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Found 1,117 results

  1. Last night I took a friend to a restaurant, but did not lock the car as the outside table we were sat at was facing the car. No tail lights or other lights were visible. After we had finished, a couple of hours later I got into my 2010 Focus saloon, keyless, automatic, but on depressing the clutch and pressing the start button nothing happened, it appeared the car was dead, and no lights were on the dash or anywhere else. The key fob would not lock the car, so I had to use the detachable key to lock the car. I then got a taxi home. Today, I went back to the car with a friend and a huge set of jump leads, cabled up, started his car, and noticed that the windscreen wipers wiped then parked themselves. l Iet the friend's car run for a few minutes, then tried the button on the Focus to start the car, but nothing. Repositioned the cables, tried again and this time the dash lights came on, but flashing, and the electric side window could be lowered (so we could shout to each other), but still nothing when the start Button was pressed, and the lights on the dash went back out. So I called Roadside Assistance (this is in Spain by the way). The chap came out, brought his power pack with him, hooked it up, took my key and tried to open the doors using the unlock button on the fob. Nothing. Then lock, unlock twice more, and on the third unlock I could hear the door unlock mechanisms kick in and the door unlocked. This time pressing the Start Button worked! After 1 minute he switched off. He tried to start the car, and it started no problem. He suspects the battery, I am not so sure (I have read in other forums strange things about the immobiliser system), but I managed to drive the car home, about 2 miles, and have left the engine running for 30 mins, and have now stopped the car and have left it parked in my garage. All the cables to the battery were solid and the battery was firmly secured. Does anyone have any theories about this problem? Battery? Immobiliser? Fob? Something else?? P.S. I also noticed that when I unlocked the doors with the detachable key they all unlocked OK, and would lock OK. However, when I unlocked the doors the boot door stayed locked. Does anyone know how to unlock a boot (for example if the battery in the fob dies)?
  2. I've fitted an Xtrons head unit to my MK2.5 Zetec, and while most of it works well the stick-on DAB aerial seems to be absolutely useless. I've spotted this Second Hand DAB aerial on ebay: Can anyone confirm if that's a proper MK2 DAB aerial and wiring loom (rather than a GPS one or something else)? Also, if i was to buy a new DAB aerial base (to replace the weathered one) would the wiring simply plug in to the new base? Also, the connector on my Xtrons DAB unit is an SMA (small threaded plug), while I gather the Ford DAB units use a Fakra connector. Would this cable connect from the Ford DAB aerial wiring to my DAB unit?
  3. Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster and I wondered if anyone new about replacing brake servo motors? I have a 2007 Ford Focus Diesel 1.8 and I have a leak in the servo motor for the brakes. Has anyone got experience fixing this and if so, do you know: 1. How hard do you think it is to fix .i.e at home? 2. Can you do it without specialist tools? Thanks for the help! Adam
  4. rnightst3

    Hello :)

    Hello 🙂 I've been around on here for a while just signed up to premium and thought I'd introduce myself 🙂 I'm Rob and I have a Panther Black Ford Focus ST3 which I have owned for a year and think these cars are amazing and love Ford's in general 🙂 Here is a photo of my car up in Scotland 🙂
  5. whitezetecs

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm Stu. Just joined. I had a Focus ST170 on a 53 plate, now I have a Zetec S on a 2010 plate in, yes you guessed it, white! It's a 2.0 Diesel. 🙂 Need a few bits doing to it, but it will soon be up to my standards. The previous owner had a dog so I've been vacuuming out dog hair for what seems an eternity today! Getting it checked over Saturday morning by my local garage. Fingers crossed its all good. (I've blanked out the number plate because its a private one and the pervious wonder wants it back)
  6. Hi all, I bought a 2006 MKII Focus, Ghia Automatic, 2nd hand of course. There is no BT module in it and the part number from my radio doesn't seem to be Gen2 (I've looked everywhere I could and I don't know what it is). The part number is 6s61-18c815-AG. It's not a Sony radio, it's one of them 6000CD, not a FoMoCo radio, it's a Visteon, made in Portugal (if that makes any difference). So, what I would like to know is what model of BT module should I look for (if there is any) so I could fit it to my car. If possible that allows me to use both the Phone (calls) and the music from it or any other BT device. I would really appreciate your help. Cheers, Matt
