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Found 34 results

  1. I have a 2014 Ka and have recently noticed water leaking in to the drivers footwell, usually onto my foot when I press the clutch! It smells like water, not washer fluid etc. It has been raining heavily recently, but it doesn't leak all the time - just one 'gush' after the car has been parked for a while and I drive off. Any suggestions to how to stop this please? Really didn't expect it to leak after two years after previously owning a beautiful fault-free 1996 Escort for 16 years! Thank you very much.
  2. When I turn the steering wheel on my 60 reg Fiesta automatic there is a strange undulating sensation under the carpet in the drivers footwell, is this a problem - should I be worried, it's certainly weird? I imagined under the carpet lining there would be steel floor.
  3. After advising a member on fitting footwell lights I decided a reasonably definitive guide (from my point of view) was likely to be useful. Download, print, use and enjoy Guys/Gals. Fitting footwell lights to your car.pdf
  4. ToXIcG

    Footwell LED lights

    I am considering upgrading the footwell lights in my MK 7 Zetec to red LED ones to match the ambient lighting. I have read that the LED will glow slightly when they are supposed to be off because of current still in the wire, I am wondering how noticeable this will be, I am thinking it would only be noticeable if I replace the interior roof lights too? Does anyone have any suggestions for good led footwell lights?
  5. I am aware of how to route my cables, and how to go about fitting my lights etc. I was hoping someone could clarify which cables I should splice into to allow the footwell lighting to have the same functionality as the centre light, ie; (Off/ Doors open/ On) Im an electrician, but electrics in cars is a whole other kettle of fish. Many Thanks! :)
  6. evening all So i have the dreaded heater matrix fail. I have a 2005 ford focus 1.6. This car has the heater matrix that has the joining pipes, 2 black clips a common area for the seals to go, guess what mine isn't the seals!!! its down in the core itself. I have stripped away the kick plate son the passenger and driver side and i have removed the two big steal plates on either side. Now there are a lot more screws and bolts to remove and i can see im going to need to get my dremmel out and cut away some of the dash to give me some better access but has anybody actually removed the heater matrix this way? I can see that the heater matrix looks to be enclosed in a big black plastic box, im guessing it has clips on it BUT that to remove all the clips would mean removing that big black plastic box and that is a dash out job, im guessing the plastic box needs to be broken on the drivers side to slide out the heater matrix which is help within, am i right? So next question then, i can get a heater matrix from ECP for just over £100 or i have seen on ebay that genuine ford focus heater matrix's go for anything from £60 to £150 or i can get one that has been taken out of a Ford focus by a breakers yard, whats the best option? Also other potential fix is k-seal? the car is only used for trips to the local shops, taking dog for a walk or when my wife has my company car and im not with her, all other times im on my motorbike. K-seal may not be the best long term solution but it would surely get me through winter, Christmas and into the new year when i can then decide to tackle this in spring when its slightly warmer? Currently i have by-passed the heater matrix in the engine bay. Any advice muchly appreciated.
  7. PaRsOnIsPhErE

    T10 Light Adapter

    Hi Guys and Gals, Looking to up the footwell lighting in my focus. I've currently just got a couple of LED bulbs in there, but with the Focus mk2.5 (unsure about other models), the bulb holder is too far inwards towards the center console and not low enough. So all the light is lost behind the dash and barely any reaches the actual footwells. Am looking at fitting an LED strip along the crash barrier underneath to better light up both footwells. Have seen T10 adapters that plug in with wiring coming off them, and more than happy to solder onto these exposed wires. What i'm getting at is, has anyone got experience with these adapters?? I believe just a small piece of plastic, positive one side, negative the other and a bit of solder will suffice, but will that be reliable?? I'd rather plug something in than splice or 'piggyback' onto wiring under the dash. Can you just buy these adapters without any LED's?? If anybody has any lying around then let me know! Any help, advice, links etc is much appreciated, thanks!
  8. Hi all, My first post outside of the introductory area! Recently bought a 1.6 Petrol Focus (and a Ford Puma, but that's a different story) and looking to do some simple mods with the first being interior lighting. My research so far has led to me to and their 4 piece kit I understand this is an American company but does anyone have hands on experience with their products?? Other than that, it's just buying an LED strip and cutting lengths off to size. Just wandering where to wire it all into, Fuse box with external ON / OFF switch, or piggyback off interior dome lights, or sidelights?? Anybody who has experience, or a link to share, a WIKI it would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi, First id like to say i know there are 101 different topics on this so i apologize but I am still struggling. Could someone send me a link for a set of red bulbs that they have fitted to their fiesta please? A lot of the older posts the links are no longer available so the ones I've bought haven't fit into the holder.. or don't light up the whole area (just point down like a spotlight). Thank you, - Tom
  10. Hi, First id like to say i know there are 101 different topics on this so i apologize but I am still struggling. Could someone send me a link for a set of red bulbs that they have fitted to their fiesta please? A lot of the older posts the links are no longer available so the ones I've bought haven't fit into the holder.. or don't light up the whole area (just point down like a spotlight). Thank you, - Tom
  11. TheBanksman

    Identify A Part, Please

    Hi, Please have a look at the photo of my drivers footwell with the carpet up and note the lovely mould! This is from a water ingress that has been happening for some time now. I think I may have identified the culprit - please can someone tell me what the black pipe as indicated by the big arrow is - I believe it may be leaking and this could be the issue. Thanks, John
  12. BaronVonSideburns

