own a 2008 ford focus zetec 1.6tdci and since the cold weather has started at the beginning of the week it has started cutting out whenever it hits boost. I drove 30 miles tuesday and aslong as i was under around 2k it would drive fine as soon as it went over the revs would duck down and then slowly drop until it stalled. Im thinking it could be a dirty fuel filter restricting the flow and cutting it out but would appreciate any input that can be offered. Thanks guys
  13. Just a quick shout to let folks know that the current month's issue of Car Mechanics magazine has a diagnostics feature on a MK2.5 Focus 1.8 Duratec-HE and has some interesting info.
  14. Engine Noise

    Hi All, I am facing engine problem of my old ford focus car. its Ford Focus 2005 model. I did last service at Ford dealer June'17. Suddenly, end of December'17 in the morning engine made abnormal sound when I started the car. later it gone.. for few weeks, only in the morning the sound last for 5 minutes..then automatically ok. from last two weeks it became more regularly. specially, I feel in colder weather. but, if I drive the car for long time...the sound gone after 10 mins max. please note, home to workplace distance only 15 mins drive, as a result I don't drive too much. the problem I am facing, I went twice garage, and that time there was no sound... runs perfectly well. but, for last 2/3 days... it making loud noise...anyway... you can listen the engine sound I recorded today: at the time I press gas/accelerator, the engine making noise...if you can hear carefully...you can understand...sorry for background sound of my children... If you can share your knowledge about this kind of abnormal engine sound and let me know.. what can be the reason..then it will be very helpful for me...specially to understand garage guys opinion and easier to take the right decision. thank you in advance...
  15. My Mk3ZS - Latest Clean

    Instagram filtered picture of my nine and a half hour clean n polish
  16. mk3 focus ZS

    So, November 2016 I went to see some cars, I came across a yellow Astra GTC was a really nice car in my opinion... but when I went and sat inside it, I decided it was not the car for me, had a look around there were some nice punto evos, a hawkeye wrx which I was not allowed to get.... Then I seen 2 focus sitting next to each other one was just the standard zetec and one was the zetec s, I opted for the ZS. The Day I picked her up. My first "modication" was Heko Wind Deflectors and 17" Rial Kodak GB alloys. Next I decided my sidelights spoiled the look of the car so changed them to Leds. Swapped most of the lights inside the 2 map lamps, and the boot to leds as well, Just wasnt wanting to go through the hastle of changing the glove bos as the only time I use it is to put my memory stick in and out for music. Before & after. Also added a k&N Round filter. I'm unsure on what to do next, possibly a map 113 HP 270 NM to 145HP and 350NM (roughly). That is as far as I have got as I'm unsure what you can do to the 1.6 diesel engines. So if anyone has any ideas would be welcome.
  17. Hi I just bought a brand new 67 reg ford focus estate "Zetec Edition" 10 days ago and today the air conditioning stopped working, worked in the morning nothing in the afternoon. Al the lights come on on the switches, but nothing blows out hot or cold. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  18. I've a problem with my 05 1.6 TDCI focus 110bhp. I notice the engine is running rough when i start it up when cold. Then there is a lot of white smoke coming out of exhauxt that stinks of burn. Plugged it in to my diagnostic and it gave me code P138B - Glow Plug Control Module System Voltage. Anyone any idea what to do to get rid of this fault. Thanks.
  19. A few Xtrons questions

    Having had a quick look around the forum it seems that Xtrons head units are a popular upgrade. However I'm still not clear on a few things 1: Which is the best unit to get? I'm not interested in having a DVD player so the choice seems to be between Android 7.1 and Android 8. What are people's experiences? 2: Are there any recommended sellers? 3: I'm looking at having a DAB unit, does the Xtrons have the DAB tuner built in or is it an external dongle? Also, is it possible to plug the Xtrons DAB tuner/Dongle in to a standard Focus DAB aerial? 4: Will the GPS antenna/unit work behind the dash or does it need mounting behind the A-pillar trim?
  20. Hi CAR: 2008 Mk2 Ford Focus 1.6tdci Zetec, 94k, FSH. ISSUE: Went into limp mode, diagnosed as DPF codes. PRIOR TO ISSUE: very good running order with full service from Ford and some reputable garages. Returned average 55mpg. DURING ISSUE: Ran car approx 800 miles in limp more without any problems other than the usual lack of power. Returned average 35mpg. ACTION: Finally got round to major service including (new) timing belt, water pump, full service, glow plugs, DPF, EGR and ECU & manual regen. Injector cleaner/fuel additive may have been added by the garage but not too sure. (BTW - the initial problem stemmed from failing glow plugs that got masked by the DPF codes. The DPF was absolutely fine but because the glow plugs weren't picked up in the codes the DPF got clogged and then ironically failed too). RESULT: after the works the car drives like new car with max power. However the fuel consumption/mpg is still averaging the 35 mpg mark. THE QUESTION: WHY??? Any help, advice or guidance would help me stop me the scratching of my head especially having forked out £800 on parts and labour :/ Q
  21. Strange experience today. Car got to the supermarket fine. When I powered on to go home the car started but no dashboard, radio, or lights. Got home with hand signals. Turned everything off, opened the bonnet, couldn't open the fuse box. Started the car again and all was well!! Has anybody else experienced this?
  22. Recently I replaced the Sync 1 in my 2015 Focus with the MFT model and have managed to get everything working except there is something wrong with calling someone using my phone via Bluetooth. The person I phone can hear me through the car but I can't hear them. I don't know if this is something to do with MFT or something that I've messed up with the install. Playing audio over Bluetooth to the car works as should. Any help or info on this would be appreciated.
  23. GPS

    I have blaupunkt ford ls tft, but the gps is not working, are there 2 antenna's my main antenna is a little loose so I'm going to replace that. What I'm not sure though is there a front pillar antenna too.
  24. I recently bought a 2011 Ford Focus Zetec model. Car was grand for first few months until an injector went, it seems to be problem after problem after this getting very low mpg towards standard, radio system not working constantly cutting in and out bluetooth not working. Latest problem with the car is, it is loosing coolant no signs of patches on the ground or anything like that. We brought the car back to the dealership we bought from and pur response was "you are lying". You can visibly see how much coolant was lost after a drive. I'm just enquiring is this a common fault for a focus to loose this much coolant?
  25. I recently bought a 2011 Ford Focus Zetec model. Car was grand for first few months until an injector went, it seems to be problem after problem after this getting very low mpg towards standard, radio system not working constantly cutting in and out bluetooth not working. Latest problem with the car is, it is loosing coolant no signs of patches on the ground or anything like that. We brought the car back to the dealership we bought from and pur response was "you are lying". You can visibly see how much coolant was lost after a drive. I'm just enquiring is this a common fault for a focus to loose this much coolant?