  7. Krisdadude online about 1 hour ago · #1 Steering Wheel Wobble (NOT WHEELS) I have had my 2010 focus 1.8 zetec s 3 door for 4 months. Since Day one the steering wheel has a wobble from 60mph+ most notible from 60-70 and when accelerating. It seems identical to a wheel balance issue but is not. FYI: I have had the tyres balanced 20 times didnt help. New wheels and tyres both balanced numerous times, swapped front to backs vice versa. Still wobbling. New drive shafts left and right. Since the new drive shafts the vibration has increased slightly and i seem to have more vibration on acceleration up to 60mph then steering wheel wobble, it also can be intermittent, not sure whether it is caused by road up or downhill. Dont know but I could be feeling accelerator vibration also but could be just clutching at straws. All but one mechanic I speak to doesnt have any ideas, spoken to approx 12 different mechanics, the one who had ideas just named a big list to go through. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Hey folks. Just had my oil and filter change plus MOT done by Arnold Clark today ( I know... It's my last "free" one with them) and they have noticed there is a recall for my car. Apparently it is not urgent but it does need doing and I am now booked in for it on the 5th Feb. Recall code is "17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system" The only info I can find on this online is all American. However it seems the risk is the engine can go on fire, which I find a bit weird to be classed as "not urgent". So, is this a thing for this country? Anyone had it done? I've done a search of the forum, but it came back with nothing...
  9. Hi All Just saying - newbie here Had Fords since around 1988, the latest being a new Focus ST-Line
  10. DanGersFord

    Focus Bulb Lists

    Hi just thought i'd post a few bulb lists for the focus ive done the same in the fiesta section hopefully to help a few people out when they are looking for which bulbs right for their car. The lists i've posted are correct to the best of my knowledge although if you notice any discrepances please inform me and i will alter the lists accordingly :) Ford Focus (1998-2001) Dipped Beam - 472 (H4) Main Beam - 472 (H4) Front Fog - 448 (H1) Sidelight - 501 Capless Front Indicator - 382 Single Contact Rear Indicator - 382 Single Contact Rear Brake Light - 380 Double Contact Rear Fog Light - 382 Single Contact Reverse Light - 382 Single Contact Number Plate Light - 239 Festoon Bulb Interior Light - 265 Festoon Bulb Ford Focus (2001-2004) Dipped Beam - 499 (H7) Main Beam - 448 (H1) Front Fog - 448 (H1) Sidelight - 501 Capless Front Indicator - 581 Indicator Bulb Rear Indicator - 581 Indicator Bulb Rear Brake Light - 380 Double Contact Rear Fog Light - 382 Single Contact Reverse Light - 382 Single Contact Number Plate Light - 239 Festoon Bulb Ford Focus (2004-2007) Dipped Beam - 499 (H7) Main Beam - 448 (H1) Front Fog - 708 (H8) Sidelight - 501 Capless Front Indicator - 581 Indicator Bulb Rear Indicator - 581 Indicator Bulb Rear Brake Light - 380 Double Contact Rear Fog Light - 382 Single Contact Reverse Light - 382 Single Contact Number Plate Light - 239 Festoon Bulb Ford Focus(2008>) Dipped Beam - 499 (H7) Main Beam - 448 (H1) Front Fog - 708 (H8) Sidelight - 501 Capless Front Indicator - 382 Single Contact Rear Indicator - 581 Indicator Bulb Rear Brake Light - 780 Red Rear Back Light - 780 Red Rear Fog Light - 382 Single Contact Reverse Light - 382 Single Contact Number Plate Light - 501 Capless Interior Light - 501 Capless501
  11. Hi everyone Been driving around lately with windows open and noticed that I get a strange noise from the pass front sounds like a tingy noise when go over small imperfections in the road. Speed bumps at slow speed the noise doesn't appear. I check wheel nuts and suspension nothing visable Any ideas
  12. Hallo mates :) I am here registered for a longer time so i have decided to introduce my toy :) i have a long list of modification so hopefuly i will be able to do them all - the only thing which slows the process is budget :D Ford Focus MK3 FL 1.5EB wagon / color Frozen White Wheels: still factory 17" OEM Ford + tyres ContiSportContact 3 215/50 R17 95W MODS done: J1 Performance Air filter w secondary cone and fitting disc ZetecS packet (fog light covers still missing) Engine factory software update from 150HP --> 182HP Yellow brake callipers MODS planned: Snorkel delete + RS air box Wheels 18" (currently Japan Racing JR21 or JR22 are in sight) :) Eibach Pro kit ???? i will decide later because roads here are not that good Sport car pedals and foot rest DUPLEX muffler adding factory PARKING ASSISTANT adding factory BLIS system adding factory rear camera SS-Tuning fender flares SS-Tuning gear knob boomba racing throttle body spacer boomba racing BOV adapter mud flaps ClimAir Wind Deflectors + sun protection black roof + wing mirrors individual chip tuning to gain 200HP Also would love to change the IC for a better one but unfortunately have no idea how because in 1.5EB we already have a water IC and not standard air-to-air IC as it is in 1.6EB And a few pictures: Stock: After sport package: Opened performance air filter by J1 Performance: Sport pedals + footrest: Boombaracing Blow Off Adapter prototype:
  13. Hi all! I am the recent new owner of an ecoboost and she is giving me problems! When I am in first gear especially, I get a loss of power and sometimes a surge at 4500-5000 revs?? It is also really down on power, i can barely keep speed going up any form of hill and it has absolutely no acceleration in any gear which makes motorway driving absolutely terrifying!! Has anyone got experience with this? There are no codes being thrown either. Thanks in Advance!