    Focus Mk1.5 Footwell Light

    So... I have seen in the forums that many versions of the Mk.1 Facelift Focus has all the wiring for footwell lighting, and I think I have managed to locate on of the harnesses behind the glovebox by the fuses. However, for the life of me I can't find the socket for the driver's side footwell light! I can see the plastic mounting where the bulb socket is meant to fit, but the socket and wiring is nowhere to be found... Is this taped to another wiring loom or piece of the dash/footwell? Also, if the socket behind the glovebox is the correct one, where does this go? Do I have to lift the foam matting in the bottom and place under there? Any help is much appreciated!! Cheers, Al
  13. jakeeehh

    Footwell Light Problem

    My footwell lights work perfectly fine with halogen bulbs but won't work with any LED I've tried? I've bought 8 quid bulbs, I've bought 2 quid bulbs, still nothing?
  14. As the title says I have fitted SMD LED strips to the front footwells (rear to come soon). I would like to share this as to make it easier for people to do the same to their car.
  15. Jordan_95

    Bulb Upgrades Wanted

    I'm looking to upgrade headlight bulbs to more of a crisp white instead of the yellow light =\ Also looking to upgrade the footwell lights to a red to match the cup holder red lights , anyone give me a hand with finding the right bulbs and a good price? Thanks in advance :)
  16. Installed blue footwell lights today in my mk7 fiesta. Yes I am a woman, and thought I'd be alright... Took me a wee while, got there in the end! Anyway, I had to wire them into the passenger pillar area, anybody else had this problem? Apologies for my poor photos, I'll take some more in the dark !
  17. Hey Guys/Gals was reading around and found a thread on LED Footwell Lights tried the ebay links but their outdated and cant find the lights now :O! but i have found the supplier he hasnt sold on ebay has his own Shop via PayPal and even cheaper £1.97 (was £3) but first of all heres the old thread and this is the guys new links :D
  18. Hi, I have a water issue on my 2006 S-Max. A lot of water is dripping down in the footwell when I use the aircon. It is dripping from 2 places, and I wonder how to get it to stop. If you see the pics, there are some red and green arrows. It is dripping at the red arrows. The drain pipe is clear from inside the car and out. I hope someone has the time to help me. Thanks a lot.
  19. GoldenLeaf

    Leak :(

    Hey guys, So I noticed a couple of weeks back that the driver's foot-well carpet was wet. I pulled back the carpet to find a pool of water. The insulation stuck to the carpet was soaked and the white insulation under the pedals was also soaked. It took me a week to dry with leaving the doors open and using a hair dryer. I disinfected all the insulation to prevent further mould. However I now have more water and am not totally sure where it's coming from. I am quite sure it is coming from the outside of the car, as it seems to be wetter after it has rained, but can't be 100%. The water seems to be coming from under the white insulation that lies under the pedals, but I obviously can't see right under it as the insulation only pulls up so far. Any ideas? I am looking to take it for the windscreen to be looked at. I was told to take it to a windscreen and sunroof specialist as they will have more specific knowledge of where to look to find the leak. I don't want to take it to a garage and it be there for days costing me loads of money. I can't seem to find any windscreen or sunroof specialists around Leicester though. Any help would be most appreciated. The car is a 2006 Focus 1.8 TDCI MK2.
  20. I Have been installing a new Bluetooth radio in my mark one Ford Focus but during the last step of the process I have been attempting to feed the MIC wire through the back of the radio and out again past my footwell. I am having a few issues as I'm just not able to feed it out properly. Any common sense tips I can apply to this quandry?
  21. Hi can anyone help? Passenger footwell cable had come loose from fuse box. Have fixed it and all the things that were affected are now working...however the Engine Management Light is now solid and wont go off! Is there anything i can do myself (not very mechanical mind) or is there anywhere CHEAP in the Motherwell/Hamilton Area i can get this reset ?? any help would be appreciated Cheers Gordon :)
  22. Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my Fiesta. For some reason the rear passenger side footwell keeps getting soaked. I have taken the car to a Ford dealership to have a look at but they could not find the problem. The only next stage for me is to pay them to strip out the car and have a look. Seeing as I don't have a great deal of cash to hand I thought I would turn to you guys for advice. Has anyone had (or still having) a problem like this before with their Ford? Thank you for your help.
  23. Hi all, Over the weekend, I checked the car, and to my huge disappointment, it appears it does not have the footwell lighting sockets installed. I checked some of the older threads on this topic, and have gathered that: (1) I will need to buy the sockets and wire them. (2) For the passenger side, apparently it is possible to: - take the glovebox out - find the loom/wires that were originally meant for the footwell lighting -tape some wires to it, and channel it down from behind the glovebox, past the HVAC in the footwell, and to the metal bracket where the bulb is supposed to be. So here are my questions: (1) Where do I find the part for the bulb holder? Any other parts necessary? Any links? (2) Is the method for wiring the passenger side correct? (3) How would I go about wiring the drivers side? Is it easier vs. the passenger? (4) Anything else I have missed out? (This is my first ever car mod btw, but I have a knowledge of electronics.) I hope this isn't too time consuming, but I would love to have some decent night time lighting...
  24. Hello. I am from Greece and i am new to the Forum. I would like to ask a question. My model i fiesta mk7 titanium 2009 and it has build in a LED light bars for dashboard and the small compartment underneath the A/C control. It has also two Footwell lights(white lamps) one under the driver end one under the co-passenger that light on when the door open/unlock the car and light out when the engine starts. Is there a quide to transform these lamps to ambient red lights that light on when i unlock the car(like the original ambient lights) and turn off when i lock the car (like the original ambient lights.) Thank you for your reply. Regards, Antonis
  25. Fitted some 1.5W high power LEDs into mrs fiesta mk7 today :) these are the ones used , highly recomended -----very bright!!---- :)