  14. Apologies in advance for the length of this post but there are a lot of issues to resolve and I’d really appreciate some advice, guidance and comments. This is my 2006 Focus Zetec Climate 2.0, Eve. I want to fit an ST body kit and get her looking fabulous once again. I got her in July 2006 with 6,000 miles on the clock, in seemingly immaculate condition. She’s now done 62,000 miles and is looking a little battered and bruised but is a great car, mechanically sound and very reliable. Here’s a tour of her various issues… The front bumper took a nasty wack and also has some scuffing on the corner: Options to fix: replace with either a new or salvaged ST bumper. The bonnet has a weird dent on the right hand ridge and four rusting stone chips: Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop or replace with a salvaged bonnet. We had a fight with a multi-storey car park. We lost. The rear passenger side door is a mess: Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop or replace with a salvaged door (I’d need to retain my current trim and speaker). The rear wheel arch also took some of the pain: Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop. I reversed into a stupid hand rail in a hospital car park and created this lovely dent: Options to fix: replace with a salvaged tailgate (I think the dent is too close to the edge for a body shop to easily rectify). The rear bumper has a little scuff too: Options to fix: replace with either a new or salvaged ST bumper (I need to retain the reversing sensors). The rear pillar has some deterioration to the paintwork which has become gradually more apparent over the last few years. I guess there was a small touch-up job done here prior to me owning the car: Options to fix: get it repainted at a body shop or do nothing. The rear driver’s side door has two nasty stone chips, the one by the door handle has dented the panel. Options to fix: get it repaired by a body shop or replace with a salvaged door (I need to retain the trim and speaker). As additional issues, I’d like to replace the standard spoiler with an ST, add side skirts (which may cover up some of the damage to the wheel arch) and tidy up my wheels – I’m contemplating getting them painted black rather than replacing them. As I’ve been thinking my way through this project I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I should get the car vinyl wrapped. This would help with a number of the above issues and (as long as I had neat panels underneath) would give the car an “as new” appearance. I think my plan should be as follows: 1 - get quotes from a body shop for repair prices for the wheel arch, doors and bonnet. If I’m wrapping then paint finish isn’t important, I just need clean, dent free panels. Any recommendations of body shops in North London, Herts, Essex? 2 – source replacement parts that can’t be repaired economically in stage 1. Parts I may need: bonnet, 2 x rear doors, tailgate, ST front bumper and grille, ST rear bumper, ST spoiler, ST side skirts. If I wrap the car, it doesn’t matter so much what colour the replacement parts are… my gut feeling is that I should go for black doors and tailgate and worry less about the rest. I assume using salvaged parts would be considerably cheaper than new, can anyone give me a rough guide as to what I should expect to pay. Where are the best places to find parts? 3 – fit it all. I’m a proficient DIYer but not experienced with fiddling around with cars. I’ve got a decent tool kit and a Haynes manual, what can go wrong? From what I’ve researched so far I think I should be able to replace all of the various body parts (although I am a little nervous). 4 – get it wrapped. I’ve got a budget for all this of around £2,000. Thank you if you’ve made it this far! I really appreciate your time and any assistance you can offer. Dan
  15. Hi, Wondering if any mine can give some advice on a strange issue I am experiencing. I have recently started noticing that when I am driving over 40mph the car is shaking/wobbling. It feels like it is coming from the back but I am really unsure... I have in the last month had the brake discs replaced, all 4 wheels balanced to try and correct the issue but nothing seems to be fixing it. The model is Ford Focus, 2014 reg and I have only done 33,000 miles in it so far. Anyone got any ideas of advice? And yes I have arranged for it to go to a garage to check it but just seeing what others might think..
  16. Hi everyone, ive just purchased a ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost 182 Zetec S Red edition and i was wondering if any body knows what time of engine modifications are out there. Specifically an induction kit. Ive seen just a filter replacement like a k&n but im thinking cone filter type induction kit which i cant see to find. Can anyone help in terms of finding proper engine modifications because it seems like not a lot of people modify these engines?? Cheers.
  17. Hi all, In a similar style to the MK1 Focus thread I started yesterday I am also looking for common problems on MK2 Focus models. I will also be looking to eventually put together a buyers guide for these models so any feedback you could give would be much appreciated! :) James
  18. I have a 2010 Mk2 Focus with keyless entry and recently the button to lock the car on the exterior of the boot has stopped working, however the buttons on the door handles and the buttons on my fob still work fine. I feel like it may have been caused by the boot being slammed shut too hard too many times or maybe due to damage - I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue and/or if anybody knows a potential fix. Cheers!
  19. Hi all, FORD FOCUS 1.8 GHIA 2003 PETROL Driving my car on Friday and as I slowed down on a hill towards traffic lights the car dies completely. All lights on the dash went out. Sequence of events since then: 1. Tried to jump start - no joy but for the shortest of periods the solenoid clicked. 2. Lights on dash now on, all electrics work but stereo went into demo mode and trip meter and clock reset to zero. 3. When I try to switch on, I can hear the fuel pump but nothing else apart from the lights around the stereo dim. Headlights do not dim, stay normal. 4. Changed battery and checked connections, all appear ok. 5. Changed crankshaft and camshaft sensors - still nothing... Is there any sequence for the immobiliser ? The red light flashes every second and stays out when I fully switch the ignition? The remote central locking works fine and the indicators flash when I double press the lock switch on the key fob. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, Milly
  20. Hi i fixed my aircon , (i changed hi pressure switch and aircon pump clutch) and its working great since yesterday. so what happened yesterday? my car(ford focus mk2 2006 tivct 1.6) was under sun, and wheather is 40'(at shadow) in my country (very hot). When i started my car and after 30 seconds i switch on ac but there is coming hot air and no connection aircon clutch. then i wait nearly 5 minutes and its doesnt work. and when i was driving my car aircon starting to work . how it could be ? this happened maybe fifth time, from yesterday to today. but its working, when i take my car under the shadow. but its not working when i take my car under the sun... what did happen under the sun ??? car was wait about 5 hour under the sun . is there any sensor that was working bad from hot weather (sun)? where can i look ?? please help , thank you :) fan is working when i press ac switch, but clutch not engaged :(
  21. Hi all, it's my first time on the forums so bear with me. I recently replaced the PCM, Cluster, halo, and the transponder inside my key with a working, tested and coded kit I bought on ebay from a Ford breaker. When trying to start my car, my immobiliser rapidly flashes and my cluster displays "engine systems fault", and the light soon blinks a 1:6 code indicating a connection issue between the cluster and the PCM. The car refuses to prime or to crank over at all, and I can't read any on-board codes with an ELM327 OBDII scanner connected to my laptop using FORScan, as it fails to connect to the car. I have also tried pressing around the '2' area on the rev counter of the cluster. As the car was originally sent off to a garage to be repaired and was sat there for months, the battery is completely flat so I have to jump the car every single time I want to do something with it. I have checked the connection on the cluster and it's properly seated, while the PCM connector is on as tight as I can get it with the shearing bolt still in place (there's maybe 5-10mm gap between the base and the connector). I have checked all the fuses to check for breaks, and all of them seem to be intact. What I find strange is that despite replacing all the coded parts in my Focus with the kit from ebay, the original fob responds to the car as opposed to the new fob that came with the new parts and that is coded to the new parts. Surely the original fob shouldn't be recognised as the original parts coded to the original fob are all gone? I have no idea what else to try and I've run out of options. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to write back.
  22. Hi All I'm new to your forum and would like assistance identifying my vehicle for insurance purposes. I guessed and went for Ford Focus Ghia (100) 1596cc as this matched the Model and Year (05/55). Insurance sites and Halfords etc do not recognise the vehicle registration number so I must enter manually the vehicle spec. I wrote to DVLA to have V5 checked but never received a reply!? The V5 is incomplete and states: Make: Ford Type: Variant - HXD1S & Version - SABALD Model: (No information entered in this field) Body: 5 Door Hatch CC: 1596 Fuel: Petrol I'd be grateful for any information and a method to have V5 updated as I'd hate to have an accident and then find I'm not insured albeit unlikely. Many Thanks
  23. I have a 2009 ford ford focus. All the AC vents on the dashboard work other than the one to the left of the steering wheel. No air comes out when the air con is on. Would it possibly be a leak from the air con hose or something else.
  24. So... as promised New Car, New Thread! As with the last one, this isn't a project thread, as I'm not planning on doing too much to it! But I do have some small things planned for the car, so will use this to keep everyone updated! The things include: K&N 57s kit (luckily I can use the one off the ZS!) Remap (Bluefin or otherwise, maybe a custom one if I’m feeling particularly frivolous with cash) some colour coding, not sure what colour or what exactly yet! Maxton Or TripleRComposites front splitter Maxton Rear RS Style Diffuser Carbon Gel Badges all round De-Tango front and rear end (Chrome Bulbs already bought!) Hydraulic Bonnet Struts CEUK LED Reverse Light Upgrade and a little surprise mod... that will be secret for now! That’s it for now, the car is staying with me for a while! So there’s plenty of time for all this to happen. So to add to the history, carrying on from before... First Ford I owned, was a 1.4CVH Fiesta Freestyle... First Car, did me well for 3 years! My Second was the Mk1.5 Focus Edge 1.8TDCi 115.. I owned her for 8 years in total! Had ST170 Cosmetics (Lower Grille with TDCi Badge on, Headlights, Foglights), colour coded front grille surround, Twin Reverse Light Conversion, De Badged, Mondeo ST Rear Badge. Dragon CRDII Tuning Box, see graphs above, gained about 10bhp and 40lbft! I knw not as good as a map, but we all make rookie mistakes when young lol! K&N Panel Filter. I had some ST170 alloys too, that i bought about a month before things went wrong! Loved this car, still do! I hope whoever bought it at the auction does her proud, and makes a nice little project from her! The next car, which was bought as a replacement when the 1.8 blew up on the side of the A1 was my Focus Mk2.5 1.6TDCi 110 Zetec S, She has a K&N 57s filter, colour coded front bonnet lip, carbon badges all round, custom Zetec S door sills, twin reverse light conversion, S badges all round, footwell lighting, among some other bits. I never got round to remapping this one, or adding cruise control! Sadly she’s become uneconomical to repair after the MOT, and with some other bits that needed doing, an electrical fault that’s impossible to find! It causes the headlights to flash on their own, the temp gauge to swing around like a kid in a playground, and numerous weird things with my dashcam and the traction control being almost super sensitive! Add everything together that needs doing, and it was time for it to go! So... the moment you’ve all been waiting for, onto the new one... My Car Number 4, which is my Ford Number 4, and... Focus number 3! Members of FOC, please meet... TDCiST’s Focus mk3.5 TDCi ST... Bout time I had a car that matched the username!!! I pick her up on Wednesday!
  25. Hi guys, I have a 2008 MK2 1.8 petrol Focus, duratec HE engine. Overnight, the power steering has stopped working. The outside air temperature also reads -60. Thinking that the two were linked, I checked the fuses; all were fine. Battery had good connections and is fairly new (6 months months). Power steering fluid fine, right level and no leaks. Checked alternator. Was showing 13.6v when engine running and I got it to drop to around 12v under a heavy load with everything switched on. I was confident I had found the culprit! Insufficient charge had lead to the power steering being disabled rather than it cutting out mid-drive. So, replaced the alternator, however the power steering still isn't working! The new alternator runs at 13.9v and stays around there under a heavy load; but shouldn't this be up in the 14v range? I think something has failed somewhere for the two to start playing up at the same time; I just can't think what. Any ideas / troubleshooting tips would be great. Cheers!